「日常17」 (Nichijou 17)
“My Ordinary Life 17”

Even when he’s voicing something as simple as a crow, Ono Daisuke’s charm never fails to spill out of his character. By charm, I’m referring to this condescending feeling you get when someone tries way too hard to be polite and ends up getting on your nerves. I know that he’s capable of not coming off that way (Yakumo anyone?), but Crow was pretty up there in terms of how annoying he was. It may be my soft spot for Shiraishi Minoru or all the crap he takes from Hakase, but I just felt sad for Sakamoto. I know I’d be pretty pissed if I lost my only form of communication, especially if someone who acted like Crow took it.

After last week’s amazing closing moments, I’ve been curious how if there was anyone to top it. While I wouldn’t say that Takasaki’s freak out beat it, I know that it was pretty damn funny. It’s quite sad how he can’t keep track of what to say when his heart is involved, but it’s just too damn funny when he reacts before he thinks. I’d normally call Makoto pretty gutsy for extorting a teacher like that, but when they give you all the cards ahead of time I’m sure he could have done something much worse.

And I can’t believe Annaka still comes to Takasaki for help! You’d think that after a teacher tells you to draw in pupils on an unconscious student, it might be better to get help somewhere else! Actually, I take that back. When a school has a principal that’s stuck in the past, a vice principal with a personal vendetta against him, an extremely shy student advisor, and a science teacher who has no problems utilizing her equipment, usually in hopes of obtaining what she wants, it’d probably be safer to just walk away.

I’ve always been fairly curious about why Yukko is still Mai’s friend. As we’ve all seen, Mai isn’t the nicest person you could know. You could say she’s the kind of person who tries to pull a joke whenever possible, but because she’s so good at it, it could come off as being pretty heartless or downright mean. From a friend’s point of view, I can understand why Yukko would rather have a normal relationship with Mai rather than being her Manzai partner. What good is it if you’re constantly correcting your friend’s jokes, leaving no time for girl talk? Even though Yukko couldn’t resist calling out Mai on her jokes, I wonder if she really accepted that they share that kind of relationship. That and I wasn’t sure if that last joke from Mai was to make Yukko feel better or just because she knew Yukko would respond…

P.S. I received the best birthday cake ever. I was like no way and then I went NO WAY!


ED5: 「怪獣のバラード」 (Kaijou no Ballad) by 本多真梨子, 相沢舞, 富樫美鈴 (Honda Mariko, Aizawa Mai, Togashi Misuzu)
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  1. Ah, Ono Daisuke’s crow. Brilliant AIR reference which was also referenced in Lucky Star.

    …not to mention, Konno Hiromi who also plays the dog in Air and Akira in Lucky Star, voices Hakase.

    I love Kyoto Animation and their convoluted Seiyuu parodies.

    1. As soon as I heard Ono Daisuke’s voice out of that crow I just started cracking up. I was honestly half expecting Sakamoto to start tearing the place apart when he was being “replaced” by that damn crow.

    2. Didn’t Ono’s character replace the guy who voices Sakamoto’s character in Lucky Channel as well? XD I think it was when Akira sent the guy who voices Sakamoto to go to the mountains to get a bottle of water and Ono was his replacement XD Must be an inside Kyoani gag which works amazingly well 🙂

  2. There is nothing in this series that can make me happier than watching the the glorious card tower chapter of the manga finally becoming animated.

    And they added Nano! A magnificent bonus!

  3. well Mai’s expression when Yukko finally burst out in the class indicated that for once even she didn’t expect that kind of reaction…I hope…Somebody troll Mai for once already. My favorite scene was when the Crow abruptly launched himself like a rocket to catch a fly xD

  4. Adding Nano to the House of Cards sketch was rather cute…also sleeping Nano is rather cute and Yuuko and Mio seem to agree on that.

    For some reason I enjoyed the science teacher’s few lines. Not sure why. Also she has a shaver-kun it would seem.

    I enjoyed the Crow parts pretty much because it was Ono Daisuke. Gave me flashbacks to Haruhi-chan. (I’m glad it wasn’t flashbacks to Minami-ke, since Hosaka wouldn’t fit a crow, but Itsuki can.)

    With all the narrators they use, just how big is this cast going to get by the end?

  5. I’d pick sakamoto over any other animal any day. he’s the best character in Nichjou IMO. Unfortunately for the crow, that means i felt like breaking his neck apart. lol

    Office Otaku
  6. Lol, Nichijou never fails to impress. I can’t believe we’re already at 17! Crazy.
    Mai’s antics are always funny to me because she’s trying so hard to be a boke but isn’t really suited to be one. However, despite this, she actually ends up a pretty great source of entertainment with the way she tells every joke with a straight face. Can’t tell if she knows this and is trolling, or if she’s really that bad at being silly.

    And I too was struck by how angular the characters looked this week. Looks more true to the manga. I wonder if it will stay this way?

  7. card pyramid was epic!!! btw- what a polite crow, put that scarf on a Filthy pigeon from around my way and I’m sure you’ll get nothing but evil banter about how they’re plotting to sh!t on my whips!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. wonder if kyoani will make the weapons girl & mio clash off to fight for that goat guy.
    martial expert VS bazookas!

    hmm, seems the new skit for every episode is the cute dance that the shinonome family does

  9. Today’s episode brought to you by, the K-ON duo.

    Well this time around it kinda irked me that the style was very close to the manga. Looking at ep 5, it wasn’t even like this. Also I kinda noticed how short budgeted the episode is compared to all. I wonder if they were cutting Horiguchi some slack and used mostly rookies in this episode. K-ON movie IS a priority. 😀

    Loved the VA jokes with Shiraishi and Ono. That smooth talking crow….

    Anyway what I definitely enjoyed was the tower of cards skit. I love how they approach this in an old fashioned way. Something you’d be seeing in earliest era of Disney. Great use of BGM! I never imagined they’d approach this scene in this fashion.

    Also.. Welp… Takasaki’s getting closer to Bullet sensei. Now I’m even more eager for Gundere skits.

    Looking forward for the next ep.

  10. Simplistic animation creating an overwhelming effect. This is what defines Nichijou from the rest of the random-genre anime, if I say it in the technical aspect. But the exaggerated facial expressions are just too difficult to ignore. On another note, I really don’t have any idea about the Card Tower scene as to why it’s causing such a fuss on this side of the slope. I’ve never read the manga or watched the anime at this time. Looks like I’ll have to find out.

  11. This episode almost got me killed, literally. I’m sick, but I started laughing from one of the scenes and then I started to cough really hard. After that I got a serious headache for about one hour.

  12. This episode was great, as always.
    But I couldn’t help but notice Yukko’s hair got SLIGHTLY longer during the “Trying-NOT-To-Be-Like-Manzai” part. >__<'
    I don't know why it bothered me so much. o v o'


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