It’s been a while since I’ve seen any form of one battle spanning longer than 3 or 4 pages, but the confrontation between Luffy and Jinbe was pretty bad-ass. Their little flirt never took off into a real battle, because “friends shouldn’t fight.” Makes sense to me. An actual serious battle between the two would admittedly feel out of place. I also believe that’s the first time he explained his Fishman Karate in detail. Affecting the water in humans huh? I wonder if Fishmen have a body make-up of 60-70% water in as well…

As I kind of guessed from the color spread last chapter, one of Robin’s new powers is the ability to make clones of herself. How the hell does she do that with her devil fruit ability? Well if you can clone parts of your body elsewhere, why not your entire body? That’s a damn good ability though, especially if all her clones can physically affect things. She’ll be the one-woman army on par with Zoro’s one-man army. Speaking of which, Brook also showcases a new ability of his, which is basically traveling in soul form. Also a pretty damn good ability. I want to say these abilities are really cheap, but they make sense as “upgrades” from their devil fruit. Hell, Robin’s clutch ability was practically unbeatable until they ran into Kuma, who only survived it because he’s a damn robot. I think that’s the only thing “unfair” in the One Piece universe. The fact that some fruit are just worse than others. But I like that it’s what you make it. The unfairness is used, like a game of paper scissors rock.

A scene at the Candy Factory reminded me that Big Mam resides on this island. I’m not sure if she’s actually there, but she may just make an appearance to change the tides of battle. Would be one hell of a reveal though. She’s been a secret for a long time.


  1. Now I have Smashmouth’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends” stuck in my head. 🙁

    I guess I don’t mind Brooke’s new ability because I want Usopp and Zoro to free again to showcase their talents. Robin’s new ability is a little bit cheap though. Brooke’s’ll be fine if he can’t possess people.

    Jimbe is really annoying me, can’t he see that Luffy’s friends are in peril, so Luffy has to go. But any second now Vander Decken will arrive. It’ll be pretty funny though if they go before and he has to ride around following them back to the palace.

  2. From memory, any damage to Robin’s clones gets trasmitted (either fully or partially) to Robin herself so I hardly think it’s overpowered.

    Right now, the only thing “unfair” is Blackbeard.

    1. The damage taken by Robin’s clones does transfer to the original body and she feels everything they feel (including pain), so there are some drawbacks to the power. But I still think that it’s one of the most powerful paramecia fruits out there. Unless you’re a logia or otherwise intangible, she can just put arms on you and break your spine before you can react.

  3. I posted somewhere my rants about Jinbe´s “I can hit you now” abilities. But being the diligent Fishman Karate master he is I will give him the “You trained” explanation.

    Those Fishmen are no real treat (only Hyozu), you can eat concrete? Pfff… The biggest enemy here is the political issue.

    As far as I am informed Big Mam is in the New World. The factory is a collateral for her protection, she comes every month or something for them. Talking about Big Mam, does Hordy and his goons stand a chance against a Yonkou? Big Mam is not gonna be pleased about his candy factory being destroyed.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Now that you mentioned it… I do remember that Big Mam only comes by once in a while to omnom her candy. That might mean she won’t show up, unless one of her personality quirks is a Luffy-like obsession with candy.

  4. i haven’t been reading OP ever since the begining of flashback. I usually read them after the completion of arc or pretty far ahead, so i was wondering is anybody the same like me? Waiting for bunch of chapter rather than one chapter per week.

    1. I do that with Naruto and Bleach, but for One Piece, I must get my weekly fix or I go into LOOPS (Lack of One Piece Syndrome). ToT

      Though it’s much nicer to marathon the chapters like you’re about to because you’ll remember more of the story and be able to see how detailed and consistent Oda is. But if you want to discuss the most recent chapters with other fans, you’ll need to read weekly like the rest of us.

      1. Lol LOOPS, nice acronym. It also explain that for the duration between finishing the latest chapter to a new chapter release, you will LOOPS your old chapter.
        Yes, i love how OP is so much more consistent than the rest of the manga that i ever read. It is so consistent that you could see the current arc foreshadow all the way back to the very beginning of the manga.

  5. How da F*CK they get zoro to give up his blades in the first place?!?!?! this arc is wearing thin.
    ^^^Ikaze^^^ you have what many refer to as “monk like” self control. i commend you! Patience, i have a great deal of, Impulse control……..not so much. if i tried to employ your method i would be very disappointed with many of the manga i follow “terrible release frequency”

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. We know that Zoro, Usopp, and Brook were hanging onto Neptune while being chased by Hodi’s gang underwater. Hodi and gang probably caught Neptune and tied up the three, since they can’t breathe underwater and may have blacked out. There really isn’t much to imagine here.

    2. It not that i have a “monk like” self control but it more that i can’t stop myself reading once i started. Whenever i reach the latest chapter but not the end of the arc, i find myself keep checking for one piece release every couple of hour even though i know i need to wait at least one week. I find that the only way out was to leave OP during a break between arc and read it when it finish.

  6. I still think Blueno’s “Doa Doa no Mi” is the most “unfair” Devil Fruit, not to mention the the strangest apart from all others, especially as a paramecia which grant mostly physical abilities. Interdimensional doors to easily escape all combat? Sure, its offensives are low.. but as we saw from the cover arc Blueno saved all his comrades using mad hax portals.


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