Having survived the explosion, Touma manages to avoid Accelerator’s next attack and counters with a punch with his right hand. Realizing that he can keep doing this, Touma finds ways to continue pounding Accelerator with that hand until Accelerator uses his own power to manipulate the air into a powerful projectile attack. It is at this point that Mikoto shows up, and even though Touma doesn’t want her to get involved, she apologizes and wants him to live. Mikoto prepares to fire her railgun, but she pauses when she realizes that Accelerator is creating a plasma attack by controlling the direction of the wind and collecting it in one place. She figures out that she can counter this by controlling the wind, and the way to do it lies in all the Misakas. With the desire to protect Touma’s dream, Mikoto wakes up the Misaka who was knocked out while fighting Accelerator earlier, and she gets the Misakas across the city to change the direction of the wind by controlling all the wind turbines. This prevents Accelerator from finishing forming his attack, and when he approaches Mikoto and Misaka, Touma stops him. Accelerator tries to make one final lunge at Touma, but Touma dodges it and delivers the knock-out punch.

Touma loses consciousness soon after, and when he wakes back up, he’s in the hospital again. He’s being watched over by Misaka, and she’s holding his hand at her chest so that she can measure his brain waves and heart rate. She explains that although the experiment has been called off, there is still the problem of the bodies of all the clones. They have shortened lifespans due to their earlier rapid growth, and so they have to be taken to a research facility for some adjustments. Misaka promises that they’ll see each other again soon before leaving his room. Later that day, Touma wakes up to find Mikoto in his hospital room, and she’s brought him some cookies. After she finds out that Misaka had come by and what Misaka had revealed, Mikoto turns to leave, but Touma tells her that she should be proud that the Sisters were born based on her DNA map. And even though so many were killed, he knows that the Sisters don’t bear a grudge against Mikoto because if they hadn’t been born, then they wouldn’t have been able to feel happiness or sadness. Touma feels that it’s okay for Mikoto to smile and points out that the ones Mikoto wanted to protect aren’t the kind to satisfy themselves by forcing their pain on others.

Sometime after Mikoto leaves, Index finally arrives at the hospital room and bites Touma on the head. She had been worried about him and doesn’t want him always dealing with problems on his own. When she finally asks him what he was fighting for this time, he pauses for a moment before answering that it was for himself.


Now that I think about it, I really can’t believe that Accelerator lost that fight. For someone who’s been through so many battles, you’d think he’d have better instincts than to fight Touma at close range where Touma has a small but distinct advantage. That entire plasma thing was a waste of time too when a quicker and less elaborate solution – such as continuing to throw steel rails from a distance – would have been much more effective. That is, of course, assuming that Touma doesn’t continue to magically live through the onslaught like he did in episode 13. In any case, I’m kind of amazed that Touma won that battle and am curious what happens to Accelerator now. He’s not exactly dead, and his powers are still there, so you’d think he’d be back with a vengeance.

Despite all that though, I still enjoyed the episode and the story arc in general. The pacing was a lot better than the previous arcs, and they seemed to cut down on the unnecessarily long exposition. I like Mikoto as a support character too (more so than say, Himegami) and hope she sticks around in the story. It looks like she will if the preview is any indicator. The main problem I have with the series now isn’t with the series itself but with the first channel that airs it, AT-X. AT-X’s broadcast quality is subpar, so I’ll probably stick with the Saturday airings on MBS and CTC unless there turns out to be some really exciting episode that I have to see a little early.


  1. Omni…asking for intelligent tactics in a anime, much less a SHOUNEN anime, is like asking for air at the bottom of the ocean…not gonna happen.

    Anime, actually most vision based artforms, as a medium depends largely on flash to give the impression of power…the bigger the flash the more the viewer can understand that a individual is powerful. Subtlety is not easily understood…much less appreciated, why do you think it is so effective in real life. it takes a special mindset to get it and sadly MOST people don’t have that.

  2. Best part of this episode was Index biting Touma again – even though I don’t really like it, it was funny as hell. Also the pic after that is pure gold. OK, really, if I wanted to watch a fist fight, I could go down to the bar. Touma’s GD negation is one of the lamest superpowers in anime history. Aside from that, this anime is really moving isn’t it…

  3. That was a weak conclusion to the fight, especially given all the nice setup from last episode.

    If the anime covers the fifth novel then Accelerator will be back, but not in the way people expects.

  4. I think Accelerator continued to try to fight at close range because:
    * He still doesn’t know (or fully understand) Touma’s ability to dispel powers
    * After getting punched a few times, he wants to destroy Touma personally (by reversing his blood flow, etc).
    * Throwing metal beams at another guy is just no fun

    The pacing for this episode was ok. Definitely better than some of the previous ones. But I still can’t get my head around Touma’s character. Something about his self-righteousness simply makes me mad (by the way, I used to be the kinda guy who impulsively help people, but have been weathered down by time and experience)… SH*T… am I turning into one of those cliche’d, calculative + manipulative bad guys now?

  5. I think Touma is living through these battles because of the “bad luck” that his right hand causes (based on what Index said in ep1). Touma also commented on how he was living through his battles with Mikoto in ep1 was that it was perhaps “her bad luck”. My guess is that he’s able to cause whoever he fights to have unaccustomed trouble, though the effect also gives him grief as well as evidenced by his numerous wounds.

  6. i somewhat agree with you kdp, like when Accelerator threw Touma into the air with the metal beams, it just happened to be perfect for Touma to fly right at him with a flying punch. really though, fighting in close was the only way fro Accelerator to lose, sure Touma can negate most powers, but with Accelerator, he can use his powers to move stuff and what not but after that, it is just a physical object, no powers in them, so Touma would have been pretty much useless. anyway, the pacing was good this episode but the ending felt a bit rushed, and i am not talking about the fight, i mean the after the battle part. he gets carried to the hospital, heals up and meets everyone he wanted, they talk a bit, Touma is 100% again, and now we go onto a beach episode. idk, it just felt like the ending made me think, what was the point. i know he saved the sisters and stuff, but they made it seem like the fight wasnt a big deal and that it was kind of pointless stretching the fight over 2 episodes if it was only going to end by Touma punching the dude in the face just one time. though Touma did have a point, with Accelerator’s powers, it seems natural that he would have 0 skill in hand to hand combat.

  7. @Shadow_Strider

    They aren’t visual novels, just light novels. Anyway, to answer your question, Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway, for anyone who is curious, it’s been confirmed that vol 4 will be covered in just three eps, and vol 5 will start in ep 18. Also, they won’t be doing vol 6, so it looks like they are doing some anime original thing after vol 5.

  8. It’s gonna suck that you’re gonna be behind on the eps. I still value your opinion, so i’m still gonna read it, but i’m gobba miss the “heads up” on it(unless the sub isn’t out yet).

  9. @Omni: Sure at first impression you would think that Accelerator has or should have had better battle instincts than Touma but then again, even though he’s had thousands of battles, however it is with the same opponent and also he is overly confident about his abilities. He probably couldn’t think straight and have a better judgment cuz Touma just wacked out his pride of being “the strongest”. He just made him look weak, and accelerator was so proud that no one was able to touch him at all, and all of a sudden Touma just kept beating him up.

    I loved how they ended this arc! Touma was quite amazing to be able to keep up with accelerator to the point of perfectly dodging his super enhanced vector speed (note that not even misaka imouto was able to keep up with accelerator’s speed) and even landing good punches in his face! I do share the same thoughts as you about the plasma, I mean it was a waste of time, it would’ve been better if he had thrown it to Touma and then he would witness that it would be useless to Touma. IMO i think the plasma attack would be useless, since it isn’t a physical phenomenon, Touma should able to easily destroy it (like he did with flames, electricity, spells, etc.)

  10. To add up to that, man accelerator would be more pissed if he had learned that Touma beat him in his state. I mean he could hardly walk after getting the full force of misaka’s electrical attacks, yet he was still able to run to the battleground and still managed to beat him up.

  11. That made perfect sense. That kid is way to cocky… Not to mention he has been in so many fights, but all of them pre-designed.

    The whole plasma thing was awesome. Great idea, i liked it..

  12. I think that Accelerator’s mistake was first, understimate Touma and second, the way he fights. He fears to lose, so he wants to eliminate enemies quickly (being eliminate them by blowing them up from inside out, which is instant death, or crush them with a plasma bomb, which is also certain death). Thanks god that in the Accelerator’s arc, he will learn about what protecting somebody is about.

  13. I really think they needed to make the art for accelerator a little better. The way he looked when he kept getting punched sort of freaked me out lol. Same with the Index scene at the end. I guess they got a little lazy to make the art scenes better lol. Misaka’s art always looks excelent though, it’s odd.

  14. Well now that the whole Accelerator thing if done. I want to hurry up and see what Touma’s power means. Like in that ep before Deep Blood. That one guy was saying that “If Deep Blood’s existence proves the existence of Vampires, then what does the level 0 power prove (something like that)”. Touma’s not technically the weakest. What that upside down scientist guy said was that Touma’s power isn’t measurable (I’m guessing it has a unlimited supply of power, of sorts) they called it zero=Mu (in Japanese means nothing). So his power would be something like infinity. What exactly would it prove?

    Also the whole discussion about what Touma’s power is. I’m leaning more towards the bad luck thing. His favorite saying (Fukou da!) seems to indicate his unnatural amount of bad luck. And everything we’ve seen so far seems to make a lot more sense if you think of it as his right hand brings an unnatural amount of bad luck. Since that’s what it seems to be doing. Maybe everyone has 1 ability and one little side perk? Touma’s being his Imagine Breaker and the perk being bad luck. Though I’m not really leaning towards that.


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