「一挙落着」 (Ikkyo Rakuchaku)
“Problem Solved by the Fist”

I’d rather not say it, but I wasn’t quite sure how to feel after such a quick capture. While I wasn’t a hundred percent sure about what was going to happen, I had a pretty good idea in my mind. As the episode did a pretty good job foreshadowing it last week, the idea of trying to expel a certain part of yourself in an effort to become a stronger you sounds as ridiculous as it is to type it out.

The whole idea of trying to become a stronger version of yourself isn’t anything new, as nearly every shounen show attempts to do this in some form. The good thing about Kami Nomi is probably the way it manages to put a nice twist on things. From Kasuga’s embarrassment to her hidden intentions literally flowing out of her — it feels like a fresh take on what’s been done before. Sure it got a little annoying listening to Kasuga go on and on about trying to remove anything cute from her life and her tough personality didn’t really do a good job hiding her true (and cute) intentions, but it was fun to watch everything come to fruition at the end. That scene with the ice cream had to be one of the most ero things I’ve ever seen from Kami Nomi. Something about their tongues and the way they’re sharing that ice cream cone was just so exaggerated that I’d probably feel a little embarrassed to watch this around others.

By the time Keima’s catchphrase came out I had a good idea of what was coming. The thing is, who would have expected Kasuga to be completely oblivious of what was going on? Watching Keima leap out and become the mediator between the two sides is when things really got exciting for me. Even with all of his prejudice against real girls, Keima really knows how to use that 2d knowledge he has to good use (argue with me, not each other!). Not only did he take the time to point out how strong and cute Kasuga was, but watching him take a beating for being honest and still going at it really makes Keima that awesome guy he is.

With another girl captured, I can only wonder how many Keima has left before that purple collar of his will fall off. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t imagine that all the memories Keima creates with each of the girls he saves don’t have any effect on him. I’m not even the one trying to save girls here and I feel horrible knowing that they just forget about Keima after they’re saved! On that note, was anyone else a little disappointed that Elsie got almost no screen time? I was thinking about writing a whole paragraph about it until that scene after the ending sequence caught me by surprise. As as I watched the mysterious purple haired Haqua (Hayami Saori) nearly capture Elsie, I got really excited for next week’s episode.





  1. Really liked this episode, but not as good as last week’s. I did really enjoy seeing Keima and Kasuga blushing while attempting to lick that ice cream. It was funny and kinda hot at the same time for some reason… Anywho, the fight scene was really what made me kind of ..feel disappointed? It worked a lot better in the manga, as with the Elsie’s armor joke. But still really enjoyed this episode.


    HAKUA. HAKUA. HAKUA. HAKUA. I can’t wait until next week….

  2. Thats pretty early for Haqua to make an appearance, hmm I wonder how they will handle the transition of the episodic nature of the show to start of main plot line. Before we know it, the story would not appear as simple as we originally thought.

  3. Elsie can weave metal. Keima’s got it twisted- she’s VERY useful! 😀

    The ice cream scene was the most naughty thing in the show, hands down. I place a lot of the blame on the artist. Everything is so cute! And Keima looks surprisingly handsome in that preppy getup of his. I like it. ;]

  4. What did Keima leave in the trining room? Rice crackers and hot tea and some letter of some sort?
    Looks like he can’t leave her alone after what happened, or am i wrong?

  5. What sucks the most is at THIS rate, it’ll take five seasons to get to the current arc of the manga, which in my opinion is a bit more of an actual arc than these mini-arcs.

    Not complaining that we got this far though.

    1. Yeah. I started reading the manga between the last ep and this ep and I’m loving the current arc. Shame the anime will take another eon before it reaches that point. And that’s *if* the anime lasts that long.

  6. A strange capture, I was wondering if Keima was avoiding the usual approach. I found the Elsie moments pretty entertaining, Elsie needs more wonichan moe for Keima’s standards.

  7. Wasn’t expecting the Kusonoki arc to end this fast and there’s only 2 girls left this season. Looks like at least 4 episodes will be dedicated to Elsie and Haqua, which I don’t particularly mind.

  8. After a week without my laptop, I get a chance to watch anime again. And what’s the first show I watch? TWGOK, of course.

    I figured they’d make this arc only two episodes after they talked about the date last episode. I wasn’t expecting much more from a tsundere. It was well executed, though. I knew it was gonna be a challenge when the whack-a-lobster bit came up. No athlete can really expect to win a game against a gamer.


    Finally get to hear Saori Hayami voicing Haqua in this ep!! Been waiting for it ever since the announcement of the cast for the second season. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to the next episode! 😀

    Oh, Ami Koshimizu did fit it very nicely as the voice of Kusunoki Kasuga. I felt the very same intense voice from “tough side” of Kusunoki which is pretty much like when Ami got a role of Himari (Omamori Himari), but at the same time I hear a bit of Tenma Tsukamoto (School Rumble) from her when voicing the “soft side” of Kusunoki.

    As for you guys who want more Kusunoki, she’ll be back Show Spoiler ▼

    1. unless the new season has 24 episode I would say its unlikely that what you said in the spoiler will happed asShow Spoiler ▼

      will ocme before her

      1. Oh, I forgot how long it’ll take before it’ll get to the Show Spoiler ▼

        . Silly me. 😀

        I don’t know what season will it show, but given that KamiNomi is quite popular (and the recent chapters of the manga are getting better and better), they’ll show it.

  10. Wow they really wrapped this up rather quickly. Then again, this was rather long arch in the manga, compared to the ones before it.

    Anyway, it looks like their gonna go with the same format at last season. First girl, two episodes, the next three, and the lat being four. With 2 non ‘flag’ episodes some where in between or at the end.

    1. Well, the first season is very consistent when it comes to being faithful to the source so it’s all right. And the 2 episodes for Kusunoki’s arc wrapped up pretty well, and I don’t see any inconsistencies there.

  11. I like how everyone just loves to talk about what’s going to happen in the manga in the future, lmao. I liked Kusunoki, too bad her arc was kinda short, but she’ll be back. Excited to see Haqua finally appear 😛 I hope her voice does her justice.

    1. I was hoping that Emiri Katou will voice Haqua, but I’m happy that Saori Hayami was chosen. I like her performance for the role of Ayase Aragaki (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai), and that’s the same voice set she used for Haqua.


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