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OP: 「ノルニル」 (Nornir) by やくしまるえつこメトロオーケストラ (Yakushimaru Etsuko Metro Orchestra)
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「運命のベルが鳴る」 (Unmei no Beru ga Naru)
“The Bell of Fate Sounds”

The premiere of Revolutionary Girl Utena/Sailor Moon director/writer Ikuhara Kunihiko’s original new series makes its way to television airwaves and leaves a very mysterious and promising first impression. All the mention of bearing sins and fighting fate in the commercials comes front and center almost immediately, yet raises just as many questions as I had originally. What we do know is that the story begins much like I outlined in the Summer 2011 Preview, at least in terms of the character descriptions of the main characters — the three siblings of the Takakura family, oldest son/pretty boy Kanba (Kimura Subaru), his prince-like twin brother Shouma (Kimura Ryouhei), and their younger sister Himari (Arakawa Miho), whom they love dearly. Himari doesn’t have long to live due to an incurable health problem that isn’t explained in detail. Kanba and Shouma are willing to do anything for Himari, even give up their own lives to save hers, thus leading to the close-knit sibling relationship that binds the premise together.

This is where it gets interesting though. In the very first episode, we see a rapid chain of developments that starts off with Kanba and Shouma taking Himari to the aquarium as part of a special “Himari Day” to forget about her ailing condition, leading to both her death and subsequent revival. It turns out the black penguin cap that Shouma bought Himari has a lot more significance than the promo image suggested, curing her of her sickness and possessing her whenever she puts it on. Further adding to the mystery are the ominous messages of the possessed Himari that includes mention of coming from where their fates “reside” and seeking compensation for prolonging Himari’s life. Weird stuff indeed, but extremely intriguing at the same time since I don’t know what to make of it all yet.

Judging from the opening sequence, the two kids’ dialogue near the beginning, and Himari’s quick death, I originally figured the story would revolve around the afterlife in some way and this other Himari is some sort of post-mortem version that exists in another world. However, the arrival of a frozen box with penguin helpers who only Kanba, Shouma, and Himari can see suggests that all the bizarre things are happening in the living world. At the same time, some strange alternate dimension does seem to exist and is depicted in magical girl-like fashion with not only the possessed Himari in a lavish get-up, but also quickly shedding it all off in layers until there was nothing left. It was quite the spectacle to say the least, just like the rest of Brain’s Base’s work here that features lovely character designs by Otome Youkai Zakuro creator Hoshino Lily, and raised the biggest question of all in this premiere episode: what’s this “Survival Strategy” that the possessed Himari is referring to and this “Penguindrum” that she’s after?

Your guess is as good as mine at the moment, but with Kanba clearly crossing the fine sibling line by kissing Himari on the lips, there are enough unknown factors to Ikuhara’s original anime that I fully intend to sit through all 24 episodes to see what he has in store. The unique combination of cute and mysterious already sets the series apart, whereas the original story that I can’t make heads or tails of yet has me completely hooked so far. Throw in the distinct stylistic touches (e.g. the transition scenes) to the eerily refreshing premise and we might just have the sleeper of the season. It looks like all the hype due to the staff involved wasn’t for naught.

Update: I incorrectly deduced that the possessed Himari is Oginome Ringo (Miyake Marie) based on the episode credits and how she’s been described as heroine who’s just as important as Himari. In reality, Ringo is actually the schoolgirl who walked by Shouma. My apologies for any confusion this may have caused.


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ED: 「DEAR FUTURE」 by coaltar of the deepers
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    1. Clearly, Ringo’s “Survival Strategy” refers to using Himari to have sex with her brothers and mass-produce offspring so that Ringo’s clan/herself can live on forever.

      Let’s hope she doesn’t mind freak babies.

    1. In the OP, there’s a Juri look-alike and it ends with a close Utena-twin. The use of the subway signs as transition graphics is a development of the signage seen in the Utena productions. The character designer might be different but there is something here which recalls Hasegawa’s Utena designs (eyelashes, lushness of the hair, slender and pointed figures and faces). Overall fairy-tale feeling related to life and death.

      This is definitely not an Utena-rehash and Ikuhara has so few production credits it’s hard to compare only 2 major works for continuity of style. First series premiere I’ve watched the entirely from 1st frame through final card without multitasking in a long time.

    2. It also gives off a Bakemonogatari vibe to it as well. From the use of naration to the use of charactarless extras (uniform shaped people with no features) It made me think of that series.

  1. I didn’t know what to make of this show in the first half. After the second half, It seemed like I was on a bad trip. My mind was thrown for a loop so, all in all, I am very interested to see what happens next.


  2. This series looks spectacular so far. I do adore the director of Utena so this is def a must watch for me sometime today :). Hope to see what happens later on and hope it becomes another top anime this year

  3. their house reminds me of howl’s moving castle in it’s intricacies and beautiful detail *drools a little* DAMNIT THERE ISN’T A SCREEN CAP OF THEIR KITCHEN

    1. Both the twins and the mascot girls are probably references to the extremely common Red Oni, Blue Oni trope, and thus it might just be a coincidence or an intended allusion with no plot significance.

  4. Dark comedy is pretty rare to see in anime, and this one was ridiculously entertaining. The penguins were awesome, and the splash of darkness by adding incest to the picture was, although controversial (I’m curious to see how far they take this), probably needed for 24 episodes of conflict. I’m usually not a fan of two bishies (with one being emotional, the other being realistic) fighting over a girl, and now they’re stuck into a twin brother vs sister relationship? I like it because it’s new to me, but I’m hoping they don’t focus too much on that.
    Ikuhara definitely knows his storytelling though.

  5. Probably they used the same trick as in previous shows of same kind – they tried to attract attention of the audience from the first episode, meaning that the rest of the show may appear to be a total failure (zero art value, everything is put into scandalous efforts to attract the audience and earn money by that). Such trick is popular in industry, when everything is put into advertising some useless product just to form a market for it (the advertisement will be followed by a decline of the popularity of the product, but no one cases about anything but the money). It is a valid and possible explanation why it looks “confusing”. The next few episodes are going to show if my guess is right.

    1. Its not “extreme”, but she sees even ordinary things as extraordinary. That’s why they have that comment later in the episode, “She was the sort of girl who thinks eating breakfast with her family is bliss!”

      The word choice is an indicator of her character.

  6. This episode had me utterly hooked. The colours, characters, bizarre story, art style, transitions and the randomness. Best of the season so far based on the first episode.

    I actually never noticed the kiss at the end and it’s a little bit off putting imo but I shall look past that since it’s not his sister in her body when they kissed.

  7. Maybe I’m just a fan of surreal anime and am biased, but everything was done right with this first episode. A few folks have said that this anime is confusing, but I thought the plot was fairly straightforward aside from the abstract and bombastic visuals here and there. Anyway, I am in high anticipation for the next episode. This is going to be great.

      1. I don’t really know what’s that means(I’m not good at English afterall) :p
        The decider will be the episode 2(If I’m gonna drop it or not)
        But 80% of it ..I’ll follow this series

      2. Okay now I know what’s that means :p
        Well almost all(of course not all)
        Always has love story on it.. so I’m making my list now(My match making list):p
        Oh well…Overall I like this anime

      3. I mean we just got into the first episode and we already have someone(you) pairing up “this” character with “that” character. As for the meaning of shipping/shipper, well…just read this.

      4. I mean… I love shouma more to be with himari rather than her chickboy looking brother :p
        and if it WILL end on an bro X sis “love story”.. I really prefer kyouma to himari

  8. the apple kids (the ones in the beginning) were mentioning campanella as well, which got me thinking that this would be something of a journey to the weird beyonds near afterlife and then a Night on the Galactic Railroad type ending.

  9. The art/design seems to be decent, which I like. Adding in penguins just made me most likely to watch this anime, but it is a slice of life anime and I tend to find slice of life animes to be pretty boring. I guess I’ll just have to see what else this anime has to offer.

  10. Weird first episode, but its definitely got me hooked…if only for the epic penguins!

    Though with the bgm playing during Himari’s transformation sequence I nearly thought the episode had already ended!

  11. I like the references from other shows the director made. I cant believe this series is going to be 24 episodes long and so far a lot of drama is happening. Either way, i think im a bit more interested on what the other roles the other characters have and the whole brother sister thing.

    Side note: <3 the penguins.

  12. I can’t get what I should be feeling yet. Is this like Madoka where the story is darker because everything is so cute, or is it so cute to counteract against the dark elements? Either way, I’m very interested.

  13. That was absolutely amazing!

    Despite the uppity visual spectacle of the second half its looking like it will be a deeper/darker plot involved as well. Looking forward to where it all leads!

  14. This show has a great potential for becoming my #1 target for bashing (it and its fans) this season, because there is something sick in it from the very beginning, and sick things attract sick and miserable people (this category of people, their misery and why i like to do it was already mentioned).

      1. That would just mean other, more subtle ways to do it – like I mentioned earlier, I know about the ways “the food is made” – and like that Ikuhara uses subtle ways to drag incest, homosexualism, pervetness, sick ideas to go past censorship, I may employ the very same or even better tactics to do whatever I like, be it one account or another, be it this place or another. The place doesn’t matter. About the possibility that the comments are going to be deleted, it is very likely, but it will (with high probability) result also in some noticeable amount of THE PERSONAL HOPE lost from your side, in long term perspective. If you like, you may just go ahead and test it, and it would benefit me with some statistical data about how frequently it is possible to do such a trick, and the general odds of the “success”, based on the other places as well.
        Honestly I don’t understand people who don’t understand the that some food you consume is poisoned, that some things you like to watch destroy your soul – that’s the reason for bashing the consumers of such dirt. And no matter how many times they get their attention drawn at such fact, they keep doing it.

      2. As an alternate solution, you may just blog (read “promote”, because due to its popularity your “blog” by this time can be compared to normal means of mass media) another show which doesn’t contains elements of massive, but subtle incest, homosexuality, degradation of family values, pervertness and so on. If it went past formal censorship, and moreover it is targeted at large masses of the growing generation, it doesn’t mean that I don’t see what it actually contains.

      3. In a few months I will sure get a life, bot not yet. For now, just imagine, how the happiness will be wonderfully synchronized when I finally get a life and you will be happy that I left 😉

      4. @Divine

        I apologize for my brash comment earlier.
        It pains me to see such negative and narrow minded people undermine the work that you, Takaii, Prooof, Kiiragi, and Guardian Enzo have put into this site. I am grateful for the time you all put in, and also to all of my fellow readers, who have come together in a place where we can discuss and comment on the things we are passionate about.

      5. You might need to read some of my previous comments in other topics. The reasons for hate may vary, the people may get angry and even attack uncontrollably if you touch their internal insecurities and the hatred accumulated because they lie to themselves and calm themselves with other lies. Deep in their souls there is a great hatred, dirt which can be easily revealed. And it is the vicious circle, they already have that hatred which I like to expose for fun – everything is about a certain category of people who I mentioned, who also happen to be the consumers of any mass-produced junk – their souls are burned to the depth, they have hardly any sense of the beautiful, they have lost their ability to think or rationalize, they follow any stupid flashy advertisement they see, they uselessly burn their lives out leaving only the dirt inside. How come I may be the actual reason for their hatred ? I only reveal it for those who are still able to see, the actual circle of hatred within the flock of sheep. In earlier comments I also mentioned MLM gatherings – it is a good example to see them “in the wild”, not some abstract people over Internet – and to see everything what I’m talking about for real.

      6. @SpoilerMaker

        “You might need to read some of my previous comments in other topics. The reasons for hate may vary, the people may get angry and even attack uncontrollably if you touch their internal insecurities and the hatred accumulated because they lie to themselves and calm themselves with other lies. Deep in their souls there is a great hatred, dirt which can be easily revealed. And it is the vicious circle, they already have that hatred which I like to expose for fun – everything is about a certain category of people who I mentioned, who also happen to be the consumers of any mass-produced junk – their souls are burned to the depth, they have hardly any sense of the beautiful, they have lost their ability to think or rationalize, they follow any stupid flashy advertisement they see, they uselessly burn their lives out leaving only the dirt inside. How come I may be the actual reason for their hatred ? I only reveal it for those who are still able to see, the actual circle of hatred within the flock of sheep. In earlier comments I also mentioned MLM gatherings – it is a good example to see them “in the wild”, not some abstract people over Internet – and to see everything what I’m talking about for real.”

        Really now? Not only are your arguments complete hogwash, they are logically invalid and unsound. I count at least 5 in there.
        How you seek enjoyment from being a vindictive, self righteous prick, I find extremely difficult to understand.
        Clearly you have some insecurities yourself, although you probably don’t need anyone to tell you that. It’s pretty obvious based on all your previous comments.

      7. I’m honest to myself, and I do know about my own insecurities, but it doesn’t prevent me from having fun in such a way. If you find some mistakes let me know, because there is a chance I’m not paying enough attention because of splitting between this and my work – if there indeed had been some mistakes, next time I would take that into account.

      8. @SpoilerMaker:

        I hope you realize that you basically just admitted you purposely try to troll people on the Internet. That’s more than enough reason for me to mark all your comments as spam from now on, or just ban you from the site altogether.

      9. The problem with this guy (spoilermaker) is obvious from his lack of knowledge when posting in C. He wants to think himself as intelligent and/or knowledgable but fails when actually forced to give numbers and facts.

        This is a failure to differentiate between the ability to conduct introspection and actual intelligence. Both are important. Lack of one results in people like spoilermaker.

        Zaku Fan
      1. He’s sheltered. I mean, he compared homosexuality to incest. The irony is that he’s probably an inbred Southerner who lives out of a basement. He’s male, probably not white, just so used to the white trash redneck culture around him that he thinks of himself as white. He was born in America, and he’s probably lived in the same nook of the same state for his entire life. He would wear a Confederate flag on his volkeswagen (he doesn’t own a truck) if he wasn’t afraid of what people from out of state would think.

    1. Also, why are you wasting time here if you don’t like the anime? Do you really have nothing else to do? Go outside and get some sun dude. You’re coming off as such a loser right now

      1. I just don’t like certain shows and certain people, and I have to work most of the time for the next few months for now, which means that I have not enough time to go out and get some sun for a long time and I just relax by mocking the misery of people during the short breaks.

      2. That’s funny, because you seem to be the only one that’s taking what one chooses to watch so seriously. People may not like how you act to a certain extent, but truthfully none of us actually care if you like it or not. We will do as we please.

        What’s most likely going to happen is you’re going to repeat what you’re doing now, but eventually people will just get bored of you, and that’ll be that. Is it really worth being a dick just for a little bit of internet attention? I may be being serious with you now, but the moment I post this, I’m going to be thinking about more important things. Why not focus your attention on more important things as well?

        If you want animation with nothing preverse, you might as well watch PBS. Anime can be as wacky and goofy as it wants to be. I know misery likes company, but when it comes down to it, you’re not going to bring anyone down with you 😉

      3. My misery is in having to seek the stress relief in such a way, and I do admit it, but bringing anyone down with me at the present moment is not my purpose, as my “misery” is different from the misery of the aforementioned people and presently they most likely will not follow such a way, however some time later it may happen, if someone reads everything carefully and tries to use the same way to ease his or her own stress, but it not going to happen any time soon.

      4. By the way, your arguments up above about all this complaining about advertisement and mass production (of an anime? I don’t get it…haha) just seem like a bunch of baloney to me.

        What exactly do you not like about this particular anime, or actually, just this episode. Your comments are really vague, and sound really contrived; as if you aren’t analyzing anything at all. If you have a problem with risque concepts in an anime, I guess I understand. But that’s just you being intolerant to things you aren’t exposed to very often, I’m guessing. It’s not like we all have experienced incest (lulz), it’s that we’re being open minded about it. Maybe that’s just it. You’re close minded. You’re close minded and you’re also confident in yourself. So confident in yourself that you can’t even grasp the simple concept of having differences in opinion. I can like something, while you dislike it. It’s an anime…I don’t need to have some moral standpoint about it. I either like it or I don’t. There are different places for that “right / wrong” stuff, and animated TV series…isn’t really one of them.

        I get it, it makes you feel good to place yourself above others by talking down to them. Okay, okay, you watch waaay better shows than us, and we’re all mindless sheep (not a cliche phrase at all), I admit it okay? You’re such an intellectual, so go do something with that intellect rather than wasting your time on us “sheep”

    2. At the risk of feeding the troll, I wanted to leave a simple comment.


      I don’t presume to know your situation with “work”, (nor do I care to be perfectly honest) but I must say that your inherent need to criticize and berate fellow commenters and topics of this site is insidious and pitiful.
      While you as an individual are entitled allowed to exercise free speech over the internet, to use this in such a vain and egoistic manner is unsightly. The fictional and subtle incestuous undertones of this show may give you the urge to vomit, yet reading comments such as this “I just relax by mocking the misery of people during the short breaks.” is simply revolting and far more disgusting than anything that could possibly be extruded from the darkest recesses of your bowels.
      Now that pleasantries are out of the way, I leave with some final words of advice. I would suggest you take your take your opinions elsewhere; not for your disagreements, but for your discourteous and unpleasant demeanor.
      Quite frankly, you come off as a Show Spoiler ▼

      I will not give you any further satisfaction buy comment or retorting, for everything that has been said should be rather apparent.
      -Good day

      1. No offense, he comes off more like a person attempting to act all high and mighty and actually isn’t since he’s using the internet to do so. A fail troll in other words who seeks attention. And I could say that he’s just as miserable as he claims others to be. Someone who wasn’t popular I could say. Look, I can somewhat agree with the fact that there are people who don’t think about the greater message of shows or just watch things without trying to figure out the message themselves. Heck I have a friend like that, but by no means should you flaunt the fact that you’re may be “better” person then others. Cause there always someone better out there.

        Rather then bashing, shouldn’t you attempt to put an insightful comment instead. Explaining why you don’t like certain parts of the show.

        Sora no Kaze
      2. @Sora no Kaze
        ok, here are some of the moments I dislike:
        characters stolen from other shows – look at show “Nana”, you will notice the similarities. “Nana” was somewhat a popular character, and the makers of this show probably decided to use it. There are some other characters as well. Similarities are apparent.
        homosexuality which is actively advertised – i already mentioned that, it was described in some negative reviews of the previous shows made by Ikuhara.
        incest – same, it was already mentioned, and now he does it in the very same way as in previous shows
        numerous scenes of various perverted behavior with leaving parts of them behind the scene, this way they went past censorship (but such behavior is strongly hinted to)
        usage of the image of “heroes” which are just walking empty shells without their abilities and don’t create anything, just show off – I’m not sure about this from the very first episode, but I see it coming – this stupid trick used to lure the dreams of non-productive audience (they associate themselves with the characters, it was described in my comments about Star Driver)
        and many other moments which still need some more episodes to be fully confirmed.

        And I do not act mightly, everything is just about revealing the misery of the specific category of people. Compared to them many people may appear as “mighty”, but only in such comparison.

  15. Hen Zemi TV had a greater potential of being the most sick show of the year, but it wasn’t blogged here and I couldn’t watch more than a few episodes of it without a strong urge to vomit.

    1. It was given a proper advertisement and was made in a way to appeal to greater audience using the images which are attractive for them. Think of it as a food which tastes good only because of different additives added, and the auditorium is not so picky – they eat whatever comes in advertisement regardless of the actual effects on their health. But in fact, at least in the first episode it is packed with the aforementioned dirt, which reflect the personality defects of the makers of the show. That is what Ikuhara would do. It is sad to see people “eating” any junk they are fed with.

      1. I don’t know why you need to reiterate a basic knowledge about advertising. I’m a nurse you know, if watching this kind of anime makes you vomit then I recommend you see a doctor, vomiting is not a disease per se, but a symptom of an underlying condition.

      2. Not this, just others. And vomiting is just a result of having to work too much, it is not good for my health, but I still have to work a few months like that. And I did consult with the doctor, the only thing I need is some more rest, which I can’t have for now. But the facts I mentioned about similar shows are still valid. I mentioned them earlier in other places and gathered some information about it all – just enough to make conclusions. Also using my knowledge to mess around a bit with the “consumers of the junk food” gives some stress relief and distraction from the work.

      3. I see…

        While it may help alleviate your symptoms, this doesn’t mean you have the right to spoil others fun right? If anything, this could lead you more stress, wanting more may be a part of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

        Anyways you are free to spam if you like doing it, but change the topic. Telling a thing or two about advertising? Then I’ll tell you something interesting about advertising…

        “A business without a sign is a sign of no business”

        At least they are advertising their products, its a sign of activity, a sign of growth, something an ailing economy will ever want.

        Anyways, this post is already off topic with what my original post entails. This is my last post for this thread.

      4. Obsessive-compulsive syndrome as it mentioned assumes some dependency. For now I don’t feel any dependency, and it just works right to relieve the stress (it actually provides a distraction, and lowers it), neither i want more of it, I just make short brakes while thinking what to do next and also provide myself with a little distraction. If I could, I would just go somewhere for a few days to relax and forget about everything Internet-related, like I did when I had the time for it. As about the fun of others, what kind of fun is that eating junk food and watching junk shows ? That is misery, not fun.
        “Something interesting” you wanted to tell is not something true. Advertisement of alcohol, advertisement of tobacco products cost many times more when expressed in harm they inflict, in the form of healthcare and other expenses. Same thing goes to other similar products. The makers of the junk fast food spend 1$ to the components and 10$ on advertisement. The makers of the healthy food spend 10$ on the components and 1$ on the advertisement. But most of the stupid public go and eat that harmful for their health fast food – because it is popular, and the makers of the healthy food suffer, while providing better benefit in quality and in terms of the common good. Same goes for the shows – many dumb consumers tend to watch something harmful to the culture but popular, without any side thoughts about its overall, cultural or art value.

      5. who are you to say what’s junk and what isn’t? I don’t know, but is mawaru penguindrum really that over-advertised for how much work was put into it? I’d say a lot of work was put into it, so that junk food comparison doesn’t really speak to me at all. Once again, bringing up your complaint about risque subjects…why is it that as soon as something is preverse, it isn’t “art” anymore. Last time I checked, art doesn’t have any rules, as long as you are being true to what you want to create. When I watched this, the first thing on my mind wasn’t : “Oh, this looks like something everybody would like!” but rather “this is different from the rest of the animes that are out right now, I’m interested.” I think you’re misinterpreting the anime because you’re just intolerant. If this anime was geared towards the masses, I”m pretty sure the opening and ending sequence songs would have been some run of the mill idol pop song. But it wasn’t…the ending sequence song was actually done by a relatively unknown shoegaze band that I just so happen to know. But I doubt MOST anime viewers would know them, or even enjoy their music for that matter. So how does that support your theory about drawing attention from mindless anime viewers….?

    2. @Ghostalker, people who are obsessive-compulsive don’t get relief from acting out their compulsions. What SpoilerMaker describes is much more like psychopathy than OCD. Getting enjoyment from others’ unhappiness and the unplanned, impulsive behavior is psychopathic.

  16. At the moment, I have little idea of what is going on or how the future episodes will unfold. Still, it is interesting enough that I’ll probably go along for the ride.

  17. Woah! No wonder I thought it was funny that the Ending sequence sounded a little familiar. The fact that they used a japanese shoegaze band for the ED makes this anime a bit more appealing! haha

  18. Just finished watching this, I thought i’d give it a try due to its connections to Sailor Moon which I used to watch alot in my childhood on TV but never got round to fully watching it all past the first 2-3 series.

    It was interesting to say the least. When she first transforms it’s kinda awkward and felt out of place. The part where the brother suddenly says “It’s the hat” was kinda random imo and felt forced.

    Anyhow, i’ll defo be watching this just to see where it goes, i’ll let it get through to the part where the majority of the characters and their powers are introduced to decide whether i’m going to keep watching it though.

  19. Wow I’m hooked after watching this. I don’t suspect this show to be this interesting. Also this show has this “dangerous” feel because of that last scene. Let’s just hope Ikuhara knows what he’s doing.
    Anyway, I hope Shouma’s kind of love for Himari is a different one from Kanba since I saw a possible love interest for Shouma.

    1. Hmm, I originally thought she was the other Himari since I saw her in the episode credits and it was mentioned that Ringo is just as important of a character as Himari herself, but overlooked the school girl who had some lines. Thanks for the correction. Post has been edited. My apologies for any misunderstandings.

  20. Not entirely sure what’s with the hat and the Gundam Teddy Bears and the penguins and the hint of incest…

    But holy hell did it look amazing and get me all excited that it’ll be a full 24 episodes. Ikuhara has out done himself I believe and pairing up with Hoshino Lily for character designs was a brilliant move as well. The vibrancy of the colors and the way the crowds of people and that one male student were out of focus or never really shown… Totally reminded me of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It’s that same surreal psychological mind bender feel that kinda confuses you but in a good way. I love these kinds of shows that actually make you think a little bit and pay attention to the small details because each one has some significance, even if you don’t get it right away eventually you’ll think back and be like, holy crud THAT’S what it is was about. Ah jeez… I can see I’ll be rewatching this series a few times even after it’s done.

  21. Certainly is written Mawaru PenguindoraMU, but Mawaru is “turn around” and if we turn ム to マ we have a Penguin DoraMA, or, in english, Penguin Drama…

    just a little more to think…

  22. hey Divine, how about doing it this way, mark all posts spam that reply to spoilermakers troll bating posts and no one will bother to respond to that guy, resulting in people just ignoring him

    I mean really his dumb posts are tl:dr walls of text anyway

  23. The demographic of anime viewers in Japan, are varied. The demographic of foreigners who watch anime, outside of Japan, are overwhelmingly, geeks and nerds. And truthfully, geeks and nerds, are socially awkward, narrow-minded and in general, skewed in their tastes and preferences.

    Most people who watch television regularly, have the attention span of a 10-year old. They don’t care about incest, all they care about is transforming magic girls and penguins. They probably already forgot about the kiss scene after watching this anime, and just thought, “Im going to watch this next week cause it was cool…” If you don’t think the same way, quite frankly, animation studios don’t care, cause they’re out to make money, not to appease some guy on the internet, who has strict moral values, but watches free anime, and doesn’t pay a single penny to the studios.

    The industry doesn’t care, and sadly, on the internet, people don’t realize, they don’t belong. There is nothing sadder, than someone who doesn’t belong to the majority, insist about their individuality. This bubble mentality, is why people become failures in life later on, because they can’t deal with reality, and the majority of the world.

  24. Am I the only one who completely despises this show? Just from what I’ve gotten from this show it’s really boring, self-absorbed, and pointless. The main characters are pretty typical shoujo, and the art is too utena for me. This just seems to me like its trying to be utena remade in certain aspects probably having every male character fall in love with Himari for no apparent reason. The only reason I remotely enjoyed the second episode was because Ringo wasn’t such a bad character compared to the rest presented in this series. Please, explain the appeal, I honestly DO want to enjoy this series but its hard for me to.


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