「リビドーなお年頃」 (Ribidoo na Otoshigoro)
“Libido Coming of Age”

Well, it looks like the possibility that Tokio’s nude paintings of Sora were a figurative thing was put to rest, as one more flashback quickly indicated otherwise. What was more interesting though is that Head is aware that he’s lost a lot in his pursuit for power, which includes Sakana among them. That left me wondering exactly what he sees her as, and hoping it’s not a lover anymore since he’s much older than he appears and already has a Ginga Bishounen son.

Aside from a “very thorough” body examination by Hideki that’s way too easy to poke fun at, there actually wasn’t too much continuation of last week’s eye-opening episode. The start of the episode with Needle Star’s very short-lived second attempt to take down Takuto more or less set the tone for the rest of it, which had Window Star giving the Over Phase System a go and reaching a “3.5” type of state. She was one with her Cybody and looked pretty darn creepy; however, this new form only gave Takuto some difficulty because he didn’t want to hurt her. It’s kind of dumb how it’s not the power from achieving the next pseudo-phase that tips things in Kiraboshi’s favor, but the fact that it causes Takuto to hold off on attacking them. It’s almost as if they’re better off using the other members as human shields to achieve the same result.

I did wonder what Takuto would’ve done if the fight dragged on since he doesn’t want to kill anymore, so Wako stole the spotlight for the rest of the episode by pulling out a maiden-type pillar attack that separated Madoka from her Cybody and allowed Takuto to “missile her” like he does with all his opponents now. It’ll be interesting to see if her ability becomes their means of dealing with Cybodies in the fourth phase, because this time around it was played up as Wako putting her libido for Takuto against Madoka and coming out on top. Assuming that means what I think it does, Sugata’s reaction raises a lot more pressing questions about how he truly feels about Wako. There’s also Keito to take into account, who’s been looking like she has nothing but Takuto on her mind lately.

Given how late we are in the series now with only four episodes to go, it’s nice to see that the love triangle of shorts is finally getting some attention. Wako volunteering to be a replacement for Mizuno in the upcoming play spoke volumes in that regard, as did Takashi’s decision to leave Vanishing Age and return to Otona Ginkou. In the latter case, I’d like to believe he did it for Simone’s sake, but it’s more likely because he’s tired of being around two crazy girls who don’t fear death and having to clean up their messes. Anyway, I’m digging the long hair look that Wako has going for the play next time, plus how Hana is coming to the island to stir things up. I’m admittedly more curious about what I would imagine to be Samekh though. I still see the King of Cybodies as the climax of the series.

* The commercial for the Shining Star opening single that’s slated to be released March 9th has been shown for some time during the STAR DRIVER’s broadcast, and shows clips from the music video.




  1. nice episode… though as you said, it is sort of dumb that Takuto couldn’t kill anyone, much like Kira/Renton.
    love the Kanako’s comment about “it is the rage for seeing the guy she love with other girl that made it happen”, now we finally see Wako taking the initiative 🙂
    can’t wait for next week, and the gaint cybody

    1. Oh my… I think they are… huh….

      Samekh’s probably chilling with his buds from Jurassic Park. Unless its… you know… something like 65 million years old.
      But that just sounds absurd. Right?

  2. Sugata still got that night visit from Keito, so I don’t care about his jealousy of Wako.

    I was exasperated by Madoka saying you should know when to accept defeat when all Kiraboshi has been doing is regenerating and throwing cybodies at Tauburn in hopes of winning eventually. The human shield concept is good. If they want to give up the “fair duel” like scenarios, then they should just regen a bunch of cybodies and do a mass tandem attack on Tauburn. Then maybe Tauburn would learn to shadow clone itself or something. lol.

  3. Great, Takashi quits ANOTHER group which he made absolutely no contribution to. And with four episodes left, its unlikely he’s getting back in the pilot seat again. Plus, this would be the third time either Kou or Madoka’s Cybodies have Apprivoised. Seriously, just put Taka in the game! Or better yet, wake up that Shingo guy. Hell, Ginta was doing way better. HAVE SOME BRAINS FOR GOD DAMN ONCE, KIRABOSHI.

  4. Gah, usually I like watching Star Driver but this ep just didn’t feel that interesting until Wako decided to use her maiden powers…then the battle just ended up like it usually does.

    I’m really hoping this play ends up being related to the story Sakana-chan made up and that magical past thingy that Mizuno was talking about before.

    1. Head knows since this was hinted in the previous episodes. I have no idea if Takuto knows but, knowing the asspulls the writers have been doing, I won’t be surprised if Takuto also knows the identity of his father. IIRC, Head and Takuto haven’t met face to face yet.


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