「原罪」 (Genzai)
“Original Sin”

Shiro finally shows a very scary side, and even her voice and demeanor has completely changed. Just like pretty much every other person in Deadman Wonderland, first impressions are very misleading. I’m sure no one has any doubt now that Shiro is indeed the Wretched Egg, a.k.a. the “Red Man”. Her powers can trigger a mini-earthquake, reminiscent of the one that destroyed Tokyo, but the origin and nature of the powers are still very mysterious. The Branch of Sin, the Nameless Worm, the Red Hole: that’s stuff the leadership behind Deadman Wonderland is after, probably in hopes of harnessing the power, but it’s a dangerous thing they are messing with. It turns out even the Director is a Deadman, and he’s a lot stronger than he looks, which I don’t think Tamaki is aware of. The whole Deadman Wonderland is just layer after layer of conspiracies.

Ganta of course is at the lowest level of all the scheming. He doesn’t even have any memories of his past with Shiro due to some kind of amnesia, but that sad lullaby and the pain in his chest is starting to bring snippets of it back. The “Ace Man” TV superhero legacy with Ganta and Shiro’s childhood seems to be strong, to the point that Shiro dresses like him in her Wretched Egg form; however, that backstory makes the whole situation even more depressing. Their friendship ran really deep, and they pretty cute when they were little too, and they didn’t deserve everything they’ve gone through. It looks like Shiro’s original Branch of Sin has always been with her, and she has been very strong since she was young. Shiro hasn’t had the happiest childhood as a result though, and she’s been subject to tests and experiments by adults her whole life. Ganta’s mom was a scientist involved in the investigation too, so that would explain their close friendship. I am surprised he didn’t recognize the Ace Man’s armor on the “Red Man” given all the nostalgia associated with it, but that could be plausible since he had completely forgotten about Shiro up to that point. He’s obviously not aware of Shiro’s true nature at this point either, but there are little things that she does that make me think she really still does care about him even in her alternate personality.

Even without Shiro, the development elsewhere is getting very interesting. For one, Minatsuki still retains her sadistic shell, but there are definitely some cracks starting to show. Her attempts at keeping in-line with her personality is faltering, which is probably best illustrated at her happiness when the punishment game system was hacked so that she only lost her hair. Yoh still has his funky sister complex (can’t blame him with that kind of sex appeal), but suddenly all the brutality in the last episode seems to be turning into comic relief, and even Senji is involved in some of the more lighthearted scenes. However, things are escalating quickly with the introduction of the incredibly strong “super priest” Genkaku, whom Tamaki uses to control the Deadmen.

As far as shounen villains go, he’s looks pretty bad-ass and has quite a crazy personality, carrying a guitar/wind tunnel as a weapon to top it off. On the good guy side, Koshio Karako and “Owl” (Kengamine Nagi) show up to recruit Ganta into their group. I find their resistance cell status unbelievable though, because they are death row inmates with collars that can track and subdue prisoners. I don’t get how their activities work at all, especially when they are in a closed system and secrecy isn’t exactly possible. However it is possible that the authorities are just not cracking down on them explicitly, and Genkaku does seem to be somewhat aware of what they are up to. Regardless, aside from the violent system of “entertainment” and punishment, controls feel pretty lax in this prison.




    1. dont think so on the original anime ending for this one.
      its mostly following faithfully to the manga and they can end it at a certain part where its a proper ending and still leave a cliffhanger for next season.
      though they’re gonna have a hard time to start season 2 since they cut off some characters.

      1. The only really important character they cut out is Azami, the reason they cut her obviously is she plays no important role during the escape arc.

        Problem is if there is a second season detailing the forgeries arc, they’ll have trouble explaining why she’s so important to Ganta.

  1. Few minus points for anime characters who act to fake and a few plus points for the tasteful fan service. I already know the guitar guy sucks cuz hes to OP and some other guy is going to defeat him in the end… well that is such a brand new theme in the story world. Well to sum up this story Minatsuki is hot as F#CK.

  2. Nice episode
    Lolz at the promoters face when he put that lego block on
    Time to start reading the manga cause this show is really starting to show its colors for me

    Just an add on. Minatsuki is just spicy!

  3. yep.
    I ship yohXminatsuki. I hope they somehow become official later in the manga.

    shiro and ganta in their childhood years was quite amusing. shiro beating ganta up a lot of times looks quite fun(not for ganta though).

  4. I’m expecting a Season 2 to have it as Ganta already met Azami via flashback. Either that or introduce her early and include all the scenes they cut for this season, since the Forgeries arc and its spoilerish aftermath will likely be Season 2.

    Season 3 – the final arc

    Mania Lyssa
    So far the anime isn’t completely disappointing. They’re skipping over a few scenes, but they haven’t done it where they’ve destroyed the source material or anything.
    Now they’re /really/ starting to get into the meat of the story and things are going to get real good.

  6. Ace Man= Red Man

    I’m kinda wishing that this series dosnt have an original ending. I want it to reamin loyal to the manga as possible-which they ve done a good job on except on the fact that they sliced out Azami.

  7. Woot! Great episode! Last week’s was rather disappointing to me for a number of reasons, so I’m a bit happier now…especially since Crow had a couple scenes and Nagi and Kurako were introduced.

  8. Ok so I rewatched the opening for Deadman Wonderland and I noticed something quite interesting. At minute 1:18 there is a person dancing. Initially I thought that it was Crow, but there is a scar on the persons wrist and the pants for Crow are different than those of the figures. Also that person isn’t wearing a collar.

    1. Makina is my fave char for now, given she is badass normal without any superpowers, and I am cheering her efforts to discover the truth behind deadman wonderland… I’d love to see her personally delivering justice to the promotor’s ass with her saber.

    1. I think it is a regular exercise they do. I am not surprised if Shiro was the one who put the director in that rehab state in the first place when we first saw in the last episodes. I am assuming he either want that power for himself or testing the limits of his current power against Shiro’s.

    1. I don’t think she is evil. According to the director, Shiro is nicknamed the Wretched Egg because she was an abandon embryo. I am assuming he meant was a test-tube baby created to harness the branches of sin power. For her, she has no parents and constantly subject to tests and experiments. Her mind must have been broken and develop 2 separated personality: cheery carefree childish Shiro and seriously dangerous Shiro.

      Now I know why is she so happy around Ganta. He was probably her only friend and outlet for fun. Due to that state of mind, I believe she loved him despite the horrors she brought onto him. She kinda remind me of what is Lucy to Kohta in Elfen Lied.

      I am also assuming that Shiro caused the original super earthquake that destroy 3/4 of Japan due to her mini-earthquake power in this episode.

    1. it’s either a mistranslation or an error on the anime production staff’s part. in the manga, Minatsuki states that she only lost part of her stomach, not the whole thing.

    1. I highly doubt your logic there…

      I have been in a frat once and gone through some bad hazing. I remember one night we have to do 30,000 push-up continuously until it was done or give them 30,000 strand of our hairs (aka shaved us bald like a new born baby). Not surprising that we all went bald that night… after almost passing out doing 3,000 of the push-up. I understand the definition of “muscle failure” that night…

  9. This episode was great. It make me really like all the characters. Yoh for caring for his sister and Mina vice versa. Shiro and Ganta for their past together. Senji for being more lively.

    I actually pay close attention to the ending pictures and realize it tell the story of each character’s past. Ganta and Shiro are childhood friends. Senji was a police officer. I wonder what went wrong for him to be on the opposite side of the laws? Makina was a military officer. Karako was a nurse. Owl had a wife and yet-to-be-born child.

    I don’t know about anybody else here, but this episode make me like Ganta and especially Shiro more (despite what she become). Look like another story of twisted love.

    As for the Red Man’s origin, Ganta explain that whenever Shiro feel bad, she should call out to Ace Man to come to rescue her and take the pain away. It also showed that when Ganta was attacked by the crazy dog, he called out for Ace Man and Shiro saved him stating “Ace Man is here.” I believe ever since, she wear a similar outfit as a mean to escape her pains and become a sorta hero.

    It kinda make me wonder how sad Shiro must have been after Ganta was gone and forgotten about her?

  10. Definitely did not make the Aceman-Red man costume connection when reading the manga. Guess I should start watching the anime now seems like it’s coming to a good part

  11. It’s really ironic that the first really light-hearted moment that I’ve seen in this show has to come when it’s just out of the bag that everyone in this show is BATSHIT CRAZY.

    Geno DCLXVI

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