「天罰術式」 (Tenbatsu Jutsushiki)
“Divine Punishment Technique”

Even for To Aru Majutsu no Index, the number of punches to the face was off the charts in this arc’s conclusion. Accelerator was on the receiving end for a good chuck of them when his battery died, so there was no shortage of his face getting smashed in. Touma on the other hand got the job done with a single right once the opportunity presented itself, much like he always does. Good ‘ol Imagine Breaker. It’s so reliable it’s worth laughing over.

Amazingly, Touma’s preaching felt so warranted this time because Vento’s grudge against science is so messed up. It’s pretty hard to sympathize with her when she’s blaming the inventors of the amusement park ride for not making it safe enough, and the doctor who couldn’t save both her and her brother because there wasn’t enough blood for two transfusions. That’s some seriously misdirected hate that turned her into the crazy person she is today, so I was completely on board with Touma about beating some sense into her. Crazy and stupid in fact, as she never made the connection about how using her magic was killing herself within Academy City’s AIM field.

Incidentally, Kihara’s psychotic nature made Vento out to be the more understandable villain. As far as I’m concerned, he was only eclipsed by our Accelerator becoming unbelievably creepy when he rose up like a zombie gasping for air. The only thing missing was Accelerator biting Kihara after he pulled out his hair and grabbed his leg. He seemed to be built like an undead too. I was pretty impressed by the absolute thrashing he was able to endure, seeing as he’s supposed to be fairly weak without his Vector Change ability. I gather that changes now that he busted out some semi-evolved form with black angel wings and finished Kihara off. Level 5.5?

For me, there were some inadvertent lighthearted moments amidst all that, namely when Index thinking of a way to counter the virus in Last Order that’s manipulating the AIM Dispersion Field to create Fuse Kazakiri, and completely fazed out the sound of Accelerator dying right behind her. I don’t know if that scene was intended to be funny, but I was pretty amused by how she totally ignored him and Kihara. As for the wrap-up itself, the use of a prayer to remedy the virus was relatively brief, which has me thinking that all the Fuse Kazakiri, Last Order, Testament stuff in combination with the major players in this arc, God’s Right Seat and the Hound Dogs, will be a bit of a garbled mess to anime-only viewers. I know I had to cross-reference a few things to make sure I was understanding everything correctly.

Anyway, the appearance of Acqua (Takahashi Hiroki) at the end was refreshing, given all the psychopaths lately. Perhaps being a noble comes from being a Saint, even if the character is an antagonist.




  1. – Vento was puking blood by the bucket load, at that point her body would have been weaken to a total mess. Any good hit would have taken her out. I don’t really like Vento’s back story, the intention was probably to flesh out the character, but it’s not very inspiring.

    – Index already have the ability to manipulate people’s minds as seen in the first story of this season- The Book of the Law arc. Using what she knows from her books about the make-up of an Angel, and the information about AIM from Mikoto, she was came up with a formula in the form of a song (words, tone, pitch, rhythm etc) to reverse the virus in Last Order’s brain.

  2. the part where Kihara threw a grenade at accelerators face was the best. I was like “WT#”
    It kinda turns me off when Main characters spout crap bout morals, and Antagonists talking about their tragic past in the middle of the fight just so they can gain sympathy from the audience. seriously why cant antagonists stay as antagonists!

    1. Isn’t one of the differentiating points between Anime and nearly every other form of Animation (looking at YOU, US) supposed to be that in Anime, even the villains have a defining back story and characteristics?
      I know that doesn’t apply to all of them, but I like how most villains have a reason for their belief.

      Vento, however, does NOT have a legitimate reason to hate on science. So, therefore, I concede that you are correct. Next time the reason is completely retarded, keep it to yourselves and give us some more battle sequences.

  3. He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! He’s here! Acqua!

  4. I have no clue what just happened. Ever since the start of this arc I’m still completely confused. This plot makes no sense. None of this stuff makes any sense. This was a pretty bad episode.

    Thought I’d have to say the animation was nice. That’s about it.

      1. Thats pretty uncalled for. The series is throwing out some stuff with it not making a whole alot of sense. Guess you must be some sort of a super genius to understand everything so easily. Those of us that don’t read the novels (or whatever is used as the basis for the anime series) do sometimes find it hard to follow whats going on.

      2. i agree with karmafan. Yes there are some stuff that have been mentioned but its true, even i as a light novel reader find it unfair that we know but the anime viewers only have to be told by someone who read it to know wth is going on. Though im thinking some things are going to be explained next ep. I hope this is the case.

    1. ^2nd

      Last episode I was a little lost too but Divine and another member gladly explained (thanks again) and when Index said the same thing as they did, I was a little amused. She simplified it incredibly well too! As if they knew a lot of people got left behind with the pace. 😀

  5. How does someone survive a grenade going off in their face? I though grenades spread tiny fragmentation when they explode….unless accelerator somehow managed to change all the vectors of energy away from his face?

    1. He regains his powers, and more, when he goes into black-wing mode, even when he’s out of batteries.

      The thing is, they’re more ‘gray wings’ than ‘black wings.’ I wanted black hole-black wings, not those sooty things we see.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. There are more than just fragment grenades? Every played CS? CS uses HE Grenades. Highly explosive, they go boom not spring sharpnel. If it was a sharpnel grenade, Index and Kihara would be dead. Sharpnel just flies anywhere, imagine small metal pieces being blown away by an explanation. It flies far

    1. He just flew away right? cause from looks of it in the anime, it looked like he flew so fast he burned up into dust like how small meteors enter earth. can any1 who read the novels confirm or deny this?

      Jack Vojack
    1. Let me summarize it for you:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Gaze of Providence
  6. From what I read on Bakatsuki concerning what’s next (note: they haven’t fully translated the series)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    But yeah, that’s most likely what’s going to happen. Fun times, fun times.

  7. …………… This god damn episode is awkward beyond reason.

    Kihara beats accelerator up while Index sings a song. Not to mention how close they are when they were duking it out. Kihara just left Index alone while he goes and have fun kicking accelerator while he’s down. I’m really speechless….

    Also that blind hatred. I really don’t know what to make of it. The reasoning was warped beyond believable. I guess they just crossed threshold of being a psychopath to the point you won’t really care anymore.

  8. Can someone explain to me what the electrode chocker thing around Accelerator’s neck does?

    I know it’s connected to the Misaka network and lets him use his abilities for 15 minutes, but in this episode when the battery died, Accelerator just fell to the floor and couldn’t speak or barely move. It’s as if that device helps him to basically function.

    Although saying that, when he got his black wings, he could speak a little and seemed to have all his regular motor functions back.

    1. As far as I remember, when the battery died, Accelerator was unconscious and he simply using his “wild animal survival instinct” to use his ability. The black wings appeared because he used his vector ability to absorbs magical power around him (it was implied that the magical power is from Index’s “song”) to recover his regular movement and his esper ability. Someone who follows the novel please clarify my answer.

      1. Right, OK, that somewhat explains the situation then (also thanks to amado and Rune).

        They didn’t really make it clear that the choker/collar was actually in use all the time since the LED on it is normally red which usually signifies an off state. However if the device is actually powering his brain and nerve system, then it makes sense as to why he suddenly collapses when the battery died.

    2. im not a novel reader but I do know that the reason why he needs the choker is not only for him to use his powers but also to help him “function” his brain since it was shot. the misaka network is like his brains power source now.

  9. My understanding is the bullet to his head damaged Accelerators brain much like a stroke victim he cant control his speech balance or powers, in basic mode that collar allows the sister network to bridge the damage and he is normal, using his powers uses the battery faster than it can recharge and he has about 15 min full use limit.

  10. JC Staff completely trolled me, they made me believe they’d do volume 13 in three episodes and leave 23 and 24 for volume SS1.

    I am slightly happy that the epilogue will get another episode (making this the longest arc in Index to date), but I fear what they’ll do with SS1 since it’s squeezed 1 and a half episodes.

    I have yet to see the episode subtitles, but pray tell. Does Index mention the Golden Dawn?

    Gaze of Providence
      1. Just watched the episode in subs, the left out Golden Dawn and Crowley completely, but at least got the point across that Kazakiri’s existence was similar to putting telesma into a container and giving it form, which is basically magic.

        Gaze of Providence
      1. No.

        I said: “They made me believe they’d do volume 13 in three episodes and leave 23 and 24 for volume SS1.”

        After spoilers came out regarding that the next episode will be “Before the Start of the War” which indicated the start of SS.

        Which is the reason why I was caught by surprise that they’d cram the continued epilogue of Volume 13 in episode 23 ALONG with the start of Volume SS 1.

        Gaze of Providence
  11. This episode had all that I love about TaMnI: A stupid plot, physic-bending fights (how the hell did Index not even NOTICE that a hand grenade went off behind her, let alone get killed along with Last Order?), over-the-top villains (Kihara’s laughing stance reminds of some character in a fighting game, but I can’t remember which…), a freudian excuse that excuses absolutely nothing, Touma holding one of his patented speeches, and, last but not least, people getting punched in the face.
    Seriously, this show is one of the best comedies I’ve ever watched. I’m already looking forward to the third (or is it fourth?) season.

    1. SB, just because you don’t find them interesting or beliable it doesn’t means others won’t do. Oh well, its your own opinion nobody will change you, at the very leasts the fights are better than buying crepes only to get a crazy bitch like Telestina from nowhere tring to kill you.

  12. This entire series is heading into “for fans only” territory kinda like the UBW movie, just a collection of cool scenes everyone wanted to see animated, they expect you to already know the plot.

  13. Wow, 2 episodes for the epliogue? Isn’t that a bit too much? what else can they add?



    I guess you can say it was Level 5.5. It’s the premature Level 6 after all.

  14. Anime seemed to skip over Vento’s self loathing as part of her motivation. She knew that her logic was flawed but still kept doing it because she had to have a target for her hate (aside from herself). She antagonized everyone not just to activate Divine Punishment but also to punish herself by being hated.

  15. I loled after seeing Vento faint onto the ground with her tongue sticking out. Not that I hate Touma, but I still cant understand how he manages to survive so many fights. He’s just a using normal human reflexes and avoids everything, well perhaps after so many fights I guess he’s more experienced but hm… Every magic fight I keep wondering why they dont use magic to throw physical objects at him.Or just use a gun or something. But there wouldnt be any story that way would there? And all the discussion in the comments regarding the content in the novel has perked my curiosity. Too bad I cant read Japanese haha.

    1. I agree. If all magicians had either a sword, dagger, or a gun, Touma would be screwed. The only people so far who had swords were the Amakusa and Kaori. However, when Touma was fighting the Roman Catholic Church, he did get injured from Sister Lucia’s exploding wheel. Though, I wonder, if Vento did manage to smash him with the hammer, I think Touma would’ve been severely injured…

    2. the novels are translated in english on baka-tsuki.org. It might be down sometimes though but it gets back up in a few hours.

      as for ur wish

      Show Spoiler ▼

    3. Touma is not really a level 0, it was only levelled as that for academic city political reasons (Alisteir) but he is more dangerous than a regular level 5, and he like accelerator is starting to awaken.

  16. Index ignoring Accelerator getting beaten to a pulp.

    Why surprised Index knows every form of magic like the one from the aztec priest who needs the skin of the people and one of the name of her list is called Cannibalism Ritual Book. Sure he knows things even worst than just kicking someone in the face.

  17. Its nice that this season they are showing Index has some value besides comic relief. Last season she had virtually no abilities to help Touma and did nothing besides look cute, eat vast amounts of food, bite Touma, and be the damsel in Distress (for the most part). This season we have seen her actually be an asset instead and be useful to the good guys quite a few times.

  18. It’s funny how the Hound Dogs completely missed Mikoto twice in a narrow and enclosed space, in such a short range as well as the fact that they seem to have forgotten that their weapons are semi-automatic.

    JC STAFF!!

    Gaze of Providence
    1. Maybe she’s deflecting them with her EM field? Though I may be stretching it depending on whether the bullets are encased in lead or copper, as mentioned by posters below me.

      Kinny Riddle
  19. In fact this didn’t contain any filler. It was all in the novels, but far more confusing in the animer than the light novels. If you think about it, rarely do animators change anything about the major characters in fillers unless they are going for an anime-original ending- something that TAMNI is obviously not going to do.

  20. “.. Accelerator biting Kihara after he pulled out his hair”
    ^ I don’t think he was pulling his hair out. I mean, why would there be blood? I’m guessing it’s skin but to just rip off skin with mere force makes no sense to me either.

  21. KIIIIIHAAAARAAAAAAAAAAAA-SCREACH. I got shivers! Amazing voice acting skills
    Now on to the episode… Index has very good concentration concerning Last Order. Didn’t even bat an eye 😉

  22. God, that ahegao face… I don’t know if I should be aroused or creeped out… (And I usually don’t mind most Rule 34 stuff!)

    Introducing the newest graduates from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy…the Hound Dogs! Villain decay much? I’m trying to dismiss that scene by theorizing that Mikoto can use electromagnetism to deflect bullets (even though electromagnetism has no effect on lead, AFAIK). Or just reciting the MST3K mantra.

    With Acqua finally making an appearance, will we be seeing Itsuwa moving in to Touma’s crib? I won’t mind even if it’s in the epilogue of the last episode. (I wish.)

    1. Bullets are possibly copper sheathed and copper is a weakly diamagnetic which means it gets repelled in presence of a magnetic field. So the possibility exists but as one can see i’m really trying hard to explain it. -__-“

  23. Index have such a good setting and characters but J.C staff just can’t get it right 2 episodes in a row… YOU CAN´T MAKE EVERYTHING JUST LIKE THE FUCKING LIGHT NOVEL, IT DON’T WORK ON SCREEN.

  24. This whole ep and arc wouldve made more sense if JC didnt cram in the SS novel. Why? i have no clue. But if they are gonna end it where i think they are gonna end it then its for the foreshadowing and probably a fiamma cameo.

  25. I completely LOL’ed at Kihara ignoring Index while beating the crap out of Accelerator.

    For once, I’m totally in agreement with Touma’s incessant preachings this time. Vento’s seriously one messed up individual badly in need of a Falcon Punch, and we’re not disappointed.

    Equally, audiences are given a treat to Kihara getting his just desserts by having him literally being fired off into the stars. XD

    Plus we get to see Index being useful and Accelerator with his bad-ass angelic powers again.

    Kinny Riddle
  26. I remember seeing a quite useful chart comparing the different power levels of the various characters on both the Magic and Science sides, with Esper Levels on the left as an indicator. Based on that, Acqua would be somewhere above Lv 5, I think.

    Does anyone happen to have a link of that?

    Kinny Riddle
      1. That’s a good link, though it’s different from the chart I saw, which contains characters all the way down to Saten-san (Level 0), and has Touma pretty much up there with Kazakiri.

        Gaze, if imageshack doesn’t load, try using a proxy like hidemyass, that worked for me.

        Kinny Riddle
  27. Fridge brilliant: This arc is actually very similar to the Level Upper arc from the railgun. Chronologically, the Level Upper arc happened way earlier, but I think this volume of novel came out before the railgun manga.

    Level Upper network >>> AIM Burst >>> Cured by music synesthesia

    Misaka network >>> Fuze=Kazakiri >>> Cured by index’s song.

    See the similarity?

  28. You know what, after Japan been hit by such a huge Earthquake, i’m surprised this site didn’t say anything. No special post or “Help Donate” links or anything. Just a tiny announcement saying shows might be delayed…………..Japan is in a crisis and you are only caring about the ANIME?!?!!! At least make a special condolences post ADMINS!! i mean, this IS a site dedicated completely to vivid part of JAPANESE culture………..i’m just a little disappointed…..

    ps – here’s a link for DONATIONS if anyone feel like pausing their shows for a sec and put in 10$ or so:

    here’s a CrunchyRoll link (they said they’ll match any donations, but i have doubts on their dependency):

  29. Wow, um…. Vento’s backstory was surprising only because I didn’t think they’d actually go the “She’s actually a really nice person inside, guys, just a little misguided. NOW LOVE HER” route. Let our psychopaths stay psychopaths please.
    And just two comments about Accelerator’s side. One, I was laughing so hard when Index started singing and Kihara is just kicking Accelerator repeatedly on the floor. Apparently, once Index gives you your kleenex back, she wants nothing to do with you.
    And was anyone else thinking “REDEAD. REDEAD. REDEAD” when Accelerator did that screechy thing? O.O

    1. The show did not portray that, what were you even watching? She was not portrayed as nice, maybe symphathetic, and especially misguided, but not nice. It portrayed that she was pretty stupid and pathetic to stoop to such a level where she had to blame a concept to relieve herself from her own guilt, and pretty much pissing on her brother’s sacrifice.

      She remains a bitch throughout afterwards, especially to the Pope even after he gets his ass handed to him by this one guy (even though she they are still on the same side).

      Gaze of Providence

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