So it turns out thinking about one’s overused word isn’t the other criteria that sets the gourd off, but simply saying nothing at all. A sort of fail-safe mechanism if you will, for the opponents who think they’ve outsmarted its ability so easily. And here I was, thinking it was overpowered enough to unsuspecting victims. Regardless, I find it hard to believe that Darui was neck-and-neck with the number of times he’s said “dull” and “sorry” his entire life, that a few more times of the latter would have put it as his new number one word of choice.

It would be like saying he’s said “dull” 17,932 times and “sorry” 17,930 times when he was getting sucked in, and the three more apologies he made as he was flying to his doom suddenly saved his life. I don’t know what was more unbelievable — that or the fact the the gourd knows the exact number of times everyone in the entire world’s said something and is willing to revoke its effect as soon as that changes. I realize this is a fantasy ninja series where even more outrageous things have happened, but there’s something a little too intangible about an item that keeps that level of tabs on the world. Once numbers and math are involved to a certain degree, real world views tend to come into play for me. I’m not even going to try to explain why I can’t accept that at face value, when I can do the same with chakra doing practically anything, such as resurrecting the dead and turning them into obedient killing machines. It just has to be anything but math! It’s a magical gourd for goodness sake, not a super computer with an unworldly database and a huge soul-sucking vacuum cleaner attached to it. 😛

It may sound like I’m a bit irked by how Darui was saved, but in reality I’m more bewildered than anything else. My reaction was more like, “Wow Kishimoto Masashi, you did not write that into your story. Oh my god you did.” Quite honestly, I never took the Kumogakure ninjas all that seriously despite their “cool moments” every now and then, so perhaps this is just another way of showing how they can just freestyle anything, whether it’s rapping or saving their own lives. Anyway, go Darui, kick some mini Nine-Tail ass!


  1. I think the thing with the gourd and sword is that it knows how much a person has said words once its sucked in that bit of their soul. So it’s not like it knows everyone, it just knows people who it is used on. It’s still silly, but there you go.

  2. Well, it is a bulky version of the exclusive anime character, Sora, but this guy seems to have the Kyuubi’s chakra under control. This will be interesting. An immortal pseudo-jinjuriki will definatily wreck havoc. Kabuto seriously got some powerful soilders under his command.

    code fanboy
  3. god this series is running out of creativity. when Darui reappeared, i was like “badass! he found some awesome loophole and now hes gonna kick ass!” but… no, it just so happened that COINCIDENTALLY Darui had an equal number of words he had said on the day he ran into people who used an ability that relied on that. what a luuuuuucky guy.

  4. Let us check Darui’s dialogues and see how many sorrys and how many dulls we can find!

    Did they used that damn banana phone? did I missed something?

    So, outside the chakra and the weapons they pretty much suck? Chakra is from the fox and the tools from the sage, losers!

    Still, I loved the final touch with Kakuzu, that guy saw the entire ninja history!

    Lectro Volpi
  5. Pretty good chapter.
    One thing that stood out the most for me. That this chapter further emphasized the difference in mentality of shinobi of the past to shinobi of the present.
    Great to see Darui is fine. But he can’t use those weapons for much longer.

  6. Perhaps the gourd doesn’t know the amount of times every person in the world has said every single word at any given point in time, but when it sucks up a person’s soul, it can quickly read that person’s memories of their whole life and determine the most spoken word. But, yeah, either way, neck-and-neck between two words seems highly unlikely

  7. Darui is starting to shape into a pretty cool character IMO, as are a lot of others introduced in this Ninja War arc that we never got to see because Naruto always just focused on the Leaf village. Its a nice refreshing touch to see what high class ninjas from other villages can do, when they arent the villain.

  8. Doesn’t the gourd or something have to suck in a bit of your soul to “curse” you before it can tell which word you used the most? So it’s not keeping tabs on everyone, but can tell your most used word once it curses you

  9. Come on people. why are you guys complaining, if you ask me “One piece” is the one you guys should be wired out.

    My reasons:

    Kitaeryu said : ” I found this chapter kind of strange and weird……” One Piece character’s powers is not strange and weird too?

    Chisel said: ” Lol this is one of the few moments where I just go, “wtf are you kidding me?” while reading manga or watching television.”
    I always feel like that when reading One Piece manga.

    takashid said: “god this series is running out of creativity………” so your saying that going under water is creative with hot mermaids?

    T.K said: “Bit of a stretch alright!……….” Are you talking about Luffy streching while doing 12th level Gear?

    So, with the way Naruto is going, i think is good but One Piece will be trolling with our minds for ever and ever with new random crazy weird ways of caching our interest, no?


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