「プール・オン・ザ・ヒル」 (Puuru・On・Za・Hiru)
“Pool On the Hill”

As much as I wish it didn’t happen, I can’t believe that I was right about something! With my predictions usually miles from the mark, it feels pretty amazing being right not only once, but twice! The first being Ohana’s drive to work when help is needed, even when she’s on vacation! And the second was my guess that this Isami Tetsuo would end up being some sort of fraud.

But boy, when you’re hauling around a whole camera crew with fancy equipment and really pretty actors, it really gives you the feeling that you’re dealing with a professional. But I’d have to say that my doubts came from how lenient Isami was with all of Enishi’s requests. Seeing how he’s not even the director, how can he have so much control over something that’s not even his?

When the movie crew started to drive off, I had this feeling in the bottom of my stomach. The feeling that something really bad was about to happen. But even with the revelation that Isami was running a scam to pay off his debts, it surprised me how the effects on Kissuiso weren’t what the episode focused on. After brushing off that problem like it almost never happened, it instead focused on the relationships between Okami, Enishi, Satsuki, and Takako.

Even though you could consider the Shijima family pretty broken in some aspects, especially the relationship between Okami and Satsuki, it seems like problems that have been around for years are finally beginning to patch themselves up. In a stark contrast to how she was in the beginning of this series, I was surprised just how soft and motherly Okami was with Enishi. I was taken back when she decided to put her role as a mother in-front of her responsibility as Okami for a bit.

As a few of you commented that Enishi might be a siscon, I’d have to disagree entirely. If you look at the age, personality, and general difference between Enishi and Satsuki, can you imagine which child a work orientated mother would be more inclined toward? With talks of how Enishi will inherit Kissuiso always brought up whenever Satsuki and Okami are together, I can’t imagine how bad the falling out between the two was — since it’s clear that Okami really wanted Satsuki to be the one who would succeed her. If you ask me, I think Enishi was deprived of attention as a little kid. While his attitude and clumsiness might just be a part of him, I think he’s just looking for a little attention from the mother and sister he loves.

In a mere 17 episodes, Takako managed to change from the annoying advisor who threw in random English to emphasize points to the advisor who’s trying her hardest to help out Enishi. I’ll admit that I’ve never been a fan of her character, but I’m starting to think that Enishi and his need for recognition may be a large reason why so many crazy ideas were allowed to come to fruition! Either ways, the look in her eyes and the fear in her voice only helped confirm how she’s been working this entire time for the sake of Kissuiso. In spite of the fact that some of her ideas have been complete garbage, had this movie deal been legitimate, it may have brought the publicity that Kissuiso really needs.

According the preview, next week’s episode should have lots of Nako. Be it with her family, trying on clothes, with Ohana, or as a mermaid, I’m excited for anything with more Nako!




  1. I am not an expert om movie making, in Japan or elsewhere. But it seems to me, that if I own the location where the director wants to shoot, he should pay me, not the other way.

    1. It just depends on how well you negotiate. A TV series was filmed where I work (and the area around it) just a few months ago, after the production crew scouted it for about 3 weeks. A few days of bargaining, a few draft contracts, and they ended up paying 5 digits for 14 hours to shoot 2 scenes, and that was just for my workplace. (>◕ ‿ ◕)>$

  2. Although I don’t think that he is a siscon, the possibility is there for the reason you stated that it couldn’t be. “If you look at the age, personality, and general difference between Enishi and Satsuki,” you realise that many people like what they are not.

  3. Minchi’s and Tomoe’s facial expressions this episode was hilarious, especially the scenes where Takako and Enishi were in the pool (Nako and Ohana were like O_O and Minchi was like -.-) or when Takako and Enishi was arguing right in the presence of Tomoe XD

    1. Minchi’s expression there was the same as mine’s while watching this episode. Enishi is annoying. Takako is annoying. WTH is happening with this show? It’s not entertaining anymore. If not for Yuina I’ve dropped this show long ago.

    1. having to see her fanservice after showing how an ass she is on the whole arc is not entertainment. Not even a bit, my expression will be EXACTLY like Minchi when she watch it.

      P.S. they should show Nakochi,Ohana, Minchi playing water fight on the last episode instead of pan-out. NOW that is likeable , very much.

  4. Am I the only one who found this arc to be a let down? It left me just feeling like “oh. okay then.” It wasn’t particularly funny, and the drama didn’t really move me.

    1. You are not the only one, same here. They really should just focus on the main character. Or at the very least not show us unlikable character (enishi-wuss-never like him, Takako-b***h,hate her)

  5. @Takaii

    I would have to disagree with your view with Takako, IMHO even if she meant all well .She still a bit naive to believe it will all work out so well when so many other foresaw it doom(not only the viewer but also okami and satsuki). However that is not the worst, it when she try to push all the responsibility away to enishi and said she had suspicion from the beginning. Even tough in her heart she felt responsible but she won’t have any of it upfront. In this case, this is no longer tsundere more like downright being an ass.

    P.S. Anyone else think that this show should have just focus on the main character already. Kou,Ohana,tohru(maybe), minchi, satsuki

  6. Enishi isn’t a siscon. He is just overwhelmed by his older sister and mother. It’s more of a hero worship. There is a six year difference in ages so there is no way he could keep up with Satsuki and even with her antagonistic relationship with her mom, Satsuki was obviously the favorite. He is starving for approval from them or any strong woman (Takako) who acts as a surrogate for them.

    I was royally disappointed that they took this direction with Enishi. I was hoping that somehow he would rise to the occasion and this would be where he grew a set.

    I don’t think this is the end of this arc though. Consider the previous episode where Okami-san served the actresses and was telling them about the inn as well as the scenes of the actresses as they were leaving. Awful lot of screen time for throwaway scenes. I think there is something that is going to come from that that may have an impact on saving the inn.

    1. I Concur. You forgot to mention how the two planes in the sky is a metaphor of how the 2 ladies in Enishi lives are above him and speeding far far away while he is stuck in a pool where he can’t swim.
      I feel the reason who Okami suddenly softens is due to how Satsuki suddenly called home.

  7. I wonder if Ohana made a shoot pose at her okami like Yuina was doing what okami’s reaction would be lol. I wouldn’t have the guts to try it. That’s all I’m sayin.

  8. So I used to hate minchi, but she’s one of my favs now, esp. since last episode.
    I gotta say yuina’s also becoming one of dem tops to for me- she used to be such a meh, is she really necessary- sort of a character. But i’m liking her much more now.
    I guess next ep’s Nako’s turn for some appeal-boost, or w/e u call it.


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