「木原数多(けんきゅうしゃ)」 (Kihara Amata (Kenkyuusha))
“Kihara Amata (Researcher)”

With Accelerator at the complete mercy of the researcher who apparently helped develop his powers, this may have been the first time I was looking to Touma to deliver a swift right fist to someone’s face at the very onset of an arc. Thus far, Accelerator been one of those characters that everyone seems to like despite his horrible personality, but it wasn’t until now when he put Last Order’s well-being above his own that I finally started seeing him as a “nice guy”. He’s always been one of those badasses that seem to care but never show it, except now he’s proven to be a bigger softy than even he probably wants to be after Yoshikawa’s little lecture, and someone who I want to see helped.

Be that as it may, “odd” is probably the only way I can describe seeing Acceleration pleading in his mind for someone to come in and save Last Order as he laid on the ground in a bloody mess, as it had me hoping the two guys who tried to kill one another in episode fourteen of season one would team up to lay the beat down on Kihara Amata (Fujiwara Keiji) and his Hound Dogs. From the look of things, the story is working towards that with another Index/Last Order swapping; however, I was admittedly a little disappointed when Index showed up without Touma. In hindsight, it was worth it since I got a good laugh out of how she claimed Accelerator is nicer than Touma, which to me was probably one of the biggest inadvertent insults ever. If only Touma realized who she was talking about, his reaction would have been even better.

For what I consider to be the actual start of this arc, this episode seemed to have it all from production quality levels seen in the first half of this sequel to tons of vector reversal action at Accelerator’s expense. It’s definitely one of the better starts that I can recall, considering that Vassilisa’s (Honna Youko) talk with Sasha about how Archangel Gabriel was summoned into her seems to tie in as some foreshadowing on Vento and Aleister’s little conversation at the very end. I was impressed and pleased with what I perceived as rather straightforward yet promising beginning, which I’m inclined to attribute to a better balance between science and magic this time around. I’ll reserve judgement until I see how the rest of it plays out, though I’m already a bit psyched about seeing how Touma and Accelerator get along after Index and Last Order bring them together. There was mention of Fuse Kazakiri, so it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Hyouka soon enough too.




  1. Is it just me or did the quality of the action this time around was pretty high? Also! Ventus (I think?) sounds great. They made accelerator look so… pathetic though. I hope they can keep this production level throughout!

      1. Just to bring this full circle, this show has been telling us all along that this is where the fun will really begin. You know what I’m talking about, the eternal preview line: “When science and magic cross, the story begins”. That’s only just now happening.

      2. Whoa really? I definitely labeled this series a “Rated R” anime after seeing Accelerator getting brutally stepped on like he did. I was biting my lip for the rest of the episode cuz I actually felt that one.. D:

        If the story keeps up like this, I may need a barf-bag. Dx

  2. The scene where Kihara meets Accelerator seems to be different from the To Aru Majutsu no Index II trailer, if you looks closely, you can tell the difference.

    Although I know this scene looks really sad, with Last Order, for some reason, it seemed really cute. I’m surprised that Last Order was able to land without any major injury.

    I’m surprised that Vassilisa was the one that made Sasha were that dress, when you think about it, she must have some S M fetish. I would be surprised if she wore that magical girl costume.

    Yey, it is Index to the rescue. Though I can’t see what she can do in this situation. Though I have a possible prediction; Vento of the front will just happen to save Accelerator and Index, since Index is one of her targets. Though I don’t know if her orders were to bring Index back alive or dead.

    code fanboy
  3. Daihaseisai bad quality is likely caused by this arc (Budget focusing.) And if the quality of the whole arc is as good as this episode then I will be happy.

    And here comes another Kihara, and god, I love him more than the one in Railgun whatever her name.

    I have wait 19 episode for this arc and I’m hype more than ever.

    Anyone notice how Accel nearly step into the light (under the bridge’s shadow) before the Hound Dog tried to crush him? That’s so… gosh what’s the word.

    Unfortunately the scene after that were toned down by a lot.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. “Anyone notice how Accel nearly step into the light (under the bridge’s shadow) before the Hound Dog tried to crush him? That’s so… gosh what’s the word.”

      Poetic =p ? Yeah I notice that too… It’s going to be a long bloody road before he can see the light again…

  4. Greatly impressed with this episode, and it is also great for J.C. Staff to put a really important foreshadowing in the beginning with Vasilisa and Sasha (felt out of place in the novels).

    And I hope the BD version of this will add a little red to the Hound Dog pounding Accelerator delivered here.

    Gaze of Providence
  5. Oh shit….its going to get brutal from here on…I wonder how JC staff will pull off the upcoming scene where Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Accelerator praying for someone to save Last order was moving… Though he liked killing the mooks too much for me 😛
    Kihara deserves a lot of falcon punches, but what is interesting is that Crowley is keeping him on a leash… And Vento is going berserk in the city. Add to this planned moves by Anglicans and Russian Orthodox and we have 30 Xanatos pileup, or at least melee a trois, anyone?
    I assume that Touma as usual will be spanner in the works of everyone…

    1. On the Science side, Crowley is probably mustering all his assets (Last Order, maybe Mikoto, Kazakiri, Touma for sure due to his haxx0r right arm, not sure about Accelerator seeing how he’s being beaten up) for the inevitable fight with the Magic side, led by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and for him, the ends justify the means.

      Due to Touma’s unyielding (sometimes anal) sense of justice, a three-way battle is likely here, with him having to fight both the Science and Magic sides.

      Kinny Riddle
  7. I think Index and Last Order swapping roles again in more serious circumstances this time has laid to rest accusations by certain posters here of how last episode was just a mere filler. Indeed, their swap last time around was absolutely crucial for building up the epic fights that are sure to follow.

    Kinny Riddle
  8. I can’t think of another series that has normal looking characters go so bat shit crazy in an instant. Between Index and Railgun when a character turns crazy they REALLY go off the deep end facial features wise. But never Index or Touma. Its almost always the villians that turn out that way or the middle of the road types like Accelerator or the red haired nun (that was a villian earlier in the season and is now a kinda good guy).

    I guess the animators figure we can’t tell a good guy from a bad guy unless their facial features go all crazy and wide eyed.

  9. Bah. I’m not satisfied with this episode. Too much setup, need more action.
    Is the rest of the episodes for this season going to be full action? 😀
    Actually, how long do you guys think this arc’s going to be?

  10. Gotta LOL at poor Sasha’s over-the-top reaction as she smashed the wall and ran at the sight of the Mahou Shoujo costume that Vassilisa intends for her to wear.

    It’s not often we have fiction that involves the Eastern Orthodox Church, so Index is one of those that gives a breath of fresh air from all other fictional works that features the Catholic Church all the time.

    Coincidentally, another (boob exposing) anime that features the Orthodox Church also has a main character called Sasha, albeit a boy.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. From the way this is building up, this sounds like the last arc for the season unless it ends at episode 21, in which case they can fit a small arc in. Not that it’s a problem, but I’m hoping for some big developments.

  12. I’m just glad Aleister Crowley has shown up again so as to remind us that every single one of Touma’s escapades to save Academy City were utterly meaningless because the man up top would have handled it anyway.

  13. Alright, Volume 12 ended to set up the last light novel story this season…that being 13, which starts next episode.

    Hopefully we’ll see a 3rd season in less than another 2 years after this one ends. The story’s main villains (at least one of them did) just showed up, so it be sad to not see the rest of them.

  14. Great Animation quality and this episode makes it 3 straight weeks that to ara majutsu no index has impressed me. The only sad part is this being episode 19, meaning the season will end soon T>T. The best thing about this episode is that we got to see the sadistic side in accelerator that i havent seen since the first season. I cant wait to see him kick some ass in next weeks ep. Also after seeing Vento having a lot of screen time I am hoping that the other members of God’s right seat. And from what i recall Show Spoiler ▼

    BTW does anyone know if this is the last arc of the series or if there is a possibility of putting another arc or fillers in.

    1. Last arc of the season? Most likely, yes. However, there is a goddamn good reason why I’m doubting myself, since JC Staff just put a little something extra in the OP. So I believe that they’ll do some sort of OVA or something.

      For the entire series of Light Novel Series? No, the Light Novels just started its half-way point.

      Gaze of Providence
      1. @ Yoyo
        Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        We’re almost there: This is what caused it all right
        Science: The Church attacked us and are having a project called “MAGIC”
        Church: WTH! How dare you imitate an Show Spoiler ▼

        Science: It’s for Science
        Church: F***Y** That abomination must go!
        Science: STFU and GTFO If you don’t like what we do…


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