Giant fetish. Yes. I’m not really a “partaker” no, but I think I can now understand a little why the fetish exists. As for some other ones, probably never. But it’s sort of a fun mystery game almost isn’t it? It turns out our favorite giant mermaid is a Rapunzel character, though she’s kind of a Rapunzel within a Rapunzel, because you know, she hasn’t seen the area around her for ten years AND the surface. I S O L A T I O N.

She’s also incredibly pampered, but she’s hot, so Vander Decken just can’t say no. Too bad she can. Rejected and butthurt, Decken now wants her fine piece of fish tail or it shall be death, and fittingly so, he possesses the stalker fruit. They say a dog looks like its owner, but does a devil fruit match the eater? In Decken’s case, probably. Mato Mato no mi, the ability to target anyone forever, presumably activated by touch, explaining the gloves he needed before shaking hands with Hodi. A formidable power nonetheless, but he’ll need something supplementary in order to be useful in fights.

I think One Piece is at its best when confrontations occur one after another, but that’s usually the middle of each arc, which it seems we’re finally starting to get into. Hodi and Decken have teamed up, which should be it for the final enemies, and Usopp unleashed the man. He really does seem more reliable doesn’t he? Hell, everyone appears to have more resolve and confidence within their actions, so they’re not only more powerful, but also a bit wiser too. Usopp was also going to use his new weapon too, but Zoro didn’t let him. Damn you Oda, pulling that bait and switch again. After the small glimpses of their improvements from here to there, I’m psyched for some more in-depth usage of their new skills, but this chapter was might be a feint again. :[ Next chapter, Luffy’s first date with the Mermaid Princess! I like where this is going.


  1. …. cant wait till next week, after being targeted as the so called “disaster to destroy Fishman Island” kidnapping/dating the shut in princess is going to be a riot with his crew fighting inside the palace itself. Cant wait for their reactions too him, will be a chapter to remeber if my One Piece senses are tingling this hard… lol

    Oh and I got a riot out of how pissed luffy got from having his face poked while eating.

    “Dont bother me…. I’m Eating (sparkle) (sparkle)” kind of face. classic.

  2. I like Oda’s thinking. Luffy is theoretically super powered now from mastering all 3 Haki, so who in the world can realistically play the villain without getting pwned too easily? Power-levels in One Piece are kind of iffy and we kind of get Admirals=Captains=Luffy with some special cases of invincible, so Oda simply put 2 captains together to present a big enough problem. I’m thinking they would 2v1 Luffy first before some other crew member comes to even the odds. I’m hoping Nami for some fishmen revenge, but thats probably unlikely.

  3. I really can’t tell. Does the mermaid princess have one tail or two?

    Assuming Vander Decken has been stalking her for the last ten years, that must mean that she is at least in her mid-twenties by now, if not older. So her tail has either split or will soon.

    In the picture above, is she swaying one tail around or both of them back and forth?

    1. That’s a good question. I agree with you. A mermaid is supposed to be about thirty when they sprout two fins to walk. But she looks around twenty. That can’t be right. Well, I can’t imagine Sanji when he sees this beauty.

      I would be interested in how will the New Fishmen pirates, Caribou, and Vander Decken fight against Luffy. From my perception, those guys zero haki. So there is no way they would stand a chance.

      code fanboy
  4. The Fact is im happy that Luffy asked the Princess out for a walk date. I think its a good idea on Oda’s thinking here, plus it also starts up the action thats to come after all the somewhat peaceful date walking. X//D lol

  5. DAMN!! shes almost as big as his SHIP!! and i TOTALLY forgot an important fact that “MasterDragonKnight” brought up, that whole tail splitting coming of age thing..MAN! that was genius by Oda “on a perverted level” in the world of Mermaids they are NO MILFS, just Fresh fishes lol.

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. i think it’s because they invite him in a room full of sake before locking it up, thinking that will capture him for sure. because i don’t think they able to get him parted with his sword without a fight. zoro probably just let them locked him up until some other thing interest him more( like this fight )

  6. Vander Decken seems cool, i think. And his devil’s fruit sounds interesting, my guess would be an snipers duell between him, and Mansop aka Usop, for those who didn’t get that one.

  7. “She’s also incredibly pampered, but she’s hot, so Vander Decken just can’t say no. Too bad she can. Rejected and butthurt, Decken now wants her fine piece of fish tail.”

    Such a fine gentleman!

    “Next chapter, Luffy’s first date with the Mermaid Princess! I like where this is going.”

    *Bro fist*

    Lectro Volpi

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