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Any consideration for me covering the widescreen censored broadcast of this series was quickly dismissed after I realized how unwatchable it is when the entire screen is black for a lot of the scenes. While it makes perfect sense to cover up the nudity, the gruesome depictions of Pandora getting cut up and their limbs dismembered were deemed inappropriate as well. The excessive censorship reminds me a lot of Seikon no Qwaser, where it was difficult to even know exactly what was being censored most of the time. It also made me question what the point of broadcasting the series like this is, as it can make it pretty hard to follow from a story standpoint. If a series is deemed mature like Freezing’s been, they should just keep it to specialty channels such as AT-X. I’m personally not against censoring on television broadcasts and would be fine with some clever use of black bars and blinding white lights, but I have to draw the line when 60-80 percent of the screen is completely blacked out and I can’t even make out some scenes that go uncensored in other series. The start of the first episode with Satellizer’s naked backside is one such example, considering that a station like Tokyo MX was fine with a similar scene for their To Aru Majutsu no Index II broadcast, plus several more as well. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls last season was a perfect example of censorship done right, as it was integrated well into the style of the show and didn’t negatively affect the viewer’s experience. The deal breaker for me isn’t the nudity though, but the fact that I can’t discern what’s going on in some of the battles and have to start making assumptions.

As for the episode itself, it’s taking me some time to get accustomed to hearing Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Takeyama in Angel Beats) as Kazuya, since he makes him come off a lot wimpier and clingier than his manga counterpart. Whether or not that’s due to how the production staff envisioned his character I don’t know, but I’m starting to think so after seeing the amount of blush that was animated on his face. It’s as if a conscious decision was made to draw his eyes a lot larger than the female characters as well, making him come off even more feminine in this adaptation. I can’t say I’m a fan of these changes, but I am secretly holding out for further character development in Kazuya that will have Ichiki using a slightly more respectable voice like he did with Naoya in episode thirteen of Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Noto Mamiko on the other hand hasn’t been able to show why she’s been cast as Satellizer just yet, seeing as she’s a girl of very few words, even when Ganessa continued to run her mouth and resorted to using “Pandora Mode” against her, a battle form that is only permitted for use against Novas. However, this episode did foreshadow a bit of Satellizer’s past and alluded towards why she can’t stand being touched, so I’m starting to think it was to portray her girlish side. In any case, Kazuya’s already made her realize that she doesn’t mind coming into contact with him for some reason, and the next episode with third-year Kannazuki Miyabi (Kuwatani Natsuko) should build on that as the hazing of the misunderstood girl continues.

Much like I was suspecting, the premiere last week expanded on the backstory and now the series has started following the manga more faithfully. If that continues to be the case, things should get much more interesting once Kazuya finally gets settled into West Genetics and gets to know Satellizer better. Visually, the one notable exception is the change from Pandora Mode from a suit of armor to simply a coating of Volt Texture that surrounds the Pandora’s body and their hair and eyes turning white and yellow respectively. I’m not too sure what the reason is behind this change, other than maybe that it showcases the character designs more. I can’t even see it being for fan-service purposes, since that Pandora Mode armor got torn to shreds all the same.




    1. I suspect I’ve lost a few IQ points watching the second episode; the story is at best run of the mill, and the script can be charitably described as drivel; undoubtedly the next episode will be an improvement, since it’s difficult believe it could be worse. Maybe Pink Pineapple or Green Bunny would have been more comfortable in developing this property.

  1. lol GIANT SCREENCAPS. I wish they kept the suit of armor. It looks a lot cooler than glowing bodies and bands, and plus it emphasizes the power of Pandora mode more.
    Anime: Yay glowing bodies….
    Manga: Badass suit of armor hell yeah!

    1. Oh yeah I totally agree with that. A suit of armor would totally be better than just glowing people. I guess it’s easier to just change the color rather than animate a suit of armor forming.

      1. I think the pandora’s clothes being conjured up from some energy field and they needing to strip naked before conjuring these clothes are original idea from the animation as well if I remembered correctly.

  2. lol@censorship

    Yikes, it’s one thing to censor, it’s another thing to make unwatchable. Sorry but when I can only see the top right hand corner of the screen, I may as well just close my eyes and only listen to the damn thing.

  3. I was wondering if they were going to follow the manga, as the first episode was way different, but it seems like they will. Pandora Mode also threw me off since I only remember seeing a suit of armor. They did say(in the anime) that Pandora Mode was still being tested so it could be that they don’t have access to the suit of armor yet. My guess is that we’ll see it later on. Also, one thing I don’t like is that they say her full, complete name(Satellizer El Bridget) every time they speak her name. If they keep that up, it’s gonna get really annoying. 🙁

    1. Count me in. When he grabbed her arm right after the student council chick told him she doesn’t like being touched, I nearly closed the file and dropped the series on the spot. I don’t think I’ve ever loathed an anime character more than this guy.

      1. If you added a normal person with a spine into the series instead of that guy, that normal person would have more bad ass moments. All Kazuya can do is Za Warudo, yet he doesn’t even use it like he’s suppose to.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Suppa Tenko
  4. Yeah, so far, the manga is, like Kampfer, a lot more interesting if you want more story overall.

    Also, the anime merely has them saying Satellizer’s Pandora Mode is is still being tested. The manga merely had them saying that the ones they were using are older models that they have no replacements of, so they can’t afford to completely lose any of them.

  5. lol I watched the censored one and kept wondering if I was just blinking way too much.

    Also, after watching the first episode I decided to read a few manga chapters since I was a bit on the fence, but then I ended up reading all the way up to chapter 55. Now I’m mad at myself for reading that far and knowing I’ll have to wait several episodes (thus weeks, maybe months) before the parts I like the most gets animated. T.T

  6. I don’t know why people don’t like this anime. I think it has a pretty good setting, despite the fact that it is a little gory with the animation of limbs falling off. Other than that, the show is pretty good along with the fighting. Also, you’ve got to admit that Satellizer is pretty hot.

  7. “It’s the next Queens Blade.”, a friend told me. hehe

    LOL I didn’t know the censoring was that bad. I started the show uncensored because I know better. xD Why watch censors when you can watch it nice an uncensored? ;P

  8. I’m actually disappointed in the anime adaptions of this so far. I mean seriously where the hell are the the characters stylised power armors? Seriously these two don’t go all glowly and shit in the manga but instead adorned some stylish power armor, this fanservice crap for lonely otaku’s is getting old.

  9. I for one think that the anime is quite faithful to the manga…in that the voice acting sucks. The voice acting does not suck in that the VAs themselves are bad, its just that the script is crap since they are following the manga script. The manga is great in its illustrations and battle scenes, but when people are just yelling names and expressing stupid surprise in an anime it just gets dumb. Satellizer’s name is waaaay too long to keep having Genessa say over and over again in a mock rage.

    The manga plot is subpar in the first place anyway with the greatest gathering of self-righteous bitches (for lack of a better word, pardon my french) in any school setting. When all the girls have the same reaction (scrunched up rage faces) to losing face, it gets stupid to a point of how there is absolutely no normal person in the series. Fairchild seems to be one of the only sane people, but thats cuz she is uber-powered.

    Also, I think Kazuya is portrayed perfected fine as a dim-witted wimpy crappy excuse of a main character. That is exactly how he is in the manga.

  10. “I’m personally not against censoring on television broadcasts and would be fine with some clever use of black bars and blinding white lights”

    You are delusional divine to say this, censorship is any form is BAD, ever. Is an insult of the freedom of speech and the original vision of the author. When someone choose what you can see and waht not you lose a right and a piece of freedom.

    Better to not broadcast at all that broadcast something edited, partially or not don’t matter.

  11. Instead of one mommy’s boy, there are now two (with possibly even more to come). This is a calculating story that targets viewers with low self-esteem in their real lives and seek the comfort (and forgiveness?) of stronger women. This kind of story is not to my taste. This is a poor story to begin with. The mediocre production does not make the series more appealing.

    1. With only 2 episodes, your conclusion may be off the mark. Protagonists normally have to start weak and build from there. Gurren Lagann’s Simon for example. Or possibly weak all the way but strong in certain ways, eg Sora no Oto’s Tomoki.

      Having not read the original manhwa, it may turn out as you say or it may develop differently

      Zaku Fan
      1. I wouldnt compare Simon to Kazuya. that would be disrespectful to Gurren Lagann. its true both of them started weak, but Kazuya is just plain annoying. even if he becomes a strong character later on in the series, He will still be just annoying.

      2. Simon’s powers come from his determination. Aoi’s powers come from the fact that his sister was extremely bad ass. I hate it when the main character is too stupid to use his powers effectively or even bother trying to get stronger to “protect” the female lead. And he has the simplest supporting power of any manwha anime manga. All he has to do is freeze the area and job done. But no, he acts as The Load and spews character names.

        Suppa Tenko
      3. In an interesting story, characters would undergo hardship to transcend their former selves to become better (and possibly stronger). It is not unreasonable to have the characters start out “low” in order to have more “achievements” later. However, what makes or breaks a story has to do with its premise and how the transformation of a character is related to the premise.

        The premise of FreeZing is just this: a boy missed his older sister very much. One day he met someone who resembled his older sister. Then he decided to become stronger to protect her. The problem is that he didn’t just “miss” his older sister — he was crazy about her. In fact (or, should I say, in fiction?), he was crazy to a point that he would press his face against a girl’s chest, whom he met for the first time and he knew very well that she was in the middle of a serious battle. This is what I call calculated perversion — an awkward situation created simply to satisfy the fantasy of viewers who are into that kind of stuff. That mommy’s boy didn’t start out low as a weak person — he started as a SICK person. And there is no fun to watch a sick person to become sicker by coming up all kinds of excuses to cling on to his fantasy. (Compare this to Gurren Lagann, Sora no Woto, and other series of your choice, and you will see the difference.)

        I believe I am justified in passing judgment on the premise of the story by watching just the first two episodes. Without a “legitimate” premise, the rest of the story is just an assembly of fan services and meaningless battles.

      1. It’s an interesting concept in a way as it’s rather unlike how the real world is perceived to be.
        Well, there is at least one exception to that rule and its not this one:

        A note for the interested, the author do have a lot of other series and while there are some protagonists that are on the shy,wimpy and weak side so are there others who are rather different. So it’s not like the author doesn’t know how to write a story with a less wimpy male lead. The Kurokami/Black God male lead was wimpified to fit in the current standard for the anime.

    2. LOL – troll much? Based upon two eps, which hardly serve as an introduction to the story, you feel confident about drawing a definitive conclusion. You should adopt that philosophy for every aspect of your life – school, work, relationships, whatever. No reason to read an entire text book, research report, or let someone finish a sentence when the first few pages/paragraphs/words will give you all you need to know. I’m sure the results will be spectacular (as in fail spectacularly).

      Gah, I don’t even know where to start on your reply comment. If you’re freaking out about that one short scene, I can’t even imagine how you react to Kiss x Sis or the incest/quasi incest anime(s) of the season.

      Here’s an accurate synopsis of freezing: “Beings from a different dimension have started a war with mankind. To counter this threat, an academy called “Genetics” that trains female warriors called “Pandora,” who can wield special weaponry and armor, was formed. Kazuya Aoi decided to enroll in this school because of a promise with his sister, an outstanding alumnus who died in battle. There he meets second year Satellizer L. Bridgette, nicknamed “The Untouchable Queen” due to her solitary demeanor but also [because she is at the]top of her class [and] whose battle simulation streak is undefeated, until he came… and slowly changed her.” Hint: notice the last sentence.

      “In an interesting story, characters would undergo hardship to transcend their former selves to become better (and possibly stronger).” A story can be interesting without having to follow that (very) commonly used formula. Even so, if you actually took the time to READ the manhwa instead of making wildly inaccurate assumptions, perhaps you might find that this actually begins to occur with one of the main characters.

  12. So far still average. Surprised that this Genessa didn’t get smacked with a heavy stick since she started the entire disturbance.

    The biggest problem i have is why aren’t limiters trained as soldiers aka physical fitness and unarmed combat at least. Any advantage vs the aliens would be worth the investment. Then again simply cloning the strongest bunch or mixing their biological material into AI run cyborgs find would work as well if the moral implications are ignored.

    Zaku Fan
    1. Did you note how successful the fleet were against the enemy? Teaching the limiters martial arts is about as effective as trying to sink battleships by punching them. The Pandoras can fight the enemy due to their super human gifts, others may as well not even try. Some basic combat training and body armour would on the other hand not be a bad idea. Might protect against random falling objects at least.

  13. Hm…You can either watch the uncensored version with the chopped off screen sides or watch the heavily censored version with extended screen…Great strategy on forcing people to buy the BD/DVD

  14. just a quick question is the opening song for this a vocaloid cover because i think iv’e heard this song b4?
    and since im on nico nico douga alot ive been listening to these songs alot lately

  15. what the heck!! they changed the cool pandora mode into a freaking stupid fanservice look! They really ruined the manhwa. but i do hope that they would still adapt the real pandora mode sooner or later in this adaptation.

  16. Been reading the manhwa from the start since I like almost any thing IM Dal-Young writes (would it kill him to work at least a LITTLE on UnbalancexUnbalance?). I don’t’ mind the nudity. Frankly, I don’t get why people get so worked up about a drawn nipple (non loli) or some extra fan service, but endless violence is just fine. Kill all you want…just be careful where you cut/rip/blow apart their clothing.

    Actually, in this case, the violence is fine as well as it serves to clearly illustrate the underlying the brutal nature of the Pandora system. It’s based on a seinen manhwa anyway so why all the shock? Doesn’t seem any worse than Claymore, for example, and definitely not as extreme as Elfin Lied (but what is).

    What I do mind is pointless deviations from a good source. The reason I say “pointless” is that you have 12 or 13 eps to cover an arc spread over a few volumes so at times the story may need to be altered (compressed) to fit in more critical story lines. That’s how I viewed the first EP – an action filled background summary, and that’s fine for one ep. It certainly wasn’t the disaster that was Dance in the Loli Bund EP 01.

    But a nuclear glow rather than the Pandora armor??? WTF!? I can’t see ANY reason other than the producers/animators just couldn’t be bothered with the extra work. Total fail here. It’s not enough to keep me from watching (there’s not much else this season anyway IMO), but it’s not a good sign. I HOPE they start following the manhwa strictly rather than go down the Loli Bund trail (if you haven’t read it, DITVB manga is much better than the anime).


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