「絶望のGIG 」 (Zetsubou no GIG)
“Gig of Despair”

Ganta admits his weakness, wimpiness, and pathetic-ness and resolves to become stronger and training with Crow. Now that is the attitude I was looking for and it certainly elevates him at least somewhat to a proper protagonist. Unfortunately, Senji’s training is classic shounen beat-your-powers-out-of-you style by threatening Ganta’s life. Sheer willpower is certainly a force multiplier, but it is pretty dam risky too. It sure saves a lot of time though and is a way for newbie characters to power up in a short amount of time (a la Bleach).

Speaking of weak characters, Scar Chain definitely needs all the help they can get, though it was probably for the best leaving Ganta out of it. Of course they get nowhere and Karako gets captured almost immediately; it seems all the strong ones like Crow or Minatsuki (who both have supersonic attacks and also have less problems dealing with emotional distress) aren’t interested in helping them and don’t really care about breaking out. I still wonder, really how did Ganta beat both of them? Maybe it was beginners luck, but I am that he is finally getting stronger, and he does manage to break the sound barrier with his blood pellets (just as his body goes anemic). It’s unfortunate that he suffers another classic shounen protagonist flaw, and still doesn’t use his head, and in the end Minatsuki has to save him and point him in the right direction. It’s a good thing Ganta has a lot of friends else even nine lives wouldn’t have done him any good.

More of Mockingbird is introduced also this episode. I swear that Sakigami is a girl from the way he’s portrayed, and he even has a female voice; the author really should have just made him a girl. Nevertheless he is a very, very interesting character and is giving off creepy vibes too. Mockingbird seems far stronger than Crow too and has probably the most powerful Branch of Sin of all the Deadmen (aside from Shiro), which I hope will be shown in the anime before it ends. He’s in tune with the bigger picture of Deadman Wonderland too, and has a deep interest in Shiro with his own little conspiracy. The manga actually doesn’t really say much about his character and I don’t remember seeing any of his past, but from what is shown (his scars, the fact he said he had “died” and needed to restart, and his knowledge of the Wretched Egg), it is possible that he’s actually the former director reincarnated. Sakigami is quite an eccentric personality and I’m looking forward to seeing what his crazy back-story was.

As for the other bad guys, the Undertakers are still running strong, and their brutality and craziness has not abated one bit. Ganta bursts in and tries to save Shiro and Karako who looked like they were about to be raped, but Nagi finally completely cracks under the torture and the drugs. There is more despair than hope, and I see no hints of a happy ending coming up and there’s still a lot of mystery that still hasn’t been solved. This show has been fairly strong so far though, and I just hope the conclusion won’t be disappointing.




  1. And when you think things can´t any crazier this happens. This pison makes Hell loos like an amusement park. If Dante Alegeri saw this place he´ll burn his poem in the spot, I mean, I better take my chances with the Nine Cyrcles of Hell than having a visit to Deadman Wonderland.

    1. Don’t know, dude. I never been to Hell so I can’t tell you which is worse. But, I have been to Heaven…it wasn’t all that cracked up about it that people been telling me. In fact, I ditch it to buy another 20 years here on Earth. Judgement Day, see you again when I am 40. LOL! (Assuming I can pass the test…again)

  2. The biggest problem with the show is its main character Ganta. He is beyond week like a wet noodle or a rubber band. He has some backbone but unlike Ichigo in Bleach he never really seems to get the job done. Maybe next week him will “nut up” and do something?

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I really would love for him to grow a pair and at LEAST start using his brain; even a weak strategist can be a powerful character.

      Meanwhile, Toto and Senji are by far my fav characters of this series (with Nagi and Genkaku close behind) so it’s spectacular to see them animated and being so crazy and creepy awesome.

      REALLY hope this series gets a second season.

      @Prooof: <spoiler: The reason why Toto isn't simply a girl in the first place is because it ties into who "he" used to be. His androgyny makes a helluva lot more sense after the Forgery arc concludes and his true role is shown in a more proper light.

      1. @Ashen: make that his “seeming” androgyny. Imo it’s clear that Toto’s gender is unquestionably male, people just assumes that he’s androgynous because they think the pronouns “watashi” is only used by girls. In Toto’s case it implies something else.

  3. I still think Shiro is the best thing about this series. I also like the hot Captain thats quick with her sword. (sorry about 2 posts hit the submit button before I finished).

    1. Agreed.

      Ganta can be a likable character, too if he will do a 180. Not much was known about Ganta’s past. His parents are involved with Shiro. For all we know, Ganta might be the most dangerous one there. I find it kinda odd how weak Ganta is compared to everybody else. It is almost like we are being setup to believe he is truly weak…then BAM! he turn out to be the most fucked up, craziest MOFO there.

      1. Reminds me of the great asnime series Claymore. Claire was the lowest ranked (#47) of all the Claymores and by the time the anime ended she was the most badass of all the girls. I know some folks that are manga readers (like me) hated the anime finale because it diverged from the canon of the manga but if you just watched the anime you would have liked the way the series ended.

    2. I agree that Shiro is by far the best part of the series! I started taking interest in this show due to the end of episode 5 which looked awesome and took me by surprise. Therefore I am a bit disappointed that Shiro didn’t play a larger part in the rest of the show so far.

    3. Shiro with her crazy split personlaity is certainly fun and games (until someone dies, then it is just hilarious).
      Ganta seems to get his powers from Red Man him, erm, herself. He has definitely a potential.
      Also, he learned that arrow is better than stone for speedy missile. He is not stupid.
      I am still betting that saber-slashing guards captain Makina is only hope of breking the system. She works quietly, without forcing confrontation and has potential allies outside – plus the regular guards under her command.
      Sadly I dont see much way to complete the series with reasonable ending, unless another season is involved.

  4. Prooof, you read the manga, don’t you? [manga content/anime spoilers; Toto Sakigami]
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I do read the manga, and maybe I did see it but just forgot heh; I didn’t really think of it until watching the episode though
      was it in the more recent chapters? I haven’t read those yet

      edit:Show Spoiler ▼

  5. It’s got to be the guitar/music that’s making Nagi off his nutter, take it out Ganta! Whos power is now like supersonic bullets yea! And where is his buddy with the wacked-out sister, he’s been gone for a few ep’s?

    P3t3r P4n
    1. Yoh was badly hurt by Genk back when he first turn the bar into swiss cheese. He is out for the remainder of the finale. Maybe we can see him in season 2…

      I think all Yoh serve was to introduce Mina and act as a support and connector for her and Ganta.

      1. I don’t think it is one of those bad drug that they used on Owl. If you recall, Owl was already crazy. For example, he kept a picture of his daughter in his locket. Truth is she was already dead. Because he knew that, he couldn’t live with the truth so his mind break down and created a delusion where he can be happy.

        With the help of the drug, it brought him back into reality. He has to face the truth that both his wife and daughter are dead. Having to deal with a rock and a hard place, he finally snap under the pressure. I honestly see no way to bring him back unless you severely beat some sense into him…

  6. Maan.. they got my hopes up for nothing. At least I got my times worth with those risque gangbang scenes. I thought it was funny that Shiro wanted to be saved from the gangbang and when Ganta shows up to do some saving, she wants the gangbang again. lol

      1. I took it to mean it was a setup to get someone to come save them. It never entered my mind they were getting ready to GB the 2 girls and the camera just happened to catch 2 frames of them being disrobed.

      2. @Koroshiya, you’re right, he did. It was more of a threat than reality.

        Now that you mention, I believe only Toto and the director know of Shiro. It doesn’t look like anybody else does. If Genk knew, he won’t even messed with Shiro unless he want a one-way ticket to hell in the worst possible way to die.

      3. I don’t think you can call it more of a threat than reality when if they didn’t come they woulda got raped. Consider this, Undertakers (which all of them are) are rehabilitated criminals who are psychotic but otherwise listen to Tamaki. How far of a stretch do you have to take to say they wouldn’t mind the small stuff and say ass is ass?

        As for your Toto and director thing, you are kinda wrong but that’s for later.

  7. While Ganta move up a class, he continue to do stupid things. You wanna be the strongest, act like one. Don’t run into battle when you’re almost out of strength. Stupid #1. Can’t be any worse, you run right in the front door. Stupid #2. At least choose a far, high ground to snipe some off first. Do a surprise attack. But no, now you can died with all the others… When will he ever learned?

    Next and final episode, look like neither Crow or Mina will help. So all bets are on Shiro going Red Man or Ganta finally using his red crystal power. So Genk and Nagi are the final bosses…at least for now unless we get a season #2.

  8. I’m just glad to see manglobe finally go all out with its animation. I don’t know how much the earthquake affected their budget; but regardless, this episode was a massive step up in production values. Really refreshing to see them show off just how great of a studio they really are.

    1. I’m also very surprised no one mentioned this! The scene with Nagi going insane and all those spheres of blood coming out of him was lovely to watch. Hats off to Manglobe for that scene!

    2. The great thing is that it wasn’t just the big action scenes. Every single frame of this episode had that manglobe-level of quality that they’ve been missing in the previous episodes. Even something as simple as facial expressions and basic movements has become so much better and more consistent, which is just fantastic.

    3. This is the next to last episode so I am glad. Hopefully, they pull out all the stops and get graphic with the ending finale. I thought getting melt down to the bones by acid was bad until I saw Nagi got bit by bit of flesh chopped off of him. I wonder what can top that?

      My bet is on Ganta going Duke Nuke’em on Nagi and Genk.

    1. Toddler?

      Are you referring to Ganta or Hibana? As for Ganta, main character can’t die. As for Hibana, Nagi was a nice guy, he doesn’t kill…until you pump some drugs into him.

      1. Not really. Everybody else assuming they gave him some bad drug to make him go insane. In reality, it was the opposite. Nagi was already insane and they gave him a drug to turn him back to reality like drugs for schizo and people with delusions. Most either go insane or commit suicide. Former here for Nagi.

        Speaking of “shell”, did you know everybody has a shell of their own? In truth, we all live within our little delusional world and rarely see the truth, the real reality. The mind is a tool to be used by us for whatever desire we have. Dreams, personalities, delusions, and false beliefs are all techniques available. In short, the reality we see with our eyes is actually a lie…a delusion no differ than Nagi.

    1. when I read the manga I didn’t get this part when he says he’s actually “sane” now that Genkaku’s torture has opened his eyes to reality. I finally do now, thanks. And with that, this series moves up a level of fucked-upness, with such a nice and stable guy being insane the whole time he’s acting nice and stable, and his real, “sane” mentality is a berserker, who is probably the craziest of them all (what with him being able to crush people’s skull with his bare hands and foot). That’s… a lot worse than Minatsuki or Tamaki or even Genkaku, who are openly screwed up.

  9. i think i might have developed a thing for kansai accent :/ i seems to like all characters with it… back to the show… im glad shiro and ganta made up… it annoys me knowing shiro is upset 🙁

    1. Hey, that is Bonta-kun. I love Full-metal Panic. Fumofu was the best.

      As for Shiro, it looks like Hibana broke both her legs with that last swing of her huge sword. Poor Shiro. Speaking of which, have you notice Shiro been well Shiro instead of Red Man since Ganta is here? I highly doubt she would reveal herself as the Red Man knowing that Ganta hate her for killing her friends and imprisoning him in this hellhole.

      She seem to love him regardless of his treatment to her (aka punching her in the kisser). Where can I find a girl that? Thinking back that she is crazy and would murder all my friends kinda make that happy thought fade away. Ironic that she was mad at him and went to “deck him”, but fell asleep in the vent instead.

      1. The mother goose system was turn off when the director want to Shiro and lost. As of now, it was assume to be off. The promoter knows nothing of Shiro or what exactly going on here. Only the director does.

        I think all the mother goose system was is the lullaby that kept Red Man being Shiro. The only time we saw evil Shiro was when she was fighting the director, every other time has being as the Red Man.

      2. And I’m telling you that Tamaki got the mother goose system working again and it’s continuously repressing Shiro’s Wretched Egg personality. So it’s not a matter of her revealing herself to be the Wretched Egg as it is she is just being lovable Shiro. It’s not the lullaby that makes Shiro the Wretched Egg, its what prevents her from becoming it.

      3. @Koroshiya, I disagree. To think such a simple system can tame a monster like Shiro is unheard of. I think Ganta is the main cause for Shiro thus far. Of course, I could be wrong. I didn’t read the manga. But from what I can see the Red Man do, I think she follow the rules simply because she want to. Implying she can become the Red Man at any time…

        In due time, like all people with multiple personality disorder, they have to confront their other half and unite as one or die. Between the Red Man and Shiro, I have a hard time determining who will win. Shiro is too nice while Red Man is too evil. Neither can exist only. So I am betting the real Shiro is a combination of the two, an average of the two outliners.

    1. Umm, I don’t like to assume that people are trolling, but are you? Seriously, the animation in this episode was leaps and bounds above the previous episodes. This episode showed off manglobe’s impressive animation skills. I’m all for varying opinions; but in this case, I really don’t think there’s any way you can honestly say that the animation in this episode was sub-par.

    1. She’s important in a later arc, but not right now. Two other characters are also written out, but they didn’t serve any real purpose until later arcs either.

  10. this series is surprising the Sh!t outta me! its following the manga perfectly with slight differences that really don’t matter. true its nothing NEW, but it provides visceral action “yeah ,i just said visceral” and some emotion. sheeet negro!!! 26 eps???? they might as well just finish this till the conclusion …..i mean it shouldn’t be that far off..right?? I’m talking to YOU, mangaka lapdogs with no integrity!!!…but who am i kidding..GET DAT PAPER PLAYA’S!! besides it looks like the mangas at the climax anyway?? right?

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. If it is anything like HOTD, it might be a while until enough of the manga is out in order to get a second season. Typically, the manga has to end for there to be a conclusion or continuation in the anime.

      1. We are somewhere in the middle of chapter 19 and we will probably finish somewhere around the end of chapter 21, there are 45 chapters out currently translated. The current arc in the manga is building up to a climax but I could probably end this at an earlier point than where we are at, manga readers will know where I’m talking about. Problem is characters cut out from this show are crucial for that arc.


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