With Hachi almost half dead, the Nakama rulebook states that if a nakama is hurt, you must kick the ass of anyone that did it. Decken has “marked” his inevitable beating, so now it’s just a question of who that will be.

I always thought Hachi was an interesting character to have been chosen to develop even further with the story, and this chapter smashes his past with the current state of Fishman Island. He stands as the converted bad guy, but his reasons of “because they are friends” isn’t nearly as convincing as he thinks to be able to turn over makeshift genocide. Most of the reason for any of the “villains” were set down here, and Decken is making out to be a real douche. I still can’t take his power seriously, no matter how much people are “wowed,” because it’s so pre-timeskip. Pre-timeskip SH crew would definitely have some trouble with Decken’s power, but post-timeskip, no way. Plus, all you need is a good shield, or some way to break the objects before they hit you. Heh, and he’s already “hand”icapped, since if he’s avoided washing a hand for ten years, he’s not going to just give it up to fight two people. So get two guys on him, insta-screwed as well.

Seriously, taking Hodi down is like taking Hitler down. I hestitate to call Hodi straight up psychotic, since physically, fishmen ARE superior to humans, unlike Hitler’s ideal Aryans, who are just people with a certain color in specific areas. Genocide is always wrong though. No doubt about that. Everyone deserves the right to live, at the very least. Someday, if an alien race visits Earth, this could become a very real issue. Can’t we all just.. get along? D:

As for our date couple, visiting a grave wasn’t my idea of romantic, but Jinbei’s definitely there all right. Seems this Queen Otohime was the one that made the Fishman Island the way it is today, and was a bit of a bad ass? Must’ve been the pants of the family, after seeing what Neptune is like anyway. Waiting each week is starting to get agonizing again.


  1. I MUST point this out…

    Force is actually mass times acceleration, so the force isn’t based on how far Hachi swam, but how quickly the projectiles speed up. Since we don’t know how fast Decken’s weapons fly/accelerate (or if they just start out at full speed) we can’t say Hachi made a bad move by swimming away.

    1. *clapping hands* KUDOS! KUDOOOOS!! i CAN’T believe yall took it THIS FAR!!!! come on GUYS, it’s NEITHER of those theory’s! of mechanism……….. its MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!hahaha! on another note, i never get tired of Jimbei’s character design..love the geta’s

      BROOKLYN otaku
    2. Huge fail on my part, I got force x distance = work confused with force’s equation. Changin’ it up. My bad.
      Acceleration is still distance per time though, so if you’re really close to Decken when he throws it, then it shouldn’t be too bad. Of course, if you’re that close in the first place, might as well just chop off his hands.

      1. You got the formula wrong for acceleration, as already mentioned, but your point is still valid. Hacchi must have just figured there was a certain distance the objects could travel or something like that, and he was clearly wrong

      2. It pains me to reply to this, but Koroshiya got it wrong. Acceleration is velocity DIVIDED by time. And when talking about projectile physics you have to factor in resistance. When an object hits terminal velocity it has no apparent acceleration. Does that mean it has no force behind it? heck no. If that where the case we could go skydiving without parachutes. I’m not going to go too in-depth but needless to say when you factor in fluid resistance, inertia, and momentum you find the higher the velocity the farther those arrows will go through your back. In summary Kiiragi is correct in the assumption in that it would have been better not to increse the distance between the two individuals. Hope i didn’t sound too much like a physics nazi.

  2. Shit just got kinda real… I guess. I was hoping for Logia fruit user to highlight luffy’s new mastery of haki. Its not very satisfying when one of the first major villain has the same general power as *Bullseye* from Daredevil.

    On a different note, Genocide as the focus of the arc has been foreshadowed for so long through the racial intolerance sprinkled here and there through the story that it’s a bit of it’s *shock value*, but that doesn’t change the serious tone it sets for the arc. Though im not overly interested in the main boss of this arc, I just cant wait till Franky gets into his first battle, he has to be my all time favorite power-up time skip character.

    *Nimple Lights, HOE!!!*

  3. I don’t get why Jimbie doesn’t want Luffy to fight Hodi. Maybe Hodi has some other secret weapon aside of that drug of his.

    Much to my surprise, the Target target no ni requires touch. Just like how the knife went straight to Hachi’s back, where Dreken touched him, the ax seemed to went straight the Princess’s bosom. I wonder how the heck Dreken was able to touch the Princess, or how was he able to touch her there, her chest, of all places. Such a mystery.

    code fanboy
  4. “As for our date couple,”
    lol when i read this, first thing i thought was that you meant Franky and Robin. probably cause we need them back in the story already!

    as for Decken, come on, he has a long range power, obviously Usopp is gonna sniper fight him, that would be the coolest way to show him fight. im actually not surprised deckens power requires touch, thats a common requirement for DF’s, like Mr 2’s. Also, Jimbei!!!

    1. As weak as Usopp has always been, his fights are the most amazing to watch, simply because he HAS to rely on strategy and tactics. His fight with “Chew” back from Arlong’s arc, with the freaking Usopp Wagomu, the duo fight with Chopper against Ms. Merry Christmas and Mr. 4, and his hilarious battle with Perona all stick out in my mind. A battle with Decken would be superb.

      1. Yeah, i really hope that fight happens, just for the creativity that would go into it. Plus, Usopp has become a lot more badass, so this would be a good chance to show his growth and neew strength compared to the weak Usopp from his old fights.

  5. I Showed Touma vs Accelerator to my little brother and then wondered… can Accelerator defeat Hodi and his crew? Decken would surely get his ass handed to him. Can Accelerator defeat Luffy and his crew? I actually think he can. It is really funny because long and popular Shonen tend to have over-powered characters.

    Can you believe that the SH crew was saved by Arlong’s stingy wallet? Hyozu could have killed the entire crew in Arlong Park!

    “Arlong was cool but too much of a brainless beast” I thought of Hodi as fat and gay but he was pretty cool today.

    I do think that they should not have too many problems dealing with these fishmen, I mean, you are not even in the new world yet!

    A graveyard? not my idea of a date but with Megalo there… there is hope!

    “Seriously, taking Hodi down is like taking Hitler down.” Hoho~ I was about to say some of my cool witty comments but that will be for the Bleach post, you did not earned it punks!

    Lectro Volpi
  6. I actually thought the grave would be the grave of Fisher Tiger, but I guess not.

    The Hodi-Decken combi seems so easy to hate. At some point, they probably should deal with Caribou too. It seems like this arc just got pumped full of enemies, none of whom seem like actual credible threats.

    Also, where the hell are Franky and Robin? With the ship?

  7. my guess the fishermen will make use of the sea very well in order to even out the overpowered straw hat crew since like half of them can’t battle in sea water well enough maybe with the exception of sanji

  8. Don’t compare Hodi to Hitler ya dumbfuck!!
    It’s people like you that make serious matters like this seem ordinary.

    Sure, Hodi is a racist murderer, but that dosen’t sum Hitler’s character nor his crimes. Hodi isn’t even going for a planned genocide as of now, all we know is that he’s willing to kill any kind of human he comes across. And before you go “Psssh look at this psycho taking my exaggerated compersion too seriously”, of course Im taking this seriously because we’re talking about an issue that isn’t to be taken lightly at any case!!!
    Just because Hitler is probably the worst dictator ever dosen’t mean you can use his name in exaggerated compersions!!!

      1. You missed my point entirely if you think I said Hitler should be respected and glorified.
        What I said was that you shouldn’t take Hitler’s character and what he represents lightly because he wasn’t a goddman cartoon villain, and compering him to one is like compering WWII and the holocaust he caused to some villain trying to take over some cartoon city.

        Think your parents were killed and then I’d go watching television and say “Hey look at that cat chasing the mouse. He’s a real jerk, he’s like your parents killer!” wouldn’t you be mad?

        And don’t even get me started about how compersions like these cause the number of holocaust deniers to increase… (And this one’s pretty much a fact so don’t you go “bullshit” on me.)

        Also don’t try too hard with those “cool” snarky remarks. Very few people but the blog author actually check the comments. If you want some internet popularity via being a dick, I suggest you visit 4chan.


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