With the reveal of the Neo Nazi-esque Fishmen’s true goal (for now), I have a strange feeling that this is going to be a long, long, arc. Then again, the five “big” enemies are now shown, so if you gauge by that, the pacing is actually a bit quicker than usual. We’re reminded of a fishmen’s traits, and why they were so scary back with Arlong’s arc, except now they’ve got drugs to enhance those traits several fold. I honestly can’t wait until the fights begin breaking out, because having seen a fishman’s strength beforehand, I’m much more excited to see Luffy and co’s new improvements. I bet you Zoro will fight Icaros Muhhi, the eight handed spear wielding fishman. Luffy will obviously take on Hodi Jones, and everyone else doesn’t have enough context clues for me to guess.

The whole situation feels a bit similar to Skypiea’s arc, except the current residing King is a decent guy, and the people who want to overthrow him are the bad guys. The fodder crew merely acted as a display for the fishmen’s strength, and well, not much else. I’m assuming the King has good intentions for taking the Strawhats, perhaps already holding the other crew members, but with the prophecy from last week, it’s hard to tell. The message the princes had for Luffy will probably be revealed next chapter though.

Getting a good spoiler free image is becoming harder each week.


  1. Gotta to say that I still got a laugh out of the big depressed looking whale face staring at me with the title *Hatred* above his head lol made my afternoon. Couldn’t help but think *Labooooon!*

    As for the chapter I got to say I am most excited to see Usopp’s changes really. I mean for the rest of the crew its has most likely been an increase in their current “power-levels” so to speak nothing really new for them other than the norm of new skills and applications for those skills. Usopp, however, has kinda made it through with the whole trickster/illusionist approach and i’m excited to see what his knew mastery of plant life will yield him in the future.

    P.S. on a side note hopefully Brook has taken on a new string of powers with his new instrument.

  2. I’m glad a topic like this is tackled on O.P, i think it adds to the richness of the overall adventure for the characters to live through….besides, who could be better badguys than Elitist bigots??? i miss the O.P anime reviews too! i think they handled the whole “ace gets murked” thing nicely.

    BROOKLYN otaku

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