「救済(グレイトフル・デッド)」 (Kyuusai (Gureitofuru Deddo))
“Salvation (Grateful Dead)”

Nagi finally goes “sane”, i.e. maximum rage, and starts ripping the guts out of peeps left and right, much to the delight of Genkaku. Ganta finally mans up to protect Shiro, but unfortunately he is still pretty weak and only manages to become a punching bag that cries. A combination of a very emotional speech, the ringing of Karako’s “bell of hope”, and a well-timed slap finally calms Owl down and clears his mind though. Things start to look a little better, and perhaps even in this nightmare there is a ray of hope. At least, that’s what I thought the theme was, before Genkaku completely shattered it by stabbing Karako through her chest and blasting a huge hole where Nagi’s innards used to be. Perhaps it’s somewhat their fault for having a tender moment together with enemies still all around them. Nagi should have played along for a bit and backstabbed Genkaku (his rage would be well-directed too, and saved their reunion for later.

Now Genkaku is the one going on rampage (even more than he already was), and killing both allies and deadmen alike, with annoying black dots censoring most of the gore. Given the level of violence though, it was probably for the best, if not a bit distracting. What I wasn’t expecting was seeing a flashback of his past, detailing how he developed his love for death and hate for other people. I don’t recall seeing Genkaku’s back story in the manga, but this does show that he’s gone through a lot like most of the people in Deadman Wonderland, and some of his rationale would actually make sense if he didn’t take it all the way off the deep end.

Things were looking really dark, from my point of view, it looked like there couldn’t be anything but an ending of utter despair, but Ganta is finally able to pull off a final attack and give Mr. Super Priest the salvation he needs. I don’t know how he did it with all the blood loss and the poison in his system, and also how Nagi was still able to move after having his guts blown out, but I guess the human body is really tougher than we give it credit for. The stone in Ganta’s chest, the source of his power, was also acting up though, and it was probably the thing keeping him going, but I was really hoping that Wretched Egg was the one to save them. She was so close too, before Ganta took charge of the situation and used his ultimate attack.

In the end, Ganta makes out up with Shiro, a lot of the Undertakers are dead, and some of the deadmen escaped, but it still feels like a very bitter conclusion. The situation he’s in is still pretty horrible, and Ganta still has no clue of Shiro’s true identity. “Why did the red man know that song?” It’s a creepy song indeed, and suits the Woodpecker quite well; those are some pretty dark lyrics for a song Ganta’s mom made for him though, and it’s no wonder he would rather not hear it. And so the Deadman Wonderland anime comes to a rather abrupt close, but I am very hard pressed to think of any bright things these characters have to look forward to.



Final Impressions:
In fiction, crazy is awesome, and Deadman Wonderland delivers some of the most demented characters that I have seen in animation. The titular private prison itself is equally brutal and violent, even for an insane asylum, and provides a very dark environment in which survival of the fittest is the absolute law, virtually overwhelming the protagonists. Out of all this comes some of the best villains I’ve seen in a while though, especially Genkaku with his guitar/machine gun, and also Mockingbird, who is largely still a mystery but is just as crazy. And finally there is Shiro, the Wretched Egg — the scariest villain of all and perhaps the biggest twist in the show, and her story is not even fully revealed yet. There’s also some great anti-heroes Crow, Hummingbird and Makina, all of whom I really enjoyed watching.

There is no shortage of violence and gore, and it never relents from the very first episode, with only the faintest glimmers of light showing once in awhile, only to be quickly snuffed out. Even though I’ve already read through the manga, I still found the anime very unsettling, and without the censoring I would have had to turn away from the screen many times. It’s gritty and it’s gruesome, but that makes the story all the more hard-hitting as the characters struggle the survive against forces that toy with their lives. The plot is full of intrigue and there is no shortage of mysteries and twists that I found quite riveting.

With only twelve episodes in this adaption, it leaves off on a rather ominous ending. There’s awful lot of story that is left unfinished, especially with all the different factions involved, each with their own cast, conspiracies, and back-stories. Even with the main character Ganta has an unknown past, and his scientist parents mean he’s connected more closely to the whole Branch of Sin affair than just an accidental user. As for the other primary character, Shiro’s status still a secret to the majority of the characters too, and little is known about the other villains such as Tamaki and Sakagami. Even with a lot of characters taken out though, and some disappointment with several of the episodes throughout the season, things really started ramping up after the revelation about the Wretched Egg, and I thought Manglobe did a fair job with the adaption. Hope for a second season! If not though, I have to say I strongly recommend the manga.


  1. First? Me too, Proof – I also strongly recommended the manga in my blog about this “finale”. I thought this was actually an excellent ep, but frustrating because it just shows how good the story is about to get. If there’s no second season, does this whole cour really amount to one long commercial for the manga? Manglobe was in a tough spot and they captured a lot of what I love about the manga extremely well, but this was an incredibly inconclusive conclusion.

    Very nice review!

  2. I have to say that I love the manga, however I’m lukewarm with the anime. True they got away with some harsh stuff violence-wise, but the anime didn’t have the emotional impact that the manga has.Show Spoiler ▼

    add so much to his story and deeply affects the protagonists. If they do decide to make a second season and try to stick to the manga then, again, the emotional impact will be lessened because of a missing character. It will be tough to top the manga in terms of the Red Man reveal, because god damn does that hurt to read. The only thing I can think of that could top it is revealing her identity just as they share their first kiss and she stabs him.

    1. x) I finally get to see Justin comment. See the difference, everyone? Justin, and Justinnnnnn.

      …Hope that’s clear now.

      ……And sorry for the useless post btw, lol.

  3. second season or we will bribe Tamaki to send the whole studio to Deadman wonderland – and not as visitors…
    …goes off to manga reading, grumbling something about real action starting in the next chapter…

  4. Mockingbird killing the little girl so violently felt wrong :X But otherwise a decent series, though it did not live up to my expectations of being one of the top series of the season.

    1. I did feel sorry for the little girl, but remember back as to what she did to Nagi, I don’t feel so bad. More like “Now we’re even”. She did slice bit by bit of Nagi’s flesh and chopped off his arm. She got what she deserved…

  5. The characters never had anything to look forward to in this show from the start in my opinion. Haha, it’s just been all kinds of grim from the get-go. Which was pretty awesome in its own. I’m a bit disheartened that Ganta didn’t get any progress on the romantic front with Shiro. He could’ve at least hugged her tightly.. >:\

    I would have.. [a lot]

    Thanks for blogging the show. Here’s to the next season’s announcement.

    1. Their love story is unfolding…he is yet to realized that she loved him.

      Hug, Shiro? Did you forget how she mercilessly murdered all of Ganta’s classmates and continue to killed anybody who tried to get close to him?

      When Ganta was with his two friends, Mimi and other guy, she killed them both and toss Mimi’s head at Ganta. When Ganta was hanging out with Yoh, she jump in and tried to kill Yoh, but back off. I believe it is a matter of time until the rest of you can conclusion that she is in loved with Ganta and want him for herself. She won’t hesitate to kill anybody who comes in between. Like Shiro said before Ganta punch her, “I don’t care about anybody…only Ganta.” It is a sick and twisted love. Crow, Mina, and Yoh better keep their distance from Ganta or their will have a one-way ticket to Hell. Crow of course will welcome the challenge with Shiro…LOL

  6. I was hoping that they’d keep the part where the other scar chain members arrive to save karako.
    all in all, it was ok. didnt differ too much from the manga so I give it a 8/10.

  7. This was one of the most violent yet spectacular animes I’ve ever seen. The fact that Shiro is still able to keep her identity a secret truly amazes me. She is the light in Ganta’s life but, I cant imagine what he’s gonna do when he finds out who she really is. I wish he would use some common sense if he had any! This show has remained strong from beginning to end. The story has been amazing so far and the characters have been awesome, each with their own split personality and twisted sense of justice. Theres still more mysteries to unravel. I cant wait for the second season!!

    1. Ganta: I know that song.
      Shiro: Yeah, your mother taught of it.
      Ganta: Please don’t sing it anymore. Red Man was singing it that day.
      Shiro: Okay.
      Ganta: I wonder how he knew that song…

      Just when I was starting to like Ganta, his stupidity continue to amaze me. What they should have done is this next:

      Ganta: Shiro, are you… (He turn to look at her…BAM! The End)

    1. According to a post on psgels’ blog, sadly not very good. People said DW vol.1 DVD and BD sales combined didn’t even make it pass 1,000 copies. The prospect is very dim, imo. *sigh*

  8. I liked the series as well. I was put off by all the relentless cruelty in the series. Particulary the beginning. But grew to like some of the characters and really loved Shiro. She is the best things about this show. Her child like way of looking at things was adorable. I hope they have a second season.

    There is one thing I hate about this show tho. It pisses me off no end. DON’T LOOK at the spoiler if you don’t want to have a huge plot development spoiled…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. I was slamming my face against the desk when Nagi started to talk after having his guts blown out. I can understand Ganta making it because of the crystal in his chest, but Nagi…he would have died from blood loss alone in a matter of seconds, if not miliseconds. It’s things like these this show does that remind me why I’m not a big fan of shonen.

    Also, was I the only one waiting for Karako to confess her love for Nagi? It’s pretty obvious to everyone, and it would have at least made the death scene a little more emotional.

    I AlSO find it rather annoying how Karako always lives. The writer obviously keeps her alive because, let’s face it, she’s fanservice. I haven’t seen her fight half-decently since the time she punched Ganta. We know what she’s capable of, but she always has to take the back seat because everything is always all about the dull main character who will always win every single fight no matter how annoying or weak he is. *sigh*

    Mockingbird’s power finally came to light, although I had to slap myself for not noticing it earlier from his name. He drinks the blood of other Branches of Sin users, and can then use their powers for himself. The more of their blood he drinks, the more stable the powers are for him to use (as demonstrated by his hand falling off when he used Crow’s technique, since he only drank a small amount of his blood). Still, Ganta’s power is so weak, I doubt it would help Mockingbird at all if he drank it. SHIRO’S power, on the other hand…

    Overall, this was a decent series. Some of the characters were interesting, and I love the way insanity and reality were portrayed. However, the series tends to do very stupid things all the time that I can’t just overlook (a.k.a. ACID SHOOTING WITTLE ROBOT!!! OH NOEZ!!!!). I can’t take anything seriously when I’m busy burying my face in my hand. The emotions portrayed in this series are well done, if a little repetitive, and crazy psychopathic facial expressions add to the feeling of madness. That’s what this entire show is about, really; the madness and sickness of the world. The show gets its goal accomplished, even if it has a few minor issues. Maybe I’ll check out the manga and see if it’s any different. The anime, however, I give a decent 7/10.

    I hope for a second season!

      1. LOL then again they are Deadman who have power of blood…

        I wouldn’t try to use common sense in a fictional world like Deadman Wonderland. Just watch and enjoy…

      2. @Chaos:

        Yeah, with this show you just have to say “The fuck with logic” and turn your head. Still… I at least think it’s important to point these things out. I wish shows like this would think about what is physically possible and what isn’t. I mean, SOME things that screw logic are awesome (example: Spike Spiegal floating act) but, keeping your character alive even after he’s had a third of his torso blown out just so he can give a sad death scene… it just isn’t worth it. Viewers are going to be more busy slamming their hands into their faces than taking the scene seriously.

        Meh, or at least that’s my opinion. :p

    1. Shouldn’t you have banged your head against your desk enough waaaay before this episode to even care now ? I mean: kindergarten loli Hibana swinging a sword 3 times her size, Crow getting his eye pulled out without painkillers and not going into a shock-induced coma, etc. And Nagi is, so far as I have seen it, the most supernaturally endowed of the “normal” Deadmen (that is, who are not ax crazy, storybreaker-power-wielding, immune-to-pain Red Man): he single-handedly killed 22 Undertakers with his blood and bare hands (to be fair, they didn’t develop the worm eater weapons back then… perhaps they started to after Nagi’s rampage ?), he crushed a man’s skull with his bare hands, he stepped on a man’s head and it crushed from sheer pressure… Oh yeah, and he also survived Hibana’s lingchi without feeling a lot of pain and tore his hand of ALSO WITHOUT EXPRESSIVELY FEELING PAIN. Which all points out to me that Nagi (even when he’s not in his crazy badass berserker mode) has insane raw strength, endurance and stamina. Which doesn’t even surprise me a little bit, if he pulls off a show of talking with a hole in his stomach.

      After all, DW is such a crazy show that I gave up on questioning its logic and instead enjoyed it while it lasted. And what an abso-fucking-lutely awesome ride that was.

      1. You know, I never really thought about Nagi’s super human awesomeness before, but you’re right! Yes, this show makes me slam my head against the desk a lot, but for some reason, I never give up hope that the show will somehow eventually do something that is, you know, realistic. So because of that, every time the show fails, it sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Ah well, that’s just how I am: hypercritical.

  10. Although I am usually not a friend of articifial settings like DW’s private-prison-cum-collosseum I have to say that the anime piqued my interest and I started reading the manga the first volume of which was published recently in my home country.

    The best thing about DW imo was the large cast of interesting characters. I hope the manga will bring more of their personalities and backstories to light. My favourite character is of course Shiro!

    1. The majority of people love Shiro. Crow would be second…

      I personally hated Ganta from the start, but when he man up in the last scene, it won me over. I am liking his character now and willing to overlook his flaws knowing that he can step up to the plate and hit a homerun.

      There are several things I respect in man:
      -Know when to admit that you are weak
      -Choose to continue to fight even after knowing you are weak
      -Saying “I’m Sorry” when you know you have done wrong

      Ganta did all three…

      1. I admit Ganta had one time when he was really cool: the end of ep. 6. I guess he was still pushed up from the fight and the adrenalin got the better of his usual whiny personality!

  11. I hate when they end an anime like that without announcing a second season. They should say if they gonna have or not, so I can choose to read the manga or to wait for the second season. =/

  12. @PROOOF: Yep, Genkaku’s backstory was in the manga.

    I really hope they continue the story into a second season, but the way they’re wrapping it up, it doesn’t seem like there will. Such a pity. 🙁

    1. Genkaku has a pretty f*ck up past. Getting used and abused is one thing, but get man rape is too far by my standard. Those bastards got what they deserved, too bad it turns Genkaku into a monster. I hated him before, but after learning his past, I can say I don’t like him, but I don’t hate him either. Ironic that the salvation he so desperately offer to others is the same salvation he wanted all alone: Death.

      When Ganta fires his ultimate attack and Nagi held Genkaku to say, “I’m taking you to hell with me” and he reply, “So you are my savior. I am glad” was one of the best scene. Let the man find happiness in death…

  13. This episode didn’t really feel like a final, more like an end to an arch. With it’s sudden and abrupt ending, i was expecting to see previews of the next episode. But a lass, this really is the end of series. Hopefully, not entirely.

    Even with all that was cut out/ changed it still delivered a pretty good performance. Despite all the ‘censoring.’ Which will probably be ‘put back in’ in the blue ray, along with all the other stuff that was ‘blacked out.’ Which is just the gore, if memory servers correct.

  14. I’m quite sad the series is over for now…Saturdays were my designated “DW Days.” For reasons I can’t really explain, I’ve really enjoyed this series, due in part to having started reading the fantastic manga since episode two…hope to see more in the future. Thank you so much for covering this series…

  15. I know that an OVA should be airing in the fall, though not sure about a season 2. This episode was a great episode and I’ll probably go read the manga for the continuation. I just can’t get enough of Toto.

    1. Speaking of Toto…

      It looks like Prooof was right when he mention Toto is related to the director. If what he predicted is true, the director was “training” deadmen so he can take over their body as a host. It would seem his power is like a parasite allowing him to take over another body like a body snatcher. Of course, it raises the question: was he even the director to begin with?

      I highly doubt so. It would be one hell of a twisted if it was later reveal that his true identity is…Ganta’s mother.

      As for his power, it is copying other deadman’s power through the taste of their blood. He used Crow “invisible black” attack. But it seem his new body has a problem, it falls apart when he used too much power. I wonder what he is gonna do about Tamaki who self-proclaimed himself as the warren now?

  16. Shiro’s Woodpecker song:

    One mischievous little woodpecker
    Another day, pecking your holes
    Ruining the woods, tree wrecker
    The angry old forest god turned your poor beak into a poison knife
    Poor little wood pecker, your nesting holes are all tainted
    Your food with toxins rife
    Touch your friends, and they all will die falling at your feet
    Oh, sad little woodpecker
    Poisonous tears, shining brightly, as they stream down your cheeks

    How on Earth do a mother created this song for her son?! (Something is not right…)

    1. I know! maybe there’s a dark and gruesome past for Ganta’s parents as well (as with all the characters in DW) or she was just a horrible/insane mother. Still, that song gives me the creeps every time, something about it just isn’t right.

    1. I think you should watch the rest. It’s not like the best anime ever, because it lets a lot of unexplained things, but it’s not bad either. I enjoyed myself, so i guess you should take a shot.

  17. I called Nagi turning back to the good side! Only to see him die, I guess the good guys have a few seconds because of the overwhelming ominous tone to this series. It was cracked-in-the-head warped but entertaining and there was always something that kept the panzy Ganta going until the very end. They set up the characters very nicely for a Second Season and in fact this is probably the stage where most other anime would start, with a (now strong willed) confident main character and side-kick-with-a-twist.
    Enjoyable to say the least and thank you PROOOF for covering and let’s hope for a 2nd Season!

    P3t3r P4n
  18. Great series. I usually can’t be bothered to read manga, but I’m so curious about all the mysteries still unrevealed that I just have to pick it up. Definitely hoping for a second season as well.


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