Hanasaku Iroha – 24

「ラスボスは四十万スイ」 (Rasubosu wa Shijima Sui)
“Last Boss — Shijima Sui”

Even when given the opportunity to resolve all the problems in the world, I’m baffled by how Ohana didn’t utilize the almost perfect chance she was given to reveal everything she had to offer to Ko. She even went as far as covering his mouth to prevent him from uttering those three simple words — only to give up right at the last moment!

Hanasaku Iroha – 22

「決意の片思い」 (Ketsui no Kataomoi)
“A Determined One Sided Crush”

I should have figured that something was afoot when Takako was so energetic about her wedding preparations. Not only did I not consider how ambiguous last week’s ending could have been, but I think I missed a lot of different clues that were shown throughout this arc. Then again, hopefully you readers out there were just as caught up as me with Ohana and Minko’s constant fighting.

Hanasaku Iroha – 21

「蘇る、死ね」 (Yomigaeru, Shine)
“Rebirth of the word Die

After somewhat redeeming her character back during the movie arc, I was sorely disappointed with all the backtracking Takako’s done this week. After years of fooling around at Kissuiso trying to implement ridiculous ideas at the expense of the people who work there, I don’t know how she’d expect Okami to just let the past go.

Hanasaku Iroha – 19

「どろどろオムライス」 (Dorodoro Omeraisu)
“Mushy Omelette Rice”

That’s what I’m talking about P.A. Works! I knew you had creative people working in the story department, and this is the type of hectic, crazy, multiple sided drama that I’ve been dying to see. You can say that I was extremely impressed with just how many different angles this Culture Festival is going to have.