「死刑囚」 (Shikeishuu)
“Dead Man Walking”

I didn’t know about this series before, but after burning through 40+ chapters of the manga in a day, I was sold and was excited for the anime adaptation to come out. My main fear was that there would be excessive censoring because it’s TV anime, not DVD or theaters, and also that the one cour may not be enough. There’s quite a bit of material and getting cut short would be no good. Deadman Wonderland seems to be set in a futuristic world, given the holographic screens, but the sci-fi aspect doesn’t seem to feature heavily. There’s no lack of craziness however, and the series has facets of a psychological thriller with no shortage of action, and I’m really looking forward to see what’s next.

The story opens with friends talking about their upcoming school trip, but no time is wasted as the “Red Man” suddenly shows up and massacres the entire class right after they are introduced, Ga-rei Zero style. Only Igarashi Ganta (Paku Romi) survives, but gets a red shard embedded into his chest. Unfortunately, one of my suspicions already proved true, as the scene was heavily darkened and blacked out in many portions (contrast). Regardless, it was still quite gruesome, with blood and dismembered body parts everywhere, and that damn song was creepy as well. Emotions really came off strong, and I was probably raging as hard as Ganta was at the injustice of being sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. Planted evidence, the rage of his friend’s parents, and his evil-looking public defender Tamaki — that’s some terrible stuff right off the bat. I don’t really understand how anyone could believe a 14-year-old could do something like that. Things continue to go downhill for him though, and the rest of the episode brings on even more despair.

Ganta ends up getting sent to the titular Deadman Wonderland (which happens to be run by Tamaki (Suwabe Junichi)), a for-profit prison in the ruined Tokyo where prisoners are used for entertainment and killed a whim by “accident”. There’s the standard ruthless wardens and nasty inmates, but not only that, the prisoners need to eat a candy every three days or die, forcing them to participate in gladiator-type fights to obtain credits to buy the candy. It’s pretty clear that private sector is going to give Ganta a far harsher experience, and with his “Branch of Sin” powers activated, he’s in for a really intense ride. Ganta meets Shiro (Hanazawa Kana) as well, who is introduced singing the same song heard during the massacre, but with such an innocent voice. The screwed-up lyrics were really unnerving and is mirror of Ganta’s situation as well. In addition, she claims to know him and is able to see right through his lies. Shiro is quite an interesting character: like a child, but can survive a fall of several hundred meters, possesses decent fighting skills, doesn’t wear a collar, and is probably going to be the only cheerful thing Ganta will be seeing around in the hellhole for a while.

Some of the other Deadman are seen as well, and the preview shows Ganta’s first game already as he struggles to survive in a violent environment. It’s a strong start, and this show should be a great watch unless the producers really screw up the adaptation from the manga. Because of the limited length, an anime original ending or a second season would be needed, and for now I’d prefer the second option, but either could be acceptable. So far though, it’s fast-paced, hard-hitting, unnerving, and completely engrossing; I have high hopes.


ED Sequence

ED: 「SHINY SHINY」 by DWB feat. ニルギリス (NIRGILIS)
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  1. They added some stuff during his trial and i think they moved his first encounter with Shiro from his cell block to outside i think. So much black as well >_<.

    Still enjoyed the episode, only complaint I have is that there no OP 😛

    guess until next week.

      1. *Goes to check ANN*

        WHOA… I didn’t recognize her but she was Charlotte in IS and the main protagonist in the King of Thorn movie. She didn’t sound so cheery to me in those last two.

    1. For me it wasn’t similar. It was identical. When I started hearing her I went like. “What Nessa?!” The voice as Charlotte did sound different. I wonder why she kept the exact same voice as Nessa for this anime.

  2. Been waiting fir this anime for awhile now. After watching the first episode, it was well worth the wait. The show was intense and fast paced, which really drag me into it. Hope they keep this up.

  3. I liked this episode as well. Its a shame they couldn’t think up a better way to get him to the prison. Its really not believable that this clearly innocent kid did it. Even the video footage doesn’t really look like him. Also his lawyer is the warden? Other then that I liked this 1st episode alot.

    1. Well, it’s been said that Japan’s Judicial system is lackluster. Still, a 14 year old doing as much damage as a small homemade bomb would to the class and killing everyone but himself seems ridiculous. And did the fake-shiro say he hid the weapon to never be found? What kind of weapon could a 14 y/o kid get, use, utterly destroy a room with, then hide?

      Well, no problem *Disbelief has been Suspended*

      1. There are 6-year-old kids in Uganda who can render a classroom in that state. There are more than enough cases of children and teens killing or massacring people to be believable. Also- being the only survivor, and nobody else bearing witness- it was pretty much the only logical conclusion possible. With the planted evidence, that basically sealed the deal. He had absolutely no credible way to defend himself or prove his innocence.

    2. I have to question just how much evidence they had to convict. Seemingly, their theory is that he brought in a weapon, destroyed the classroom, then hid it, fainted and acted innocently afterwards. Still, that kind of damage can only be explained by a bomb (or fictional powers), which I don’t see how he would hide afterward, or even expect to live after it blew up while remaining in the same room.
      If I walked into that room and saw all the destruction, with Shiro lying on the floor as the only survivor, my first thought is “There must have been a bomb planted”. Looking at this image https://randomc.net/image/Deadman%20Wonderland/Deadman%20Wonderland%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2007.jpg I would wager that the bomb originated from outside the building on the left hand side of the class (where the hole is bigger).
      The level of conspiracy to convict Shiro would have to be astronomical, from planting evidence in his own house, to tampering with the crime scene, to completely deconstructing his character and convincing everyone who actually knows Shiro to think that he’d be capable of doing this and more despicable things. Then the Warden being his own representative, that doesn’t raise any eyebrows for the judges?
      Like I said, this is simply about suspending disbelief for the enjoyment of the show (just enjoy the ride), no logical reasoning should immediately lead anyone to think that the sole survivor of this tragedy MUST have been the one to commit it. In fact, that’s probably the most depressing thing about this, the one poor guy to survive the tragedy, gets convicted for it and sentenced to death.

      1. “In fact, that’s probably the most depressing thing about this, the one poor guy to survive the tragedy, gets convicted for it and sentenced to death.”

        Pretty much the point, yes.

        As for convincing everyone who knows him that he is the perpetrator- they’re grieving and in distress: They’d hardly be able to think rationally about whether or not Ganta was actually capable of committing the crime or not. What’s done is done- and they want someone to blame for it. That’s the way human nature works. They want to see “Justice”.

        As for the Warden- it’s entirely possible that he had the entire judicial court bagged from the start- and that they were simply going through the motions to maintain image. Probably the police force as well- which would be why they didn’t really bother to investigate. After all- he’s a man with money- and money can do a lot for you.

      2. A lot of that should have been shown then, it still something that works against the show. If the Warden is that powerful it would have been a lot more meaningful to show it, rather than to have that be inferred as the conclusion to explain away everything else. And if people were in such distress that they couldn’t think things through enough to defend this boy, then I have a hard time believing that anyone even cared about him at all. His parents weren’t shown (a sore point since I’d like to see what his own parents would say to this, if they’re even alive), and Mimi’s (beheaded girl) father said he thought of Ganta as his son, I’d think you’d defend your son, not convict him and beat the crap out of him.
        It WAS very unrealistic, you have to jump to multiple baseless assumptions just to make reasonable sense out of all this. That’s a fault. The show had a good start, but it wasn’t perfect and this is a major reason why. I personally can move on from it and not have it be the end all be all for me, but I can’t just totally ignore it either. Perhaps it would have been too much for one episode to cover, but then that really makes me worry whether 12 episodes will do this piece justice.
        And switching Ganta and Shiro, well /facepalm I suppose >.<

      3. Well- whether it was realistic or not, it is clear that we hold very different opinions on this; I find it perfectly believable, and you do not.

        I can see some similarities in our way of thinking in terms of ideals and values; I suppose the rift between our opinions stems from the fact that I’m an idealist who has witness his ideals being crushed. I have seen far too many cases similar to Gantas’; in which people will simply rage and condemn and point fingers and simply get caught up in the heat of the moment- without giving the story a second thought.

        But, on that other point with the Warden’s clout: It is implicated more clearly within the manga- not stated outright- but it is something that we can logically conclude for ourselves. I think the root of the divergence of our views perhaps lies within our general outlook upon humanity: I’m more inclined to think they’re scum; corrupt, mindless, with little ability for critical thinking- which means that the events in this first episode are entirely plausible in my opinion.

  4. I own the first two volumes of the manga. The 1st episode stays true to the manga, with a few good tweaks added to the story. The animation is really sick, especially the part where Ganata uses his powers. I really wanted to see the the beginning part uncensored, but what can you do?

  5. I was wonder if this is going to be similar to Gantz? Will this anime emphasis on the ugliness of mankind and the will to survive or will this be more action based and less gore?

    1. Wow. First time I see an amigo on an anime site.

      A donde… vives? Mexico? Brazil? Lo siento, y soy no peudo hablo Espagnol muy bien. (It’s been awhile since I spoke any. Forgot most of it).

  6. I love it so far. I’m still wondering how much they’re gonna be able to cover, since there’s a boatload of material, but so far it looks great!

    Anyhow, Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Been waiting forever for this to come out! * ^*
    I’m glad it didn’t disappoint. It’s a shame that there was censoring, considering the brutality is a large part of the impact, but it’s not bad enough to really work against it. Just makes it more general-public-viewer-friendly.

    Do not want original ending at all.

  8. So the candies what keeping them alive huh. I seriously facepalmed when that inmate took a hostage for a candy.

    That character designs are a bit meh, not my cup of tea but I guess I’ll get used to it. Great episode nonetheless.

    MC is a homonculus btw.

  9. I liked the episode. The trial could’ve been shorter, but it had good dramatic effect. DW always tries to hammer in the despair as much as possible.

    Hanazawa Kana is the perfect voice for Shiro. Makina is hot as always. Usually I fear male protagonist voices are mismatched, but the guy for Ganta could be quite suited for future scenes.

    Also, this first episode had me reread the manga to check
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I felt Manglobe didn’t censor that much and the darkness actually added to the scene. Having black bars over Mimi’s eyes came off as courtesy towards the dead. They could have hid the fact that she was decapitated but they didn’t.

      1. Well I will agree that the darkness really did help to set a certain mood in the opening scenes, but after reading the manga I kinda expected a more Elfen Liedish adaptation to that scene.Which means gore gore gore XD
        -Well theres always buying the BluRay uncut version XD

  10. Nirgilis, G- Cups O.O, Shiro, Ganta, Crow, Minatsuki, and Karako all in one episode.Best way to start a faithful adaptation.

    Needs more Peacock, but that’ll be soon :3.I like what I see Manglobe, let’s get us another season in development while ya at it.

  11. Normally I won’t follow series that I’ve read the manga version. I broke the taboo with Yumekui Merry since I loved it so much and I got JC-ed…

    Since this is only 12 episodes long, I think I’ll wait until the end of season and decide to watch it or not.

  12. How many chapters was the first episode? I own the first volume and I would like to read more as I’ve heard Deadman Wonderland was a great manga. Though I’d rather not read further than this episode. (Just for comparison’s sake.)
    Also, where can I read it? *never read manga online before*

    1. I usually never reread the beginning of a manga so I can’t really tell you how many chapters in the first episode is, but I’d say about 2-3 chapters.As for where to read DW, google Deadman Wonderland Manga, you’ll find it.

  13. Thanks for blogging this, Proof
    Looks like you’re really stepping up this season
    Seems like you’re more of the Shounen guy versus Takaii’s shoujo’s touch, while Divine and Kiiragi can swing both ways haha

  14. My biggest gripe with this episode is that they should have spent more time establishing the characters (Ganta and his friends) before killing them. Since it happened only three minutes in I really didn’t care that they were slaughtered. Ga-Rei did this better, giving the viewers a whole episode to connect with the characters and then BAM!

  15. Gosh, just spoiled myself rotten at Wikipedia…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Meh, dont like the beginning. “How you can bend the Truth that much, that all Peoples are Blind to see!”.. And that in the Future. Did we got to much “Picture” Trusted? Not my Style

    1. The GoV needed a scapegoat….. Ganta was really “unlucky”. Tip: Listen to Shiro’s Melody.

      Do you think those parents would react well to this explanation:
      Dear Mr & Ms, your dear children died due to a lunatic flying, magic using red man!

  17. I was really pissed on some characters. I hate it when evil people take advantage of innocent people and parents not trusting their own son. When I saw the video, I raged. It makes me want to slap the people who made the video.

  18. T_T what is the point of violence or sexuality if it all gets censored get rid of it or just show it as it is kids see much worse stuff in real life nowdays a decapitated body or a naked pussy isnt a thing to worry nowdays the 3rd world war and the fukushima radiation are.

  19. This is just my conjecture, but …

    I’m kinda thinking that maybe the guy’s lawyer is actually the Red Man (note how he says that the only way for the kid to survive is by becoming his tool). I think Ganta may have actually confessed as well during his blackout after the slaughter, but did so under the crystal’s influence. So we have a hero using power derived from his nemesis in an effort to kill that nemesis. Should make a fun ride. 🙂

  20. I was expecting something like Elfen Lied or Gantz for the gore, they will probably do that in the succeeding episodes.

    The ending pretty much showed the entire cast along w/ some of their past.

    If its 12 episodes, they will probably make an ova or a movie for the last part.
    Or if the manga moves on to the next arc,there could be a second season.

  21. Heck, I cant see one guy without a weapon – or even with one – overpowering entire class, and massacring them like that, and doing the material damage in the process that needed half a truck explosives… I think we can forgive the justice system for being blatantly injust in this case because otherwise there would be no story to build upon.
    One person that picqued my interest in particular was the guards captain with sabre and high heels. She is quite ruthless but not seems overly evil, and has no-nonsense attitude. Cross her and you die. Behave and you may live for a while yet. Director of prison aka friendly defense lawyer though emanates evil with every movement…
    Shiro’s seemingly carefree attitude belies her apparent power – and I wouldnt be surprised if she started loping off heads and limbs at moments notice. There is something disturbing about her to me… Still she is vulnerable to a shovel to back of the head. This may mean that even overpowered characters here can get pwned…

  22. Shiro doesn’t wear a collar? I say that’s a big collar on her neck. https://randomc.net/image/Deadman%20Wonderland/Deadman%20Wonderland%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2036.jpg
    It’s different from the rest of the prisoners but I’ll say it’s unique it may even have a different purpose. And at this point in the ED it got me intrigued. https://randomc.net/image/Deadman%20Wonderland/Deadman%20Wonderland%20-%20ED%20-%20Large%2003.jpg Show Spoiler ▼

  23. how can you possibly think the anime will be good after reading the manga? The mangaka is the stupidest least talented writer i have ever seen. He just makes the plot more and more ridiculous to draw the reader while giving false impressions on certain characters that he never follows up on. There is absolutely no point to about half the scenes.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yours is wrong.

  24. I can’t believe nobody caught the reference to this case: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shounen_A

    Well I suppose most people here were probably too young to remember anything when this case shocked Japan (and probably the rest of the world too), but the case of a 14-year-old boy being committed for murder and how the other characters kept referring to Ganta as “Shounen A” is definitely a reference to that real case that happened.

  25. Deadman Wonderland is offically the best anime of the season. Didn’t like how they killed off all the characters at first but other than that it was great. It has blood, action, violence and romance (well kinda since I thought him and Mimi would become a couple in the seris) just before the massacre. Overall a great start to the series.

  26. I hadnt even realized the lawyer was also the warden, though I thought it was a bit odd that he was following Ganta to prison. I figured he had a position in the prison, but not as the head. If the owner of the prison is also this society’s ‘public defender’, I’m sure this world sees a LOT of unjust convictions and scapegoats picked for their ability to put on a fun show before dying, rather than their innocence or guilt.

    Everyone seems to assume the video was just edited … maybe I was thinking too hard with the mind control answer, but it seems to make the most sense to me. If Red Man shot that crystal into Ganta’s chest to give him powers, it’d make more sense if he also had a way to mind-control the kid, to reduce the chance that Ganta will overpower and destroy him (which’ll happen anyway, given how anime works).

    I just wonder what’s so ‘special’ about Ganta that makes the Warden want him so badly. Maybe the Warden/RedMan (again, still just guessing on that) is just so absolutely insane and powerful that he just goes around picking people out of a phonebook for his next ‘present’.

    Cant wait for Ninja Warrior of Death >:D

  27. Why is a 14 year old character for this kind of story? Seriously, it could be a little more older (or maturer), say a high school student, a college student, a young man, but instead we get a 14 year old. I don’t know if I’m gonna laugh and be amused. But hey, Higurashi already did that, so I probably would be ok with that. Maybe…

    So far very good episode, and that Shiro not only have Nessa’s VA but also her behavior and personality. At least I will be seeing Shiro, this show will need more Shiro, because I don’t like that idea of seeing that lonely 14 year old boy getting a beating without at least seeing Shiro.

    Strangely I like it, will be looking forward to this. But I think I will need more time getting used to the fact that our main character is a 14 year old. I hope no spoilers from the Manga readers because I read very few manga compare to how much anime I watch.

  28. i’m excited with this anime too…when i heard deadman wonderland it made me curious and after watching this first eps i was hooked and was searching for the manga and lucky i have read the manga to vol9 …mmm.. i really hope this will based on the original manga coz the plot is sooo good:)


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