「決意の片思い」 (Ketsui no Kataomoi)
“A Determined One Sided Crush”

I don’t know how to describe this feeling, but throughout this episode I was surprised with how long it felt. I can’t even remember the last time I instinctively had to check the seeking bar since I was afraid the episode was ending! Be it from the amount of story they packed into this episode or from different disputes finally getting resolved after nearly 22 episodes in; I was very content with the cliffhanger we were left with.

I should have figured that something was afoot when Takako was so energetic about her wedding preparations. Not only did I not consider how ambiguous last week’s ending could have been, but I think I missed a lot of different clues that were shown throughout this arc. Then again, hopefully you readers out there were just as caught up as me with Ohana and Minko’s constant fighting.

Like any normal fight between friends, it’s just a matter of time until someone pushes the boundaries too far. Seeing how Ohana could probably endure Minko’s foul mouth and stinky attitude for a lifetime, it wasn’t too surprising to see that knocking the wedding dress out of Nako’s hands was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. But instead of feeling out of place, that fight felt like it should have came ages ago.

While I would have liked to watch Ohana bash some sense into Minko’s head, Tohru’s response to Minko’s outburst probably did just as much if not more damage than a bash to the head would have. As dense and unromantic as Tohru is, it’s good to see that his heart is in the right place. And even though he admitted that he does have some feelings for Ohana, it made me remember a funny quote I heard recently. It was something along the lines of liking someone and doing nice things for them doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to date them! Essentially, the closest thing to that feeling I can think of is probably the bond that an unrelated or “made up” older and younger sibling would share. You love each other, but not in the literal sense.

But boy, after such a fired up first half, I thought things would be over before Enishi’s wedding even started! After confirming that there was still quite a large chunk of the episode left, I was floored after watching nano.RIPE’s Kimiko not only appear in the episode but actually perform at the after party! I don’t talk about the music in a series very often, but I am a huge fan of whenever an anime really incorporates the songs into the animation. Just like how Kyoani made Nichijou’s opening sequences follow their opening songs, I loved how P.A. Works subtly placed the Kimiko in the episode.

When Okami revealed that she intended to close Kissuiso after fourty odd years of running it, I couldn’t believe that everybody was wrong about last week’s ending. Since I’ve never considered the thought that Okami would close Kissuiso instead of continuing its legacy, it puts my imagination in a pretty interesting position. Will Ohana try to stand up and continue running Kissuiso? Or will she take this chance to finally kindle the fire to her one-sided love and hopefully make Ko her boyfriend? All questions aside, no one can argue that Ko is finally getting re-re-integrated back into the story next week.


ED6 Sequence

ED6: 「ハイリープ」 (Hairiipu) by nano.RIPE
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  1. Wasnt there one person somewhere in last weeks post saying that Okami would close the inn and Ohana would go back to Tokyo or something to be with Ko? So far, at least part of that is true… Would love to see Ohana still take over the inn… it would be awesome to see. Still some time for stuff to happen so maybe we will see it!?

    On the note of the episode being long, I guess I wasnt the only one eh? I could swear that it should have been over and that a cliff hanger should be any second but the seek was only at 14/24min. Definitely a lot of stuff and based on the previews we got, I would say the beginning of the, if not the actual, closing of Kissuiso will probably be next week.

    As for the Minko and Ohana fights, that was entertaining to say the least. At least it should have put an end to all the fuss now that things are out in the open between them all. Hopefully, Ohana’s declaration to get Ko back is enough to put Minko at rest. Hopefully.

    1. Okami closing the inn was certainly one of the possibilities I talked about after 21, but lots of other people did too – at that point it was just a guess, and as good as any other.

      This was a good episode, though it’s been so long since we’ve one with so much substance that it felt sort of unnatural to me. I tend to agree that Minchi was at her worst this week, but even if the manner it happened was pretty hackneyed at least all that nonsense with Tohru and Ohana is out in the open and we can officially put it to bed.

      1. Anyway, Kisuiso is a really old building that would need a fundamental rebuilding to be viable as an inn. You know the kind of run-down buildings that even with constant fixing dont seem to be working anymore.
        I am wondering if this isn’t a “leadership test” for the prospective successor – namely the one that will be most adamant about keeping Kisuiso alive gets it.
        And is it me or Minchi looked really great, if not sa fenservicely as Nako in the wedding dress?
        So after epic ship-to-ship combat (Guadalcanal anyone?) and a loss of IJNS “OhanaXTohru” with all hands, we are in for a closing arc dealing mostly with Kisuiso, rather than romances (though OhanaXKo is in need of fleshing out still).
        BTW, Minchi , gratulations on facing your own feelings, and dealing with them. Tohru, get her before fans start sleeping with Minchi-in-wedding dres dakimakuras…
        I am still annoyed at Takako’s engrish and attitudes but at least she seems more in place now with marriage.

      2. I was actually referring to the line

        “When Okami revealed that she intended to close Kissuiso after fourty odd years of running it, I couldn’t believe that everybody was wrong about last week’s ending. Since I’ve never considered the thought that Okami would close Kissuiso instead of continuing its legacy, it puts my imagination in a pretty interesting position.”

        when I said that… When I read that, it sounded like Takaii said that no one was on the right track and that they completely fooled everyone. So I was right, and a few people did mention it last week as a possibility.

  2. Ugh, this is by far Minko at her worst, because now she resorted to physical violence. Thanks for taking a giant dump on her character development writers. At least that crap is over with and we hopefully never have to deal with that again.

    It wasn’t all bad though, because Ohana torpedoed the entire OhanaxTohru ship in the most epic way possible by finally accepting her true feelings. Now that the stupid love triangle is done, we can actually move to plot points that are actually interesting.

    The closing of Kissuiso is a great way to build a climax, because they are quite a number of ways that in can end. Its been awhile, but now I’m actually invested on what happens next week.

    1. Echoing the other posters. Most girls don’t. Srsly, ever tried to sleep with a piece of wire digging into your torso? Totally not comfortable, especially with bigger boobs. 😛

      Skins Thunderbomb
  3. i really want to know the context for ko’s line in the episode preview, seeing as how they LOVE to troll everyone. it’s probably not going to be as bad as it sounds. although i would love for some conflict to come up, we’ve got a few more episodes left!

  4. All I’m going to say is that watching Minko do what she did was really horrible. I swear to god, she is the stupidest girl ever.

    And true story: I spat my drink in-sync with Tohru when I saw Denroku in drag.

    1. No question, Minchi’s thinking is skewed and her behaviour far from socially adequate. However, I’d prefer to call her rather socially awkward than plain stupid. She just has no idea how to deal with the situation and her emotions and takes it out on poor Ohana. This is not right, of course, but it somewhat hits close to home. For this reason Minchi has my sympathy.

  5. This episode had almost everything in it. Some of it felt a little forced, but it was fun overall. Things are coming to a close, and I must say that I have a much better opinion of Tohru after this episode.

    1. Yes, everything happen this episode felt forced. Minchi fight with Ohana and then make up just a moment later. Minchi accidental confession and Tohru (sorta) acceptance of love. Tohru confession of his liking of Ohana and also giving up on it.

      I can see that they are taking what was needed 3-4 episode to portray and squeeze it down to 10 minutes. The only thing that feel natural is Nakochi breast and that has nothing to do with the storyline.

      I’m just glad that finally moving on to Ko re-re-integration into the story with 4 episode more to go.

      1. Sigh, they better get Koichi to do something other than being the guy just waiting for Ohana to come back. I mean, come on, after 20 over episodes and we barely know anything about the guy (compared to the rest of the cast).

    1. The inn was opened by Okami and her husband for themselves and Kissuiso means to make Sui happy. She is an old woman, she wants Kissuiso to die with her. And she wants the younger generation to not be tied down but live life doing wild and new things.

      1. That still makes no sense to me. I mean, I understand her motivation, but I can’t how a old adult like her would act that way. This is VERY selfish. It’s not only about leaving the inn to Ohana or Enishi; it’s about all the people who work there. They’re gonna lose their jobs, they’re goind to be separated. That’s definilty not a decision that a sane adult would make. It’s very unrealistic and very incoherent if you compare it to the rest of the series.

        Well, I think Ohana and Enishi should take the inn and give it a new name, so it won’t be Kissuiso anymore. Problem solved, everyone is happy again! YAY!

    2. Enishi is what most would agree to be a wimp. His dealing in the movie shooting says it all.

      Okami trusts Takako as a good daughter-in-law, but not a good inn manager.

      Satsuki has no intention of taking over.

      That leaves Ohana from the family. She is too young and is still bogged down by her relationship to Ko. It will be up to Ohana to decide if she wants to take over.

      Of course, Okama could also continue the tradition of handing the reins over to the head chef and head waitress, Ren and Tomoe respectively. Tomoe, being desperate after all, is starting to dig Ren. We shall see.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. Well, despite his flaws, Ren does have his charms XD. I still think though, that the inn will close for good. Maybe Ohana might find herself working in another inn at some point, but that’s another story altogether.

      2. That could still happen. Selling the inn to Ren and Tomoe will mean that they will change the name of Kisuiso(Pleasing Sui). Since none of them is Sui, they would change the name hence the statement closing down Kisuiso. Beside even if Okami close down Kisuiso inn, it doesn’t mean Okami going demolish the whole place.

  6. The resolution of the Tohru love triangle was not exactly sloppy, but it could have been done better. Now I’m seeing a lot of negative reaction everywhere concerning Minchi’s character development which is quite disappointing.

    Now that’s out of the way, all that’s left is for Ohana to go for Ko, who seems to still be waiting for Ohana’s response. Okami deciding to close the inn for good is the shove Ohana needed to finally get Ko back.

    Kinny Riddle
  7. I would have LOVED to see Ohana bash Minko on the head… I’ve always been a Minko fan, but there comes a point when a character just needs to be slapped, that’s all.. But even so, I thought that Tohru and Minko’s moment together was cute and I thought he did enough of a good job to calm her worries. Wasn’t it something along the lines of: Show Spoiler ▼

    (I don’t know if it’s a spoiler or not but I’m not taking any chances) I know what I want that to imply and I’m going with it XD
    As far as Ko and Ohana are concerned, just get em together already! I’m glad Ohana has gotten to that point and is willing to try her hardest with him. I REALLY hope it works out with them. It’s been a whole dang 22 episodes coming.

    Gia V.
    1. I think he is still playing hard to get XD

      Probably he is partly teasing her, partly making it easier to work with her for the time being. I’ve had the impression that he was fond of her as a good friend, and I get the feeling that he the type of person who would not want things to change too fast. And it is kind of only fair, after all Minko hasn’t been direct with him either 😛 . I suppose if Kissuiso is really closing, it would be the right time for them to hook up once they leave the Kissuiso kitchen behind.

  8. I think this is actually the first time I’ve watched a show and completely lost interest in the main character and their love interest. I just want Minchi and Tohru to be together. I’d also like someone to slap the mom senseless.

    Those are my two requirements before this show ends. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Ren and Tomoe together (they’ve made too big a deal over Tomoe being single during the show for something not to come of it).

  9. I keep thinking that an awesome ending would be for the inn to be closed and Ohana goes back to Tokyo and Ko. In an epilog we see Ko and Ohana return to the inn as adults and restart it.

  10. You know, I didn’t get to know Ko and I don’t think I can care about ko at this point. I am more interested in the inn and about Madame Sui than about Ohana and her year long absence from a boy she liked.

    Minko was and will always be a “B” in my book. A tsun tsun that really annoyed the heck out of me. I can’t put up with it in real life because she’ll be forever looking down on me and bad mouthing me even when I don’t deserve it. These people in real life are always loners. I don’t feel any empathy for her because her life wasn’t troubled to begin with. There is no excuses for her attitude.

    As for me I can’t wait to see everything resolve and move on to a new show. Really, this series is one where you watch it and then forget because really it wasn’t that memorable.

  11. what was the point of teasing us with Tohru liking Ohana if he actualy liked Minko? that’s like Hiromu saying “oh yeah Ed’s in love with Winry but he’s gonna end up with Rose because he out of nowhere developed feelings for her”.

    1. I think Tohru doesn’t like neither of them, he just see them as high-schoolers who give him ‘exciting emotions’ about what will they do next, but nothing to do with romantic feelings.

  12. Look like episode 21-22 is the next to last arc,not the last arc.

    About Ohana feeling for Ko, Why I had feeling that it’s just come out of nowhere? Sometimes she do care about him,but too many time she don’t even bother think about it.How many time she text message or call him throughout the series?, 4 or 5 times maybe.

    Time sure does fly.My high expectation after watched AnoHana and HanaIro first episodes still there,AnoHana’s finished it story well,So what about HanaIro? 2 More episodes to go.

    1. I wouldn’t exactly say that Ohana’s feelings for Ko ‘came out of nowhere’. She _was_ hurt when she saw glasses-chan (whose name still continues to elude me) hang around Ko, and even more so when glasses-chan confessed that she does like Ko while Ohana’s just ‘leading him on’, a point which Ohana took to heart. Then there’s Ohana’s dependence on Ko’s support- it’s been mentioned several times over the course of the series, and shown explicitly at least twice. It doesn’t help that everyone else was jumping to conclusions (Satsuki saying Ohana was dumped when the more accurate view was Ohana dumping Ko, though not quite, even) and Ohana, being Ohana, let her imagination run wild and followed other’s words (loosely quoted: as a woman of this family, I’m in love with my work!).

      In my opinion, Ohana’s just had a lot on her plate, and only now she was able to properly think about her feelings, and what she really wants. And as for calling him or messaging him only 4-5 times, keep in mind we don’t see _everything_ that’s happened; a lot of time has already passed in the series. For all we know, Ohana and Ko have been messaging each other more, which is why Tomoe kept teasing Ohana about her ‘boyfriend’ and Minchi, prior to this episode, kept getting annoyed at Ohana whenever the subject was brought up. I’m not saying Ohana/Ko were in touch everyday, but I’m of the belief that Ko, at the very least, sent Ohana a few messages of encouragement (though depending on how the next episode will turn out, I could be horribly wrong about that last point).

      the monkey

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