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OP: 「Reassembly」 by 高橋哲也 (Takahashi Tetsuya)
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「The Return – 集結」 (Shuuketsu)

Marvel and Madhouse Studio’s third of four collaboration projects kicks off the start of the spring season and begins with a bang, showing when Jean Grey (Hino Yurika) was manipulated by Mastermind and went out of control as Dark Phoenix. As I described in the Spring 2011 Preview, the actual story takes place a year later, when Professor Xavier (Hori Katsunosuke) summons his inactive X-Men from all around the world to deal with a new problem arising in northern Japan — a group of supremacist mutant hunters called the U-Men.

Much like the opening theme and episode titles suggest, this first showing focused on the reassembly of the X-Men and getting their leader Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops (Morikawa Toshiyuki), out of the depressed state he’s in after losing his lover Jean. It also served as a bit of an introduction to the benevolent Professor X and his dream of seeing a peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans, while foreshadowing the twisted organ harvesting going on in Japan from young mutant Ichika Hisako’s (Tamura Yukari) point of view, who’s slated to become a junior member of the X-Men under the alias Armor.

For a premiere episode, it worked well as a lead-in to the plot taken from the X-Men: Legacy comics, and allowed me to get accustomed to the new character designs. Unlike the Wolverine anime that came before it, X-Men has a much more American style to it, most notably in the smaller eyes even for female characters like Storm (Hisakawa Aya), and the big burly stature of male characters, Beast (Tanaka Hideyuki) and Wolverine (Koyama Rikiya). Wolverine looks and behaves more like a beast, so it’s taking me a while to get used to it coming fresh off of the Wolverine anime. He’s much more like I’ve known him to be, though I still think they’re overdoing his temper a bit. I suspect it’s to help emphasize the love/hate relationship he has with Cyclops, some of which we saw this very episode. As for Professor X, the old wise man voice that Katsunoke portrays him with is the exact same one he used as the grandfather in the Mokke anime, so I can’t help but be reminded of the latter every time I hear him speak.

If not for the Japanese voices, this latest collaboration project can barely be perceived as anime, which may be intentional since the idea was to dub these shows and bring them stateside from the very beginning. Admittedly, I’m actually a bit torn over the change though. For canonical sake, it’s always nice to see something adhere to the original material, but part of the appeal of these projects (at least for me) was how they put a Japanese anime spin on American superheroes. However, given that I’ve already got a good taste of that from the Wolverine adaptation, I’m quite content with seeing how a much more faithful X-Men one turns out.


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ED: 「Fighting for Peace, Fighting for All」 by 高橋哲也 (Takahashi Tetsuya)
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  1. I too have high hopes. I do like the character designs. I just hope that the personalities are true to the comic book source, although that can vary quite a bit with the era that you draw from. Personally I grew up with the Claremont era but I’m keeping an open mind.

    1. WORD!!! i saw wolvie and i was like *in sam jackson voice* AFROOOOO!!!!!!!!!! but still, his ass needs to be shorter, looks like he’s wearing shoe insoles! btw- more afro samurai please!!!

      BROOKLYN otaku
      1. Wolverine was fun to watch, but it was too drawn out and the premise didn’t hold water. I felt it was a weak series overall.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        I simply don’t see how this series moved the Marvel franchise forward.

    1. She’s Emma Frost, an old character who has a long history with the X-Men. She was first introduced in the series as a badguy, being the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. Not sure how she’ll be played out in this adaptation, but in current canon she is reformed, part of the X-Men, and is in a relationship with Cyclops (guy with the visor).

  2. GOD Storm is so hot! So cute! Had a crush on her since the 1993 X-Men cartoon days =03. After seeing these screenies, I think I’ll be checking this one out myself. This has GOT to be better than X-Men Evolution =0\.

  3. Oh my, Storm is quite breathtaking in this animation. She’s my favorite character in the series so all is good. I have high expectations for this series, since X-Men is one of my main fandoms to begin with.

      1. There’s a good chance they’ll be covered, as the other writers are open to covering more shows in a more minimalistic manner. Exactly which shows get the lighter treatment can be shuffled around too. For example, I suggested that Prooof do so for Bleach while it’s in fillers.

  4. Wow, Storm looks amazing, probably the best I have seen her imo.

    Wasn’t that interested in the Iron Man or Wolverine anime, but the animation on this got my attention.

  5. Storm definitely looks great, nice to see her done some justice.

    Hopefully, Cyclops doesn’t get boned like he did in the recent X men movies. I found it retarded that the 3rd movie offed him like a chump and propped up Wolverine to be the main character.

  6. Progressing. I mean, the 1 st Episode catch me. If 2nd Episode is good, too. I think i can get Hooked with this.

    Not just Action. They try to give them Soul. Thats why i like X-Men. Mutants, that have a Human Soul, and Dignity

    1. I am Curious, how are the 2 New Members. Yes, i am an Old x-Men Fan. But i know only the “Base” X-Men. These White Lady and the Girl over Beast, are unknown to me. Lets see, how they are (No Spoiler pls)

      1. Btw, if allowed. I give you Guys some Manga, that have the same Gist. Zettai Karen Children
        There you have your “Professor X” team, Magneto team and these “Criminals” team.

      2. White lady is Ema Frost and the girl is Armor.
        Now, some light comic related spoilers about Ema Frost, it may or not be relevant to the anime but if you really want to know here it is:
        Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Lol is it just me or is the part where Storm saved the people on the boat quite weird? I was under the impression that all mutants are generally hated by mankind. Seeing the people cheering for Storm when I expected them to cover in fear was quite strange. In saying that, I think Storm actually looks very good in the anime version 😉

    Anyone apart from me thought that Beast looks more like a large sized blue coloured carebear? XD

    1. In the comics, Storm was a celebrity in Africa, since she accepted the title of “rain goddess” and generally was a benevolent patron to the people.

      And even in the Marvel universe, some exceptions to the rule exist. Mutants are pretty big in Japan, like celebrities.

      1. Lol I suppose this must be one of the exceptions, considering they didn’t really know who she was (apart from asking whether she was part of the X-men). I felt that the particular scene in there was just to show the X-men in a different light to the Japanese audience compared to the American audience.

  8. Holy crap another awesome spring anime! Loved the animation for this truly amazing stuff. You can tell they might have learned their lessons from Ironman and Wolverine. That said I still wouldn’t hold my breath on anything to amazing.

    Everyone has a eight pack in this xD

    Lol@ Wolverine’s hair damn!

  9. I also had watched the 90s X-men which was pretty good back in the days. To me Beast looks like a blue lion (instead of a dog as others said). The character design looks pretty good and retain the comic books look quite well in my opinion. Still has to watch the first episode, and actually don’t know what to expect from it. But I heard that one of my favorite voice-actress, Aya Hisakawa, (Moonlight from Heartcatch Precure, Youko from Twelve Kingdoms, Sailor Mercury) is Storm, so this is THE anime for me to check out!

  10. For people who think beast looks weird, go wiki him up.
    If you follow the comics for the last 10 years or so, you will understand why he looks that way.

    Emma Frost was also in the old 90s cartoon too.
    She was also in the Wolverine movie but I didn’t even notice it until I read a review about it cause her diamond movie form doesn’t look like her comics form.

    I find it funny that they are in the op creds but doesn’t get their names published in English, both Armor and Frost.

  11. Why does Beast look like a dog and Logan look like a beast. lol The could made it just a bot better.
    Are we going to see more comics turn to show like this. We had Batman, Iron Man etc is there more to come.

  12. Wow… the first episode is really good! Very similar to Fox’s X-Men animated series which I followed religiously as a kid… Was going to sit out this season but I might just try to slip in X-Men and Nichijou http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Men_%28TV_series%29

    Anyone knows who’s the villain that pops out in the ending after Juggernaut (before Mystique)?
    I’m also glad Magneto will be featured in this adaptation (at the very least a cameo?)…

    A BANG!
  13. Interesting mix of original and “newer” X-Men. Also interesting they start with the Dark Phoenix story. I haven’t really cared about the madhouse translations of the marvel characters, but I think I’ll give this a shot. Fan of the 90’s animated X-men, as well as the comics from before. Wonder how many more show up.

    pagan poor
  14. Watching and reading X-Men over the past 20 years, and watching anime for the same amount of time made me aware of why i stopped liking X-Men. the characters are great but the storylines has always been bleek to say the least. From enslavement to super extraterrestrial invaders to extinction, i have never read or watched a happy ending for any of the characters. Chalk it up to the american formula of never happily ending or evolving or developing a series to completion i.e. the simpsons. i am hopeful this X-Men anime is more lighthearted than its american counterpart and just tell a good story with excellent animation.

  15. Meh, don’t really like. Some of the “japanese maneurism” (-cough- Watch her actions during the little fight between wolvie and scott-o > . >) that Storm pulled out were just awkward for the type of character she is. Sure, she is beautiful (halle berry-prettyish this time around I guess), but I have always seen her as someone who always act professional. And sadly I also doubt scott would shoot logan in the face like that, never seen him as having any real chance in a fight against the latter if any of them were serious even.

    Wolverine is always calm and reserved unless you want to pick a fight with him, so the whole acting beastly thing is just a little bit off. But at least, he looks the part. Unlike that ‘thing’ in the Wolverine anime.

    I however like the new look of Beast, he is kinda cute-r now I guess.

    1. You dont really seem to know much about the xmen if you think beast is sporting a “new look”. Cyclops and wolverine were spot on, the only complain could be about wolverine’s stature.

    2. how they look shouldn’t matter as much as how they act. And right now, it’s awful. I will probably be watching it side by side with Wolverine and X-Men, for the lulz.

    1. Cyclops can control the intensity of his optic beam and there wasnt any situation where he would need an extremely powerful beam in the entire ep. “Killing” Logan was as strong as it needed to be.

  16. Just passing to fix a misconception: this anime is not based, at all, in the comic X-Men Legacy. X-Men Legacy was, at first, a comic made to explore Xavier and his past, while latter it mutated to show Rogue working as school counselor and taking care of some students.

    For what I know, this seems to be more based on Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men and Morrison’s New X-Men.

  17. Anyone loving the second episode?
    Wow… this must be the anime with one of the most impressive animation and best looking characters ever!

    Madhouse has outdone themselves with this one
    Emma Frost in action next week… OMG :)))))

  18. This actually didn’t turn out so bad… so far. As a dedicated Marvel fan I steered clear of the Iron Man and Wolverine series. But this actually looked appealing. There were some things here and there like how Divine pointed out with Wolvie’s temper. I’ve never known Wolverine to be so much of a “brute” esp. to women. He’s actually quite the gentleman to them. I was also shocked at the fact that the people DID NOT freak out when Storm used her powers to save the other passengers on the boat. I mean saving lives or not mutants just aren’t praised unlike other superheroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, etc.

    I’m also glad that there are people who know who Emma Frost is.

    I just hope they keep up the good work because I actually have high hopes for this.

    I was also surprised to find out that the girl, Hisako Ichiki is a canonical character

    Furthermore, the U-Men are also canon as well…

    That said, it’s good to know they’re not just making up things a bit too much, though I wouldn’t mind an original mutant character at the least like the upcoming X-Men: Destiny game will feature 3 new original mutant characters.


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