「いえ、吸血忍者です。」 (Ie, Kyuketsu Ninja Desu.)
“No, I’m a Vampire Ninja.”

Before the episode took a turn toward becoming more serious, I found myself laughing out loud over Haruna’s ability to cook amazing fried eggs. I think I shared the same expression as Ayumu as he unboxed his lunch — full of cut fried eggs, a huge box fried egg, and even fried egg in his thermos! After giggling at how stupid the whole thing seemed, I started laughing as everyone who traded something with Ayumu to eat some of his amazing fried eggs started trembling after tasting how good they were. Almost makes me wonder what Haruna stuffed into those eggs.

After all the fried egg jokes, I didn’t expect the episode to take a serious turn. As the mysterious Vampire Ninja, Seraphim or Sera (Hikasa Youko) appears, I didn’t find myself growing attached to her. After being even ruder than Haruna, going as far as calling Ayumu disgusting worthless trash, she challenges him to a battle over who will serve Yuu. With such a brash personality, I really wanted Ayumu to beat the crap out of her. As the battle started off in Sera’s favor with her ability to move like a ninja, I started to get a little worried after Ayumu’s arm got chopped off. But with Ayumu’s resourcefulness I was impressed with his ability to win using a head butt at 250% power followed with throwing his severed arm like a boomerang — while it was simple and crude, I thought it was the perfect way for Zombie Ayumu to win.

As the episode came to a close, I have to admit that after watching how Ayumu met Yuu, I felt even more drawn toward her character. After such a lighthearted flashback with pieces of used paper strewn all over the floor after a long conversation between Ayumu and Yuu, the whole scene felt even more powerful as it ended with Yuu vowing to stay with Ayumu after resurrecting him. A small tingling feeling in my chest only grew stronger as I watched Yuu slap Haruna across the face for joking about wanting Ayumu to die. After watching all that, I’m really rooting for a possible Ayumu x Yuu pairing by the end of this series now.

With the story moving fairly quickly, I’m already excited for next week’s episode. On that note, I hope that Sera will drop that tenacious attitude of hers. I don’t know how much more of her “You piece of trash” comments I can take. The thing is, because of my love for Hikasa Youko, I’ll probably still end up loving her character just because of her voice. .__.

* Check screencaps 4, 15, 34, and 35 for a surprise!




  1. It’s quite interesting to see Yuu’s reaction towards the word “death”. I feel like that kind of theme will be recurring as we learn more about Yuu’s past. Also, although Sera has a nice voice, I’m betting that when we all hear Yuu’s amazing words in the future, we’re all gonna just die from “moe overload” :3.

  2. I agree with you Takaii as I enjoyed the Ayumu and Yuu development. They have a strange relationship, but I can see that this relationship can last along time. I am quite happy that Yuu slapped Haruna across the face, that would put her in her place within the household and soon it will be Sera’s turn.

  3. I admit that I really started liking Yuu more after this episode, despite her not saying anything or moving much for that matter) it’s funny, the least animated character is the most likable here for myself.

    I still don’t find the show’s humor as funny as it tries to be, but at least it seems to be some really nice fluff with, like you mentioned, some nice and decent developments (I really loved how Yuu and Ayumu interacted with each other during the flashback)

    A small tingling feeling in my chest only grew stronger as I watched Yuu slap Haruna across the face for joking about wanting Ayumu to die

    I also felt the same. Her actions really spoke louder than words in that scene. I suppose being a necromancer makes you all the more understand how horrible death really is, and how its not something to be said in jest.

    I think I might continue on with this show even if the humor might not improve if they keep giving some more screen time for Yuu.

  4. Dissappointingly it’s nowhere near as funny and plain mad as the first episode. I still enjoyed the tradeoff in more character development for Ayumu and Yuu, but there were no ROFLMAO moments for me like last time. Hopefully this kind of episode is an exception rather than the rule and episode 3 will continue with the insane slapstick craziness.

    Sera has made a very bad first impression on me though. She barges into people’s homes, is rude, obnoxious, and worse of all wasn’t even funny. Hopefully she get’s better otherwise the vampire ninja will become very annoying.

    Ninja Penguin
    1. Yeah it kinda sucks when comedies get serious sometimes since you prepare yourself to be laughing a lot. But it’s totally worth it when they get that seriousness x romance x comedy formula right.

      …I wouldn’t be surprised if Sera’s rudeness is just a set up for something extremely moe later…hopefully.

    2. This. The only redeeming feature of Sera’s character so far is her seiyuu.

      At least the other tsuntsun girl likes to make lunch for Zombie-kun. Sera, on the other hand, barges into his home, demands that he cook for her, demands that Yuu go work for her, throws a hissy fit when Yuu refuses and attacks the dude who just fed her, goes back on her word when she loses, and then has the audacity to claim he’s an inferior creature when all he’s done so far is indulge her selfishness. I hope Ayumu stands up to her soon, because the brat’s bratty brattiness will drag down the entire show for me if he doesn’t stop humoring her. She is awful.

      1. He seems to be a typical harem protagonist. During a fight he wins with the Power of Determination, outside of a fight he gets insulted and mocked. I really hope they return to his search for his killer soon because he needs development stat.

      2. I totally agree with grant, he already won and the necro girl demanded the she leaves so she’s now a super rude free-loader.
        And I hate how just sighs and takes it, man, some behavioristics of these harem guys just needs to die!!

  5. Now we have super quiet Yuu as Moe’s bomb rivaling the kuu-Dere gothic Victoreche from GoSick! Arhh I am dying of Moe overload this season!

    I just love Yuu as much Tenshi (Kanada) from Angel Beats!

    the quiet girls are just so cute and adorable…

  6. It’s Hideyoshi!!! And will it be a different seiyuu every week for “delusion Yuu”? Because I liked Ayumu’s delusion for this week more than last week. And I wonder how much more power can Ayumu use. So far we’ve seen as much as 250% but who knows what is the maximum he can use.

    and btw, Ayumu has lame nanpa skills 😀

  7. Glad other people like this show as well. The people over at Sankaku seem to like it, was starting to feel alone. It is probably the Mob affect.. The author hates it, thus generating a lot of hate toward it by others.

  8. Meh, I feel somewhat apathetic and slightly hostile towards the all high and mighty vampire ninja girl, and with her sudden appearance, she doesn’t really endear to me.

    Background story for Yuu and what’shisface was great though.

    Gaze of Providence
  9. I see some potential in this series. Unlike Monster Princess, in which the main character died simply to create an opportunity to be around the monsters, the main character in this series seems to be different. He has a sense of justice, and is searching for meaning of life. The “undying” ability is more than just a convenient device for keeping the main character mobile. Zoombie is treated with dignity at times, that is, when he is not turned into a magical girl… But it is still too early to tell which direction this anime is headed.

  10. I LOVE this show.
    Jokes and gags at Ayumu’s expense were totally expected, however the flashbacks/background story between Yuu and Ayumu caught me off guard. In episode one I had somewhat pegged her as the “strong silent overworking type” of character, but clearly there is more to it than that. Looking forward to some potential Ayumu X Yuu development XD

    Also, the chicken thing is awesome https://randomc.net/image/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

  11. The funny parts of this episode weren’t as funny as last episode. I loved the flashback and Yuu only gets cute-er with every passing episode! Seraphim and Haruna on the other hand don’t do have me feeling anything towards them right now.

  12. didn’t think the episode would get this touching near the end with that boy meets girl sort of thing, but I agree, Yuu is probably still the best in the harem…
    Yuu reminds me of certain headless hunter in Durarara… 🙂

  13. “After that sequence of watching Ayumu transform into a Masou Shoujo last week, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to watch it again.”

    Hahaha, me either!!!! I mean, it was funny, but…this one looks like a good episode, though!

  14. What an unexpectedly heart warming episode. I was expecting to be drawn to Sera’s character, but the story of Yuu and Ayumu stole the spotlight from her. Not to mention Yuu in Ayumu’s imagine spots are WAAAAAAY too adorable. And Sera is just too brash of a character to like…for now.

    The thing is, because of my love for Hikasa Youko, I’ll probably still end up loving her character just because of her voice.

    I have a feeling that this will be happening to me also. Darn them long, dark haired characters she plays!

  15. Sera, she represents the pinnacle of all that I hate about tsudere, except that she isnt a tsudere in the first place. I just wish our protagonist is strong enough to falcon punch the bitch when she said “you, worthless piece of shit” to him. But give her a headbutt will make do for now. That aside, Yuu is just so adorable this episode. And it is about time she establishes her position at the top of the food chain in the household.

  16. I love that in each episode so far, Yuu has had a different classic VA for the Ayumu “imagine spots” – the first episode had Mitsuishi Kotono, this week, it is Mika Kanai. If this is to be a running theme throughout the series, I’m all for it.

  17. I dunno. A comedy that isn’t funny? Cute females who are unattractive?

    While there have been a number of characters (e.g. Kenshin, or the whole gang in ep.07 of Ichizon) who have an expression that they finish all their sentences with, Sera’s ‘worthless piece’ has gotten old already. She is inappropriately named. I agree that I like the seiyuu a lot but I don’t want to listen to her say the same line again and again, regardless of the context.

    It didn’t help that she infected Haruna with both her nasty attitude and behaviour. Even after being asked to stop, Haruna refuses, eliciting a strong reaction from Yuu.

    Ayumu is a bit too tolerant of the abuse. He is too passive for a guy who was willing to go into a death trap because he heard a scream. He needs to find something to do other than serve rice. If the rice cooker ever breaks, they’re going to lose half an episode.

    As someone mentioned, watching Yuu reminds me of Angel Beats’ Tenshi. But she needs to do more than just sit around drinking tea. Two episodes into a short series, and she is still pretty much a blank slate. Early on in the other series, Tachibana used every second of screen time to create a mysterious aura. Slapping an obnoxious airhead doesn’t require a necromancer.

    It looks like there is one more character to introduce. Hopefully, they’ll start doing something soon because right now, it’s the story that’s acting like a zombie.

  18. i didnt laugh much but still interesting.
    the egg eating thing. i know they like it but man they look like they hate it but i know it was delicous(i guess.)
    i really liked the break thats it did break. XD

  19. I’m surprised that no one mentioned the “Secret Sword Style Tsubamegaeshi”(A certain assassin’s finisher move). While I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, or a gag, it was interesting to hear it again in another show.
    For the episode itself: Haruna, Ayumu and Yuu is getting along better then I expected. It’s a bit sad that Sera can only insult Ayumu, but the development of her dere side is just a matter of time… I hope.
    P.S.: Who knew that break dance can get you a quality harem?

  20. I’m guessing that at some point in the show she will talk. Would be a cool development if she was a mute but I don’t see that happening. Or perhaps her voice does weird stuff so she can’t speak for fear it will bring drama.

    Some good choices this season: Kimi Ni Todoke, Puella Magi Madoka Magical, Freezing, Gosick, Dragon Crisis, Fractale, and this series are all good stuff to watch.

  21. Damn…I think I’m starting to grow rather attached to some of the characters like Euclid and Ayumu. The comedy helps too, and it is starting to look like a slighter version of anime that mix comedy, action and heartwarming stuff inside.

  22. Personally, I loved Sera. Her insults always made me laugh, just because some seemed so out of the blue. And VAMPIRE NINJA? Just awesome~

    I do love all of the characters in this, and, so far, there aren’t any that I immediately disliked. I love this series so far, and I hope it only gets better~

  23. I can’t believe you didn’t mention the breakdancing part, that made me laugh so hard, and also Yuu’s comment after that 😛 I liked the flashback, Yuu is suddenly way more attractive now. The battle was pretty cool too, hopefully we get to see more character development for the other two girls too.

  24. I don’t know. It might have been better to move the scenes of the two meeting to the start of the episode. Also something really doesn’t make any sense. Where are his parents? Based on the first episode I had thought that they had been murdered along with him but if he was murdered in a stranger’s house then why are there no parents around or even a mention of parents working late? Way too many series just expect us to accept that there are no parents about even if there clearly should be.

  25. I keep thinking, “Most common superpower…” when I see Sera. She kind of stand sout with the rest of the cast (ie, tall and…top-heavy. They seem to like reminding you fo that.)

    Funny though. And Yuu is cute, indeed.

    Haruna’s apparent constant lounging-about-the-house-wear is also I get a feeling going to be a series staple until she gets her Masou Shoujo powers back.

    And stuff.

  26. I am really impressed by this show. I’m still scratching my head if this is something serious or something more laughable. The first half of the first episode had me going, ooh this is something then in comes the silly faces and slapstick. lol


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