「地区長、来たる。」 (Chikuchou, Kitaru)
“The District Chief Arrives”

So Haqua (Hayami Saori) finally appears, but who would have thought that it’d make this episode so amazing? Besides getting the needed dose of Elsie cuteness (and fire trucks), a very impressive thought came to me. It’s already the second season of this show, but up until this episode we had no real idea why loose souls were being captured. If you think about it, what was the whole point of watching Keima capture all those girls? To watch him show how it’s possible for a super otaku to kiss the hottest girls in the school? As Keima brought up his goal of gathering more information about the whole situation he’s stuck in, I was a little blown away that I didn’t question it sooner. Who’d have thought that the loose souls are actually demons who were previously banished and are trying to reincarnate themselves? The whole mini lesson was a nice refresher course, even though Keima was the one doing the explaining.

While I’m talking about Keima, I’m happy that he seems to have returned to his awesome badass self. His moments of seamlessly transitioning between his 2d girls and real life were somethings I really missed. But when he started pulling out his amazing wits from last season, my eyes were glued to the screen. The Keima that I watch this show for is the one who can woo the ladies even when he’s not trying. By ladies, I’m referring to Haqua. I’m not sure what impressed her more — the fact that Keima saw through her whole ruse or the fact that he’s able to see completely through her. Whatever it may be, it looks she’s at least partially fallen for him.

Watching Elsie constantly praise Haqua for being such an amazing demon started to get really old really fast. Especially since she doesn’t deserve half the praise she’s getting. But that’s what so lovable about Elsie — her earnest honesty. Sure her love for fire trucks makes me grin and I just love the way she pouts when she loses patience for Keima. But that honesty of hers is probably what makes her so amazing. I really hope that somewhere along the line she does get recognized for getting such an impressive amount of work done. I mean, I wasn’t sure how much time had passed since the first season started, but it seems that Keima’s been capturing a girl nearly every week to week and a half (Haqua said two months have passed).

With what looks like an epic battle ready to start next week, I can honestly say that I haven’t been this excited for an episode of Kami Nomi in a while. After the first two episodes, I was a little nervous that I would lose interest in this show — but I’m overjoyed that whatever they did this week really worked for me.




  1. After watching this episode I don’t wanna say Saori Hayami was miscast as Haqua but I think there were better choices out there. Rina Satou comes to my head but there are others.

    1. I think that it might not be a miscasting, but rather an issue with the atmosphere provided by the show. I think it takes itself a little too seriously (I read the manga for the comedy, not for the romance), and that gets it bogged down even in scenes that had me rolling on the floor laughing in the manga. It seems to have rectified the pacing problem I noticed in the first season (Two captures in 4 episodes!), but I guess it lost the 90% comedy atmosphere of the first season and the manga.

      That said, when I first read the cast, I thought “Ikaros = Haqua?!?” I can’t think of anyone in particular who’d be a better fit, but I think that Satou Rina’s voice would be a little too…juvenile? Playful? for Haqua. Plus, my expectations were unfortunately met. While some characters’ casting matched my imagination perfectly (Ayumi for one), I just kept thinking that the adaptation’s Haqua didn’t feel like the manga Haqua.

      1. You make a great point. The comedy is somewhat subdued in this adaptation which could be a reason for the choice. The show (except for Elsie) doesn’t seem to want to be a comedy which makes Haqua seems to be a lot more snobby than in the manga.

        Satou Rina was just an example, but she does play the tomboyish/tsundere role quite well which fits Haqua. Someone also mentioned Katou Emiri last post which would work too and theres many more. Perhaps when the anime decides to follow the manga closer, Hayami Saori can loosen up more.

      2. nah, I prefer when it didnt take itself seriously. it was much more hilarious and funny than how the anime portrays it.
        I liked how the manga slowly gets a bit more serious later. this early doesnt really appeal to me.

      3. @TenOne I have to push back on your comment. The reason Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai is such an awesome series is the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously (I mean, just think about the premise…) The anime leans twoards the “serious” side and I still don’t know why they chose that direction. I’m going to pull some examples from the manga (that seriously had me rofl), which sadly are missing from the anime. Spoiler tags just in case:
        Show Spoiler ▼

        I also agree that the seiyuus are a bit miscast. For me, it took me 5-6 episodes in the first season before I got used to Shimono Hiro as Keima. I totally pictured Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch from Code Geass)voicing Keima. However, don’t get me wrong, this is one of my favorite manga to anime adaptations not only because of the animation quality, but the execution. I think had the anime kept more of the original comedy it would have made an already good anime even better.

      4. I don’t read the manga so I didn’t notice any changes from manga canon. I thought the episode was great. Only thing I wished was that Keima would stick up for Elsie. She is so honest and kind. It wouldn’t have killed Keima to tell Haqua that Elsie really did catch 5.

      5. @Aoihoshikage: The model for how I think this series should have been adapted is Sora no Otoshimono. That show manages to have the most ridiculously funny moments transition PERFECTLY into touching emotional moments without being jarring.

        Ignoring how they scrambled the plot around a little, the comedic atmosphere from that show was essentially perfect in my mind. They expanded on the gags enough (and put enough effort into animating them beautifully!) to keep them funny, fill in a little time, but also kept them from dragging on too long, which I felt was a problem in TWGOK season 1.

        I think that the rapid changes of pace from Sora no Otoshimono could help here. I imagine a TWGOK adaptation that has standard comedy style most of the time, but suddenly art shifts and has cheesy dating sim music whenever Keima turns bishonen and uses his smooth talking.

  2. Haqua is pretty useless if she can’t even capture one losse soul. She even had to ask Kemia for help just because she can’t do it herself at the ending of the episode. Right now I am disappointed in her character. After everyone raving about Haqua for so long.

  3. To be honest i was waiting for Haqua to appear, most definitely she is my favorite, not sure why maybe just because she’s cute. Can’t wait for the next episode >.<

    1. Yeah! I thought I might lose interest having already read the manga (which isn’t usually the case on my part) but I was surprisingly pleased with how well this season has started! I think I’m starting to like this better than the manga…after I was somewhat dissapointed in the first season.

      1. I totally agree. I thoroughly enjoy the manga but thought season 1 of the anime just wasn’t executed right. They dragged the arcs too long and missed the oomph that the manga has.

        But this season is showing absolutely great potential. And is it just me, or did the animation quality go up this season?

        Btw, anyone else who read the manga, think they made Chihiro way more cute in the OP than she’s meant to be?

      2. I feel that the pacing has improved in the second season, but the atmosphere has suffered for it. Plus, the old OP is better.

        However, I don’t think the animation has changed significantly. That said, I’m comparing it to other shows I’ve watched recently with awesome animation, like Sora no Otoshimono and Hanasaku Iroha, so it doesn’t really stand a chance.

  4. Don’t stop watching this show ever T.T!!! Hopefully it might catch up 1 day… to where the manga is….

    because in all honesty, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet in relation to just how GODLY AWESOME Keima is *sagenod*

    and sadly it won’t be seen for awhile T.T

  5. Haqua: “The age of barbarism has ended! We new demons are intelligent, rational creatures!”

    Elsie: “A fire engine! The real thing! It’s bright red! SUGGOOIII!!!…”

    Keima: “[Well…]that explains why she doesn’t act demonic…”


  6. well at least they finally got around explaining why the loose souls possesses girls instead of boys. the anime is nice but some of the funny parts were more funny when I read it in the manga. like when haqua was threatened by keima.
    of course the anime has some good parts in originality. like that “lunch box” in the 1st season and that baseball part this ep.

      1. So they put the reason why the sprites choose to posses girls together with Haqua’s arc(in the anime) -_- ’cause i only went to checked Haqua’s arc(in the manga) and there’s no mentioned/conversation of it.

        1) i did red the manga, but i ain’t Takeshima Kei(for those who don’t know who is this, watch and read S.A to find out who is he or you can check RC archives).

        2) What happen to theShow Spoiler ▼

    1. Omega
  7. Giant blob is suffering. lol

    Haqua’s already fallen for Keima completely. She can’t resist his divinity- she just hasn’t realized it herself. I mean caring about every little thing he says, wanting to be alone with him all the time [to the point of sending Elsie away! ELSIE! *RAGE*], and trying to make herself look better than Elsie.. [blasphemy, I say] She fell for him. >8[

  8. Love everything about Haqua. She made this the most enjoyable episode either season of Kami Nomi has offered so far for me. I’d like to pose a question to the manga readers though. Will Haqua stick with Keima as his second sidekick or is she just a character for this particular arc? Cause it’d be really interesting to see how Haqua reacts to seeing Keima flirt with other girls to extract loose souls from them, considering how far she has fallen for him already:3

  9. Haqua’s not a bad character. But still in terms of adorable, Elsie has her beat. The explaination of the modern vs ancient demon is interesting. The baseball section was a good twist as the art was so different i thought it was some anime showing at some sort of otaku club (should have good negative energy there)

    Zaku Fan
  10. No one can beat Elsie for cuteness, and I mean NO ONE, but Haqua really grows on you. Like someone else said, she seems less snobbish in the manga, though I liked the way they were able to portray how guilty she felt every time Elsie praised her, even though she knew Elsie was the one deserving of praise.
    This season has already shaped up to be a lot better than the last <3

    They're also starting to get the actual plot going, so yay!

  11. elsie is soooooooooooooooo adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. on the side note… im failing to like haqua, even tho all the comments above and the show tells me there’s a reason behind it… but i just dont a character that would lie to hide embaressment.. well, i might change my mind.. she best redeem herself… lying to elsie acting like she’s better >:( *hmph*

  12. i’m sure glad I didn’t start the manga from the introduction of Haqua, otherwise I wouldn’t be the first to jump on the Keima x Haqua ship from the very beginning.

  13. I wish the translation team would preserve the more spontaneous expressions in the manga. “I hate today’s kami-niisama!!!” I think we can all understand that. Also I was kind of iffy about this episode. The pacing is a bit too slow.

    1. As much as I agree with you, 「今日の神様がきらい」which would translate to “I hate today’s Kami-sama” isn’t something you’d use in regular conversation.

      At least where I am, hearing someone say “You’re being so ridiculous today” or something along those lines would sound a bit more natural then “I hate today’s you”. Unless we’re trying to speak in limericks or breaking out into songs or something.

      Just my opinion.

  14. What we’re seeing here in Haqua is a common kind of disease. She excels at academics but when it comes to the real thing she couldn’t do jack. I would call it a kind of occupational disease but I think Mio and Ritsu had that covered in episode 2.

    Anyway, it came a bit of a surprise to me that Haqua hasn’t managed to capture a single soul. And because she is envious of Elsie’s feats of five, she had to make up her own story and act all tough and superior. And yeah…the new demons are intelligent, rational and have this strange love for fire engines. 😀


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