「死肉祭(カーニバル・コープス)」 (Shinikusai (Kaanibaru Koopusu))
“Carrion Festival (Carnival Corpse)”

Shiro really does know Ganta the best — he’s weak and timid. I find him to be improving luckily, and at least this time during his fight with Crow he uses his head, by taking the high ground and firing blood bullets. Of course, he also didn’t think enough and I was facepalming as he drained his own blood and quickly became anemic. His power is really boring and looks puny, but I think it’s still a good try for his first official fight. Still there’s the cliché “surpassing one’s limits” after getting pummeled. I find it slightly unbelievable that he was able to knock out Senji with one measly pea-shooter attack (even if that’s where Ganta wounded him last episode) after getting sliced up with dozens of attacks. Seems to me that shounen likes making the protagonist the underdog getting beat up until he suddenly powers-up and makes that one critical hit.

This episode racked the cruelty level several notches though. Pity for for the characters. Even though I knew what was going to happen already, some scenes were still quite unsettling. Ganta’s not the only one suffering either; the penalty game is just so brutal and really made me wince. I’m not bad with gore, but still had to pause the episode for a few moments as the Miss Sadist nurse extracted Senji’s right eye without anesthesia. *shiver* So much for lessened impact violence in animation. Senji really is a good guy at heart though, which would be more clear if there is time for his back-story to be shown later on.

Then of course there are the creepy kids of Deadman Wonderland, from the demented Tamaki and his weird toys, to Shiro, who’s cute but insanely strong at the same time. Badass adorable is always amusing to watch, and Shiro is a prime example. Toh has his own evil side too, trying to use her for his own goals, but unfortunately that backfired when he had the power to the ward cut. (Bad idea stopping the “lullaby”.) It was the massacre all over again with decapitated heads and body parts flying everywhere. Judging from that evil (i.e. awesome) grin, I think that pretty much solves the mystery of who the Wretched Egg is. My original reaction to the idea was definitely shock though, since I didn’t really pick up on the subtle hints beforehand. And call me weird, but I like this kind of crazy.

Like the first massacre in the school, there was a good amount of black-outs in the scene, but this time it wasn’t darkened as much. The quality was a lot better than before as well, and the only explicit censoring throughout the episode was the eye extraction scene and Shiro holding up the severed head. The pacing was much quicker than last time too and there were plenty of OMG moments. Unlike the other episodes, seeing things animated was actually harder-hitting than the still art this time. Things get even more exciting next week as Hummingbird (Minatsuki) shows up, and I can’t wait (for reasons stated in the previous paragraph).




  1. Don’t worry Senji. Show Spoiler ▼

    Fighting cliches like this are really needed to advance the story friend. Without them, we’d be done with this anime already, since the sad truth is that, Ganta’s been lucky so far. very lucky.

    1. I feel that the fight scenes in Deadman Wonderland are actually moving away from the cliches in a way. Though the whole “I will never give up” sentiment is evident in this show as it is in many other shonen shows, you gotta give it to this anime for making the fight scene short and bearable. The other shonen anime are notorious for dragging on their fights for days and days on end. No joke.

      And yes, Ganta’s been very lucky but would you have it go any other way at this point in the show? I think the point the producers are trying to make is to show that he is, in fact, lucky to be alive. That’s a common motif in the whole show. Luck. Without it, Ganta would have been dead and it serves to spur him on and strengthen his resolve to never give up because, hey, in Deadman Wonderland, Ganta won’t ever get a second chance.

      Oh, and I’ve also written up a review of Deadman Wonderland. I think that it would be an interesting read for those of you that liked this article and anime. Don’t be afraid to leave comments, feel free to. I’d really appreciate them. Thanks!
      [Link]Tomphile’s Take on Deadman Wonderland

  2. Okay, I have never read the manga and I know nothing about this show aside from the developments from episode to episode. I will put it in spoilers just in case I am right. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else. But, after this episode I have come to the conclusion that Shiro Show Spoiler ▼

    I may be way off, but everything linked up. Her holding the head, the evil grin, the ridiculous power… it’s the only thing that makes sense. I’m glad we got a lot more information on her… FINALLY! Still, it is odd nobody but Crow has really thought it was odd she was walking around, and he was only embarrassed by her “appearance”.

    I suppose one thing is obvious… Ginta is lucky she likes him!

      1. Eh? I did read it. I always do.

        Oh, I see. I wasn’t making the connection between the Wretched Egg and.. yeah. Sorry. Now I understand what you were getting at. D’oh! Homer Simpson moment right there…

  3. This is the first episode that I noticed major changes from the manga. I could be wrong but I could have sworn Show Spoiler ▼

    I can’t wait for the Dvds to come out I’m getting a little annoyed at the censoring.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. The first time I read the chapter that cover this part of the story, I went WTF myself.

    The cute one always the crazy one… sigh…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I feel a little sad that a bunch of characters were left out though.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. If they skip that arc I will be SOOOOOO disappointed… I don’t see how they could since that leads directly to Show Spoiler ▼

      also because I think Condor is one of the coolest guys in the manga.

      1. I mean, considering all the depressing stuff that happens with that arc, and the fact they cut a bunch of characters, I’m guessing they really wanted to squeeze the whole story into 12 eps…

        Show Spoiler ▼

  5. This series seems to glorify violence for the sake of glorifying violence. Its as if its just making bloody gore and reveling in it. I can’t quite explain it. The dude loses the fight and he rolls a slot machine for them to yank his eye out?

    High School Of The Dead was supposed to be about kids and their teacher trying to survive a zombie holocaust. Instead the makers turned it into a showcase for fan service and the story itself was put on the back burner. This series is doing the same thing only instead of jiggling J-cup breasts we get crazy doctors ganking a guys eye out of his head and other nasty images.

    I don’t mind violence in an anime as long as it makes sense and serves some puropse. From Elfen Lied, Claymore, Gantz, and Hellsing I like them. The violence has to make sense. I want to like this series (there is a good story in here somewhere) but its like its a series that was made for serial killers (who would love to watch it and get off on the violence).

    1. Actually they are trying to prove how disgusting Deadman Wonderland is and just how twisted it is. This is one reason why …. I will stop there since it would a spoiler. The violence in this show has a reason even if I don’t like it either but I can see the emphasis on it. Highschool of the Dead however…

    2. So could we say you’re almost disgusted by the violence? Well, that’s the whole point. Deadman Wonderland is an extremely terrible place. They do violent things just to do violent things. It’s not like HotD where the fan-service didn’t make sense. The violence here is a direct result of the story.

      1. Eureka 7 manga was good…
        The anime was good too but had an alternate ending…
        This is purely my opinion.

        But yea, I think he’s refering to some of the death aspects of E7. If I recall correctly, some of the characters in E7 had really gruesome deaths in the manga and anime.

  6. That doc was getting off on that eye extraction…Also what is Toh thinking escaping the prison when he has a collar on his neck that’s killing him if he’s doesn’t take the candy. Do you think you can just find that candy anywhere?

  7. Is it just me or Ganta gives off a way more pathetic feel in the anime compared to manga? Nor do I think that the scene with Shiro in the end was as implicative in manga. Well, the latter is no big deal, but the former already gets on my nerves…

  8. I guess that’s what you’d call a payback for threatening a doctor, still she’s sick as hell.

    Tamaki’s guards, they have red eyes and white hair like Shiro. Coincidence?

  9. Even if Shiro is the Red Man, which seems likely, I doubt she’ll be the final villain. It’s clear that the Director, with those creepy bodyguards of his (who also seem to be albinos like Shiro), has been doing some experimenting. And the “No Name” viewer, who sounded elderly, was probably him.

    I’m also shocked by the implication that Ganta knew Shiro when they were children, and has possibly been to DMW before.

    Also, is Shiro supposed to be mentally handicapped? I can’t shake the feeling, and it makes the fanservice with her a bit awkward. haha

  10. One question mind-boggles me – how many people have to die before someone gets the wits to just kill off Red Man (and possibly other deadmen as well?) It’s not that they are nigh-invulnerable as in Elfenlied…

      1. oh really? can it survive headshot from .50 calbre sniper rifle? walk thru claymore minefield? or breathe VX gas? survive being bathed in napalm? or good old fashioned decapitation using bladed object?
        if something is sure is that humans are monsters enough with the numerous ways we invented to kill one another…
        and if
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Now this makes him interesting, but still there is no problem that cant be solved with proper administration of explosives… or poison gas as I assume he is still living thing needing to breathe (I exclude “supernatural demons from another dimension” for now, because that would void all the physics based speculations).

      3. Oh well, so they went for Mary Sue overpowered villain – i.e. invulnerable to anything but main char (aka plot armor)…
        Pity, because I think this simply is detracting from the value of the show.
        Though this might just put a perspective on Deadman Wonderland as a project to create a monster to kill a monster with… (which relates to things like Pandoras and Claymores…)

    1. I believe they want to keep the Deadmen alive to experiment on them. Imagine, if they could fully harness this power they’d be able to win any war and take over the world!

      1. later it would seem like thats what they’re planning. but the director actually has a very good reason for what he’s doing.
        too bad the anime wont reach those 2 parts…

  11. So, who else is on the “I Love this show” train?
    Boy has it been a while since I’ve seen a show that was full of gore and ridiculously ridiculous eye-yanking scenes.

    I saw someone say Elfen Lied, and I’m glad that DWL feels like a throwback to old shows like that. If memory serves, I remember blood and body parts flying around in Elfen Lied but I suppose times have changed. I’m not sure if I’d have been able to sit through the eye-ball extraction.

    Based off of Prooof’s impression, I didn’t make the connection that Shiro might be the Red Man. If she is, what an interesting turn of events.

    Please don’t take the time to tell me if Shiro is or isn’t whatever. I don’t want to know until the show explicitly states it.

    1. Loved it as a manga and though I’m not as enraptured by the anime because I kinda know too much (and thus the little changes made that make for eventual hard hitting latter on or in the eye pluck out scene they could have done it the manga route and made everything feel even more depraved and psychotic) I still am thoroughly enjoying it. Opening is catchy and matches even if there aren’t the best vocals and the ending is a good one for all the manga viewers to see how lol they are being for anime viewers.

      “Please don’t take the time to tell me if Shiro is or isn’t whatever. I don’t want to know until the show explicitly states it.”

      One note, get used to calling um Wretched Egg because they are going to be referring to um as that from now on.

    2. hah I’m sold. Seeing as I’m not to sharp when it comes to putting two-n-two together, I get the full experience of the surprise factor. With Shiro’s KSSSHH, I was like Show Spoiler ▼

      I don’t know if I want to read any of the manga right now because I’m enjoying the anime so much. I might even search for one of the Deadman uniforms and buy a big bear head. (In the OP when the inmates are walking, I can’t help but smile from its awesomeness.)

      1. You might want to pick up the manga. The adaptation left a lot of things out (and I blame the 12-episodes run-time for that.)

        The anime will also end before the manga I reckon, so it is likely that manga and anime will have different ending (again, DAT 12 EPISODES….)

        I really don’t want this anime to be like first FMA anime 🙁

      2. Will do. Though I’ve never read manga online. I only own the first volume because I’m not employed right now. If there’s a website that’s safe where I can read it, that’d be just peachy.

    3. since they really did cut-off a certain character, its clear the anime will end at scar chain arc.
      so we’ll end up seeing who the red man is but ganta wont(for the anime at least).

    4. Hey, Takaii. If I made a theme for your MAL list, what anime would you like for it to be based off of? 😀 I’m guessing A-Channel right now but I’m curious because I wanna see your MAL page all prettiful and stuffs.

      ps. Why don’t you link to your MAL page instead of RC? We’re already here. lol xD

  12. ive learned that its a bad thing to watch this during the day. the scenes with the dark background is almost impossible to see over here.
    im still baffled why they censor the “words”. I get censoring the gore but the “words”? unless it was to put some comedy in the show, its annoying.

  13. Even though the eye yank scene was censored it was friggin intense! I sat there clenching my fists. Still hate the censoring, but this ep was still very good. I seriously need to catch up on the manga. Haven’t read a single chapter in months. T_T

  14. Completely cringed up at the sight of the penalty game. I was just as curious about it as Ganta and my stomach churned as my skin crawled. I curse my imagination for causing me to feel that pain. Dx< GAWDAMN that was gruesome.

    UGHHH!!! DDX

    On a lighter note, I have hopes that the ending theme will change. I do love the depth behind the images shown. [The calm that settles in you as you listen.] And I'm a fan of Nirgilis since Birdy: The Mighty Decode. But I feel that there could be more to it.

  15. I really don’t know if I believe Shiro as the Red Man … granted, Prooof has read the manga, so it’s possible I’m wrong. :/ It just doesn’t make sense to me that Shiro is able to run around free as a bird in the prison, yet the ‘Wretched Egg’ escapes from G-Block is episode 3 and it’s a huge fiasco. Does Shiro just leave a stuffy-doll in her place when she feels like running around with Ganta? It makes no sense!

    1. Try Show Spoiler ▼

      Warning~ Major Spoiler !!! Show Spoiler ▼

  16. I glanced at the post from the front page before watching the episode and Shiro’s grin image spoiled it for me. Talk about the biggest spoiler image I’ve ever seen. lol

  17. Wait a minute this isn’t how it happened in the manga.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Then again, this is only gonna be a 12/13 episode series, so to have it go at the same pace as the manga, would be silly.

    Though…Show Spoiler ▼

    However, if i said any more, it would go beyond ‘spoiler’ and more or less wreck the series for the people who haven’t been reading the manga.

  18. Wow, you guy kinda ruined it for me. I would never made the connection that she is the Red Man. I still doubt it, but I didn’t read the manga. No certainty. I just notice that she kinda has the same evil grin like the Red Man, but just assume that she could be another Branches of Sin character. Crow has the same evil grin, too (at first anyway and I thought he was the Red Man.) Plus her power seem like flame rather than the Red Man’ wind power. I will let the anime determine who the Red Man is…

    As for all you guys who stated that Ganta is lucky, WTF?! How is getting all your friends slaughter in front of you as you watch and be helpless to do anything lucky? How is send to prison on death row for a crime you didn’t do lucky? How is being forced to play in someone sick games of blood and murders lucky? None of it is luck, somebody plan it all for him and he is only alive because that person let him. He has that power for a reason and it’s that power that why he is living a life of hell as well.

    And did anybody else notice all those scars on Shiro body? WTF did they do to her? She look like Lady Frankenstein. Somehow I get the feeling that her childish behavior is a defense mechanism for the horror she been through. Choosing between a childish behavior to complete insanity, I probably be jolly happy, too.

    Yup, I turn away from the screen like a frighten school girl when I watch Crow getting his eye pull out. When I saw slot machine remember that in the opening, he was wearing a eye-patch over his right eye, so I knew he was going to that right eye. Of course, watching the nurse having an orgasm while doing it just felt…WRONG!

  19. Oh, forgot to mention Yoh’s brief 2 seconds flashback. I notice dead guy with glasses, a naked schoolgirl, a lot of blood, and a bloody knife. Possible Scenario: some school teacher rape his friend or sister and he killed him out of rage. I thought it was interesting to mention that maybe Yoh is not as bad as he appear to be…

  20. The penalty game reminded of the reality show called “I Survived a Japanese Gameshow” where Americans compete on Japanese gameshows with the winning team rewarded with a prize and the loser having to play a penalty game. Too bad they never got to play on the Deadman Wonderland show.


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