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「りんどうの女の子」 (Rindou no Onna no Ko)
“Bellflower Girl”

I am in awe at how the very first episode of Bunny Drop managed to bring tears to my eyes. No series has been emotional enough to do that to me, as usually it takes a few episodes at least to build up the drama. I came in knowing this show would probably be pulling at the viewer’s heartstrings, but it’s surprisingly touching right off the bat. Josei manga isn’t adapted into anime too often, but now my expectations are high. The art style featuring simple watercolors and peaceful BGM with piano and strings are highly reminiscent of Hourou Musuko, and although the setting is different, this series seems to have that same heartwarming feel to it. I have not read the manga, so bear with me as I have no idea where this is going.

The premiere opens by introducing the premise, with the death of Daikichi’s grandfather and the illegitimate child he leaves behind. Kawachi Daikichi is a pretty normal salaryman living a fairly dull single life, and seems like the type who doesn’t have much going on besides his job. He seems like a good person (though terrible with kids), but the funeral was a good example of why I find dealing with family affairs so distasteful, especially when the relatives aren’t close or are on poor terms. There are the in-laws, bratty kids, insults, formalities, estranged relationships, and in this case everything is made worse with Grandfather’s love child to deal with. Blood is tighter than friendship, but in many cases friends are much more pleasant. No one wants to deal with the kid, and they see her as an embarrassment and a shame.

I’m not quite sure how the 79-year-old grandpa managed to land a mistress, but given how lonely he must have been with his family gone, all the better for him. I found Rin to be a cute, quiet, thoughtful, and quirky little kid. She seems like a smart one to me, in contrast with what the rest of the family thinks, and her antics are absolutely lovable. Contrast that with Daikichi’s loudmouthed niece Reima-chan who’s just completely hilarious and totally inappropriate (if anyone’s the “improper” one, it would be her). Even though I somewhat understand his family’s sentiments, I feel really bad for Rin as nobody wants to have anything to do with her. She’s still family, even if the circumstances are unusual. It felt like Rin was utterly alone with no one to turn to, and the scene where she said goodbye to her father and laid the flowers in his coffin was incredibly sad, which is amazing considering that he wasn’t introduced at all.

Daikichi acts on impulse to take Rin home when he has no idea about how to raise a kid, but I’m glad he decided to do so. He’s rightfully a bit peeved at his relatives. Rin is kind of like a bunny who dropped from the sky (in reference to the title), and I don’t think she’ll give Daikichi too much trouble, but he’s also probably in over his head taking on the role of a single parent. Interestingly, Rin is actually voiced by a nine year old — Matsuura Ayu, a TV actress in her first voice-acting role. I believe it was a good decision choosing children to voice children, as it brings out the characters well and feels more natural. There are a lot of subtle aspects that make the interactions feel realistic and the characters believable. If the quality of this adaptation continues to hold up, Daikichi and Rin’s story will be quite an interesting ride, and I look forward to a cheerful and heartwarming series.

P.S. I have got to try making a salt onigiri sometime.


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  1. Ah this show brought tears to my eyes. I do not want to grow up into one of those middle aged adults who worry about themselves more than the welfare of a child. As the oldest of granpa’s children was suggesting to send Rin off to foster care, I bloody snapped. I was glad that Daichiki stepped in and took her home.

    My heart was stabbed when Rin layed the bellflowers in the coffin and asked if grandpa would ever wake up. Bloody hell, it’s no situation anyone wants a child to be in, but the attitude of the rest of the family really makes you ponder what people’s values are. I am definately following this and seeing Rin and Daichiki grow.

    1. Why do folks announce they are first like its some badge or trophy they can put on their mantlepiece? I have been 1st poster here many times in a thread but fail to understand the need to say “Hey everybody look I’m the 1st poster, hey hey look at me”.

  2. I’ve really been looking forward to the anime adaptation, since I’ve closely followed the manga. Personally, I felt that they did a really good job in capturing the overall feel of the manga, so it was really a joy to watch. I’m already eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  3. Thank you so much 😀

    Is it just me who thinks the OP does not suit the main focus of the story at all XD haha that might just be me. But the ED is beautiful.

    The animation looks great and I can’t wait to see more episodes

    1. It may seem that way, but it’s actually more fitting than the first episode my suggest. The manga was more about the loving relationship and the happy learning process between a father figure and child than it was about being sad about grandpa’s death. We’ll see 🙂

  4. ugh, does it means he is foster-parenting his own… aunt?
    70-odd people should really show more restrain, otherwise they mess up family tree beyond all recognition…

  5. I love josei anime they always have great characters and stories (H&C, Nodame,etc). but this was definitely the most touching one from the start. if only japanese otaku would realise that these are the good animes and superficial garbage like IS isnt.

  6. While it didn’t bring tears to my eyes, exactly, I loved the general realism, pacing, and gentle approach of this first episode. It’s in many ways the kind of thing Noitamina is best at, and it surprises me little that it’s based on a josei manga: that’s how the block got started, with H&C and such. Why are all the good anime not aimed at otaku??

  7. it’s heartwarming on the start…

    …I’ll just c&p my comment from Guardian Enzo’s blog’s entry:

    I rather likened this as a compliment to the manga, it filled a few places, and missing a few in return…and it’s still light and fluffy (liken to a new futon… xD )

    now that I read Prooof’s entry, Eden of the East comes to mind of how the older generation wants to save “face” and avoid farces…


  8. I don’t see why the family considered Rin to be improper or difficult to take care off as she seemed really easy to get along with. Reima-chan on the other hand I don’t think I could live with 😛

  9. I found this episode to be emotional, too, but not like it was in AnoHana. It was more of a continuous, subtle sadness, as compared to AnoHana where it was bursts. I’m really interested to see if this can surpass AnoHana, though. Either way, I’m definitely watching Usagi Drop to the end.

  10. As I have read the manga, I’ll definitely give the anime a shot. I’m out if they do the last half of the manga though, as it really lost the feeling the first half lived in.

  11. My honest opinion: “D’aawwwww… -sniffle-

    I cried a bit as well.. I love the happy opening. It’s definitely “happy” and I haven’t heard anything like it in a while. It’ll be painful, but I’m gonna try n’ drop this show for now. I can’t bare to wait for the weekly treat. T_T

  12. Its a god damn shame there are just way too many kids that behave like Reima and not enough kids like Rin. I demand more 70 year old geezers get banging.

    Seriously though I’m looking foward to this show and I can already tell I will enjoy it.

  13. I believe the first episode will be the most powerful episode until the Last. I could be wrong, I hope I will be wrong 🙂 cause i’m already really looking forward to watch more.

  14. This was a pretty good beginning episode. I loved how the story flowed naturally and nothing seemed like forced information. The only thing I didn’t like was the Reima girl. I don’t know about you guys but I was not that obnoxious at that age and I don’t know how a kid could be. I feel like if this show goes on to when Rin becomes a teenager, Reima will take advantage of her and used the fact that she’s an illegitimate child. Anyways, good episode and I’m glad I gave this show a chance.

  15. Loved it. Rin was far more lovable than Ikoku Meiro’s Yune! 😛
    Heard the ending to the manga was pretty controversial though…
    I’m hoping this adaptation does get there, but as a noitamina show, it doesn’t seem likely.
    Will probably have to read this one after it finishes.

  16. There doesn’t just need to be more anime like this series; there needs to be more television in general like Usagi Drop. Production I.G. has done a wonderful job so far, and there needs to be more shows which portray as much realistic characters as this. Plus, I love how they used Reina as foil to show how mature and intelligent Rin is.

    Also, the funeral scene was incredible. When Daikichi’s great-uncle asked him to look after his brother, I got teary-eyed.

  17. Totally watching this til the end. I didn’t cry at all watching this but it definitely touches my heart, which says a lot because usually I am not fond of kids. Both in anime and real life. Especially because most kids act like Reima -_-
    I want to see the growth of the characters and relationship. I hope that controversial ending is NOT sad ending, otherwise I would be really heartbroken!!
    *feel like reading the last chapter right now*

  18. Oh my God, I totally can see you mean. I even got a bit teary eyed just reading this review! Definitely must watch this season. Uh huh, I anticipate a heart-wrenching journey

  19. I don’t really know what to feel about this show yet. It didn’t really leave a big impression with me. I can see why people were touched by this opening episode, but I’ve seen this exact scenario before in other anime. I’m optimistic, so I’ll keep watching…for now.


  20. Brilliant first episode. It didn’t make me cry, but it was really heartwarming and I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops!

    Though I’m disappointed that Daikichi didn’t give the finger to rest of the family after inviting Rin to live with him…XD!

  21. This ep had me tear up. Very touching and realistic portrayal of interaction between distance family member. It actually make me remember the time when my grandfather pass away , family member really do act this way and push problem even thou they act nice in front of other people. Those relative of mine make me feel disgusted by their action.

  22. The last time I’ve seen an anime where a kid voiced a kid, was Aishiteruze Baby, where coincidentally is about a girl being taken care of by an older guy. In this case, the guy is way older than in Aishiteruze, not to mention the circumstances are weirder.

    I liked that show, so most likely I’m gonna like this one.

  23. …….GODDAMNNNN shes is just absolutely adorable and i love the character she gives off

    Is it just me or is the idea of a 70+ man aiding in the birth of a child utterly hilarious? i mean he must be one robust old man to pull off such a feat

    Lastly that ep almost made me cry first ep of any anime to make me do so

      1. The 2 shows you mentioned look to be the best of the quality dramady type shows this season. Both feature an amazing moe main character and have quality written all over the series.

      2. Yep, following both of them also. I think Usagi would be a good foil to Ikoku. Usagi looks to have some heavy drama while Ikoku is just pure sugar. I haven’t had this much sugar since Kobato.

  24. Its weird how Daikichi is a respectable human being when he is a 3x year old japanese man… I mean, wtf? Grown japanese men are disgusting garbage 99.9% of the times.

  25. well the controvesial part is not sad but shocking to say the least I would like to mention it in spoilers but I won’t because I feel like that would ruin the series for most of the people. Aside from that I loved this first episode daisuke is a really cool guy I hope things turn out ok for him.

  26. Doesn’t Rin’s character seem a little off? I thought she was more gloomy and distant in the first chapter. She wasn’t friendly at all and Reina couldn’t stand that she wouldn’t talk to her. That’s why Daikichi’s influence on her is so moving.

    I could be wrong since I haven’t watched it yet. Was just comparing the pics to the manga.

  27. In my opinion, the last manga chapters are not shocking. The whole story is asking us what’s a family ? What’s a parent and what’s a children ? What is loving and being loved ? How can we manage living a modern lifestyle giving individuality, while we all search for the others ?
    I love that serie for being so realistic about human links, showing everyday’s small happinesses and difficulties.

  28. Did anyone thinks that the op-ed sounds Beatles-like? The kind of music that just enter your mind and never leaves? 100/100 for the music in general.
    Just after 10 minnutes, at the scene where Rin say goodbye to gramps, I was already searching for the tissues. It was a one-hit knockout punch that destroyed all my defenses, something that’s not that easy to do.
    Daikichi have all my respect as he answered the “call of destiny” without having second thoughts. That was the right thing to do, family or not. He’s a candidate for hero of the year.

  29. even someone as cynical as I found this tearful, it reminds me of my relationship with my baby cousin years ago. The scene with her holding the rice bowl is just too adorable.

    Sword Breaker
  30. this is honestly the only anime im excited for this season, but that’s most likely because I’m a huge fan of the manga and Yumi Unita. I implore all of you to check out some of her other stuff. She has a very distinct drawing style that I love. In fact, one of my biggest worries was that the manga’s unique art would be lost in translation, but I’m glad to see that it transferred over stunningly.

  31. This show is just beautiful. It’s great to see animation done differently from normal and turn out so great. I also love the character design and direction. It all meshes together perfectly and is believable. I did start to tear up a little furing the flower scene, knowing it’s hard to say goodbye to a loved one.I think this will make out to be a great anime that can, from this point, go in any direction. And for the record, i wanted to choke that brat, Reima.

  32. The “Hourou Musuko meets Kimi ni Todoke” art design (Rin looks so much like a mix between Sadako and Chizuru, imo) makes the show really easy to get into for me.

    I’m not one to cry, though there are several powerful scenes that did touch me.

    Also, only anime I’ve seen where I wanted to knock a kid out. I know Reina’s there to make Rin look like the perfect little angel (and ironically enough, it’s the other way around in the relatives’ eyes), but taking a bratty girl to a funeral without putting a leash on her attitude is just poor parenting.

  33. Reina’s antics is an entirely accurate portrayal of how a brat would behave in the funeral of a grandparent or older relative she hardly knows well.

    I know because I speak from personal experience. I remember attending my granddad’s funeral when I was just 5 or 6. I can’t remember much of what happened then, though yo this day, my folks still berate me (in a jokeful manner) of how I would just speak to my granddad’s coffin… loudly, and telling him to wake up and GTFO. Orz

    Kinny Riddle
  34. Sold sold sold. This episode depicted everything like it would be–the family meeting, the funeral, and the people. Tears formed in my eyes and the artwork grew on me throughout the episode. Rin is adorable.

  35. The art may be different from other anime, but I like it regardless. And making me tear up in the first episode already? Wonder how the rest of the season will be, but if the last minute or two is any indication, there will be more cuteness forthcoming 🙂

  36. Bell*sniff*flo-*sniff*-wers*sniff* AnoHana didn’t give me the tear duct cleaning I needed. I’m feeling Usagi Drop would be my answered prayer.

    I got a little scared for Rin when she walked inside the house with the dirty socks. I thought the oldies would go ballistic. Maybe I just got used to the overacting present in most animes. Drop feels a lot more realistic. I should remind myself not to watch this in our office or I’d never hear the end of it.

  37. Awesome first episode, pretty emotional I having problems right now to put myself together and write this ToT favorite anime of this season thus far.! Good review! Keep it up the good work! Hourou Musuko, Kuragehime, and this deserve a sequel right now!!!


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