「自由の鎖(スカーチェイン)」 (Jiyuu no Kusari (Sukaa Chein))
“Chain of Freedom (Scar Chain)”

Shiro steps in to save Ganta from the super priest at the last moment; Ace Man is on the scene~ While Shiro does indeed bring more joy to the dreary hell hole, I still really don’t understand why people don’t question how she sticks out like a clown at a funeral. Even Ganta doesn’t really question why she wanders around so freely, why she doesn’t have a collar, and why the heck she’s even in Deadman Wonderland. In addition, inquires from the other prisoners are limited to a question or two at most, but then it also seems Shiro isn’t completely aware of her true identity as the Wretched Egg. Unlike her alter ego, her desires are very innocent and pure, like a young child, and they seem to largely consist of eating sweets and being with Ganta.

Then there’s the recently introduced Nagi and his resistance group Scar Chain. I do echo Ganta’s thoughts that it’s a really chill resistance, complete with their own bar and restaurant in the middle of G-block. The group is either obviously being overlooked on purpose by the management and the Undertakers, or they are just doing a terrible job. It looks like there’s a lot of Deadmen involved too, but most of them seem to be throwaway characters and their powers aren’t shown. More significantly though Rokuro Bundou is introduced as the hacker and intelligence for the group — and naturally it turns out that he’s not to be trusted. He even looks like the scheming type (think Izaya from Durarara) and doesn’t take a liking to Ganta either. Ganta storms off, but given his naivety, it was quite obvious he’d be back soon enough, especially since Nagi’s ideals are rubbing off on him. I’m surprised he didn’t really bring up how the super priest stopped his Branch of Sin again, given his experience with edited video footage. He doesn’t suspect Rokuro of anything either, which is rather stupid after getting fooled by so many people already.

Ganta does tend to get blinded by his desire for revenge. However he does agree to participate in the Scar Chain’s plan to reveal to the world what Deadman Wonderland really is. Unfortunately their plan is off to bad start already when they are attacked by a crazy robot. With that many Deadman though I don’t understand why they didn’t just take out the robot. It would be extremely light work, especially since the Undertakers aren’t there yet. Instead, Karako decides to stay behind to save the others, and her fate is left as a cliffhanger. The situation is not looking good, and with a mole in their operation, things will only get nastier.




    1. Yay, I like her, too. Her character desperately out out for love. While she is shown to the the villain here, I disagree with your “I can’t see this series ending well for her”. She seriously remind me of Lucy in Elfin Lied. If I recall right, the ending did work out well for Lucy as she did return home to Kohta, but at the cost of all her power and injury badly.

      My assuming is she has a split personality. Given the situation that the deadly one knows everything yet the innocent does not, it means one of them is a cover. I suspected childish Shiro. Clues are she can’t remember anything, she knows there is always rainbow pudding when she wake up, and give no thoughts into other parts of her life.

      I believe everybody in the prison kind of ignore her because 1) they never saw her here before and 2) they are too wrap up in their own problems and situations to care about others’. In fact, Shiro stated that she have always lived her implying that maybe her innocent personality is the effect of Ganta so it never existed until he arrive and only continue to exist as long as he is around.

      I will go as far as to say the reason why Ganta is in Deadman Wonderland is because of Shiro. I think she plan it all out for him to be here with her; thus, sparing his life, giving him powers, and have him locked up in the prison. It explain why she wasn’t too happy that Ganta is breaking out of prison.

      Her childish personality can be real or fake. It could be that she used it as a mean to make Ganta like her by reminding him of a time when they were happy friends minus the cold, hated, murderous person she has become.

      1. Her good personality is such a sweet caring girl who really loves Ganta. She obviously has a past with Ganta and somehow Ganta’s mom as well (I haven’t read the manga). I would love to see her and Ganta end up as friends or lovers and safe and happy but seeing how horrible this series is and how down it is I don’t see it ending well for her even tho I hope it does.

    2. I very muched liked the short sequence when Shiro leaves the bar after Ganta. In this scene you get a nice view on her extremely long white hair which flows nicely. From behind she looks like a demon.

  1. 24 episodes or second season? pwetty, pwetty pleeez???
    I want to see my Makina
    Show Spoiler ▼

    She is doing much better job at covert ops than the pitiful “resistance”, with smaller team generating much less security risk. The risk of cover being blown is proportional to square of number people involved…

  2. Man, they really packed a lot of chapters in. But with only 4 eps left, I could see them making this the final arc. And then the season would end with Show Spoiler ▼

    And then if we get a second season, it would probably be the Forgeries arc and beyond.

    1. chaos
  3. Hey prooof you keep bringing up the lax security of g-block and you’re right.

    I don’t remember if they ever explained it in the anime, or if they did just in passing, but G-block operates in a different fashion when compared to the rest of the prison. There are really only three rules in G-block
    1. You can’t leave.
    2. You have to fight in the carnival corpse.
    3. You can’t buy your freedom with casts.

    Aside from those three rules, living in G-block is like living in a resort where you’re allowed to convert your cast points into yen and buy anything you want from the outside world. Since they win 1 mil every carnival corpse, long surviving Deadmen quickly become rich individuals.

      1. well I don’t think anybody in the manga actually sat down and said “these are the rules”, the three rules thing is just my compilation of the rules as they were explained over the course of the manga.

        Aside from the insanity, forced fighting, and potential mutilation the deadmen really do have comfy life. All kidding aside, I think the fact that they become rich and can have anything they want inside G-block is one of the few carrots that stops all of the deadmen from just going berserk.

  4. AGAIN WITH THE ROBOTS! WHY ARE THE ROBOTS SO RIDICULOUS IN THIS SERIES!!!!! Seriously, when all of you have the power to destroy pretty much anything with your blood, and there’s a “scary death robot” coming at you at 3 miles per hour and the only thing it can do is shoot acid straight ahead at you, how stupid is it to not just take it out? I mean, really? I can’t stand these stupid robots, mostly because they just feel so silly. If it was something like a giant Gundam on the other hand…

    Ah Shiro, forever naive and expecting sanity. You would think by now that he would have figured out that EVERYONE in this prison is insane (except maybe Crow-kun, but he is kinda insane, just in a good way). I had thought that Nagi’s robotic voice indicated that he was actually a robot, being controlled by someone from safe distance to arrange the rebelion without getting caught. Of course, I can’t expect ANYONE to do anything smart in this series, now can I?

    Poor Yoh-kun; he feels to me like a thrown in character whose main purpose is to have the shit constantly beaten out of him to show off how powerful the rest of the main characters are. I sincerely hope that he isn’t just a punching bag for the rest of the series!

    1. the reason they didnt confront the robot was because of time pressured, they had to get out quick before the undertakers show up. and the bridge was collapsing.

      yoh still gets his moments… by being overprotective of minatsuki. or the other way around.

      1. Okay, the bridge is collapsing, big deal. That guy who used his blood power to make a bridge could easily shoot some blood up onto those pipes to hold it together, long enough to take out the robot with ease and then get across the bridge. Instead of using their heads though, they simply run away like fools and let the girl sacrifice herself.

        I know people can be dumb when they’re afraid, but I mean…it’s a silly looking robot that looks like if you just pushed it over on its side, it’d be useless…I don’t even understand how that’s supposed to scare ANYONE. >_> Sure it can shoot acid, but only in a straight line. If there’s anything that I want to see in this series before the season ends, it’s a robot that actually makes sense. So far, both the robot with the lazer and this acid shooting one have only succeeded in making me facepalm.

    2. Relax, friends. The robot scene was made intentionally as a cliffhanger for next episode. Beside, how often do we get to see a guy spit with acid and melt down to the bones. Only one and it was shown here.

      Next episode, Karako easily kick the robot ass while the group probably going to get slaughter by the Undertakers. It explain why there were so many people in the group. More gore scene with lab rats and insane people next episode. Stay tune…

    1. You know what? It was probably better than…than (thinking Senji eyes getting pull out, crush to death by rock, cut up by twister, whip around by blood hair, shot with arrows in fun gamne, etc)

      You are right, it was the worst death so far! A double whamming. I feel sorry for that guy, but I am also happy NOT to be that guy. LOL

      1. I’ve been killed like that before though. The only difference is that I got electrocuted and then crushed by the wheels. I’m talking about Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker of course. Doesn’t those robots remind you of PUPA?

  5. Since I’ve been reading the manga, I wasn’t looking forward to this episode because I knew how upsetting it would be, specifically with the acid attack victim…that was hard enough to look at in the manga…poor guy.

  6. Considering how much has already been cut out/ changed from the manga material. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got an anime original ending. Granted, it would seriously suck, but anyone that can’t see it coming, hasn’t been paying attention.

    1. TBH… I don’t think too much has changed.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  7. While Shiro character I can love, Ganta character is a naive idiot. How many times is going to trust the wrong people and playing dumb?

    He should have suspected some was up when comparing what he experience versus what was on tape and how the guy was treating him.

    Compare to Shiro or even the other Deadman, there is no reason why he should have won any of those fights. You know, I would be happy to see Ganta lose a Corpse Carnival and lose an eye or left arm. It would probably be the worst thing that can happen to him, but it will definitely make a man out of him. I would go out and say why isn’t getting butt rape in prison, but I am not gay. Assuming Shiro doesn’t fly in miraculously to save his sorry ass.

  8. Prooof, I am surprised you didn’t mention any about the director and how the Promoter was bowling with his head stating that now the prison will become his personal playground. I figure this was very significance as the chain of power is now in the Promoter’s hand…

    As for the director, is he really dead? And why was he fighting Shiro?


    Look at the manga…

    …wait is it next episode? Or after next episode? With 3 to 4 episodes to go how will they clump all story in there? I’m expecting a cliffhanger more and more…

  10. Remember that most of deadman are still criminals. Some inmates may enjoy beating the crap out of others and being compensated for it, and may not have much of life left outside anyway. The city has been in chaos after the major earthquake after all.
    Some may just try to stay alive.
    I doubt they’d give a crap about some girl running around under such circumstances.


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