「たとえばそんなメルヘン」 (Tatoeba Sonna Meruhen)
“For Example, That Kind of Fairy Tale”

Amongst all the words I could have picked to describe this show, interesting would be an understatement to just how odd this first episode was. There were some high points here and there, but in the end, I think I got lost amongst certain scenes.

Three different stories, three different characters, all living completely different lives within the same city. The premise of the show sounded really interesting at first, but the execution of the different story lines disappointed me a little. For starters, the problem I had was when a certain storyline was just about to immerse you in that world, an abrupt change on an old television or some random pantsu scene really disrupts everything and breaks the flow of the story. Don’t get me wrong about not liking tasteful pantsu, but this isn’t it. Second, I personally felt a little overwhelmed with so many characters being introduced at once — something that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but made it really difficult to focus my attention on any single group.

That said, I still had fun watching the first episode. Chitose Shuusuke (Miura Hiroaki) followed by Narita Hayato (Suwabe Junichi) are probably my favorite characters of the bunch. The former trying to be such a player, even when the world knows that he isn’t, had me chuckling when he was on screen. But with a bar/club owner whose mind is just as distorted as his? Perfect combination for comedy. With the latter, I just really liked his character. A hard-headed guy who’s doing odd jobs to get by, while it reminded me of a certain someone, I thought it felt perfect for this show. The last guy, Haneda Takashi (Shimono Hiro) really didn’t get a lot of screen time and I wasn’t really interested to find out that he’s some sort of “higher being” not from this world — is what I thought at first. After re-watching the episode to write the post, I must say that the ending sequence and preview clips really grabbed my attention. Something about seeing all of our protagonists together in some far off land, while completely random, looked pretty interesting.

At the end of the day, Ore Tsubasa is something for those who want to kick back and just have something to ogle at. While it’s full of well-endowed girls and their pantsu magically appearing through their clothes with x-ray vision, I’m staying positive that the drama side of things will pick up and get better. As Divine said in the Spring Preview, I also get the feeling that this show’s downfall might be the three simultaneous stories that are going on — I can’t see to just focus on any single one of them!


ED Sequence

ED: 「PARANoiA」 by 美郷あき (Misato Aki)
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  1. Leaving a bad first impression is probably not the best strategy for a tv show but maybe it’ll be starting a new trend. To me it just seems like whoever directed this had a very rough draft of a script, forgot to revise it and then called it a day. I gotta commend you if you plan on blogging this one all the way Takaii.

  2. This episode was sort of confusing and hard to follow. It’ll still be on my watch list though because it seems like it’ll get interesting. Also I was sort of paying attention and it seems like one guy is a king in a different world or something like that. That may explain the ending sequence. We’re probably going to deal with alternating worlds and lives no so it may be hard to keep up.

  3. I think they overdid the fanservice here. its fine to do it but it was out of place a lot of times and was extended too long. its also confusing a bit.

    id give this another ep to see if it gets better or worse.

  4. I know the whole “separate storylines” is hard to swallow at first, but remember that they worked in Baccano and Durarara. I’m sure once we get a feel for the characters, it’ll be less confusing.

    By the by, my jaw dropped at the loli talking about neko…

  5. The guy selling jewelries reminds me of Simon from Durarara. I really wonder where are they going with this anime. Yup I saw the wiki and I was expecting a corny harem anime, just like the first few minutes. My image slightly got broken after, and shattered by the middle, seeing that this will be nothing close to that.

    Was Baccano and Durarara and this anime written by the same company (novel) or just the anime?

  6. Well, at this point this show is just fooling around, with tons of mislead. I would say this show is gonna be somewhat like Durarara with more comedy touch, and with some excessive sex jokes and fanservices(pantsu, pantsu and more pantsu).
    I don’t want to spoil but for those who felt totally confused, here are some tips;

    1. At this point, we have 3 protagonist characters a)a freelancer who visited a restaurant/diner, b)a hard head guy who works at midnight, and c)a school boy (allegedly)from another world.
    2. Forget about the 1st harem boy. Although he and the fantasy school boy looked very much alike, they are different characters, and our 3rd protagonist character is the latter one.
    3. This is a comedy, but a lot of jokes in later episodes are gonna be based on some serious mental illness. If you follow this show, you better be prepared for that.

    U Doh
  7. I think that there aren’t 3 characters but 4.
    The other one being the cool guy at the bar. Those 4 are the 4 candidates to become king (explains the ending thingy). So all the different storylines are going to fuse into one big storyline. Well at least that’s what I think.

  8. Japanese robot chicken. Thats all I can say to describe this show. Think about it, there are switching TV channels, parodies of TV shows, every anime harem stereotype in the book,etc.

  9. It was easy to follow for me, dunno why some had a hard time. Maybe because I read the shows summary and knew there will be three different stories going on.

    Anyway, I’m thinking the three male leads will be sent to another world in a future episode were they will all meet. Since Takashi is said to be a candidate for the next King from another world, I’m thinking the other two guys will help him with whatever is going on. And that’s were the ED scenes come from….Would be fun if it happened at least.

  10. It looked like a mash of different stereotypical settings which were hard to integrate together so they just made 3 different segments for it. First, typical school harem setting. Second, typical cafe humor (ala Natsu no Arashi). Third, stereotypical odd jobs expert plus some loli. I could say that they are trying for a Baccano or Durarara feel, but the stories are too disjointed to connect so intricately. I’ll see how this series tries to pull it off.

  11. Interesting but confusing. After reading this post and browsing the episode a little, I can mostly see what’s going on. I’ll keep watching and hope the next episode goes a little easier on me. It has that “Durarara feel” to it, where everything will come together perfect in the end.

  12. Well, I never play the game but I know some info about it. Provided the producer doesn’t change anything, the reason for portraying three different MC will be explained later.

    Since I actually havem’t watch this yet I can’t actually comment about the episode but I’m a bit dissapointed with the character design. The game version is better IMO. (well, often that was the case)

    Anyway, I’m glad they made this one into anime.

  13. Real Men Don’t Use Condoms, We Bareback It!

    Yet another anime that I didn’t expect to like based on the previews, sigh.At this rate, I’m gonna have to start a schedule for all these new anime coming out lol.

    I thought this show was about the guys trying to get the girls, based on what the previews said, but it seems like only one of them is even trying lmao Chitose.

    Kakeru and Narita are my favs, I needs more.

  14. The TV’s meant to be jarring, but they really have no excuse for the excessive panty shots. It’s kind of a shame.

    But anyway, since they’re obviously keeping the main game plot since they included Show Spoiler ▼

    the story should pick up soon.

  15. I hope the story kicks in. Right now, I’m not to happy with the dry humor. Dora was the only thing (and the interesting ED) that’s keeping me from dropping it. Plus I remember one of the writers saying that it was a good idea to watch at least two or three episodes in before giving it your final decision to keeping watching. :\

  16. Ok, this was definitely a little strange for a first episode, but I think this was some kind of introduction or prelude of what the series is going to be about. I´m really intrigued by the first protagonist, Takashi, who almost didn´t get any development; it picked my curiosity since there is no indication if he is actually from another world or completely insane, I´m rooting for him to be from another dimension. I have the feeling that this will be fun to watch.

  17. Regarding the other two male leads, I think the funniest is Shuusuke, since he already has a peculiar sense of humor and a really crazy view of his own self. Talking about high self steam and dangerous delusions.

  18. I find the character designs really good, or at least for my taste. I don´t know what to think of the story but since the original was created for Navel, the same company that created SHUFFLE! (which I love), I´m willing to this show through.

  19. (NO spoilers – but read on, it will put your mind to ease)

    OK, Since I don’t like the typical Durarara type anime, when there are like 5 different stories with no relation to each other going on at the same time, I read a little about the game, just to make sure.
    The first episode was REALLY confusing. At the end of it I really thought that I should make sure where this is going, because I don’t want to watch this kind of anime if this is going to be the way all of the episodes will be.

    The answer is: NO. This is not going to be like this for long. I dunno if the anime will follow the game (I sure hope it does), but after I read some about the game, I found out that (without spoilering anything) it will be worth it.
    Keep track of the main characters (there are like 3 now?) and their stories. This is going to be REALLY interesting, and you wont regret it later. They are going to connect in a really unique way.

    1. Umm, what?

      The whole point of Durarara’s multiple perspectives was to show how everyone was connected in some way, same as Baccano.They’re all related otherwise there’d be no point in telling the story through different people’s eyes.

    2. All the character’s perspective in Durarara is tied in and gives you “Ohh, so thats what happened” kinda feel later in the episodes. The show’s successful in showing several viewpoints and connecting it all to major events later, you probably didn’t watch enough episodes.

      But thanks for the info, I may watch a few more to see where it goes if you say It’s going to get interesting later. It’s not so bad, but I hope pantsu flipping doesn’t become a central theme.

  20. I could be wrong but I’m not sure they’re going for drama. It looked more to me like they were aware of this being eroge and just decided to have fun with it. Unless something changes, I think this will be more comedy and done tongue-and-cheek.

  21. The reason Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai has so many protagonists is because…all three protagonists are actually the same person. The main character has a multiple personality disorder (that, yes, allows him to change appearance too).

    I think it’s a pretty interesting concept. It sort of allows the main character to have a harem without really having a harem.


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