「喜翆荘の一番長い日」 (Kissuiso no Ichiban Nagai Hi)
“Kissuiso’s Longest Day”

If only all series could recap as well as Iroha does. Instead of wasting precious minutes of my new episode, they managed to bring back that tense feeling I was left with at the end of last week’s episode. I’ll admit that watching Ohana stumble around trying to find Tohru wasn’t really doing it for me, but the drama building inside of Ko and the end of Kissuiso’s longest day made things a ton more interesting.

Ko’s idea to randomly visit the girl he likes in hopes of surprising her would have worked well if he hadn’t picked such a bad day to do it. As things between Ohana and Ko progressed, I started to pity Ko. Not for his failed attempt at trying to visit Ohana during one of the most stressful moments of this show thus far but more for the internal struggle going on within his heart. The second he started questioning what he was doing, it was clear just how infatuated he was with Ohana. Seeing how he already finished the hard part of actually confessing, things would have probably went ten times better if he was a bit more honest with himself. But instead of being control of his emotions, he follows the traditional male route of being stubborn and ends up going home with regrets over what could have happened.

While the huge battle between Tohru, Ko, and Ohana that some of you were hoping for never happened, I can’t help but feel that the seeds for a conflict have been planted. Watching Ko’s expression change after hearing Tohru’s voice, I think it’d be pretty safe to say he might be the jealous type. Especially since most first time boyfriends tend to be clingy and extremely jealous. While this doesn’t hold true one hundred percent of the time, his actions throughout the episode are a pretty good indication that he doesn’t understand how important communication is. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be something of Tohru actually got together with Ohana? If you guys haven’t noticed, it really feels like Tohru really has no romantic feelings for Minchi. Something about the lack of embarrassment while being fed by a girl and the way he totally missed that “warm” feeling Ohana commented on made things pretty clear what he wasn’t thinking about. On the other hand, his attitude toward Ohana seems to be “warming” up.

With the cogs of Kissuiso running like a well oiled machine, things ended a lot smoother then I thought they would have. Even with Takako and Jiroumaru attempting to ruin all of Ohana’s hard work, it felt so satisfying knowing that Ohana’s actions managed to score Kissuiso a big win. Even though she found out who the mystery guest was on accident, it really made me smile to watch her finally get some credit for all of her hard work. While I wished Okami had some sort of secret camera to catch this genuine moment of customer appreciation, I suppose I’ll have to wait a bit longer to watch her compliment Ohana.

Oh, and I wonder who this is. Is there a possible love square forming?!




      1. I was contemplating about whether to add the glasses girl to the love “pentagon”, but seeing as how she only had a short cameo and the little evidence to suggest that she likes Ko, I decided against it. To me, she just seems to be a work colleague who is friendly towards Ko. Maybe people are just being a bit too hopeful of a love pentagon, but then again, I could be wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

      2. Yeah, I see your point 🙂
        I’m going bet on the chick with glasses stll tho, she looked a little too friendly 😛
        Either way if this turns into a pentagon there will be more drama than a soap opera

    1. Drama developed a load better than expected. I didn’t expect Ko to call Ohana and talk to each other to clear up doubts, that gave no chance to any kind of misunderstanding. That would have been the worst development for the show as a whole. Episode 05 sucked for being centered in a silly lack of communication.

      I don’t agree that Ko got jealous, it felt more like frustration and confusion about what to do. He felt lost. I’m more attached to his character more than the others.

      As for Tohru, he’s a grown up man, I think he knows about Minchi’s feelings and acts like that for the sake of work.

  1. End of second paragraph?

    …and ending up going home with .

    And that last preview pic! Tohru is definitely closing in on Ohana. This’ll bring Tohru into the Ohana-Tohru-Minchi-Ko-Unknown Girl love pentagon. LOL

  2. Ohana running around the building interrupting ceremonies was a little much for me. Has she no respect for anyone? I was very annoyed by her in the first half of the episode as a result and it was painful just to watch.

    1. You have to look at it in terms of -because- of her mom, as opposed to putting both of them in contrast to one another. Ohana is the way she is due to how she was brought up. Had she been in the care of a nice, normal family- she’d just be somebody else altogether.

    2. Completely agreed :/ Even the deal with her mom doesn’t really excuse that for me. Her mom was irresponsible, but she wasn’t out disrupting events completely. It’s more like common sense and simple consideration. Ohana actually lost some of my respect from all that.

      1. Don’t know if anyone has forgotten this but that is something she’s working on (being more considerate).

        Given how the inn is in need of Tohru and she’s in a rather difficult and desperate scenario, I would think she’d be a bit inconsiderate in her search for him. (Considering also that this is a coming of age story she’s got plenty of room to grow)

  3. It would be really sad if Tohru didn’t have any feelings for Minko and ended up hitting on Ohana, since Ohana obviously has no feelings for Tohru either. I mean, she’s been searching for him all day and when she finally meets him, all she’s talking about is Ko. XD

  4. At times I joke about putting myself into a mini-coma so waiting for next week’s release of show X won’t be so unbearable, but then I see previews like the one of Tohru getting all embarrassed while touching heads with Ohana and I think “well maybe this idea isn’t completely bad” LOOOL

    As much as I like Minko, I would like to see something develop between Tohru and Ohana because I’m interested to see what would come of it. Not just between them, but also what would Minko and Ko do?

    Man, this show is the ****

  5. who knows it seems this series loves playing arounf with out feelings lol again this is 26 episodes so until then I hope something more solid in terms of the relationships lol I love ohana she is so implusive buts its something I love about her. I hope we see more development on the family side ^^ But anyways I feel that she and tohru really shined in this episode I mean the way he handled everything was so mature that I thought it was kind of cool.

  6. While I don’t like Ko with Ohana, I would if Ko was a little more… manly?, I also don’t like her with Tohru. I mean… I want Minchi to be happy too, ya know. Aside from the love triangle/square (soon to be pentagon?) I’m really proud of Ohana this week. This episode came in the right moment of time in my life and just gave me hope that everything in my life’ll work out if I just keep trying and work harder than I have been. It’s awesome how an anime can do that. Still, like DMZ said, Ohana did go a little too far in the building; but I understand her situation. And if you don’t think about it too much, it’s not that bad.

  7. “Oh, and I wonder who this is.”

    Ohana’s rival?!?

    I don’t think what Jiromaru did will give them higher rankings seriously wtf?, thankfully the mystery guests were handled by Ohana.

    more TohruxOhana next episode, not too fond of this pairing sigh.

  8. Poor Ko, he had to come as such a bad time. He should have just booked another hotel, and gone sightseeing. He did pay for the ticket, might as well have used it. Still its nice to see Ohana and Ko’s phone conversations. They actually have good chemistry, unlike the TohruxOhana ship that everyone seems to like.

    Other than that it was pretty sweet to see the whole hotel staff welcome the manager back.

  9. wow, losing control of the kitchen must’ve hit hard on Ren-san there (thx to Takako in the previous ep.), and regaining that was just as easy…(just like a man needing a solid reputation)

    obligatory screen cap: Minko must’ve been afraid that Ren-san would mess up the frying again…

    fyi: there’s too much misunderstanding stacking up to say that there is a solid relationship relating with Ohana…(no, I’m not even bothering to guess)

  10. A good chemistry between friends is natural right? I’m tempted to say that ohana is not thinking about romantic at the moment (almost seems like she forgot about it) I interpreted her “i wonder if kou hair smells like this too” as her realizing he is a “man” too and its something she didn’t about until this point. I do feel bad for kou he seems to be getting impatient with ohana. I would think he would like an answer to his confession not really soon but sometime eventually.
    Funny the scene that I focused on the most was when kou was leaving we get a close up of his face while on the other direction we get tohru face moving forward with ohana. Who knows where this is going. As for tohru and ohana they are really cool her Initial D like venture to the hall and his mature reactions to it wins alot of points with me. They are still getting to know each other and I can’t wait until we find out more about ren, beanman, and her family. There is so much to tell so little time lol.
    I wonder if ohana mother will ever come back? if she is does it will cause alot of problems for everyone but will add to drama ^_^.

  11. The second he started questioning what he was doing, it was clear just how infatuated he was with Ohana. …instead of being control of his emotions, he follows the traditional male route of being stubborn and ending up going home with.

    Ehhh…is it really traditional? I guess that makes me feel a little better since I -somewhat- tend to do that. Not exactly traveling some place then going home but putting in so much extra effort to make a girl happy/surprise her/help her out without her ever knowing what I was doing.

    But seriously though, the trip home is longest loneliest time ever ;_;

  12. Am I the only one who’s disappointed in the character development of Minchi?

    I actually really liked how her character was introduced in ep 1, with her whole serious work ethic attitude and telling Ohana to stop messing around. I was hoping she would be a character that would shape Ohana, as Ohana is shaping her. But it feels like she’s been dwindled down to … I don’t even know. Like she has no backbone anymore and is just there for the sake of being there. Yea she’s warming up and all, but I still wish they had continued on with the same kind of impact she had in the 1st ep. Like BAM! Die! Grr!

    Regarding the love quadrangle, it already sucks when you find out your crush likes another girl. But its gotta suck even more if that girl turns out to be a friend. Oh the misery.

    But wouldn’t it be interesting if they took a Ko x Minchi detour with misunderstandings galore and the ending where everyone belongs? Ko x Ohana (OTC) and Tohru x Minchi (maybe, but doubt it).

  13. I love how the show is really developing levels of love.
    The anime certainly seems to be trying to tie Tohru with Ohana and most likely starting up a love triangle(?) with Ko getting jealous.
    Minko seems to have lost her ferocity and seems to be in a losing battle.
    Tohru doesn’t really see much from her except as a little sister, but for right now, he seems to be viewing Ohana on the same level (in a rapid speed).
    Hopefully by next week, some drama’s going to happen >:D.

  14. ah, I am hoping for an Ohana x Tohru pairing, though I have a feeling that wont happen. I tend to root for the “least” likely pairings. hehe. I think Ohana and Tohru would make a cute couple, they both tend to be a bit “blank” when noticing someone likes them.

  15. The new girl is pretty. :3

    “Just as I expected- the unexpected..” So far all my hunches have been thrown out the train. I thought Ko would have seen Ohana riding with Tohru. Sure enough, the scene happened! But they did not see each other and it would have been unnatural if they did. Poor Minchi.. She is turning out to be one sorry girl. I feel so bad for her. 🙁

  16. I’m glad there wasn’t any misunderstandings with Ko seeing Ohana on Tohru’s bike or anything. That would have made me dislike Ko’s character even more. Ko tried quite hard in this episode to see her and got pretty unlucky with Kissuiso having a ridiculously busy day, and you can tell he’s getting fed up.

    It’s hard to see Ohana ending up with anyone else with how she spouts Ko’s name repeatedly after just a few words of encouragement, but I hope it happens. Not just because I’m not a fan of Ko (although I have to feel bad for him after this), but also because I’d love to see them break apart the obvious Ohana x Ko, Minchi x Tohru pairings. It’s rare that anime gives you unexpected results in romance without being a train wreck, but this is one show I would love to see try. I also hope that random girl introduced towards the end doesn’t drag this series down.

  17. This episode was really refreshing(believe me, I saw it after Gosick).

    The first part was really nice and funny, Ohana desperately trying to search for Tohru, and entering everyone’s wedding ceremony! Her character seems very similar to Haruhi, though. The 2nd part, when everyone was working hard and welcoming the manager was good too.

    I actually liked Ko at first, but this episode changed my viewpoint, and it seems that Tohru is much better than him, character wise. How can Ko be so stubborn? I think he acted like that because Ohana was searching for a “guy”.This was very childish of him, he is 16 for God’s sake! His reaction was priceless when he heard Tohru’s voice while talking to Ohana.

  18. Yay for a love square!!!

    Ohana <> Ko <–(?)– Random Lady!?!
    Tohru <<—— Minchi

    Or rather… A disjointed web.

    I'm hoping Yuina will be added into this web sometime soon!!!

  19. Is there a possibility of a love triangle between Jiroumaru, Takako, and Enishi? And I’d still take that preview with a grain of salt…a blushing Minko+Tohru checking Ohana’s temp dosen’t seem right.

  20. Oh, and I wonder who this is. Is there a possible love square forming?!

    Credits label her as Igaarashi Namiko, voiced by Nanjo Yoshino.

    While it is a relief the cliched “accidentally bump into each other love-triangle fight” didn’t materialize due to Ko chickening out, it may end up having serious consequences later on, with this Namiko now thrown into the equation.

    So it could be argued that Ko would be to blame for any mess that’s about to happen.

    Kinny Riddle
  21. Satisfaction at knowing the mystery guest is actually one of the many other guests that Ohana’s been making sure not to neglect instead of the two pretty girls that Takako and Jiromaru tried to pander to. Pity they didn’t reveal themselves, as I’d certainly like to see the epic pwnage expression on Takako and Jiromaru’s faces.

    This seriously reminds me of Ocean’s 13, where George Clooney successfully fools cocky casino boss Al Pacino into thinking his man is the mystery guest, and Pacino goes out of his way to give him the best service possible. OTOH Clooney sends his men disguised as casino staff to constantly harass the real mystery guest, thus causing Pacino’s casino to go bust.

    Moral of this story: Treat all your customers equally.

    Kinny Riddle
  22. … Honestly Ohana has been annoying me these past two episodes. She’s desperately needed as a waitress and she thinks she’s the only one who can go fetch Tohru? It’s only a plot device, but they could have easily sent someone with a car or Minko (considering the kitchen is at a standstill and she can’t do anything). Not only that, but at a wedding she goes around brashly and makes a commotion extremely rudely, though her intentions are well-meaning, and gets rewarded for that?

    I stand by that Tohru/Ohana is the worst pairing of the show, but it’s being milked to fill up the love drama. I prefer Ko with Ohana because he seems to balance her out- he’s a calming effect for her and he’s more level-headed while she charges ahead. Considering how this is a coming of age story, there will be more drama with Tohru until things finally get resolved with Ko far later on and Ohana will learn and develop from it all.

    Best part of the episode was definitely all the Tohru, since he’s been my favorite since the first episode, and seeing him in a suit (sexy devil). I just can’t stand to see them throw his character all over Ohana for no real reason other than to drive the story, making it seem more than a little out of character for me.

    Just my opinion!

    1. I’ve mentioned in the previous episode that it was something Ohana would do and it fits her impulsive personality.

      Think of it this way – she was taking charge of the situation when it was starting to fall apart. Yes she did it in a brash manner but she got the job done. It’s part of her character and I think she deserves some credit because she managed to salvage the situation. (Again it’s a coming of age story and she’s got plenty of room to grow)

      If she sat there and waited for someone to do something, then it wouldn’t be like her.

      At any rate it’d be an utter bore if Ohana hadn’t gone anyway.

    2. Also what about Tohru throwing himself on her for no reason? Have you not paid attention to the past episodes?

      He was looking at her dressed up in those outfits Takako had chosen and was blushing. He also felt important when he found out Ohana had gone after him during the Yuina and Tohru misunderstanding.

      If anything those are indications of attraction and him throwing himself at her does not seem out of character to me given the past incidents between him and her.

      If you truly believe it’s out of character, I would like to know how is it out of character? It seems to be a pretty baseless opinion to me.

      1. Like I said, this is all really just my opinion, but the thing about Tohru is that I don’t see any basis for his attraction to Ohana. It’s been going on for the past episodes, and each time it’s still just felt like a mere plot device being used to fuel tension between characters. Not the actual chemistry that Ko and Ohana share.

        With the Yuina misunderstanding, Ohana was the one who came after him and that scored points, yes. But I don’t think it scored as many points as they’re really dragging it out. At the beginning of the series it felt more like the way a brother would tease his younger sister and he showed no romantic interest in her at all. It’s only in the past episodes that he’s truly taken notice, and I’m viewing it as an arc. This isn’t the first episode he’s been looking at her in a completely new light- it started in 5 when his mood completely took a 180.

        What reason is there for him to throw himself all over her out of nowhere? It’s still early in the series and we don’t know a lot about his character yet, but there are different little tidbits to interpret. I wasn’t speaking only in terms of this episode with them tossing him at her either, but rather as a whole. Before this started, they had a teasing relationship. In episode 2 with the driving, he showed zero signs of attraction to her but was having fun messing with her in the same character he interacts with Minko. Now all of a sudden he finds her enchanting where he’ll stare like a puppy and drift off into dreamland? If it took longer, maybe I could buy it. But one episode they’re focused on their respective lives and the next a huge ship tease flag is thrown in our faces? Plot device.

        I view Tohru as a strong, confident person, but he’s dense about his own feelings and those of others. He’s rebellious in a way with his personality (for lack of a better word at the moment), but he’s serious when it comes to his work. He doesn’t notice sex appeal. If he hasn’t noticed Minko (or Nako for crying out loud, just look at her in episode 3) all this time when she’s been vying for his attention, I find it unrealistic that he’s out of nowhere fallen head over heels for Ohana.

        Things could turn out to surprise everyone and I’m looking forward to any twists they throw. This is 26 episodes, so I am excited to know where everyone’s development goes.

  23. Everytime Ohana tries her best at anything, I used to shout in my heart “Go ohana!!”, After repetitive use, it has become Gohana. Not sure if it makes sense, but hell does it feel good to say it.

  24. I give Ko a break for this one. He had only 40 minutes till the last train back. He did try to stay over at the inn but it was full and didn’t know anything about the area so he didn’t know about Fukuya inn. I was hoping he’d find a room at Fukuya and meet Yuina. THAT might have made for some interesting situations!

  25. I don’t really see it happening, but I have to say I’m way in favor of Tohru over Ko. Ko’s personality just screams side character (although whether he is or is not is debatable).

  26. I liked this episode a lot. I think it would be cool at some point to dedicate an entire episode to Ko. I’m enjoying Minchi a lot more as this series continues as well. I’m waiting for an episode centered around her development though.
    Tohru definitely likes Ohana, but I’m pretty sure Ohana likes Ko. She was thinking about him while riding Tohru’s bike rather than Tohru. Ko’s gotta step it up though!

  27. Tohru and Ohana for the win!

    The only reason I choose these two together is because Ko needs to seriously step his game up.

    Otherwise, I seriously wonder how things will turn out.

  28. Yeah,,, damn prob ohana with tohru and that girl at the end with ko somehow or smthn.
    I don’t want that!!! ;_; (many disagrees)

    I was thinking the same thing– if only okami somhow secretly watched over ohana and her work……..


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