「NOVA Form」

While I knew the battle was coming to West Genetics, it didn’t take away from the excitement in this episode one bit. The Nova’s arrival on the outskirts of the school jacked up the suspense right from the get-go, so I was pretty psyched even when it was a bunch of unfamiliar fourth-years who were sent in first. Once the first platoon was deployed and the music kicked in, there was an immediate sense of the urgency drew me right in.

Incidentally, the decision to have the third-years form a line of defense while the second-years remain on standby allowed for some more development between Kazuya and Satellizer. Last episode, I was on the fence about the sudden rift between those two, but it was surprisingly woven into the story really well. If nothing else, it gives some focus on the main characters, since the anime will likely wrap up around the Nova attack on West Genetics. It’s basically now or never if they want to get some more subplot from them.

Rana on the other hand continues to spice things up by pouncing on every opportunity she can to make Kazuya her Limiter. There’s no doubt she’s a huge third wheel, but I find her cheerful and assertive attitude really amusing to watch. Her “lesbian, nude, and chichi (breasts)” remark from mishearing Ravensborne Necleochede was just too funny, and went on to show that she has an innocent side. Very cute.

Story-wise, the revelation that Maria Lancelot is the mother of all Pandoras and is stored deep within the school grounds gave me Mai-Otome vibes (i.e. Fumi and the GEM System). That thought actually made me realize that the Pandora are a lot like the Meister Otome, in the sense that they all to go school to train to be female weapons, yet often wind up bickering amongst themselves. I may have subconsciously been aware of that similarity, since it does align with the aspects of FREEZING that I enjoy. One notable difference is how a Pandora’s powers come from the very Nova they fight, which is somewhat of a big revelation seeing as that’s how Kazuha died.

On the action side of things, it felt like we got a little bit of everything this episode. There was Kim and Elise leading the attacks, and of course the Nova Form of the East Genetics Pandora whose stigmata went berserk after they were absorbed. All my attention was on Cathy and Milena since they’re the ones to watch for. The sight of their rogue group of Pandora darting through Ravensborne Neclechede in search of Maria more or less set the stage for the final two episodes too. Satellizer should be getting her rematch against Cathy, whereas the third-years responsible for all the hazing in the first half of the series will finally be seen fighting alongside her and Rana for a change. The latter is just something that had to happen at some point, since they clearly aren’t antagonists.

Looking back, I may have been thrown off by the show’s frenzied pace at the beginning, but now it’s showing every indication that it was all planned out perfectly. The last two episodes should be a treat.




  1. finally things gets a bit more serious… with the Nova attack and the new nova form. though it is striking to me that nova form looks a lot like the wing of light thingy Satellizer and Rana had earlier. No wonder the power of Pandora is from Nova itself.
    Hopefully things well resolve nicely, and definitely hope Kazuya will prove his usefulness with his awesome freezing ability

  2. Did I just feel Evangelion vibes with terrible secret/eldritch abomination – that invaders are seeking to capture or liberate – being hidden under our heroes main base…

  3. Ha. I am mildly surprised to learn that Chiffon is a Canadian. The most powerful third year happens to be from one of the most peaceful nations in the world. I like that.

  4. Can’t wait for the next two episodes. Also liked the half-time showing this time with Chiffon and Ticy (wasn’t her name different when Arnett said it in episode 7?).
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I still have this feeling that the Nova they are fighting are pandoras from the future or an alternate earth that got out of control (shades of The Matrix and Terminator). We are led to believe that they are from some other world/dimension but I still think they are closer to home.

  6. I don’t remember Kathy’s uniform being “ripped” in the manga. And Chiffon’s uniform scene being added. The animators are so fan-service crazy. Japan is so full of ecchi. Looks like the fights are going to be slightly different, but overall should be enjoyable still.

    1. This is a great story. I wish they would tone down the fan service a little bit. They turned off alot of viewers because of excessive fan service. Seikrei and Queen’s Blade also have more fan service then they need to. The stories and characters themselves are memorable and exciting enough that they don’t need so much fan service to snag viewers.

      1. True… but hidden in all that fan service is the makings of a good story with memorable characters. QB was also really well animated for the most part. Its just lost in all that fan service.

        Seikon No Quazar might have had potential if they didn’t tie the whole series around sucking breasts for Soma to get power and the fan service.

      2. Well, to be fair, the fanservice has also helped gained many viewers and I’m proud to say I’m one of them :))))
        And I’m definitely getting the blu ray dvd set when it’s released

        Chiffon cake
  7. Kazuya really is pushing the line, I mean how stupid can you get? He was completely clueless as to why Satellizer was angry with him until he was spoon-fed the facts… Connect the dots for Pete’s sake

    1. Stigmas, the tissue that gives Pandoras their powers are made from the Nova and because of their origins, stigmas can go berserk and turn their host into a Nova Form.

      This is what happen to Kazuha, because she had 20 Stigmas, she turn into a Nova Form before she died.

  8. Divine I thought I’d let you know, you have a minor error in “she has an innocent side. Very cute.”, the link is pointing to the wrong image.

    I echo what others have said, this show has a lot of unnecessary fanservice which is detracting from an otherwise reasonably decent plot, despite elements from it being very similar to Evangelion, Mai Hime and Claymore. Whilst something like Queens Blade is based around fanservice, Freezing could have done with 10% of what’s been shown and spent the rest of the time developing plot or characters.

    I guess the creators or studio felt the story wasn’t strong enough to hold it own, particularly for BD/DVD sales, so they added all the fanservice.

  9. I wonder if the Nova form Pandoras will be able to turn back to normal. I hope destroying the actual Nova that’s controlling them will do that but even if they did regain their minds it seems their bodies are completely made of nova textures now… the more I think about it the less likely it is they will return to normal T_T

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  11. Well… I have to say I’m getting a lot of things popping into my head from watching this. Claymore like method to achieve powers, gnosis(xenosaga) like monsters, and to top it all off a whole load of ecchi.


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