「ないしょで家出」 (Naisho de Iede)
“Secretly Running Away From Home”

Haruka crashes at Daikichi’s place unexpectedly after “running away from home” (i.e. from her darn in-laws). It was a pretty impulsive decision, without telling her husband where she went, and bringing Reina along too, but I can somewhat understand given my own distaste dealing with certain older relatives. The kids interactions with each other and the adults were pretty funny though, and I find myself constantly grinning while watching. Some of the stuff children say can get really awkward indeed for the adults, as evidenced by their facial expressions while Rin and Reina casually talked about marriage and divorce as pertaining to their parents. They bump into Yukari while shopping as well, and Haruka teases Daikichi relentlessly, bringing out his tsundere side again.

As for a serious side, through Reina and Rin, and Haruka and Daikichi’s discussions, it’s revealed that Haruka isn’t getting along very well with her husband and his side of the family. She vents her bitterness to her cousin and sheds some tears as well. I feel bad for her, it’s definitely not easy being stuck in an unhappy marriage and not being able to do much about it. It hurt kids too, seeing their parents arguing all the time, and I can empathize with the feeling of helplessness they have. Even though this episode focused on Haruka and Daikichi, it was pretty uneventful as usual, and as always the show continues to meander slowly, exploring different real-world family issues from marriage to parenting. The same heartwarming, peaceful tone is maintained throughout, while at the same time tough issues like divorce are not avoided. By the end of the episode, Haruka has made peace and resigned to her situation after spending time talking with Daikichi. Although her personal problems have not been resolved, I feel that they both came out for the better — stronger and more mature to deal with the issues that they face.


      1. Hmm, I rewatch it but I couldn’t really say if that was true or not. So far, none of the anime I know will give subtle face expression. All of them will have exaggerated face expression for easy animated and to actually let us know what they want to relay to us

  1. This certainly is one of the better shows this season. Simple and cute, I keep looking forward to it every week. I knew Haruko had some issues, but for her to be in an unhappy marriage is kinda rough. Add to that being unable to get work because she’s had no training or experience and indeed it can be a scary place out there in the world.

  2. Currently I like how Rin’s concerns for a happy family (parents’ arguing and people “not getting along”) are continuing to be highlighted.

    …though stuff such as choice for a snack always worth a few minutes of laughter…

  3. Proof, for starters, it’s HaruKO, NOT HaruKA.

    That sorted out, it was particularly funny watching Daikichi frantically explain to Kouki’s mom that Haruko was “just his cousin”, even though Daikichi hasn’t yet started to date Kouki’s mom.

    Rin and Reina casually discussing about Daikichi’s and Haruko’s respective marital status was quite amusing as well.

    I recently saw an interview of a child psychologist on TV, explaining that even very young kids are very aware of any disputes and bickerings their parents are going through, and it affects them a lot.

    Glad to see that handled realistically, with Reina explaining to Rin how she copes with it by pretending to sleep.

    Kinny Riddle
  4. I accidentally spoiled myself by accidentally reading the spoilers, which then led to me having the urge to read the final chapters in the manga, thus spoiling myself. Despite being my favourite anime this season, I’m no longer sure If I’ll be able to see Usagi Drop in the same light ever again, especially after seeing the WTF developments in the manga.

    1. I saw some spoilers, then more (Wikipedia, damn you!); but I still have the ending.

      Out of the shows I am watching this is the one at top (despite being bested by a clear margin by Idolm@aster in the re-watch value department).

      I am married and unhappy. WTH was Haruko thinking? before I ever consider a relationship I tend to do a strict field research of the prospect in order to avoid most later surprises.

      Lectro Volpi
    2. Alec,
      Show Spoiler ▼

    3. They won’t play it safe. That is why, Usagi Drop has been consistently awesome so far. But yeah, the creators will stick with the elementary-version Rin, and perhaps show a grown-up Rin on an epilouge of the final episode

      The thing is…
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I’ll just think happy thoughts when watching the awsome Usagi Drop

  5. I thought it was very revealing at the end when her husband
    came to get her that she showed here true self (kinda a bitch).
    Having said that, I have seen with my own eyes and know it’s
    mathematically impossible for two adult women to co-exist
    equally in an established home. So, I’m not laying the blame
    solely on Haruko.

    But, for a moment there I thought she was considering an affair
    with Daikichi because she talked with him about some things
    a woman in need would discuss with a man (my husband doesn’t look
    at me anymore; I’ve birthed Reina so there’s no point, etc.)…

    All in all, this was an interesting episode but I’m not entirely
    sure how it fits into the story line (I see the story as more
    about Rin than raising Rin, IMHO).

    Still up there in the ratings – a great series so far!

    1. In any other show or RL, Haruko will have an affair with Daikichi. But I think this anime focus not on this sort of relationship but hardship of bringing up a child. Which is why nothing happen, beside THERE KID WITH THEM. Surely even Haruko don’t want to traumatize her child right?

      1. Daikichi, Rin, Reina and Haruko went to the Sanoyan supermarket on the 1st night. That was the key moment. Haruko met Kouki’s mom and found out apparently Daikichi had a crush on her. If this sequence didn’t occur, I suppose things between Haruko and Daikichi could very well have gone that way.

        U Doh

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