「いえ、それは爆発します」 (Ie, Sore wa Bakuhatsu shimasu)
“No, That Will Explode”

As much as I don’t want to admit it, Zombie seems to be jumping all over the place in terms of plot. From reading the comments and judging by how crazy the story seems, I can sense an anime original ending ready to fall upon us. While I’m not sure if that is a bad thing, I’m pretty sure it isn’t a great thing.

Not sure where I should start, but I can admit that I know exactly what Haruna meant when she was choking on a sweet potato. Besides wanting to eat (and then choke from eating too fast) some sweet potatoes, I know that I’m not watching Zombie just for the random slice of life moments that are sprinkled here and there. Sure it’s nice to have things slow down, but I can’t help but feel that we’re walking in circles right now. Yes, Ayumu is worried about Yuu and won’t give up searching for her. Yes there is a battle between different vampire factions. But with a lack of build up on any single event, it really hinders my ability to get emotionally attached to anything!

Fast forward toward the end of the episode, after the King of the Night had already sliced off Ayumu’s legs and nearly killed Sera. I wasn’t sure how random this show could get, but watching Ayumu calmly sit and attempt to eat dinner with The King of the Night and Yuu blew my mind away — and not in the good sense. I was wishing he was man enough to stand up and at least try to throw a punch at the guy! But no, instead of being awesome and reclaiming the girl he loves, he watches her slip through his fingers. I’m still recovering from the thought of Yuu managing to reappear and disappear within minutes.

Something about the entire episode didn’t click well with me. But don’t get me wrong, it was still fun to watch. I suppose I was pretty surprised and was even “shocked” at times, but I don’t think it was the shocked I was looking for. Sure random parasite bombs are fun, but I don’t think I felt the right emotions when Ayumu sacrificed himself and leapt off into the sky to detonate the bomb safely. I really hope things turn around soon.




  1. what I am curious is why Yuu came back but don’t want to go with Ayumu and co.
    Hopefully the series will finish in a satisfying way…
    and I agree, this episode isn’t as fun as previous ones for some reason. 🙁 maybe we expect too much?

    1. why she won’t go back to Ayumu is pretty straight forward.
      The King of the Night has convinced her her presence will only bring her friends suffering, at least by his hands.

      the confusing part about it is why Yuu is suddenly completely powerless.

      suddenly she’s a helpless damsel in distress even though from what we’re told she’s potentially the most powerful mage-type person in existence.
      if she doesn’t want The King of the Night to harm her friends, why doesn’t she just blast him away?

      granted he supposedly survived her trying to kill him once before, but that still doesn’t explain why suddenly Yuu is powerless.

  2. I don’t know, to me it feels like this series doesn’t know what it wants to be. I’ve enjoyed the crazy humour the most (ep 1 is still actually the best) but whenever it swiches to “serious mode” I feel it just doesn’t work.

    But as far as seruious mode goes, this ep was definitely the best of the bunch thus far. Some touchy moments and break neck pace throughout. But I, too, don’t feel any great attachment due to the lack of build up.

    Still a solid series, but I wish they would have chosen one direction, instead of trying to be serious and funny at the same time.

  3. While I sorta did get what I hoping for: a “time-skip-and-Ayumu-has-not-seen-Yuu-in-yonks” part, I didn’t expect to see Yuu back at the house, and that she didn’t actually go with “Yoruno” … yet. As much as I like Yuu, I was hoping that we wouldn’t see her or “Yoruno” for a few episodes, just so we could build up the anxiety, leaving the audience wondering what happened to her.
    In any case, as Takaii pointed out, there was a lack of build-up to this seemingly climatic part of the story. The episode didn’t work for me as it could have, but I did get a few laughs with the interaction between Yuki and Haruna and the bomb 🙂

    LOL. Yeah it’s as you’ve said. A fun episode to watch as usual, but lack of proper plot development is somewhat frustrating…

    BTW is it just me, or are the recent anime such as Dragon Crisis and Kore wa Zombie featuring huge “month” time gaps somewhere around the 10th episode?

  5. ‘slip through his ringers?’ lol

    Still was a great episode. They really should of built up more plot or at least had some more screen time on the other vampire factions. Having them all of a sudden turn up everywhere seemed a bit out of place.

  6. Damn… that act of heroism Aikawa near the end looked so epic, even if the bomb looked like a 5 year old kid’s plaything.And after a week of no Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Haruna still mangaed to give me laughs as she just have no care in the world. Eating Spagetti offered by the enemy and cutting off the wire in the bomb without a second though was just so hilarious.
    The only sad part in the episode is the fact that Yuu refused to hold Aikawa’s hand…. it was just soo sad…

  7. I’ve loved this series so far. The randomness of all the various characters should not work and yet somehow it does. But I have to admit this episode was a mess and not well done at all. There are only a couple episodes left to the season and its all over the place. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this “evil villian” who has been the scary bad guy all year but now just wants to die? He invites them to sit down to eat the same meal that Haruna had a craving for as well? There are a very large number of loose ends and storylines that are floating around with only a couple episodes left to try and explain them all. Clearly they are looking for a 2nd season.

    1. I feel the same way. The last two episodes were not that strong as they could be.
      Zombie is still one of my favorite shows this season, but I hope things turn around for the better.
      I wouldn’t mind a second season, as long as there was enough material to keep the show as fresh and interesting as it was at the start of the season.

    2. I’ll second that too. I was genuinely digging the series and impatiently waiting for it week after week after week. Now that sensation is gone. The humour somehow faded away, and scenes like the ‘family dinner’ one are just flat out ridiculous. I mean, Ayumu went there to kick some serious zombie ass and yet there he is sitting calmly by the table watching the mahou shojo girl devour a spaghetti…So at this point i’d like to ask one thing. What the fuck is this? Then he just watches Yuu being taken away and again does nothing? I’m speechless. To rescue your loved one you need guts and a strong resolve, no matter how bad the situation might be. Ayumu is lacking in both these areas

      1. Not that strong in a “comic way” i guess. You see, things are getting pretty serious now, its good that they still managed to throw some comic reliefs in this episode, particularly on the bomb scene. Thanks to Haruna & Tomonori. And i think Ayumu both have “guts” & “strong resolve” by taking that bomb to save those 2 girls. Its not Yuu’s time this episode and if there’s one person that can save her, its should be .. its gotta be .. it must be .. definitely .. its Ayumu.

      2. The ridiculousness is the essence of Zombie’s humor. You might see as him jumping off as serious but i was laughing all the way. He’s a zombie there is just this contradicting things that he self sacrificed himself and yeah it’s no big deal. Ayumu is freaking GAR. don’t you mistake that.

        Jack Vojack
  8. I guess I’m not the only who have this odd feeling about this series after that awesome episode 6, it’s bugging me for quite sometime now, still a good series though. I agree with some viewers here who thinks that the series have done an awesome job in the humor department but not quite well when things goes serious, yeah its all over the place. That aside, Am I the only one who think Kyoko’s the hottest chick among the female cast as I’m reminded of her bad-ASSery in ep5 and 6?

  9. I know what you mean Takaii. This whole episode felt all over the place, particularly in terms of emotion. Particular the events leading to Ayumu’s sacrifice. It felt extremely rushed, and the entire tone leading up to the serious actions that lead up to Ayumu jumping out of that window…

    I honestly expected that bomb to be a dud.

  10. Finally, the good part. Ever since there appeared to Yuki series declined terribly, they were boring episode. Speaking of 7.8 and 9 But this last episode was good. Yuki is awful good or bad character.

  11. It really did feel jumbled. If they’re going all anime ending, or (maybe) they’re trying to finish this story arc quickly, I don’t know what to think. I want a second season! Honestly I think the times I enjoyed the series most were the random slice of life episodes that focused on comedic aspect, though the battle with Kyouko was badass itself.

    Doesn’t change the fact that Ayumu is definitely the male protagonist of the season.

  12. Oh, I don’t know… Most of the season’s male protagonists, Touma, Ichika, Ayumu, Takuto and Shuuichi are subject to harem and badassery, with the least being Shuu in crossdress and under “peers” fire to Touma having to fight the RCC to Takuto fighting a whole island of bots while being “fabulous”…

  13. I also feel like it is starting to lose some of its steam from earlier.

    it seems kinda clear to me that the guy is not evil and just wants yuu to hate him so that yuu kill him. this is just speculation from me though.

  14. well, just like what others say, if a show shows some great potential at the beginning, it needs to “wow” the audience more with it’s successive episodes or else it’s lose it’s steam, so after two and a half months of watching this season, GOSICK and Madoka are the only two shows worth watching in my taste. Level E is still enjoyable to watch. ^^

  15. Takaii im not sure if you and me was watching the same episode lol

    i felt pretty emotional during this episode especially when Sera was playing the pretty music and (although i thought it was pretty funny how they sat and ate with that guy me and my sister was thinking really?)
    also i thought it was aimed to be more funny than sad when he jumped out with the bomb on his head but it could be me i laughed at that part XD

    and finally i watch it cause its different than most animes and i dont think its going downhill at all Xb after watching the first episode what did you expect 😮

    anyway good review as always Takaii XD

    1. Heh. Goes to show you that there is no “right” way of watching things. Glad you enjoyed the episode though, and thanks for commenting.

      I don’t know about downhill, but I just feel like its everywhere. If they can pull it all together and somehow make sense of everything — I will be a happy Takaii. (:

    2. also i thought it was aimed to be more funny than sad when he jumped out with the bomb on his head but it could be me i laughed at that part

      I feel the same. Who could take it seriously when you have that thing in your head lol.


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