「僕とあの娘とぬいぐるみっ!」 (Boku to Ano Musume to Nuigurumi!)
“Me, That Girl, and a Stuffed Animal!”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Instead of fun adventures with friends during summer break, it seems the new semester has already started. I really had my hopes up when I saw Class F’s crappy classroom full of junk that this show would start bringing out all the things that made me love it so much during its first season. While I feel a little let down with all the strange topics these first few episodes have covered, I have to admit that they’ve been pretty interesting.

Sometimes, I wish I had an identical twin to deal with all my problems. It sure would be nice to have someone I could unload all my extra work or problems onto. For those who don’t remember, Hideyoshi has an older twin sister named Yuuko, who happens to be the definition of a perfect honor student. While she obviously has numerous flaws that she’s not willing to accept, which drives this strange skit, I can vaguely remember her having feelings of disdain toward everyone in Class F, especially Akihisa. Hopefully that little glimpse at just how amazing Akihisa and Hideyoshi can be was enough to change her opinion a bit.

Then again, it has to be pretty tough to dislike Akihisa. Yes, he’s pretty stupid and his logic sometimes make no sense, but watching him try his best to help complete strangers could make even the coldest people smile. I thought it was pretty clear who Hazuki’s older sister was, especially since they share the same hair and eye color. But even without noticing the connection, Akihisa’s drive to get that stuffed animal was really impressive. Plus, we finally learned what made Himeji fall for Akihisa in the first place!

While I could say that the first half was rather bland compared to Baka Test’s usual humor, it’s these kinds of skits that really help bring the viewer back into the swing of things. Given how there’s been a large gap of time between when the first season aired and now, I suppose I should be happy that these mandatory catch up episodes are at least fairly interesting. Plus, who can complain when there’s a bit of Class F and their FFF brigade whipping up some mischief?

But what really made the episode worth watching was the ferocious return of Nishimura “Tetsujin” Souichi! Probably one of the scariest teachers to ever make it on-screen in an anime, he wasted no time making sure he dominated the latter half of the episode. I don’t know about you, but it’ll never get old watching him put the smack down on Akihisa. While he may or may not deserve most of the harsh treatment he receives, I’m just waiting for the moment his hit points drop to zero, bringing out Tetsujin and the wrath of his supplementary lessons.




  1. its quite a nice change of pace for a while. its kinda hard to find comedies who dont have heartwarming moments then completely shatter it with a comedic joke/action.

    and I loved hidyoshi and yuuko. having identical fraternal twins is always better even if its not twincest.

  2. Who else feels like they can tell the difference between Hideyoshi and his sister? There’s just this difference that I see even if they switched places. Also who liked the background music during the filming with Akihisa and Yuuko watching it?

  3. Is this really how Himeji fell in love with Akihisa? It could be a just “oh, a nice person” and not “I love that guy”. And they knew each other from elementary school, so it could be there and then too.

    1. Take my words back. She probably thought Akihisa was a pedophile and was stalking following them just in case. As seen in picture 40, she was smiling and thinking “what a relive, that girl is save from his hands!
      So… Still wondering how Shimada falls in love with Akihisa… they both seem to hate each other guts. Well maybe, Shimada likes his guts thats why she’s always trying to kill disect him.

      1. wasnt it established that she fell for him in the 1st ep of the 1st season when he risked his test(not like it would make a difference…) for her when she was sick?
        she probably started admiring him when he gave hazuki that stuffed toy then developed into love when he was worried about her in the 1st ep.

    1. Negi? Are you joking?! He’s a natural pi*** I mean gentleman! Bad ass, gentelman, smarts, cuddly cute, and if you look at his handsome dad and beautiful mother, he’s a looker when he grows up. He OWNS! Negi is in a totally different league I think. He’s more or less in the same league with characters like Hayate (the butler).

  4. It’s nice that they finally explained the backstory about Hazuki’s sister. When she was first introduced, the narrator said they would explain why she called him her “idiot husband”, but they didn’t in the first season.

    1. they didn’t explain it because the series is based off a set of light novels. i forget how the narration structure is in the books, but i’m just guessing that it was probably similarly said the situation would be explained in the novels, and then the actual story wasn’t given until a later novel.

  5. Spoiler about Himeji fell in love with Akihisa
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Anyone here thought the Q&A is the funniest? To be honest I’ve been following the light novel since the beginning. I have to say the Q&A between Akihisa and Teacher is one of the funnier moment in Baka. This really prove how stupid he is.

  7. It’d be nice is Yuuko was a little more human now instead of so stuck-up. Doubt it, but it’d be nice.

    So Himeji was kinda a stalker back in the day lol! It’s funny how Hazuki and Minami are unknowingly half the reason Akihisa became labelled a full “problem student”. I like how Akihisa considers it worth the risk, though. Getting two sister just by being yourself… there’s a dream lol!

  8. I was told elsewhere that the scene where Yuuko (as Hideyoshi) was listening to Akihisa praise her originally had this line in the novels: ‘He’s pretty good looking, but it’s really a waste(referring to him as an idiot)’. I think it’s pretty obvious Yoshii’s harem has another member.:P

  9. Loved the second half. Aki is such a nice guy, he may be an idiot but he’s definitely a likable character.

    Also, whats up with those mob again? I kinda forgot why were they chasing people.

    1. They’re the “hopeless losers” of Class-F that make sure no one else in Class-F gets a girlfriend before them. They’ll chase down anyone that so much as gets a gift from a girl.

  10. Sounds like the new season is shaping up pretty well.

    btw, if you don’t mind my asking: I wanted to go back and read the coverage of season 1 but for some reason I can’t find the entries! ;_; I-Is there something wrong? I really hope they weren’t removed…

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