「蘇る、死ね」 (Yomigaeru, Shine)
“Rebirth of the word Die

After somewhat redeeming her character back during the movie arc, I was sorely disappointed with all the backtracking Takako’s done this week. After years of fooling around at Kissuiso trying to implement ridiculous ideas at the expense of the people who work there, I don’t know how she’d expect Okami to just let the past go. We’re talking about a woman who has put her family second to providing the best service possible to the inn’s customers!

At the same time, I’m starting to question Takako’s intent behind marrying Enishi. I’ve heard of brides that start thinking way too much before a wedding causing them to act weird and such but what does inheriting the inn have anything to do with marrying Enishi? I thought at first she might be feeling responsible for putting so much stress on Enishi with their wedding preparations, but the moment her expression changed when she thought Okami was going to entrust them with the inn was the moment I was ready to explode.

Luckily, there was a heartwarming flashback to Okami’s younger days when she was the one who was about to get married to tide me over before I raged at Takako. Besides landing a pretty good looking husband, Kissuiso itself, and a hardworking and loyal friend, her words for what a spouse is for really echoed throughout my heart, “Marriage is a promise not to let your spouse be alone, ever again.” You know, for someone who’s lived and endured so much, it’s quite amazing how Okami isn’t some bitter old woman out to hurt those around her.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Ohana was the one who ended up inheriting Kissuiso? Whether it is with Ko, Tohru, or some other guy, it’d make for a pretty impressive wedding gift wouldn’t it? Either ways, I felt a little short changed with the love triangle drama this week. I had thoroughly expected Tohru to spill the beans on whether or not he likes Ohana! Instead we get Minko jumping to conclusions and losing her cool, which led to one of the dirtiest looks I’ve seen in a while (Elfen Lied came to mind). Hopefully, Ohana’s honesty cleared Minko’s head a little bit since I don’t think I’ve seen such an adorable face on her either.

Judging from the preview shots, it looks like the wedding will continue on. As this show continues to troll my imagination with shots that could go one way or another, I’m happy that those strong and happy feelings I felt from the earlier episodes are quickly flooding back.




  1. I liked this episode. Specially the last part where okami basically said “no” XD. Besides that, the Minko-Tohru drama is funny in this episode. Ohana come off really dense when it comes to relationships as usual. The flashback was nice, though I wished it was an episode of its own.

    1. “I wished it was an episode of its own.”

      No! I don’t want another side character episode. But then again it seem I would have to accept that Hanasaku Iroha is an anime filled with various side character episode to make it whole. Or a more suitable title will be “various heroine”.

  2. just when i start to sympathize with minko she destroys it by blaming ohana for everything
    i can understand she is pissy and frustrated but really….

    and i still get yuri vibes from nako and her friend

    1. Minko is probably one of my favourite anime characters that I’ve ever seen, becuase she’s by far one of the most realistic.

      Feelings fuck people up- and not always the Yandere stabby-stabby way either (rather uncommon actually).

      We’re seeing a real, genuine struggle, which any number of people here may feel or have already felt.

      But such turmoil throughout the trials and tribulations of life is how people grow.

  3. Takako’s Engrish somehow pisses me off. The wedding came out of nowhere. Heck, I bet no one ever saw that comming. That being said, I actually like it

    Damn cliffhanger! They expect us to wait for a full week to find that answer.
    a few possible things the could happen:
    1) Ohana inherits the inn
    2) Ohana’s mom inherits the inn
    3) Ohana’s grandma sells the inn due to money issues.

    1. If the show wants to stay consistent with its themes, it will end with something that “pleases Sui,” especially after they went to the trouble of revealing what Kissuiso actually means. I can’t see Ohana inheriting the inn just yet, so ideally grandma and Satsuki will make up in a fittingly dramatic fashion and everything ends happily.

      Hell, why not throw in a book end? Let’s have Kou move to their town to work at Kissuiso after discovering his true desires are to be with Ohana and he’ll work at Kissuiso, starting out how Ohana did in episode 1.

      1. I agree about Ohana couldn’t inherit the inn, I mean she only like 16? And Satsuki, no matter how suitable she is. A whole episode did occur saying how she couldn’t never come back. So I’m guessing Okami sell it away?

        “Let’s have Kou move to their town to work at Kissuiso after discovering his true desires are to be with Ohana and he’ll work at Kissuiso, starting out how Ohana did in episode 1.”

        If this happen, I’ll have Okada head. I mean the whole season I wanted to watch about Ko, she never show. Then at the end of the series, Ko come out of nowhere and happy ever after?

        But I do have to admit that will be one cool ending.

      2. @x

        Hey, now that one conclusion I can accept. Now that I think about it, didn’t Tomoe said it best to look for her other half nearby(thus hinting on Tomoe X Renji). And didn’t Okami flashback also indicate how she was a waitress and how she married to a chef in Kissuiso?
        I believe all this is foreshadowing Okami selling the business to both Renji and Tomoe; at the same time solving the financial situation. It brilliant call, X.

        P.S. I assume when you said Nako, you meant Tomoe. Because it doesn’t make much sense for Nako. BUT if you really meant Nako, then that mean I’m the one who figure out this brilliant ending of TomoeXRenji. If so, kudo to me! 🙂

      3. So Ren knows Minko likes Tohru, it looks like even Tohru might even have a slight idea.

        I’m positive Tohru doesn’t like Ohana. I liked the idea someone brought up of Renji and Tomoe “inmarriating” it, although it’d be a bit ridiculous.

        I’m calling it now, I think the show ends with TohruXMinko and RenjiXTomoe and Ohana going back to Tokyo.

  4. Probably the most expressive we’ve ever seen Minchi. And I really liked it. I would have to say my heart did break a little during that beach scene, even though we could see it coming from a mile away.

  5. I agree with Alec’s assumptions as to what will happen. I think Ohana inheriting the inn would be a bit of a stretch, yet I keep finding myself eager for the idea somehow; she’d be a lot more responsible than her mom, that’s for sure.

    I also agree with Lilian. Poor Minchi! I like how she’s straightforward with her feelings, but since she doesn’t know how to deal with them, she takes them out physically sometimes, which is what makes people dislike her, when that’s actually just the way she deals with herself. I really hope things get better for her; hopefully Ohana can clear some things up and theycan get their good old relationships back with their guys! Ko needs to get his but over there soon!

  6. When do we get to see Kou? He’s been MIA since episode 12, and why do even put Kou in the 2nd opening if he is not going to appear at all? I want to see end of the relationship between Ohana, Kou, and the glasses girl before the end of the series. Honestly I expected better PA Works.

    1. I highly doubt PA Works would just let that go. We got 5 episodes left, and I’m sure (or I’m just really hoping) they pull off something amazing (or perhaps I’m being to positive ^^;)

      I personally would love to see Ohana’s mum inherit the inn, but what are the chances of that happening?? :T

    2. what are you talking about Kou was in a waitress uniform a few episodes ago =D that wasn’t enough for you?

      but seriously, the fact that ohana did dream about him probably has some implications.

    3. We will most likely se Kou thrown in at the end for DRAMA. P.A. Works have always been good in terms of animation, but none of their shows have been as impressive story-wise (though Angel Beats wasn’t really their’s, and I haven’t watched Canaan).
      Hanasaku Iroha has been a huge waste of potential and after all these bland episodes, I can’t really enjoy the show when it switches to drama. I hate to admit it.

      1. Yes, I totally agree with you. Said everything I wanted to say. But what I don’t understand is why won’t they use the love conflict that they know will sell well to us. But instead keep giving us one side character arc after another.

      2. Imo, the love triangle between Minko, Ohana, and Tohru has been much more prevalent than the one between Ohana, Ko, and Glasses-girl. I find it funny that they’re still trying to do something with the former when it should’ve been buried at episode 12, the episode Tohru learned about Ko and his relationship to Ohana.

      3. YUNE!! 🙂 FTW

        Yes, I agree that Minchi X Tohru X Ohana ship should have sail long time ago. I don’t understand the reason they don’t bring it out earlier. Now that we are reaching the end of the series, nobody is foolish enough to think this is even possible. There won’t be enough episode for the drama buildup, climax and conclusion. Just enough for a small misunderstanding.

        Aww man. At the beginning of series, I was hoping for love Pentagon (Michi X Tohru X Ohana X Kou X Megane-girl )

  7. Did anyone else feel something strange during the flashback of Okami’s past and how she married a cook and inherited the inn relating to random Tohru x Ohana pairings? I highly doubt that will happen but its funny to think about.

    And yeah, I kind of think Ohana is going to get the inn… Okami probably sees herself in Ohana whereas Enishi hasn’t done too much helpful things to move the inn along. I mean, Ohana has basically taken the entire place into her pace, it might seem far fetched, but that little scene from Okami’s past doesnt make it seem all that far fetched anymore… and neither does the Tohru x Ohana pairing…

    And actually, without seeing much of Kou, I rather there not be too much interaction between him and Ohana… just saying…

    What about anyone else?

  8. Poor Minchi. This must be the umpteenth time I’ve said this. Now that she’s thrown the emotional ball into Ohana’s court, Ohana has to be the one to solve this mess.

    Though the problem is she hasn’t even sorted out her own triangle with Kou.

    And now Okami is contemplating having her to take over Kissuisou once she passes on, but can Okami last that long before Ohana is ready – both legally and emotionally?

    Let’s see… Ohana should just tell dense Tohru flat out that she still loves Kou, and then hinting that he should pay more attention to Minchi, before storming back to Tokyo to confront Namiko over Kou in the true indomitable Shijima Female style, ensuring her triumphant return with her and Kou succeeding Kissuisou.

    Yeah, sounds very cliched, but that’ll work just fine for me… 🙂

    (Gotta love the “pwned” expression on Takako’s face when Okami flat out told her she and Enishi ain’t succeeding Kissuisou despite approving their marriage. )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Tohru: I want 5 babies
      Minchi: Why 5?
      Tohru: So that they could form a basketball team
      Minchi: Huh?
      Tohru: I’ll name them Tomoka,Maho,Saki,Airi and Hinata.
      Minchi: Uhmm
      Tohru: I also need to kill a baby 3 years old name Subaru now.
      Minchi: Who?
      Tohru: There a hotel in front, let go.
      Minchi: ……okay

  9. I think you’re being a little too hard on Takako – I interpreted her hesitation as just the wedding blues. She knows the financial situation Kissuiso’s in (since she helped create it)and seeing Enishi repeatedly fail in trying to keep the costs down as much as possible while still try to give her a nice wedding must not have been the easiest thing in the world to watch. I think her emphasis on the inheritance of the Kissuiso rests heavily on the fact it’s such a defining part of Enishi’s self-confidence and identity. The man’s known nothing else in his life but the inn, and with Satsuki out of the picture, it was just always assumed he would take it over. And while nothing has been shown in detail I would assume it’s almost unfair – not to mention cruel – for Okami to NOT let him inherit the inn when he’s spent all of his life working in it. That’s a whole other can of worms, though.

    And it’s not like she expects Okami to forget the past; she does address that they have issues regarding trust, after all. While Takako isn’t my favorite character by any means, I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt based on what I’ve seen.

    And also: WTF Ohana. Are you really that stupid? I know she’s not the brightest crayon in the box but seriously. She can’t use a little bit of inference?

    1. i agree i’m not sensing Takako has any ulterior motives and seems like she genuinely wants to be with Enishi. i think the comment about not inheriting the inn is somewhat of a test by manager to see if she’s willing to never leave Enishi alone. or it could be telling her that she wants them to take a similar path of building something of their own to strengthen their relationship.

    2. oh and

      “WTF Ohana. Are you really that stupid? I know she’s not the brightest crayon in the box but seriously. She can’t use a little bit of inference?”

      yes, yes she is. from the very first episode it’s been shown she doesn’t know when someone is in love with her.

      1. lol. Rhetorical quesiotn, I guess 😛 I like her but she’s seriously losing a lot of points with how oblivious she can be – it was understandable before when it was less subtle. Tohru doesn’t act show overtly how he feels about Ohana. But with Minchi’s outburst you’d think she’d finally take the hint.

        I don’t know. This denseness ties in with a major flaw of her character that I’ve seen the whole season and while it’s been addressed here a little bit, I hope PA Works decides to go a little further into it.

      2. I don’t think Ohana has really been presented with anything to give her an inkling that Tohru likes her. I’M not even sure if he likes her. The only reason we’re lead to believe he does is through Minchi’s jealous eyes.

    3. ” it’s almost unfair – not to mention cruel – for Okami to NOT let him inherit the inn”

      It is cruel but unfortunately that was the right call. Think about it, he is 30++ years old and he still can’t make any sort of decision for himself without depending on Takako. What worse Takako is some sort of poor Ojou-sama that won’t admit her mistake after she make one. Remember how she said that getting conned by director is not her fault, although she seem to be trying her hardest to fix the problem hence silently admitting her fault. But you can see her attitude didn’t change much because there is a real difference between admitting it or not admitting it.

      Anyway I can’t believe I have to keep seeing this two side character that I hate for so long.

  10. I feel like Okami isn’t rejecting Takako and Enishi as the next inheritors of the inn because she doesn’t intend anyone to inherit it, rather than her having someone else in mind. The flashback and everything really had me feeling this vibe that she will say something about how it was their place to live together and, once she is gone like her husband, the inn will go with them. Since I haven’t seen any clear evidence that Okami ever wanted anyone to inherit the inn, it just feels like she has something completely different planned (Enishi could have assumed that Okami wanted Ohana’s mom to inherit it, I don’t believe we’ve seen flashback proof or anything).

  11. I thought it was pretty clear that Okami doesn’t consider Enishi as competent enough to inherit the inn. Neither does she regard Takako as reasonable or sane enough to do it for him.

    From the start of the series, Ohana has been the one clearly flagged for Okami’s successor. Ohana throwing herself into work even on her free time is a clear flag of Ohana being the only suitable candidate for this position. Perhaps Okami hopes Ohana will want the inn and would accept Enishi and Takako as managers working under grown-up Ohana if they can prove themselves competent and sane (which hasn’t happened yet).

    Okami would be an idiot to leave the inn to Enishi (with or without Takako) and Okami is no idiot. Her leaving it to him would be as random as Ohana blurting out a love confession to Tohru next episode.

    As for Takako, I have no expectations with her. Perhaps she has been as successful with her other clients as she has been here. Meaning, she is failing and is looking for another opportunity. She evaded taking any responsibility for the movie deal but can’t deny her role. Perhaps she sees a path to personal redemption through successfully taking over the inn. She may have personal issues with Enishi’s weaknesses at times but it’s those same weaknesses which make him attractive to her. He’s a guy she can dominate and he may come with a ready-built business to turn around into a personal success story. I know that seems cold, but she really hasn’t done anything yet which shows any personal warmth or concern for Enishi or the inn.

    Heck, she spoke as if she wasn’t even sure of Nako’s name. She has been hanging around so long and wants to own the joint but she’s never spoken personally with one of the very few waitresses yet?

  12. @To those who feel that Ohana should inherit the inn

    Yes, I know that Ohana is dedicated and all toward the inn. She will chip in her free time to help out the inn, help any other inn that require help and most importantly understand the way inn works like how Okami does(e.g. keeping the priority toward customer despite anything)

    But I think you guys forget that she is too young to make any real decision. To inherit an inn, you must be good in finance and not be an idiot. If you still remember how Enishi and Takako got conned by that fake director, Ohana doesn’t even sense anything weird from it. Even the lovable Yuina sense something is wrong.

    My point is even though she is much more hard working and follow Okami’s way of inn more so than Enishi or Takako. She still much too immature to inherit the inn. To leave it in the hand of Enishi is as good as selling it off, after all they will keep looking for get rich fast plan which will let them get conned faster than anything.

    I guess in the end the best possible choice is just leave it in the hand of Satsuki? but an entire episode was dedicated to show how she will not be coming back. So I suppose I have no idea what going to happen.But if I have to bet my money, I’ll put it into the possibility “the rest of the series will be how to persuade Satsuki back”

    1. I too think Satsuki would be best if she could accept her inheritance – and Ohana would be good technical advisor on running the inn, especially with the invaluable “operations logs” courtesy of Okami-san.

    2. Why are people thinking that Ohana has to inherit the inn NOW??
      Ohana will inherit the inn after Sui’s death and Sui could live another 20 years for all we know!
      I think the best solution is to leave the inn to Ohana in a few years after she graduates from college.

      Son Gohan
  13. Come on Tohru! It’s common sense to not talk about other girls in front of the girl you are currently with. Lets have Tohru get in a bike accident and have Minko clear things up then? ;D

  14. I don’t quite get why Takaii thinks Takako has any ulterior motives. She is clearly portrayed as wanting to make up for what she’s done. The scene with the wedding ring clearly shows alot of serious and dramatic tone as Sui indulges Takako with her most private memories. It says alot about both characters. My only gripe is that this the moment the writers choose to make Takako a serious character.

    And speaking of which, I hated all the Minko scenes. They just backtracked her on the last arc and now they’re doing it again!? This is why I think this whole OhanaxMinkoxTohru triangle is inherently stupid. Minko and Ohana by this point are already close friends. And now when Tohru makes an offhand comment about Ohana (something Minko SHOULD be expecting), Minko COMPLETELY backtracks to a bitch again! We should have resolved this weeks ago! But no, this show needs more FORCED DRAMA. It was a good thing I liked the rest of the episode because her scenes make me want smash my face on the desk.

    1. “I don’t quite get why Takaii thinks Takako has any ulterior motives”
      I think I know why, it because Takaii like some of us (we hate Takako) and will always think she up to something. I mean don’t you feel that she seem to be pushing the decision of inheriting the inn a bit too far. In fact, I won’t be surprise to see Okami say not giving her the inn as some sort of test of feeling.

      “I hated all the Minko scenes”
      Yeah, I hate it too. I hate all the side character arc that this show keep doing. I mean, if the Minchi X Tohru X Ohana happen during the mid series. It would have been acceptable since we don’t know how it will turn out. But at episode 21, there won’t be any other time for drama except simple misunderstanding. Frankly that not drama at all no matter how they try to force it to be one.

      The only good thing about the series now, is that it finally over.

      P.S. It might sound as if I hate the show(which I don’t). It just sort of disappointed to see such a good potential show just come down to bland forced drama on stupid side character throughout the series.

      1. I might have to agree with you there. Ohana’s conflicts and personal feelings are what drove me to watching this show, and there has been a serious lack of it recently. Some of the characters are decent but I just don’t have the same emotional attachments to them. The sad part is, the one other character I did care about was Minko, but the stuff they did with her here and the previous arc was just insufferable for me.

      1. Well, after all, Okami, when she was head waitress, did marry the head chef and took over the inn. So she could be setting a tradition for Kissuisou for generations to come. XD

        Kinny Riddle
  15. Oh well we have a lithmus test for Takako… if she goes on with marriage without hope for inheriting Kissuiso, she really loves Enishi more than anything (bad pun, i know…), if she drops out she can be on receiving end of Minchi’s curse for I all care.
    Tohru and Ohana are fine pair – when we match their denseness! Minchi is digging her own grave here, on both sides, by not confessing properly at the seaside and telling Ohana to date Tohru. As far as I know it will end up a comedy of misunderstandings.
    On the Nako front my yuri goggles went full power when Eri and Nako simultaneously blushed at the mention of red curtains ero-classroom…
    Regarding Kissuiso itself, I really dont give a damn about its fate compared to people that are living there. Of course they are connected to the place and love it, but if keeping Kissuiso afloat would mean marrying Enishi to some unscrupulous money obsessed woman (Takako, please, dont turn out to be one), to hell with Kissuiso. What is important is both personal happiness (Okami-san’s late husband)and experience gained thru hard work (Tohru).

  16. Jeez, way to go Okami for crushing the mood like that. I can’t say I blame her though, Enishi doesn’t have the mind for business, you can just tell. I think Okami still intends to leave the inn to Sasaki, but if that doesn’t work, maybe she’ll find another couple (…Tomoe and Ren-san?! Lol). I can’t see her giving it to Ohana though, or at least I can’t see her ever making that decision while Ohana is still so young. Maybe it’ll be hinted at before the end of the show.
    As for Minko, I gotta say I still like the girl. She’s one of those straight arrows in this show. I like how she has these ideals and sticks to them. She’s no perfect character, and she does annoy me sometimes, but I still like her and can’t wait to see how things work out with her and Tohru and Ohana.

  17. As for the inheritance issue: you don’t leave a business to a sixteen (fifteen? year old girl. It’s just common sense. However, seeing people suggest Okami giving it to another couple makes me think that she’s going to leave the inn to EVERYBODY – as in no one person is going to inherit it. Rather, it’d be just as it is now, with each and every person in Kissuiso contributing in some way. I think it’d be keeping in theme with the show, since the studio goes out of their way to show the audiences the roles each character plays and how Kissuiso only functions because they’re all there.

    As individuals it’s my personal opinion that NONE of them are fit to run Kissuiso (or any inn for that matter). Enishi, as many people have pointed out, is not cut for business and Takako may be able to run A business but she can’t THIS one. Ohana (and in turn Nako) is still MUCH too green and it’s highly unlikely Satsuki will return to run the inn. But put the staff of Kissuiso together and you have something that works. So why mess with it?

  18. I actually think Okami is going to sell the inn and the logbook in the beginning of the episode is her plan of getting everyone jobs at Fukuya when she closes. Ohana will probably not like this and return to Tokyo like it suggests in the OP.

  19. A comment on why this is an an issue for the characters right now. Japanese inheritance taxes can be brutal. However there are tax loopholes where if you give someone land as a wedding gift, they can avoid taxes. So basically, this issue has to be decided immediately. If Okami ever intends to give Enishi the inn, the only way to do it that makes financial sense is to give it to him (or rather them) at the wedding.

  20. I remember Takako driving a fancy sports car in earlier episodes, so I suppose she is rather well-off. Therefore I was surprised that they are saving so hard on the wedding. I don’t know who usually pays for this in Japan but if I was Takako I would rather contribute myself than miss out on a proper wedding.

    Regarding the succession question my best guess would be Satsuki taking over the place. She and Okami-san got closer again in episode 13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Okami-san secretly kept in contact with Satsuki since then and convinced her to take over the inn.

    However, since I don’t like Satsuki I’d prefer the inn going to Beanman.

  21. I don’t know why anyone would feel sorry for Minko after her silly outburst. I hate the fact that she thinks it’s alright to say whatever comes out of her head to her friends and why she’s always in such a B*tchy mood and all that. Screw Tsundere and all the “Be mean to People but Lovely on the Inside” nonesense! Ohana needs to give her a gooooood piece of her mind (and a slap along with that) and get this chick acting like a normal person !

  22. I feel like animation for this episode is greater quality than before.
    Please don’t tell me that the final arc for HanaIro is meanly about wedding ceremony,don’t wanna accept Takako as real heroine for this show.


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