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Usagi Drop – 10, 11 (END)

「おなかのかぜ」 (Onaka no Kaze)
“Stomach Flu”

After finally getting around to watching the final two episodes, I am no less impressed. With the same mood and atmosphere that has prevailed throughout the last three months, Bunny Drop ends on a quiet, sentimental note, with no sign of the much mentioned “controversial” time-skip and ending.

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September 21, 2011 at 5:25 am Comments (39)

Usagi Drop – 09

「たいふうがきた!」 (Taifuu Ga Kita!)
“The Typhoon Came!”

Standing in for Prooof this week, I was overjoyed to get the opportunity to cover Usagi Drop.

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September 2, 2011 at 4:09 pm Comments (33)

Usagi Drop – 08

「おじいちゃんのだいじ」 (Precious to Grandpa)
“Ojii-san no Daiji”

With the Obon festival coming up, Daikichi and Rin visit Souichi’s grave, and he realizes that Masako has been there as well.

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Usagi Drop – 07

「ないしょで家出」 (Naisho de Iede)
“Secretly Running Away From Home”

Haruka crashes at Daikichi’s place unexpectedly after “running away from home” (i.e. from her darn in-laws).

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Usagi Drop – 06

「わたしの木」 (Watashi no Ki)
“My Tree”

Planting a tree that grows along with you is a very cool idea.

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Usagi Drop – 05

「ダイキチはダイキチでいい」 (Daikichi wa Daikichi de Ii)
“Daikichi Should Stay Daikichi”

I remember when I had nightmares as a little kid, and the space between Mom and Dad became the safest place to be. That made it pretty damn hilarious when Rin took comfort in her stuffed bunny instead of with Daikichi.

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Usagi Drop – 04

「てがみ」 (Tegami)

It’s uncommon to see a serious anime featuring young children, but Usagi Drop portrays their interactions very naturally.

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Usagi Drop – 03

「ダイキチの決めたこと 」 (Daikichi no Kimetakoto)
“Daikichi’s Decision”

I burst out laughing in the first minute of this episode when Daikichi smashed Rin’s head into the ceiling, probably because it was so unexpected and reminded me of when I was little and my uncle hoisted me up into the air — I almost had my head chopped off by the ceiling fan.

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Usagi Drop – 02

「ゆび切りげんまん」 (Yubikiri Genman)
“Pinky Swear”

I’m probably going to be repeating myself a lot here, but this series is very cute and heartwarming.

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Usagi Drop – 01

「りんどうの女の子」 (Rindou no Onna no Ko)
“Bellflower Girl”

I am in awe at how the very first episode of Bunny Drop managed to bring tears to my eyes.

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