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Deadman Wonderland – OVA

「赤いナイフ使い」 (Akai Naifu Tsukai)
“Red Knife User”

Released earlier this month with the eleventh volume of the manga, Deadman Wonderland’s OVA features an original episode centering around Kiyomasa Senji’s past as a police officer. It provides an interesting glimpse into his pre-Deadman life, something that I’ve been curious about after seeing the images in the ending sequence.

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Deadman Wonderland – 12 (END)

「救済(グレイトフル・デッド)」 (Kyuusai (Gureitofuru Deddo))
“Salvation (Grateful Dead)”

Nagi finally goes “sane”, i.e. maximum rage, and starts ripping the guts out of peeps left and right, much to the delight of Genkaku.

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Deadman Wonderland – 11

「絶望のGIG 」 (Zetsubou no GIG)
“Gig of Despair”

Ganta admits his weakness, wimpiness, and pathetic-ness and resolves to become stronger and training with Crow. Now that is the attitude I was looking for and it certainly elevates him at least somewhat to a proper protagonist.

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Deadman Wonderland – 09, 10

「酸化促進剂(ワームイーター)」 (Sanka Sokushinji (Waamu Iitaa))
“Oxidation Accelerant (Worm Eater)”

A lot of the characters on the “good guy” side seem weak and inexperienced, and in the brutal environment of Deadman Wonderland, their naivety and lack of intuition is really taking a heavy toll.

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Deadman Wonderland – 08

「自由の鎖(スカーチェイン)」 (Jiyuu no Kusari (Sukaa Chein))
“Chain of Freedom (Scar Chain)”

Shiro steps in to save Ganta from the super priest at the last moment; Ace Man is on the scene~

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Deadman Wonderland – 07

「原罪」 (Genzai)
“Original Sin”

Shiro finally shows a very scary side, and even her voice and demeanor has completely changed. Just like pretty much every other person in Deadman Wonderland, first impressions are very misleading.

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Deadman Wonderland – 06

「ハミングバード」 (Hamingubaado)

Takumi Minatsuki (Nomizu Iori) has shown up — the deadman I was looking forward to seeing the most. Her front is really fun to watch, looking so dam sweet and adorable.

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Deadman Wonderland – 05

「死肉祭(カーニバル・コープス)」 (Shinikusai (Kaanibaru Koopusu))
“Carrion Festival (Carnival Corpse)”

This episode racked the cruelty level several notches though. Pity for for the characters. Even though I knew what was going to happen already, some scenes were still quite unsettling.

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Deadman Wonderland – 04

「クロウ・クロウ」 (Kurou Kurou)
“Crow Crow”

So dark yet so awesome, but it sure is hard to take good screencaps.

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Deadman Wonderland – 03

「G 棟」 (G-tou)
“G sector”

Everything that Shiro does runs completely against the dark mood of this show. She seems pretty oblivious to what’s going on (or just chooses to ignore it) and just lives in her own little world like a young kid.

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Deadman Wonderland – 02

「解毒剤(キャンディ)」 (Gedokuzai (Kyandi))
“Antidote (Candy)”

There’s a psychotic opening sequence included this week, showing a lot of red and featuring some of the other deadmen, plus a little fan-service for both guys and girls. It fits pretty well with the dark themes in the series and the demented amusement park (even if there’s no reason for a costume to smile like that).

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Deadman Wonderland – 01

「死刑囚」 (Shikeishuu)
“Dead Man Walking”

I didn’t know about this series before, but after burning through 40+ chapters of the manga in a day, I was sold and was excited for the anime adaptation to come out. My main fear was that there would be excessive censoring because it’s TV anime, not DVD or theaters, and also that the one cour may not be enough. There’s quite a bit of material and getting cut short would be no good.

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