「誰かさんの思い出になる日」 (Dareka-san no Omoide ni Naru Hi)
“A Day Someone Will Remember”

It’s become quite apparent that the whole “adolescent” deal is more prominent than as mere laughs at the end of every episode. We’ve had it as a metaphor for the amount of regrets before death, and after all, our hero admits he’s obsessed with it to do what’s necessary. With the introduction of the “universe stalker“, it appears we’ve got one more adolescence chaser, even though this one has far passed the age of high school. That’s not to say gaining the points can’t happen after high school, but like Niwa says, there’s just some things you can’t do after.

Maekawa makes note that the rocket man’s dreams of space and vast mysteries must correlate with him being born in the city, a larger “mystery” whose closest cousins lie in visual novels of “magic cities”. *cough* KEY *cough* His previous actions and unknown connections with Meme want to say that he could be Erio’s father, perhaps his way of apologizing to Erio for her situation. The other “new” character, Komaki (Nagashima Yuuko), makes a related point about rockets. Her explanation of them as attempting to break from gravity to make it into space spoke volumes, like any goal-driven being trying to surpass their limits and reach the skies.

It’s also important that she makes a point in that most don’t achieve such success, because who ever heard of the guy who spent his every waking moment attempting to break a world record? No one, because if he doesn’t break it, it doesn’t matter. So how does this even relate to the show as a whole? Probably somewhere along the lines between Erio and Niwa, but when they spend two-thirds of the show making rockets and furthering Ryuuko’s failed attempts at romance, it’s hard to tell. She did get some piece of Niwa’s heart by saying she’d be on his side, but she sure threw Erio under the bus to get it.

The “optional” scenes such as passing the tea around, dinner scene, cutting bottles, do show some different aspects of the characters, but it’s not like they strayed far from a jealous Ryuuko, a neutral Maekawa, and a weird Erio. Even interpreted as comedic bits, it wasn’t really funny. There’s a lot of potential mystery available, but the increased focus on the scenarios of Niwa and his unchanging harem is getting stale. Hopefully Meme will further something by asking Grandma some questions. “Is God an alien?” ..or maybe not..



    1. Why are so many people act lik this is a drama anime??
      I mean come on guys, it’s shaft.
      I mean, sure it did seem to put in a lot of emphasis on it’s drama aspect and is only half is quirky as most shaft anime, but it’s still a shaft anime nontheless and should be watched for it’s humor. The drama is simply an extra fun.
      (Though I have to say, I find the drama here really enjoyable when an episode is centered around it. More so then AnoHana’s drama~)

      See Key
      1. Oh come on, about half of the comedy shows synopsis’ can be considered drama. It’s how the dialog and tone of the show is built that decides it. Heck even SZS can be considered drama if you just read a synopsis or read about the plot of the first episode!!
        Drama played for laughs is no drama.
        If the show focuses more on it’s homur aspect then it’s drama aspect then obviously it’s a humor anime.

        See Key
  1. I liked it very much. The Piece of Life feeling is so simple and “clean”, and yet interesting in every moment and funny when needs to be.

    I hope Ryuuko will have a deeper involvement, since I think she’s one of the most interesting characters I have ever seen in an anime.

    Reminds me of some pink-haired girl from Toradora.

  2. This series isn’t perfect but I still enjoy watching it. It has likable quirky characters and I want to see where the series is going. Its still worth 24 minutes of my time.

  3. feels slower than the previous eps.
    once ive gotten to the middle though, im not dropping(unless time presured). this can still get better and I hope it does since my interest is waning.

    1. I don’t know where I heard this from, but the series is already past the halfway mark. I think it ends somewhere at around 12 episodes. Not many weeks left for this show, I just hope that it can end well…. though there’s not much hope for a coherent ending.

  4. I don’t know.
    I’m incredibly easy to please, I guess, but this show must’ve resonated with me to some extent. In this season, it’s the one I’m enjoying most (well, maybe aside from Nichijou, but that one’s an all-out comedy, and laughing tons is something I’d call extremely enjoyable). Looking at it (semi-)objectively, it isn’t the best show of the season, but it has its strange charm.

    Maybe I’m attracted to the odd adolescence points bit, since I just recently entered my twenties, and I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of youthful, high school type of fun.

    I don’t know, I’m just weird like that.

  5. Really nice post, Kiiragi. I’m excited to see whether the rocket metaphor of pushing to break a given worldly limit will reflect something more central to the major plot (which is looking more and more to be Erio’s reintegration to society) or simply as a minor reflection with, as you said, the almost futile-looking romantic endeavour of Ryuuko. While the Uchuu stalker being Erio’s father is certainly the most obvious possibility, I expect him to more clearly explicate the rocket metaphor in it’s relevance to the major story.

    All in all, I know any people have expressed their distaste, but I really like Ryuuko so far. The over-the-top genki personality has been done and done, but I feel like she’s got a real quality to her that breaks the usual archetypes. She’s not perfect, and she knows that, and as a result, her archetype falters – which is refreshing when it seems like every anime girl fits squarely into three or four categories these days. That, and her fang, red eyes, and shaggy hair are just supremely adorable. =3

    1. I think that Ryuuko is more likable because she is the only character in the whole cast that kinda fits into one of the many arquetypes. She’s the genki-girl that every now and then gets lost in deep though.

  6. The show is supposed to be about aliens or something like that, maybe driving away our attention is part of the plot or maybe there is no such things as aliens here. I just hope it does not turn Gainax and at the penultimate episode aliens appears and kidnap Erio and everyone must gather… blah, blah bluagh.

    I am enjoying this the way it’s been done.

    Lectro Volpi
  7. I’m also thinking that stalker guy = Erio’s father
    Seems like Grandma and Meme are not in good terms.
    PS:Almost every show this season have a character wearing lab coats.

  8. Screw moe! Ryuuko and her antics are really starting to piss me off. She was fine at first but all this jealously and hate towards Erio makes her the least interesting and most annoying character.

    1. Dunno, she’s still a bit out there for me to like her
      Her personality’s kinda mixed up, not given solidly
      So I’m taking her lightly right now.

      I’m not going to even rate ‘character’ or ‘personality’ for this show. Just a mismash.
      But the scene where Ryuushi drags out Maekawa and Erio from the bath like it was nothing amuses me. And that Niwa doesn’t spit out blood from his nose, having a ‘what do you expect me to say’ look.


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