「ラスボスは四十万スイ」 (Rasubosu wa Shijima Sui)
“Last Boss — Shijima Sui”

Even when given the opportunity to resolve all the problems in the world, I’m baffled by how Ohana didn’t utilize the almost perfect chance she was given to reveal everything she had to offer to Ko. She even went as far as covering his mouth to prevent him from uttering those three simple words — only to give up right at the last moment! If the writers were aiming to never resolve the conflict between the two, they’re doing a great job. Maybe I should be hoping for Ko to just give the girl a hug when she’s crying! However, I do give him a few points for that impressive “I FINALLY MADE PROGRESS!” yell.

As we all know that the episode’s title had the words Okami and Final Boss in it, one would think that this would end up being an episode about somehow trying to change her mind about closing Kissuiso. While there may have been a few close brushes to an all out battle, it was a little surprising that no one jumped in to try to put Okami in her place. Be it from fear or respect, nothing ever alluded to what was about to happen.

As I’ve learned firsthand, the owner of an establishment has no reason to ever explain themselves to anyone who works below them. Sure it may clear up misunderstandings or drive the last spike into an order but it’s rather fascinating how most employees are never told what things are meant but are supposed to figure out for themselves what things are supposed to mean.

I’m going to assume that most people were just as furious as Ohana with Okami’s recent decisions and attitude toward Kissuiso. And had the last part of the episode never happened, I’d still be like all those other people/employees that don’t get the chance to hear what actually goes on within their manager’s brain. No, Kissusio isn’t closing because of the rough economy or the inherent problems it has. It’s closing because I think it’s the best way to save everyone’s dreams from being devoured by my selfish one.

While my interpretation might not be the best, that’s what I took away from it. Who would have thought our stern and strict Okami would end up being the single person who was looking out for everyone’s best interests?

But man was it such a twist when the end of the episode rolled around. I can feel it in my bones, but I think that Enishi’s rampage to prove his worth to Okami is going to end up not only hurting him but everyone at Kissuiso. Especially since they are all misinformed about Okami’s reasoning for closing the place, I feel like they’re fighting a battle not only for the wrong reason but against the wrong person. At this point, I think Enishi needs a good Okami slap to the face to clear that smug attitude of his.

P.S. I thought it was impressive how Okami managed to organize that huge bathing area without touching anything. If only I had half her skills! And I wish I could bathe as quick as her!




  1. That bath scene was just funny. The reactions of Nako, ohana, and minchi was just funny and hilarious. Then Okami organizes the bathing area in an awesome way.

    Funny how minchi and tohru finally have more common ground only to be surprised by Jiroumaru. That he’s the author of the manga that got them BOTH interesting in becoming chefs.

    Too bad ohana didn’t get the chance to utter those three words as I was hoping she would this week but only to invite him to the Bonbori festival.

    1. quote:
      Funny how minchi and tohru finally have more common ground only to be surprised by Jiroumaru. That he’s the author of the manga that got them BOTH interesting in becoming chefs.

      I loved that moment! Everybody thinks Jiro is useless tagalong and then we see if not for him, we would not have Tohru nor Minchi onboard!
      Also manga itself was hilarious with chef diving into ocean to wrestle with tuna to be made into steaks…

  2. After watching this episode, I’m getting more and more confused on what type of ending they’re going to have. Up till last episode I was sure that probably Ohana will become future owner of somewhat (am still wishing for it). I’m so hoping that the ending won’t be too sad tho.

  3. Why would you want to bathe that quickly? @_@

    On another note, who knew that Enishi would be real “final boss”? (at least from my opinion of the preview for the next episode). I suppose it has been foreshadowed since most of the time he is trying to prove to Okami that he is as worthy as Satsuki, and most of his flashbacks were his past failures and inability to get attention. I get the impression from the phone call he gave Satsuki that he was almost challenging her and almost as if he was upset that Satsuki managed to help Kissuiso become so popular without even being at Kissuiso.

    Love Ko’s “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!” yell and the expressions on everyone’s faces. Go Ko!

  4. I feel like, if they do succeed in convining Ohana’s grandmother to not shut the inn down, the inn will probably see its name changed. There’s been quite a lot of emphasis on the meaning of the inn’s name lately, so this doesn’t seem too unlikely a possibility to me.

  5. Ko is a bad example for all guys.. don’t follow him!
    When the girl you like runs, you follow and when she cry lend a shoulder (hug her).

    And Okami-san is a monster! How the heck did she arranged the bath like that?!

  6. I can tell this final arc is going to be good because the EPIC HERON is back.

    I don’t think anyone can fault Ko now, since its Ohana who stopped his confession. At least she asked him out on a date. Loved that yell from him too.

    Back on the inn it was nice to see some Sui/Ohana bonding at last, although it comes in the wake of an outright mutiny. I kind understand Sui, and the feeling that she’s holding everyone in the inn back. The staff though do want to stay, but I don’t think their stubbornness was the right way to deal with it. I mean that whole telling Ohana not to help with the Festival was just dickish, when it was a perfect compromise.

    1. Not to mention Ohana directly confronting it now (“YO!” XD) rather than meekly slipping past it like the last few times (or outright running scared and being chased like the first XD).

  7. Yeah, that bath scene was really impressive. Most awesome one I’ve ever seen! XD

    Two more to go. I’m savoring ever second of these remaining episodes. Don’t really care about the plot anymore, everything is just coming to a close. Just love the interactions between the characters. Two more weeks, and that’s it.

    1. Yeah, I don’t really see where it’s coming from either :\ It’s like there’s butthurt over something he’s done but I just can’t see what. His feelings for Ohana are so sincere, that even when they’ve been apart they never wavered. And instead of distancing himself from her he was all like “I want to know more about her and her life at Kissuiso” and tries to treasure the moments he does get to be with her. The screaming in the station was just adorable. How I wish Ohana could have seen that…he’s so bloody happy that there’s actually been some progress. Kinda jealous of Ohana…

    2. My dislike of Ko stem rather from the pacing of his development, as opposed to the character himself (although he is rather bland).

      It’s just the fact that he has maybe about 30 minutes of screentime throughout the entire series thus far; we see him in the first episode, and then twice in the middle in which he doesn’t really do much, and now we finally get him reintroduced when the world has basically forgotten him.

      He just doesn’t hold much weight, really. Even Beanman has more of an impression than him.

      1. I completely disagree. You are assuming quantity of on screen appearance trumps quality. Every moment with Ko advanced the plot someway and developed Ohana and their relationship. I don’t need him in every episode to be relevant. What matter is how he affects Ohana. Ko is there to show that Ohana’s new and old life are not mutually exclusive.

      2. I suppose so. But I guess it’s simply the fact that he’s not a very strong or remarkable character, and- as such- any developments derived from his involvement just don’t feel very strong. I get that he’s supposed to be a kind of down-to-earth everyman of sorts, that people can relate to- but goddammit he’s boring.

        I just wish they developed his character into someone that we can actually care about, rather than as someone that we’re supposed to care about through Ohana. It’s like the sun and moon- we can only see the moon there because the sun shines on it.

  8. Anon: “I completely disagree. You are assuming quantity of on screen appearance trumps quality. Every moment with Ko advanced the plot someway and developed Ohana and their relationship. I don’t need him in every episode to be relevant. What matter is how he affects Ohana. Ko is there to show that Ohana’s new and old life are not mutually exclusive.”

    Eeeh… we are talking about the character, not the plot here. As a character, Ko hasn’t really done anything at all. He’s a plot point if anything.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/Hanasaku%20Iroha/Hanasaku%20Iroha%20-%2024%20-%20Large%2012.jpg
    LOL at Minchi and Tohru’s childhood memories of their favourite cooking manga being cruelly shattered upon discovering that Jiroumaru is the author.

    While Ohana did not confess her feelings to Ko yet, she’s at least heading in the right direction by inviting him to the festival (what’s it called again?)

    And finally, we have a Kissuisou mutiny led by Enishi. Looks like Okami was right about Enishi being completely inept that he would only end up harming Kissuisou with his “good intentions”.

    Only Ohana somehow gets her reasoning and has remained faithfully by her grandmother’s side.

    PS Seriously, what’s with all the Ko hate? I know he can be quite pathetic sometimes, but so what?

    Kinny Riddle
  10. The main problem is that Sui thinks that she can made ammends with Enishi by closing the inn and giving him the “freedom” that he should’ve had if Satsuki had inherit the place, and by doing so, she also think that everyone can evolve in their separate ways. Right now, Enishi has finally the drive to run the inn, but the anger he feels for Sui is blinding him. As for the rest, they really want to stay, but don’t have the right way to convince Sui that her POV is wrong right now.

    Ohana herself said it: it’s not Sui’s Kissuisou anymore. Her task right now is being the bridge between Sui and the rest of the inn’s staff. That’s the only way to solve all this mess. Kudos for Satsuki and her help, but I think she did this as a way to keep Ohana out of her life at least for now.

    Kou-chan’s issue is only a bonus point because… let’s be honest, nobody want Kou-chan.

    1. This post comes with a YMWV (that’s W for Will folks), but I’ve tried to be coherent!

      I’m quite glad someone said this, because I was racking my brain trying to see why everyone else seemed to hold a different view to me …

      I am struggling to look at this in any other way than Sui being selfish to the end. Now before someone reminds me that she is entitled to do as she pleases, I get that. But I am not accepting that she is doing it out of altruism for her staff.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      It does speak to her perfectionist nature to decide that nobody is worthy/willing enough to take the inn on. However, this same drive has brought the staff together, who are now all appreciative of Kissuiso in their own way, managing to fit this bond in around their own aspirations (which is a damn sight healthier than how Sui has handled hers). But they’re not ONE HUNDRED AND TEN PERCENT EAT SLEEP BREATHE Kissuiso, so obviously they cannot be trusted with its future. It’s for their own good you know.

      Her inner monologue smacked of a repenting on a deathbed (literally, given the scene I am referring to!), thinking that her actions are justified solely because they are sincere. She didn’t want the workers to be taken up by her dream? Too late, they’re infected. So she had a choice – give them some bitter medicine, or skip straight to the amputation. Well, we all know that Sui isn’t one for doing things by halves …

      Having ranted for this long, there is one obvious silver cloud to her thoughts – financially at least she is leaving the staff in relatively safe position, compared to a situation where the inn bombs. And with Enishi at the helm, there’s a good chance it would. Then again, even this is her fault – thinking of the inn, she focused on Satsuki at Enishi’s expense*. That kind of blew up in her face!

      Unfortunately, one thing Enishi that has recently learnt from his mother is her blind stubbornness, without the cultural/social nous to back it up. Way to open your mouth into a nice foot-sized shape there. Just when I thought the staff were going to take an emotional high-ground too, they join in the tantrum; stupidity must be contagious at Kissuiso.

      *I do accept the possibility that Enishi is a born fuckup. But that seems a very lazy way to justify “giving up” on him.

      J Jay
    1. Yes. that’s the way I saw it, that nobody was so into the dream of the inn that they are headed towards that level of skill and pride in it. I saw that scene almost as a demonstration of the difference of level of commitment. A;most like saying, “You’re working at the Kissuiso but I live it!” lol

  11. Ko yelling out was the highlight for me, I almost fell over laughing. I was very disappointed with Ohana not being able to say what she truly meant. Maybe the writers are aiming for a flashy confession at the Bonbori festival… At least I HOPE that’s what’s going to happen, because if this KoxOhana thing doesn’t happen after 26 episodes, I’m going to be very, very, very sad/angry.

    Gia V.
  12. I think I have formulated my final opinion on how the show ends.

    1) Okami dies first off. Maybe in the last episode, maybe in the second to last (I’m leaning more towards the latter now).

    2)The issue becomes whether or not to carry on the inn without her, although probably before she dies she gives some indication of wanting them to do what they want and if that is the inn, then so be it.

    3)The kuisuiso obviously stays open in some form.

    4)Ohana and Ko obviously end up together.

    5) Some tiny segment is given wherein there is a slight chance more given with MinchiXTohru.

    6) A second season is alluded to focusing on Minchi and Tohru and my trifecta of MinchiXTohru, IchigoXRukia, and MisakiXUsui is complete and I die happily.

  13. There are BADA*SES and THEN there is Okami. Haha! Only in anime is there such beating around the bush in regards to love, and relationships. If I ever saw a relationship like this in real life I’d tear my hips out.

  14. I’m kind of amazed at the way Minko and Tohru bonded so readily. For 23 episodes, it’s this mentor-apprentice relationship that neither is willing to relax more into comrades, and then all of a sudden one of them starts talking about manga and they become chums.

    Like I’ve always known: Geeks = True Love.

    I actually thought that Enishi really stepped up his game this episode. I felt he grew more as a character during the series, evolving from being this wimpy brown-noser to becoming someone who really wants to be serious in his role. I’m of the opinion that Sui is being more selfish because she’s not considering the needs of her workers who, even though some of them are only part-time and the rest are able to get job interviews, really do value working there. What she’s doing is laying them off even during the prospect of renewed business in the inn.

    I think at this point, the workers themselves would run the inn pretty well altogether whether Sui is there or not because all of them have proven that they are capable of doing so.

  15. Okami needs an Okami slap.

    Instead of being a cryptic old lady, she _could_ try to explain to everyone why she wants to close Kissuiso the same way she explained to Ohana. And, if she’s worried about Enishi not managing Kissuiso well, she could’ve given him pointers. As it stands, I feel that all the faults Enishi makes in running Kissuiso is Okami’s fault, what with her bad parenting and pre-determined expectations.


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