「日常9」 (Nichijou 9)
“My Ordinary Life 9”

The pure randomness of this show never fails to brighten my day. Boy do I wish High School was this awesome over here in the states. Announcing marriage plans, thrusting teachers into the air, and even getting free bags of rice — WHO WOULDN’T WANT A FREE BAG OF RICE?

While I’ve called Mai the master of trolling, Mio’s older sister could easily steal that title away at the rate she’s going. Not only does she have no problems with messing around with complete strangers, but the sheer amount of planning that goes into her pranks on Mio is astonishing. Sabotaging Mio’s limited time sale strawberry shortcake was good, but that happy birthday to me stuffed underneath the Shogi piece was too much. Seeing how Yoshino probably knows Mio’s traits the best, it was bittersweet knowing that she probably knew just how much of a jerk she was being, but not caring because it was just too funny.

With Nichijou literally meaning My Ordinary Life, I’m surprised with how much humor comes out of animating the simple problems that occur every day. Both the restaurant and bug extermination skits hit a home run with me. It sucks when you’re the last person to get your food, but boy is it funny watching it happen: starting off thinking positively that your food is going to come out soon, slowly getting antsy every time a waiter with food walks around, to finally losing your mind and on the verge of complaining. Usually I’m too wrapped up in worrying about when my food is coming to notice this change in my behavior, but hopefully you can learn from Yuuko’s mistakes and prevent yourself from making a waiter cry.

With the bug skit I loved every moment of it just because of how it mimics my own way of dealing with bugs. Starting off slow until I build up enough moment that things slowly turn into a hell storm with any bug within my reach getting eradicated off the face of this earth. While I wish I could perform super cool moves while removing the pests from wherever they may be, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with nearly as many bugs as Yuuko does. If I did, I wouldn’t be living where I currently live.

At this rate I don’t think Nano is ever going to win against Hakase. Being her caretaker, I expected her to stay strong after getting seriously pissed off about Hakase destroying the snack cabinet. But I suppose with the lure of having that key taken off of her back she will always be at the mercy of Hakase and her childish ways. You know, Hakase probably gets it by now that the key to unlocking (lol) Nano is the key on her back. If I were Nano, I’d try to play it off that the key isn’t important and trick Hakase into taking it off (;

P.S. Hirano Aya voiced the narration at the end of this week’s Nichijou. Ignoring any of the bad PR that may circle around her, I really do miss hearing her voice.


  1. Yuuko’s Mosquito Sssssslice. xD

    The whole subject of flies and ‘squitoes brought up the idea that it’s never rewarding to kill a bug in your hands. Nano displayed that perfectly in the end. lol

    Also, did anyone else notice the lack of Rock Paper Scissor/Jump Rope skits? Instead they actually made a whole scene out of ’em. 😀

  2. WOW!! FAST BLOG!!!! give us a chance to watch it playa!!! lol! but judging from the caps, looks like Gold! will watch as soon as i get out of this prison. I’m sure i’ll be Ditto-ing with Croos^

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. lol an hour passed since he posted. That’s plenty time to watch the Saturday night funnies. 😛

      Speaking of prison, Azazel-san spoofed Deadman Wonderland flawlessly. xD
      (Or at least that was my impression/reason for histeria.)

  3. Totally liked this ep! I was completely caught off guard with the absurdity today.

    Announcing marriage plans, thrusting teachers into the air, and even getting free bags of rice — WHO WOULDN’T WANT A FREE BAG OF RICE?

    I was actually expecting him to break the atmosphere by tossing an exam in the middle or something but he didn’t which is also fine.

    Mio’s sister is too much of a prankster which is on the borderline of being mean/a total douche. Taking this seriously would be stupid. I lol’d when she sang happy b-day to herself. Guarranteed Mio rage.

    The test part was kinda golden as well. ? King Street King Man

    Usually I’m too wrapped up in worrying about when my food is coming to notice this change in my behavior, but hopefully you can learn from Yuuko’s mistakes and prevent yourself from making a waiter cry.

    I know that sometimes we would rage but given the situation, that’s a given. You sometimes think who would be at the recieveing end of that pent up anger. You don’t even know if she’s the one responsible for it. I dunno who to feel bad for, Yuuko or the waitress. 🙁

    Anyway, 3 parts are the highlight for me. Helvetica standard skit, and the two mosquito skits.

    The helvetica part was just plain too adorable and stupid. I could see the joke from a mile but it still didn’t stop being funny. In any case I wonder who voiced Helvetica-tan. Her voice was just adorable and fitting for her.

    And now my favorite mosquito skits. I loved how nano reacted to killing mosquito. Made it 10 times better when she fell on her back.

    While I wish I could perform super cool moves while removing the pests from wherever they may be, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with nearly as many bugs as Yuuko does.

    That feel when I had a similar experience of being feasted upon by hordes of mosquitos. I’m glad I didn’t have dengue or other illness after that atrocity. Well at least Yuuko shows off Mosquito kungfu. Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee would be proud. In any case it seems Yuuko can bust a few moves herself. It got me wondering what if Mio and Yuuko go head to head when all hell breaks lose. It seems Mio would win but I think this’ll be interesting.

    Great episode with a topping of Aya Hirano a certain VA that no one must speak about. J/k.

  4. All hail the “King”.

    One thing that keeps Mai ahead in the trolling department is that she gets away with it without retribution. She can troll freely. Mio’s sister gets hit each time she trolls Mio.

  5. wow some people comment DAMN LONG siah…

    man isn’t Yuko performing some kung fu moves out there? damn did she learn some or what?

    nice episode, man keep the jokes coming man. no wonder it’s a full season of funny cr*p…

  6. I’m shocked at the very moment i heard Haruhi voice… Like i knew that voice, and i know it indeed there, but somehow i think it couldn’t be there. So out of place :O
    Poor Nano, but consider the key behind her back a runing gag, i don’t expect Hakase take it off her back any time soon.
    And now i remember, there’s one particular friend of mine somehow talk and behave exactly like Sakamoto, lol. Haven’t seen him for a while.

  7. Mio’s sister is definitely a character I’d love to see more of in the following episodes. She seems to have the trolling abilities of Mai and yet the upbeat attitude of Yukko.

    Btw, can anyone enlighten me about the bad PR about Hirano? I didn’t know she even had one to begin with (but then again I live in a little academic bubble most of the time).

  8. Notice the 2 folks that are the butt of most of this shows jokes are the 2 in the ED at the end. Who hasn’t been lying in bed at night and had 1 mosquito in the dark annoying the f^%k out of you?

  9. Wow this episode did not disappoint! Nearly ever skip had me laughing. They were knee-slapping funny! I got all but one this time, the Helvetica Standard. Flew right over my head.

    My personal favorite this time was the mosquito assassination. Just too damn funny. Yuuko as a character is all around absurdly ridiculous. Easily my favorite.

    I was also laughing at the daifuku skit at the end, with Mio going insane in the costume. I’ve been in situations like that, where you are just crazily uncomfortable and embarrassed at a situation you got yourself into. I almost died laughing when Yuuko walked by laughing at her. Yuuko’s laughing was so pure. Then, when the guy was getting arrested for dancing I lost it.

    The deer wrestling skit is still tops, but the mosquito one is a close second. This is probably the second best episode to date.

    1. “He speaks Tohoku dialect.In Tohoku dialect, the vowels “i” and “u” have little difference, and often merge.Also, voiceless consonants get voiced, and voiced ones get nasal on non-headed syllables.So Chirashizushi is pronounced like “Tsurazunzuzu” by the dialect speakers.”
      Courtesy of someone from Youtube.

  10. watching Fairy Tail will give you a good dose of Hirano. Also I’m starting to feel really sorry for Yuuko it seems like she gets trolled by everyone, even her mom.

  11. I’m surprised no one pointed out the AMAZINGLY AWESOME full force slap Yukko’s mom delivered after Yukko showed off all her mosquito killing moves!!….might have been the most funny part of that whole skit, not to mention her mom killed a mosquito on her face in the process of knocking hr back a few feet…LOL…

  12. I could watch Nano, Hakase and Sakamoto all day, every day. When Nano’s hand came off and had the “loser” stick under it, I totally lost it. “Your right hand is a loser”


    I will say, at least Mai seems to stick to just trolling her friends. Mio sis started messing around with Nano, a total stranger. That is some series skills there.

  13. Nano with the green eyes must have overclocked her CPU but she still gets beat by the Professor who pulled a real sneaky switch there.

    Yuko meanwhile continues on showing why you really can’t sympathise with her too much since she really asks for it a lot of times.

  14. Someone with a better knowledge of Japanese can correct me if I’m wrong, but Nichijou literally translates to “daily routine” or “daily life”. “My Ordinary Life” is just the official English title, not a translation of the original Japanese title.

    1. Nichijou’s (日常) meaning (in literal kanji tense) is closer to “ordinary/usual day”, which in English, could be synonymous to “everyday life”. Daily routine isn’t necessarily correct, and though daily life is closer, “(My) Ordinary Life” just fits better, since it provides a bit of irony in that half the things that appear on the show are completely out of the ordinary.

  15. One bad habit of mine is being extremely pedantic with sticking with the same subs no matter how late their release is. I seriously need to be more flexible or I risk missing out on the fun in discussion, lol.

    Anyway, to bump this to anyone interested, I totally understand what Yuuko went through in having to still wait for your meal to arrive when your friends are already eating. I can usually accept it if the food comes within 10 minutes, but anything over 15-20 minutes, to the point where your friends are already finished with their food and have to wait for you to finish instead, is getting ridiculous.

    Depending on how cute the waitress is, I may or may not end up in a tirade of complaints. XD

    Kinny Riddle

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