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OP2: 「See visionS」 by 川田まみ (Kawada Mami)
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Just like the production staff announced on Twitter, included with this episode was the new opening sequence. I didn’t think much of Kawada Mami’s “See visionS” as an opening theme due to its mellow start, and even felt that they should have swapped it with Kurosaki Maon’s more upbeat “Memories Last” ending theme, but it works well with the sequence they made to go with it.

「罰ゲーム」 (Batsu Geemu)
“Punishment Game”

This has to be one of the few series where the character interactions provide a lot more entertainment than the actual plot, and Touma’s return to Academy City made this one of the best episodes this sequel in that regard. The huge cast of characters are a lot of fun to watch, especially when they all come together with their various nuances. In a very cliche sense, I dare say it doesn’t even matter what they’re doing, as long as they’re doing it together, and I’ll be thoroughly entertained.

Having Mikoto around is always a big plus, though I’m finding that it’s infinitely better when Kuroko is also around to both join in and break things up. I’d definitely like to see more of Uiharu though, especially after Kuroko hunted her down, as well as the very unlikely possibility of Saten making a cameo. There’s good reason they got their own side story, even though some of the best moments come from the Touma x Mikoto pairing that a lot of viewers like to see (myself included). It was nothing but good laughs all around, with a couple of my favorite scenes being the aforementioned one with Kuroko hauling Uiharu off, and Touma getting Mikoto’s expectations up by asking if she really like tormenting him that much. I think it’s about time Touma put that Imagine Breaker to use on his own head. There must be some sort of spell on him impeding his understanding of girls.

As this was only a setup episode of sorts, I’m almost certain I’ll come off as “unappreciative” of this series when I say it was far better than when the actual plot kicks in, but I have to say, it was far better than when the actual plot kicks in. After all, we saw the return of Accelerator, Last Order, and a handful of the remaining Sisters, the latter of whom fought amongst themselves about a certain 19090 watching her weight. Getting some lighthearted developments from them was refreshing, and helped balance out the Index raging that I’m all too familiar with now. Then there was Touma receiving not one punch to the face, but two at the same time for no real reason whatsoever. Misunderstandings are great too, particularly ones that involve Seiri and her abnormally large breasts.

Interestingly enough, the episode left off on what felt like a cliffhanger yet surely didn’t seem like one when Last Order stole 10032’s goggles. I wasn’t even sure what to make from the serious air things closed out on, as the next episode looks like we’ll get to see more of Kaori, Agnese, Sherry, and Hyouka. Also, we have a wet Laura, which I doubt many people will be opposed to seeing. I gather Hyouka will be the focus though, much like the new opening sequence is foreshadowing.




  1. I’m not current with the visual novel but even if this was a filler episode this has got to be one of the best ones I have ever seen from any series.

    I just about every moment of it.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  2. I think quite a few people missed the off the wall humor this episode had. As soon as 10032 whipped out the gun, I was laughing at the ‘over the top’ response to her goggles being yanked off her. Naturally, they did that for a joke, as I doubt anything of substance will mention it next week.

    Oh and the new OP had a nice refreshing pace to it than those more upbeat techno style songs. And I just love how Mami sings the solo part with such… hard to put it into words. It sounds great. Can’t wait to listen to the full song in 15 months, heh. 🙂

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s serious.

        It’s time for revolution. The clones starting to develop unique personalities. Like with the weight watching.
        I’m pretty sure shit will hit the fan.

  3. What, no mention of Accelerator’s unpunished walk-in? My god, this guy truely is the polar opposite of Touma, and not just in apperance. I bet he could just get in all kinds of peverted hijinks if he wanted to, and no one would give a crap.

    It’d be hella funny to watch, though.

    1. One annoying cliche avoided…

      Seriously, the guy-walks-on-a-naked-girl-who-conveniently-forgot-to-lock-the-door-but-still-has-to-punish-the-guy-because-it-is-obviously-his-fault is overdone to death.

      I’m glad they did not screw up Accelerator’s character…

  4. The new OP sucks… it sounds like some girly anime OP. Am I the only one who think that S1 OPs are way better than S2’s… Anyway, I feel like this season will most likely get rushed because there are still like 5 arcs left (including this one) and there will be less actions too… mostly due to the Daihasei Festival Arc (that was a long boring cat and mouse chase)

    1. I doubt the phrase “less actions” is going to apply to the next arc……in fact , it is definitely going to beat all of the other arcs. There is a reason why each of these characters are introduced in this episode (with the exception of Uiharu & Kuroko).
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. …5 Arcs?! The hell are you talking about? This season’s only going up to Volume 13 of the novels, and there’s 11 left to use (including SS1 and SS2) for future seasons. If anything, we’re not even half way through.

      And the hell does “girly op” mean? They’re all sung by the same person.

      1. Yeah SS1 could easily be an OVA which would be kind of cool. Yet, there are parts on there that if someone who wouldn’t of seen the OVA; would be slightly confused when it stuff starts to get mentioned a bit on from volume 13 and onward.

    3. “I feel like this season will most likely get rushed because there are still like 5 arcs left”

      ? 5 neither matches up with how many arcs were in this season, or how many arcs there are left to be covered by further seasons

  5. Ah, the turning point of the entire light novel series. The point where Kamachi somehow got hit with a bat that made his writing from slowly getting better to immediately awesome.

    If I recall correctly, after the events of this arc. Kamachi started writing the Railgun sidestory, because Show Spoiler ▼

    Gaze of Providence
  6. I don’t really care for the plot, or most of the characters, for that matter.

    I just wanna see that chalk-chick (the one from the last arc in the first season) in lingerie like she appeared in the OP!!

  7. It is sad that breather and humor episodes like this one are better than plot-revolving ones.
    It is fun watching Kuroko and her antics, Mikoto and her tsundere ways, Sisters starting to take on personal traits and quirks, Accelerator becoming anti-heroic, etc.
    BTW, wet Laura from preview of next ep is high octane fetish fuel…

  8. Ship tease alert! Ship tease alert!

    *scary tone* U~I~HA~*teleports*~RUU!! (Somebody, anybody, please make a .gif of that scene.)
    Ah…every funny scene in Index/Railgun is funnier with Kuroko… Hell, the whole episode is a barrage of one crowning moment of funny after another! Just the way it should be before a “heavy” arc.

    And it looks like we’re gonna see that scene with Kaori and that washing machine next episode… Sweetness!!

    On an off-topic note (and because the shoutbox is offline):
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. @DIVINE:
    “I think it’s about time Touma put that Imagine Breaker to use on his own head. There must be some sort of spell on him impeding his understanding of girls.”

    Errr, No, that only applies on Mikoto just because she is tsundere just remind how Touma was with Seiri and Aisa during the sports festival, Touma was more aware of them by far compared to Mikoto. Heck, even the Sisters are more honest and direct towards him and Touma really notices that!
    Thats what I call “cock blocking yourseelf” in Mikoto’s situation.

    Sherry… looks unexpectedlly hot and Kanzaki too, but what really need is more Itsuwa being both cute and utteryle badass.

  10. With all the character interactions showing us where the characters are now. I felt like we just came back from a time skip rather than just another arc.Also, freeze the opening when sherry is shown through the window. Am I the only one who noticed that she’s only wearing a negligee?

  11. Dude she said “revolution” are some of the sisters planning to separate themselves from the Last Order or something? At first I thought she was just having a rather overreaction to her goggles being stolen but the aura was too serious for a joke D:

  12. Loved this episode. Sadly it also highlights one of the major flaws of the series. The character interactions are fun and entertaining, but once the serious stuff starts all the exposition and talk make for some of the most boring action series I’ve ever had to watch. I’m not even sure if its the directing, or the fact that the show is trying to be too faithful to the novels.

    1. Yeah, but ya see that only applies to casual viewers of the show. If you’re a genuine fan, the exposition and talking is no problem at all. The fact that Index has sold over 10 million volume copies in japan is testament to this. 😉

    2. exposition is needed or else alot of people will complain. Like in the last ep where people were going “I like how this ship is affected by his hand and not the others” when it did state why.

  13. I love this episode. I totally agree with Divine that the character interactions during normal everyday life is so much more interesting than the actual action plots. I guess that’s why the light novels have the SS volumes.

    Touma getting double punched is totally reasonable. How DARE he say such unappreciated things? Aogami Pierce is totally correct in that Touma can trigger all sorts of female encounters so unfairly.

  14. Watching Kuroko going crazy each time she catches Mikoto & Touma together is fun. That and the super speed of light kick Kuroko dished out at the end…. I just had to rewind & watch that kick a few times =)

  15. Don’t worry, 10032 is using rubber bullets in her gun. She won’t seriously kill Last Order or she’ll risk invoking the wrath of Accelerater. And it really bothers me that they cut yet ANOTHER Accel/LO scene in favor for more Mikoto screentime, and they didn’t even show Accel’s reaction to Yomikawa’s 5 rice cookers! DL<

    GROUP IN THE OPENING HELL YEAH! I still don't know why they're included there, but I'm not complaining. Perhaps this is an indicaiton of an OVA of SS or a third season?

    I guarantee that this is singlehandedly the best arc in the Index anime so far. Whenever Accelerator gets involved, things are guaranteed to be epic.

    Suzushina Yuriko
  16. Touma is finally showing some interest to the girls, when he wants to rub Fukiyose’s breasts, though whats funny is that instead of Fukiyose, I’m sure that Aisa Himegami would pretty much let him do whatever he wants with her.

    Gotta love Touma X Mikoto developments!

    1. I really don’t think they were actually talking about her breast. This part on the novel they were talking about massages. They go up to Fukiyose about it but how they worded it to her made it sound perverted and were misunderstood. For the misunderstanding they got beaten up by Fukiyose.

  17. Oh Kuroko, joining in with Touma in the skirt-fanning madness. LMAO


    When it comes to fanning her onee-sama’s skirt, she’ll definitely won’t want to miss out.

    I actually take pity on poor Kuroko, her affections for Mikoto has largely gone unrequited, now that Touma is proving stiff opposition. And now even Uiharu has decided to go and flirt with her onee-sama behind her back. XD (Poor Saten-san at that as well. )

    It seems an Index episode instantly becomes good everytime all three elements of Biribiri – herself, her regular clones (Sisters) and Last Order all appear together, albeit never in the same scene at once. 😀

    (Now that I think about it, Mikoto has never met Last Order, has she?)

    Kinny Riddle
  18. Hey, I just noticed something different besides the new OP…


    Is it me or did summer feel like an eternity in the Index-verse, stretching all the way from Railgun, Index S1 and just over half of Index S2 (in that chronological order)?

    Kinny Riddle
    1. The anime adaptation of the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe officially started in the middle of the month of July in Railgun (Level Upper Arc), the current arc’s date is September 30.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Gaze of Providence

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