Usagi Drop – 10, 11 (END)

「おなかのかぜ」 (Onaka no Kaze)
“Stomach Flu”

After finally getting around to watching the final two episodes, I am no less impressed. With the same mood and atmosphere that has prevailed throughout the last three months, Bunny Drop ends on a quiet, sentimental note, with no sign of the much mentioned “controversial” time-skip and ending.

Usagi Drop – 03

「ダイキチの決めたこと 」 (Daikichi no Kimetakoto)
“Daikichi’s Decision”

I burst out laughing in the first minute of this episode when Daikichi smashed Rin’s head into the ceiling, probably because it was so unexpected and reminded me of when I was little and my uncle hoisted me up into the air — I almost had my head chopped off by the ceiling fan.