「クロウ・クロウ」 (Kurou Kurou)
“Crow Crow”

So dark yet so awesome, but it sure is hard to take good screencaps. After one of the deadmen, Crow (Senji), arrives in the nick of time, destroying the robot and putting out the fire, it becomes rather difficult to see what’s going on. That’s a shame too, since the Branches of Sin animated in a fight would have been pretty cool. I don’t know if it’s done on purpose to tone down the gore and violence, but the darkened scenes do contribute to the gritty atmosphere as they face off. Unfortunately that fight sort of lost its impact since I already knew Crow wasn’t the “red man”, but Ganta quickly goes into a rage when he sees Senji’s blood powers. He even has a similar smile as the Wretched Egg, though Ganta realizes his mistake soon enough and they clear up the misunderstanding.

Crow didn’t really care since he just wanted his pre-battle warmup, but he is pretty sick with his dual blades of blood. Perhaps I’m just stating the obvious, but he’s a very similar character to Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach, even down to the spiky hair and the abs. I don’t approve of mindless thirst for violence, but in a fictional series those kind of characters are fun to watch. It’s pretty amusing how his main weakness seems to be sexy girls, and I wouldn’t have thought he had that kind of modest side. Other than that though, he acts like he only lives looking for a worthy opponent to give him a good battle.

On the other hand, Ganta is a hotheaded idiot (aren’t all shounen protagonists) though lacking any kind of coolness, and spends a lot of time screaming in horror/anger/fear/shock. His anger is definitely warranted, but the maniac sadist Tamaki probably just enjoys it all even more while watching Ganta suffer. The things that happened to him really are horrible, and now I think about, anime has no qualms about showing kids going through awful situations that Western entertainment would never show because of how controversial it’d be. However the fact manga and anime is art as opposed to live-action does somewhat lessen the impact of the R-rated stuff.

Bringing back my point from the last episode, all the secrecy of the “true” Deadman Wonderland still feels like a plot hole. As I thought, the Deadmen do put on gladiator-type entertainment (Carnival Corpse), so I still don’t understand how they could be so secret from Makina and the guards. They call “Carnival Corpse” an experiment, but it’s a show as well and a lot of other people watch it. Some of the guards know a little about G-block too, so the rumors are rampant at least. Tamaki is cleaning up things pretty well, and acts like he doesn’t know what’s up with Shiro, but with extensive surveillance and widespread knowledge, this stuff shouldn’t be all that surprising when revealed. The guards, even Makina, don’t pay much attention to the weird little girl in white either, nor do they seem bothered by how she doesn’t belong at all. Makina is pretty pissed at all of Tamaki’s little conspiracies and keeps trying to get to the bottom of things, but honestly I don’t think it’s that hard with just a little simple investigation.




  1. It was nice to see that Crow isn’t really the “false bad guy” type of character, how he take the nurse head was just awesome.
    I really didn’t expect that.

    Ganta is annoying but what he just saw must be reallyyyyyyyyy hard for a child :/

    1. ^I don’t find Ganta annoying at all. In fact, I like seeing him on screen. I don’t exactly enjoy it, but his experiences are definitely worthwhile to see. I can’t imagine the pain he goes through on a daily basis. Having your eyes pinned open like that? -hell I’d start crying from that let alone the disturbing sequences before me.

    2. Ganta is really tough customer, I’d probably just rolled up and died.
      Crow is a bit of mystery to me, reacting funny to shiro’s sexy bodysuit and nurse’s labcoat, and then taking her hostage next minute… I dont feel real malice though from him. I’d dine with them 10 times more happily than with the Promoter Weasel.
      I wonder how much time passses until Makina finds the G-block, and what she will do about it…
      Shiro is great comic relief flailing arms and all – when not toppling mecha with dropkicks…
      Ahem, 50kg girl needs the speed 500m/s to start moving 5 ton mecha at 5 m/s… That Newton dude is amazing…
      Also, I am really wanting to hear backstory fr most of the chars, hinted in the OP, namely Makina (military), Crow(?) (cop), nurse, Yoh, you name it…

  2. I just realized that Senji’s blades remind me of Recca’s blade in Flame of Recca. Totally off topic.

    I think Corpse Carnival is a VIP only event that only really really rich people can watch other than the Deadmen themselves. DW has never explicitly numbered how many Deadmen there are in the facility so maybe they are enough to populate an audience. I also thought that the guards were criminals themselves who were bribed, so Makina not knowing is not too far out.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, Tamaki doesn’t know who Shiro is. He will realize at some point later on. At least in following the manga timeline.

  3. So do they get lightheaded when they use their powers?, lol. The wretched egg guy, is he even human, maybe he was genetically modified, or a alien. At least we know that it’s some kind of disease.

      1. Yeah, it wasn’t explicitly stated, but now that we know how his powers work it’s a safe, logical assumption. After all, exhaustion is a symptom of blood loss. The umpire says….safe!

  4. I hate whern they make animes and chop the shit out of it or hide the scenes with darkness, black spots, white spots, and other manner of censorship. Have the stones to make the series the way its supposed to be or DON’T make the series.

    1. It’s not always a matter of “having the stones.” The TV networks can say, “No, you need to cover that up or we’re not showing it.” And then what? Should they just say “Never! I have testicles so I refuse to censor the show. I’d much rather waste all the money we put into making it”?

      1. 1) You can’t always predict what the networks will and will not allow.
        2) Censorship of this degree, while annoying, does not ruin the series as a whole to the extent that it would have been better to not make the series at all.
        3) Even if it’s censored on TV, there is always the BluRay/DVD version to see the full, uncensored version. This, of course, wouldn’t be available if they did NOT make the series in the 1st place.

    2. Every time I see a series that they censor the crap out of, I remember Elfen Lied and wonder why the hell can’t this be like Elfen Lied. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Elfen Lied uncensored from the beginning (ie on TV)?

      1. Elfen Lied was uncensored on its initial run. It actually was shown on AT-X, too, which is the same channel that showed the recent Freezing uncensored. Deadman Wonderland is on TV Kanagawa, though. Different standards, I guess

  5. Hopefully Ganta’s blood bending isn’t just limited to projectiles cause that would be a bit of a letdown.

    Still not convinced that the branch of sin is some sort of infection but instead they just treat it as one hence the guards in hazmat suits. Pretty good episode, g-block inmates are all sin carriers, carnival corpse, more Shiro questions and randomness and that Crow is a pretty interesting fella.

  6. I love this series. I have some issues with the anime, but the one thing I can’t get over, is the pace. Progress is slow as hell. With only 13 or so episodes, they could at least speed things up a little bit…


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