「私の好きな喜翆荘」 (Watashi no Sukina Kissuiso)
“The Kissuiso I Love”

That slap to the face couldn’t have come any sooner.

Since Divine talked about this show in his Spring Preview, I’ve been waiting for the moment that P.A. Works would unleash their beastly storytelling skills. In a show that focuses on a family that’s been broken up through various reasons ranging from selfish to downright horrible, there has to be some sort of resolution be it good or bad. And for an episode that’s leading up to the finale, there couldn’t have been a better way for a family like Ohana’s to finally come together.

By beastly storytelling skills, I’m referring to the feeling that I felt throughout my chest this entire episode. It’s the feeling when your chest tightens like someone’s pushing down on it when you know something’s not quite right but can’t put your finger on the problem. To make me feel like I was in Ohana’s shoes the entire time takes a strong writer, and I’m glad that whoever took care of this episode did a great job with it.

By the end of the episode, it was becoming difficult to bare that feeling in my chest. But when Enishi completely missed the point that both Ohana and Nako were trying to get across about Kissuiso changing into something it’s not, I would have flipped my entire desk over had Takako not walked over and smacked him in the face. In terms of whether or not he’s hit to run everything at Kissuiso, it feels like Enishi is still light-years away from understanding the priorities of properly running it.

Okami, or rather Sui, is such an impressive person that it’s a shame she hasn’t had more face time. I remember a stern old lady who would sacrifice her family in order to run her inn properly; but the Okami this week looked like someone who’s finally figured out what the important things are in life. If bonding with Ohana and being able to smile around her wasn’t good enough, I can’t imagine how happy Sui was to be working alongside both her children and her granddaughter — especially when she had already deemed a situation like impossible impossible.

Even though the issue involving Kissuiso closing after the Bonbori festival is lingering around, I can’t imagine something not good happening next week. That said, I’m still waiting for a tear-jerking moment that can only be done when a beautifully orchestrated plot is executed by P.A. Works’ writing team. All I can say for sure is that next week’s episode is probably going to have both Okami and Ko fighting for what they want!




  1. Well that was disappointing. For a climax it felt silly and contrived. The first half was annoying, especially the parts where the entire Kissuiso started giving Ohana the silent treatment. “You’re on Okami’s side”, and I was like WTF!? Did the entire staff just turn into elementary school students? And Minko becomes a bitch to Ohana AGAIN. Because that was so pleasant the last couple of times it happened.

    Thank God Nako called out the entire staff on this BS. At least we get to Satsuki again to ease the tension, and then Enishi gets slapped by freaking Takako of all people. Also Jirou stretching the Fourth Wall with his narration was hilarious.

    This image however was at least beautiful, if only for sentimentality. Its nice to see Sui actually enjoying herself being a waitress again.

    One more episode, and it better be good, after this lackluster one.

    1. I agree the best part was seeing mom, daughter, and GD together. I know the last episode is next week but to me Hanasaku Iroha will be just another mediocre slice-of-life with pretty visuals. If this was my fist encounter with this type of show I probably would think it was the best show ever but it isnt. Maybe Mari Okada should stick with the 13 episode format.

    2. Jirou leaning on the fourth wall and doing the narrator was fun! Also, Minko being mean to Ohana is just her way of reacting to uncomfortable feelings, can we ask Jirou to write that Yuri doujin again? 😛

  2. I can’t BELIEVE I’ve been watching this show for ALMOST 26 weeks!!!! Half a year!?!?! For half a year I’ve known of this show and watched it, through FB practice, snapped bones, death, stress, and new life, not to mention change…. Gotta say, I’m gonna miss it, was a good way to wind down. I, like the character, have been through QUITE the journey! Well I can finish it up and move on to black rock shooter and Another. A smooch next ep.? We’ll see.

  3. This episode was amazing for me. I don’t know about everyone else put this certainly felt like the longest episode in the whole series to me. While i do realize that the ending was taken out, by the midway point I had already felt like i had just watched an entire episode. There was so much information packed in this episode but everything just ran smoothly and vividly for me. I have to say, GOOD JOB P.A. Works. You nailed it for me.

  4. I remember seeing the real festival on TV. It looked amazing like the fire was crawling up the mountain at night. People were parading up on the mountain trail with drum music. I hope I could see it for real someday.. 🙂

  5. The crisis instigated by Enishi the Inept is in the end resolved by all 3 generations of Shijima women. It was heartwarming to see all three of them working together for the same cause.

    I normally scorn at Takako, but for once I applaud her for giving that pathetic wimp a good slapping that he so deserve.

    I don’t know what the writers hate about Minko, but they totally wasted her potential, by making her (along with most of Kissuisou for the first half) childish schoolkids. Even Nako got more development than her.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. I loved the part when the pervert started narrating everyone’s inner monologue. I started thinking “what the hell why is he the narrator all of a sudden!” and then quickly realized “wait a minute… he’s in the corner talking out loud to himself isn’t he…”

  7. So am I okay skipping like 8 episodes (I’m on 9) because I hear it gets better towards the latter half of the episodes and frankly, the show is extremely boring right now. I loved the first couple of eps but after that, it just felt bland in terms of ability to keep my attention.

    1. It never really gets better than the first episode, except for some minor scenes scattered throughout all the 26 episodes. But well, you can skip pretty much the entire show without missing anything (if you don’t care for details).

      1. Sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to the original poster…
        I meant why bother skipping ahead and watching a show if you aren’t enjoying it…

        Like you though I have enjoyed it.

  8. “hit to run” … or “fit to run” …y’know if a slap gets him in the right spot “hit to run everything at Kissuisou” makes perfect sense ^_^.

    Brilliant ep, Wrap it all up PA!!

  9. My jaws totally dropped when everyone at Kissuiso started giving Ohana the “silent treatment”. Particularly Minko, it made her seem as dumb, rude and impolite as she was way back in the first episode, which I’d assumed she’d grown out of it -___-

  10. I think what most people who comment on this blog forget is that they are school kids, though of slightly older variety. As much as you wish they would “behave” better, I think it is an accurate portrayal. Some of the jokes in this episode did hit the right notes. Emotions run high, and they lost focus what was important. It’s like they started the war, but soon found that they were destroying what they sought to protect. Not the best episode, but not a bad one either. All the expected plot points was there. We are near the end, one more to go.

  11. The preview for next week and the hint dropped at the staircase was foreboding, so I’m expecting next week to be a tear-jerker.

    That being said, all three Shijima women working as waitresses was amazing. Can’t believe how I felt when I saw that on-screen.

  12. My prediction is “Hanasaku Iroha” would be the new name of the inn. I’ve always had the thought since they said “Kissuiso” meant “the inn for Sui”, so it makes sense to “close” Kissuiso and open up a new inn for Ohana.

  13. Great episode!

    preparation Bonbobori festival with Yuina 😀

    Minchi really annoying this episode!

    my favorite scene when the three generations of Shijima women working alongside each other.

    Can’t wait what will happen next episode.

  14. Yes,I saw dead flags for Okami.

    For this episode there are all work together but I still see many issue ;1.Don’t treat customer to the best level as before (exp: buffet for every guest) 2.Good atmosphere gone because of too many customer,work to deal with. 3.Quarrel between kissui worker.

    So What will happened to kissui Inn? What about Kou? What about Okami? Can’t wait for the next and last episode.


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