Deadman Wonderland – 02

「解毒剤(キャンディ)」 (Gedokuzai (Kyandi))
“Antidote (Candy)”

There’s a psychotic opening sequence included this week, showing a lot of red and featuring some of the other deadmen, plus a little fan-service for both guys and girls. It fits pretty well with the dark themes in the series and the demented amusement park (even if there’s no reason for a costume to smile like that).

Deadman Wonderland – 01

「死刑囚」 (Shikeishuu)
“Dead Man Walking”

I didn’t know about this series before, but after burning through 40+ chapters of the manga in a day, I was sold and was excited for the anime adaptation to come out. My main fear was that there would be excessive censoring because it’s TV anime, not DVD or theaters, and also that the one cour may not be enough. There’s quite a bit of material and getting cut short would be no good.