「ファントムの幽霊に導かれる」 (Fantomu no Yūrei ni Michibika Reru)
“Guided by the Phantom’s Ghost”

After what cruelty the Marquis proved he was capable of last week, I was thinking Victorique might be in some similar levels of pain herself, but everything went better than expected. Hell, the “torture” scene was even kind of funny, especially the scene where they’re standing around basically pestering her to give an answer, like kids teasing kids. It’s at most an annoyance to what she typically does anyway. With regards to our duo’s relationship, there was an obvious focus now that they’re escalating as the show reaches its finale. Though I have to say, Kujou’s repetition for emphasis was way overdone to the point of cheesiness. He never says anything new either, repeating what he’s been saying for pretty much the past dozen or so episodes. It does get old. Still waiting on that tearjerking tragic finale though. Hope he gets some new material by then.

Other than that, this episode was all kinds of “what the hell am I watching?” Seriously I thought nothing could surprise me anymore, but two Brian Roscoes with one possessing the power of airbending? At first glance, he basically just went in there, bust up the place, made Victorique faint, bust it up one more time for good measure, which made Victorique faint again. I’m going to say he did something to Victorique during those smokescreens (the source of which are probably tools anyway), because other than that, the whole scene would’ve been a bit pointless.

I suppose I do have some inkling about the mystery, but after assembling the entire show, I’m a bit tired of this now. Here’s just some quick speculations. Jupiter Roget was one of the witnesses to Coco Rose’s head exploding, which was another “what the hell am I watching”, but apparently the Queen was in two places at once. Nicole Leroux, a look-alike, disappears in 1900, after possibly being recruited to a “secretarial position” that sounds like Hitler recruiting his master race (though at 1900? a bit too early..? my history sucks though, so don’t shoot me) At this point, it’s pretty vague to guess what happened. Leroux may have wanted to kill the Queen for any particular reason, or they both could’ve been killed, but some shady planning is at work here. The look-alike business probably parallels to the two Roscoe’s as well.

Once again, I’m at your feet GOSICK. Always have been. Like a little bitch. >_>

lol anyone else get reminded of Suzaku (Code Geass) from Roscoe’s ridiculous movements




  1. My theory is that:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Thats what I think… XD

  2. Whats intersting is they talk about the great war coming and I always wonder how Japan portrays themselves regarding the war. Animes usually try to portray the japanese as a great and noble people. They did try to conquer the world with their allies Germany and Italy. They did commit the rape of Nanking (raped tens of thousands of chinese women and used them as sex slaves for their soldiers). I wonder how Gosick is going to show Japans part in the war or if they will just skirt the whole issue?

    1. It’s not like US media tried to make killing I don’t know how many civilians with fire bombs and nukes into something else then noble either. Soldiers tend to do bad things in foreign countries be they Japanese or US ones. US military tends to look the other way when atrocities are committed as by ignoring them they can pretend nothing happens. An US soldier quit literally have to film himself raping or murdering some civilian and post on the web for the US to consider it better to statute an example instead of ignoring it.

  3. Speculation:

    Someone wanted the queen dead (maybe to start a war?). So he looked for a look-alike of her, positioned her at the palace and “off with her head” (don’t know how the head and the body ended up in different places tough). The real queen was transported somewhere else – that noble man’s mansion – where they say that lady that got the “secretary” job has went. It was actually the queen all along, still enjoying royal life.

    1. I have something similar in mind.

      Nicole Leroux was recruited as a body double for Coco Rose, hence whey she had to have blue eyes, blond hair, and the same shoe size. She was decapitated and her head was blown up so that a closer examination of the corpse wouldn’t reveal that it Nicole was killed and not the queen. The information that Kazuya gathered seem to support that “Nicole” wasn’t Nicole after getting hired as a secretary, because there was one account of her quitting and running off with an aristocrat.

      I presume Jupiter and/or the King is responsible since the former was looking on as the head was blown up, whereas the latter was the last person to visit “Coco”. To what end though, I’m not sure. It seems like Albert is already convinced that Jupiter is the culprit, but he doesn’t have proof yet. This is where Victorique comes in. She’s already on to this idea once Kazuya gave her some more “fragments of chaos” to work with. She intends to dig up Nicole’s grave and prove that there’s no body buried there.

  4. “…after possibly being recruited to a “secretarial position” that sounds like Hitler recruiting his master race”

    I had the exact same thoughts when watching that part.
    I’m no history guru, but it’s interesting to note that Hitler did serve in WWI, and 1924 was around the time he was starting to become politically active. (Source: Wikipedia)

  5. I studied Hitler in pretty great detail for my GCSEs, to the point that I read Mein Kampf for the course.

    In 1900, he was eleven years old, so yeah pretty early. On the other hand, in 1924, Hitler was dictating his book in Landsberg, to Hess I think. Publication was in 1925 – too late for Gosick? Plus, his ideas only really caught on after 1933, when he became the Chancellor of Germany – the book was recommended reading for all loyal Germans, or something like that.

    Personally, I think that the Master race theory is well, dubious, no offense meant.

  6. Seemed like they are making a big deal out of nothing. What? Are they gonna kill her if she can’t solve it? I just don’t get all this extra drama and dragging out of the scenes.

  7. i’m with you sealouse, it’s just getting draggy to watch gosick because of this. and, one more “because she’s my friend” shout from kujo and i’m gonna drop this series. seriously kujo, you’re doing all these for a friend???

  8. This story really could have been done in 12-13 episodes. Really, it felt like the last 6 episodes was the SOS from the stuff that happened at the village. I’m done trying to understand this. I’ll just finish it for completest sake, even though I know I’m not going to understand the ending either.


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