「日常22」 (Nichijou 22)
“My Ordinary Life 22”

Hey, it’s another episode with a lot of focus on side characters! When you think about it, life has been messing with Nakanojou since he was born. With the strangest balding pattern in the world, not only he’s been looked at as a delinquent since he was born; but he’s attempted to go on life building adventures only to get smacked in the face with reality, become the unintentional target of Nakamura-sensei’s crazy schemes at school, and his dad sells a unpopular product with the strangest mascot. With such a horrible track record, you’d think he’d just give up trying to make things go his way. Apparently, he’s just yearning for some more punishment.

Whenever Yoshino makes it onto the show, I started to wonder if she’ll ever get another chance to troll Mio as hard as she did back in the beginning of the series. From messing with her alarm clock to stealing the strawberry from her limited time sale strawberry shortcake, I miss these crazy moments that make Mio enter a state of pure anger.

I’m not sure why there were so many Christmas references this week, but I nearly died during this week’s Helvetica Standard. I don’t know if I ever believed in Santa Clause, but I can’t imagine how heartbroken a kid would be if they just got some melon-pan for Christmas. Had Santa walked into my room with just melon-pan, I don’t think he’d have made it out alive.

With a majority of the episode focusing on just side characters, the last bit with both Nano’s group and Yuuko’s group was like the delicious icing on top of a not so delicious cake. Sakamoto and Hakase’s childish way of thinking when compounded together is so cute and funny at the same time that I can’t decide if I want to laugh or just go aww. But then the explosion (bad pun?) of laughter that followed after watching Mio and Yuuko get long distance trolled by Mai made a bland episode a hilarious one.

This week’s guest seiyuu was the one and only, King Bradley Shibata Hidekatsu! I’m not sure what is so enchanting about his rough voice, but I do love it when he makes cameos in different shows.

ED10: 「仰げば尊し」 (Aogeba Toutoshi) by Sasaki Sayaka (佐咲紗花)
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  1. Sigh, guilty pleasure episode. I never thought I would enjoy the characters get tortured by dogs so much. Considering that I have personally gone through that before, I don’t know why I found the whole thing funny at all. Rules of any kind never affected Mai’s decisions before, and I doubt that will ever change. The side characters are getting better than ever before. How many episodes are there left?

  2. Mai’s dog should be put down for biting.
    That’s how she should get trolled back!
    b-b-but my dogs didn’t pierce the skin they were just trolling. Sorry dear no exceptions. Dja.

  3. wow this show definitely deepened my impression of dogs you know, even though I’m already not feeling at ease in the presence of them…

    interestingly people do understand the debate about science (especially coming out from a mowhawk guy…), and fe-chan should seriously think positively by buying the popsicle and bun for webo-chan man. well don’t mind a side-character show, but seeing this season’s gonna end soon, hope they come to some conclusion…

  4. Mai probably only intended to long-distance troll Yuuko and Mio, though Hakase and Sakamoto nearly became collateral damage as a result.

    Mai offering a chocolate to Hakase afterwards may mean two things, either:

    1. She’s genuinely sorry for dragging innocent bystanders into her usual Yuuko/Mio Trolling sessions.

    Or more likely

    2. She’s offering the chocolate as a “reward” to Hakase for being the unwitting bait to lure Yuuko and Mio into getting trolled.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. I don’t know if I ever believed in Santa Clause

    Been watching too many Tim Allen movies lately, Takaii? 😉

    Poor Nakanojou, and he just managed to grow back those hair which Nakamura-sensei had cruelly shaved off a few episodes ago, now it’s all back to a clean-shaven state (literally). lol

    Fe-chan is so cute this week, trying her best to stay positive, before finally deciding enough is enough and cried when reality kept cruelly stomping on her optimism.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. It seems that Takemoto handled this ep so I guess it wasn’t him who handled last week’s episode.

    I’m so amused by how the white dog moves. It’s beyond hyper. This particular scene impressed me. I only saw them do it in disappearance but this one had very little hints of 3D models. Not to mention this part. The way they did this scene was just smooth and very natural. I wonder if KyoAni is doing all these for a possible new FMP project.

    Things that really got me laughing hard was Sakamoto being dragged down the street with a noose-like-leash. His agony and rage were hilarious down the road. Just when I thought the skit was over, it was closed with a very nice gag. I love how the old man keep saying Takashi when his grandson’s name was Kiyoshi.

    Great ep! Only 4 episodes left though… I will be missing this show very much… When ep 0 was released I thought I wouldn’t be liking this series. The characters just grew on me as the humor kept getting better and better. Looking forward for the next episode.

    This week’s guest seiyuu was the one and only, King Bradley Shibata Hidekatsu!

    Makes me think if Daisuke Gouri(VA of Heihachi Mishima from Tekken)was still alive he’d probably end up doing a guest voice for Nichijou.

  7. One of the best episodes, could have been perfect without Misato. Can’t stand 5 seconds of her, her sister is welcome to become a main character only if she avoids any tsun crap.

  8. Each week I am growing to hate Mai more and more. Pulling off a troll on Yukko at the beginning of the series was kinda funny, especially when it was as well-thought-out as putting stained-glass windows up. But loosing her dogs, who WILL bite, against a small child who quite obviously is scared of them? What a f’ing bitch. Honestly, for me the show would be 100% better if Mai was just taken out completely after like the 5th episode.

  9. I absolutely love the like love skits. This week’s hit so close to home it was uncanny (add one more cat to that picture and you’ll have a pretty good idea with what I have to deal with) Does anyone besides me do that?

      1. Haha, actually that’s not too far from the truth (my family did have a dog that bit basically anyone, but he has since passed away (from old age not euthanasia)) but I was talking about the like love skit with the cat. I never have the heart to kick it off the bed, so I always end up having to sleep on the edge and in the winter it certainly does get cold when you’re not completely covered.

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