「ダイキチの決めたこと 」 (Daikichi no Kimetakoto)
“Daikichi’s Decision”

I burst out laughing in the first minute of this episode when Daikichi smashed Rin’s head into the ceiling, probably because it was so unexpected and reminded me of when I was little and my uncle hoisted me up into the air — I almost had my head chopped off by the ceiling fan. The little mishap subtly poked fun at Daikichi’s awkwardness over taking care of a kid, and I found it quite amusing even though it was a very minor scene. I truly found myself grinning ear to ear throughout the episode; Usagi Drop really is a feel-good show. There are very subtle little bits of random humor, for example the pissed woman on the train who seems to be a recurring gag.

As for the plot, this episode focused on exploring Daikichi’s career and workplace life. It looks like he’s the hardworking workaholic type, and is respected by his peers. Daikichi continues to ask around for advice, and talks with Gotou, who is also balancing work and child. Daikichi really is a cool guy, and he feels like a very realistic character too. He tries his best to make the best decisions for Rin and in the end also decides to make sacrifices in his career to take care of her. It must have been quite a significant decision for a person like him, and shows that Daikichi has a strong sense of responsibility towards family, even if Rin isn’t his own kid.

It’s a story of personal development for the both of them and stresses a lot of family values that I don’t see in anime very often. Daikichi continues to deal with other family issues, but their relatives seem to be warming up to Rin too as they begin to see her in a different light, especially his mom who has grown quite fond of Rin. Even though Daikichi is inexperienced as a father, he also seems to have an unexpected level of understanding of kids. Coupled with Rin’s innocence, I’m highly enjoying watching them develop their relationship into a heartwarming family. Daikichi doesn’t avoid Rin’s questions about whether she’s going to die and whether Daikichi will die before she does, and he is aware that Rin is still saddened by her father’s death. There’s also the matter of trying to find Rin’s mother, Masako, who turns out to be Daikichi’s grandfather’s maid. It looks like Rin didn’t know Masako was her mom (or refuses to admit it), and she treated Rin poorly, but there could be more to this issue than can be seen on the surface.

There will be a live action film adaptation coming out in August starring Matsuyama Kenichi as Daikichi and Mana Ashida as Rin.



      1. Still, I hope that this anime will squeeze all the manga chapters and spread it to 11 episodes in order to get the ending… which I’m worried that it’s gonna cut short by Production IG.

        Besides, I’m waiting for that golden ending in Usagi Drop!

    1. I’ve seen the ending.. and it’s not as controversial as people says it is. Maybe it’s just me or culture stuff or whatever, but after the revelation in chapter 54, Show Spoiler ▼

      it didn’t seem too bad for me. I’ve seen far more in real life that can be considered more controversial. ~_~

      1. That revelation certainly made things less controversial (probably would have spared a lot of people grief if they were told that earlier), but it can be argued that it remains so for entirely different reasons.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        That said, all the talk about the ending of the manga is moot when this anime is likely not going to reach the story’s second half. Prooof, you need not really worry unless you decide to read the manga as well. =P

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. There’s too much discussion about the manga ending… I feel like I’m close to getting something spoiled by some thoughtless person. Just even hinting a controversial/bad ending ruins some part of this show (or feel like i may be disappointed from the tone of your voice).

      This is why i like original adaptations sometimes. none of this spoiler talk…

      1. Dont mind em, I dont get why people are still talking about that… as if it wasnt enough doing it for 2 weeks already, but most is ppl overracting or not really understanding what they read to begin with.

  1. especially his aunt (?) who has grown quite fond of Rin

    That’s his mom…

    Rin calls her Aunt since she’s older and Daikichi jokes that she should be called grandma since she’s so much older then Rin.

  2. Should probably stop mentioning the ending since its probably only going to end up making people more curious and eager to spoil themselves. Even though they weren’t intended to be spoilers, I could pretty much guess what would happen from some of last weeks comments. I’m doubting they’ll animate it all since the manga is too long to fit in an 11 ep. adaption. Also considering the pacing of the show so far…

    1. They might be able to squeeze in the first half of the manga in this season as that would make a great way to split the seasons. Noway they will fit the entire manga in anyway.

  3. I would not be at all surprised if this 1st season takes place before the big change. No use talking about it any more for fear of spoiling it for non manga readers.

    Isn’t Rin Daikichi’s mother’s sister? Would’t Rin call her Nee-san (sp)?

    I like the fact that Daikichi asks other parents for advice. All too often people are afraid or too arrogant to ask others for advice even when they don’t have knowledge or experience to fall back on.

    1. status-quo, i think…and then Daikichi’s mom’s too old to BE Rin’s sister, even Daikichi’s thinking she should be her grandmother…o man, I’m still laughing over that…

      future episode spoiler:Show Spoiler ▼

      story wise, I think they’re finished introducing people and started to compress the events in the manga together…

    1. I find Matsuyama Kenichi too pretty-boy to be a convincing Daikichi. He’s a 25 year old playing a 30 year old after all. In that movie poster, they look like siblings and that’s not a good sign

      Seishun Otoko
  4. I really like how heart-warming this show is. After this episode, I was dying to know what happen next. What I pondering about is:

    Is Masako her mother?(grandfather and maid, hot)
    What happen next?(Rin’s problem in nursery)
    What happen after the time-skip?(screw the person that spo.. oh wait nwm)
    Will there be romance?(this will be the first loli show I rather Main never go with loli. Hopefully Daikichi meet some other girl )
    Should I read the manga for fast story? (Convinced by Enzo not to)

  5. I laughed so hard at that first minute that I missed the next ten. I had to start it again once I’d finally settled down and I even then I still found myself giggling like an idiot every time I thought of it. Just reading that first opening comment by Proof and I promptly choked on the tea I was drinking at the time. Now my mouse needs a good clean over and I need to sort myself out a fresh change of clothes. Cheers mate!

  6. I still think that Daikichi’s transition into some sort of uber-dad is kind of surprising and unrealistic. In the world of anime, people usually have difficulties and conflicts before any sort of harmony arises. Everything in Usagi Drop though has just sailed on smoothly. I love the show, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a little tidbit that’s been bugging me in the back of my mind for quite some time…there’s essentially zero conflict.

    1. An easygoing guy and a very sensible child. There wouldn’t be very much conflict in there.

      If there’s any, I’d expect it from outside sources/circumstances.

      In any case, not every show needs to have end-of-the-world drama.

    2. There was nothing smooth about his situation. Him picking up Rin late wasnt just once, it happened almost every day until he gets the demotion, they just didnt animate all the days for obvious reasons. Same goes for the wetting the bed problem and pretty much everything.

  7. The guy from the live action looks too young, too handomse and too cool. They should hire that guy from Densha Otoko/Team Batista. He’s one of the few TV/cinema actors that looks “normal”…

    1. I agree. Tbh I’ve never really enjoyed any LIVE renditions of anime series up to now. I could also argue the girl playing Rin looks cute but nothing like Rin in the anime/manga.

  8. I hope they only animate the first half of the manga, before the time skip. I really loved the first half, but after the time skip it just got weird. Show Spoiler ▼

    But the first half is adorable and heart-warming.

  9. I had high expectations when I heard this was getting animated, and each episode keeps breaking them and raising the bar. This was quite a heartwarming episode and it has been a while since I truly enjoyed every moment of a show.

    Also, why does at least one person always have to mention the latter half of the manga in seemingly EVERY blog post regarding Usagi Drop? Give it a break…

  10. Only thing that bothered me was how upset Daikichi’s junior was. He wants a boss who puts in OT and hangs out at the bar. My response would be, “Know your place, kid.”

  11. *dies* o.m.g TOO MUCH CUTE. too many adorably little outfits… anyone have flashbacks to Denpa Onna when the Ep Ended with Daikichi’s “Ah so.” ^^;.? hehehe.

    Wow, so much manga talk here :/. Not enough “THIS SHOW IS ADORABLE” gushing <_<.
    Time-skip time-shmip. I inadvertently spoiled a certain other very popular series's timeskip to some poor schmuck and had to wonder what rock he'd been hiding under :/. So I don't mind that blip as much, but I'd love it if there was more talk about the ANIME here than the manga D:.

    Do we really have to predict and match every little thing back to the source? :/… [/endrant] fck it, I'm watching this ep over again, so much innocent joy. Posting here has stolen my joy -3-.

  12. Finally a show where a loli is not an annoying spoiled brat! Gosh I dislike kids but I would definitely take care a kid like Rin if I had a chance.
    And yes, this show is very really heart warming. I especially like how understanding and comforting daikichi iis, even though he is completely unprepared as a father. How I wish to be as open minded as him 😀
    Although actually I’m on the edge of not spoiling myself *grabs hair hysterically*. Seriously, it’s hard when people keep talking about it! I could guess what happens in the last half of the story and it even makes me more eager to jump into chapter 50 something of the manga ><

  13. I almost had my head chopped off by the ceiling fan. – Thank goodness for that indeed, and thank goodness Daikichi doesn’t have any ceiling fans, for I hear something that tragic actually happened somewhere in Southeast Asia.

    Anyway, I’ve heard some chat about the ending being controversial, and while avoiding the plot discussion like the plague, I can more or less guess how controversial it might become with such a relationship, which can probably be summed up in two words: Hikari Genji. (Please don’t spoil me even if I’m wrong)

    Even then, I’m committed to watching till the end and not judge Daikichi too much, seeing how much sacrifice and commitment he’s decided to give for Rin.

    Kinny Riddle
  14. This show really is such a great change of pace for an anime, even a slice-of-life one. It’s very done to earth and I completely agree with Prooof that it does stress family values that aren’t showcased enough nowadays in general. As to all the talk of the Manga’s ending, it is really bringing the wrong kind of attention to a wonderful series. Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m really curious about where this adaption takes this series.


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