「愚者は己の代弁者を指名する」 (Gusha wa Onore no Daiben-sha o Shimei Suru)
“Only a Fool Would Appoint Himself as His Own Lawyer”

It sucks that Avril’s such a charming character, because despite the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a serious reason for her to like Kujou, the power of fate will never let it happen, literally. Well, that and because she’s going to get owned because she’s not the main character. Watching her try so hard to get Kujou’s attention is cute, but it’s best if she accepts her role in this story now… ;_;

The impeccable coincidences of all things relevant to the mystery popping up at the same time to all the characters in various ways is a funny sign that GOSICK is telling me this is the mystery we will get into soon. It’s not really the most believable way to go about it, but I guess that’s why there aren’t more people watching for the mystery. Nonetheless, BONES, Alchemy, FMA, lol. That’s part of what makes this mystery interesting, and the other part is because I have no idea where it could go. Presumably everything the alchemist did was false, because “ghosts, spirits, and alchemy” couldn’t possibly exist in this world, with the one exception of beings like the Gray Wolves. Yes, the plot armor is strong with this one. We’re just left with the questions, “How did he pull it off? Why did he kill Ian? Why does he need to mask to stay alive?” And because it’s interesting, I actually do want to know. Roscoe’s appearance doesn’t seem to hold too much of a relevance to this mystery except for the fact that they were seen together, but it does let the story reveal that he’s looking for le monstre charmant, or “the charming monster.” Your guess is as good as mine.

Character interactions still shine, keeping the scenes interesting from one to the next, and I feel like the story’s in a good position right now. It’s pulling in things from past episodes, like Grevil’s bishie hair, giving at least a sense of development, and I almost feel rewarded for going, “hey, that happened two episodes ago!”


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      1. Yes, it’s better she learn that a bratty, overly smart 10(?) year old is a much better choice for her love interest than her, who is closer to his age and has more common ground.

  1. Its not outside the realm of possibility that Avril and Kujo will end up together. Remember the prophecy that Victorique and Kujo will have strong feelings for each other but be far apart and not together (I’m paraphrasing as I don’t remember the quote exactly)? Japanese writers love bittersweet endings so its very possible he could end up with Avril and NOT Victorique (even tho I want a Kujo/Vict. pairing).

  2. I think i know how he got the rose to become blue but the gold part i don’t have any idea. My guess woiuld be its either pyrite (fool’s gold but that would be found out very fast) or plated (again found out fast).

    From what i remember alchemists (including surprisingly Newton IIRC) use a lot of mercury, so maybe the fellow got mecury poisoning?

    Zaku Fan
  3. This pic just proves that Kujou and Victorique are MADE FOR EACH OTHER:

    I like Avril and thought that she wasnt bad to be paired up with Kujou but she just couldnt compare at all with Victorique. I dont know why but the two of them have such an amazing chemistry! They just go really well together. I watch this show cuz Victorique is cute and moe, but a greater reason is watching the character development and romance to develop further between Kujou and Victorique. Everything else places second to that, I mean I never really cared about the mysteries at all and would rather have a plot to develop Kujou and Victorique, like character backgrounds and story that will have a significant impact to their relationship. I cant believe that initially my expectations of GOSICK was a mystery or fantasy series like Umineko or Higurashi, but even though it failed on that department, I remained glued to the series because of the main characters, heck I’d go so far to say that Kujou and Victorique IS THE SHOW, not those random mysteries.

    I really really hope that it ends well with the both of them, I dont care about that prophecy that the old man back in the village said, he only said “They will separate and wont die together. But their hearts will never be apart.” It doesnt mean that they will be separated forever, nor does it necessarily mean that just because they dont die together doesnt mean they arent together. Man I just said something weird and confusing lol.

    Anyways really like what Avril is doing here, now that she realizes Victorique is a girl and is very much concerned especially since Kujou visits her everyday and talks a lot about her. I like that Avril will eventually lead to Victorique to develop her feelings further towards Kujou, you can already see her getting jealous and mad at Kujou for accepting Avril asking him on a date. That’s why I cant wait when the two of them meets the next episode.

  4. Aw, come on, where’s the screenie of Victorique’s face as she declares her love for watching Kujo sweat his way down the stairs!? I was counting on getting that one here!

  5. I definitely thought of FMA the very moment the word ‘alchemy’ came out XD

    The new ending is pretty awesome, I totally loved it!

    They shouldn’t have shown so much spoilers in the next episode’s preview though, it’s pretty hard to worry about Victorique’s ‘some sort of kidnapping’ at the end of this ep. when you see here all cool and smiling in the teaser 3 minutes later ^^;

  6. When Victorique started badmouthing Alchemy I half expected Ed to pop his head out of a bush and start yelling at her and her “stupid fluffy dresses” or something XD. Than she probably would call him “really short for a man” and than it’ll be an even more epic short-people-battle than Ed Vs. Salem 😀

  7. I guess I’m one of the few people who just doesn’t understand the love affair with Victorique. All I see episode after episode is an increasingly ungrateful b-word with some cute mannerisms. Too much tsun from her for me. I’ve also become equally not a fan of Kujou because of how he latches to her without a second thought.

    I think Avril on the other hand is absolutely adorable, and it’s sad she hasn’t really been relevant at all. Her and Grevil are the bright spots of this show for me.

  8. Avril is literally kicking down doors to try and get Kujo’s attention. Talk about taking charge! Futile as it may be I want to see as much Avril as possible since these mysteries really can’t carry my attention at all.

  9. Avril was just great this episode! I’m pretty sure Kujou will end up with Victorique and I’ll continue watching an absolutely adorable character, Avril, wasted on this show.


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