「ツィオルコフスキーの祈り」 (Tsiorukofusukī no Inori)
“Tsiolkovsky’s Prayer”

I suppose it’s clever that this four episode arc was really about Meme, who apparently spent 28 years before coming up with an idea to stop grandma from thinking about the gods taking away her life, an idea which was only triggered by Yamam- Ashiro anyway. For once, I’m not annoyed at her, and seeing her goof about with an actual plan made her seem more like a charming happy “get old but don’t grow up” kind of person. For the first time, I saw her as an adult. Plus, Yamamo- Ashiro being someone her own age that she can flirt was a nice change. What’s up with the cattle mutilation “joke” though? All I keep thinking of is castration for some reason…

One of the more important developments brought about that extend beyond the scope of this arc is Elliot, Erio’s “father”. He offered some advice that sounded similar to religious beliefs, and I’ve read around that he could actually be an alien. No, not that gaijin foreigner alien term, an actual alien from outer space yo. The fact that he “disappeared” and that he wasn’t even married to Meme is suspicious enough. Despite not being married to Elliot, Meme still feels like a widow that’s already satisfied with her “late” husband’s love, and there’s really no way to write that without innuendo.

I like how the grandma’s hair suddenly sparkled near the end as if her seishun points were rejuvenated, which also led to the following reaction of, “oh my god they’re actually related…” The sparkles actually mean something, and probably originated from Elliot, considering his hair did the same thing. I’m not really surprised at this. Anyway, I guess the relation of the two was a “big reveal”, even including some mentions of Shouji, Meme’s brother, who is probably Niwa’s father. The only missing link to the Touwa family tree seems to be Meme and Shouji’s parents. Out of context, Meme turning 40 was like some kind of reverse mid-life crisis, since she spent it trying to make her grandma feel younger rather than herself, but in a way still managed to represent that she’s grown older but wiser and finally with acceptance. Therefore, “I’ve turned 40” was a cool way to end the episode.

While shattering my speculation of Yama- Ashiro being the father, I rather enjoyed this episode. I saw Meme in a new light, and appreciated the unveiling of some history behind the characters, finally giving some depth. I would say the meaning behind this arc wasn’t exactly worth four episodes to build up, especially considering how “pointless” the last episode was. I’m still expecting Erio’s amnesia to crop up as an arc, but if they are following the light novels, that’s most likely something left for the end, which won’t make it this season. It’s times like these when I actually get annoyed of faithful adaptations.



  1. the sparkly hair runs in the family. maybe theres some alien blood in them?
    and yeah, this ep made meme less annoying than she usually is for me as well.
    kinda surprised theres no pic of the grandma’s sparkly hair.

  2. I really dont know what there trying to do with the story as a whole but with that said I take each episode as it comes. Not every episode has been good but I think the good out ways the bad in this show. This was one of the better episodes IMO.

  3. I have said all along that I thought there really are aliens involved in this show and it turns out I might be right.

    My people are from a french background and in french Meme means Grandmother. Meme so does not look 40. I would have thought she was 20-25 if not for her teen aged daughter. For a while I thought Erio might not really be her daughter as Meme looked too young to have a teen ager but if she is 40 then it works.

  4. The only thing keeping this “alien” business on is Elliot. Outside that, pretty much was explained and it goes straight to “there are no such things as aliens here”.

    Hahaha! for a moment I thought Meme looked pretty scary and that she was going to “Cattle mutilation” grandma. puff*

    Lectro Volpi
  5. This is by far the best episode. It gives everything that has happened so far a new dimension and makes Meme shines as a character. I really hope we get to see more of Meme’s back story.
    Any idea what happened to Elliott?
    She dresses like an OL, but since she owns the candy shop, she doesn’t really need to work, does she?

    Seishun Otoko
      1. she doesn’t suit my age. but i really like older women. LOL. it’s cuter when a guy is younger than the girl. XDD and yeah, i hate lolis myself (especially loli-tsunderes..aaarggh!!). XDD but there are quite some exceptions. XD

      2. Well, its not that I hate lolis and/or tsunderes, but lately anime seems to be too focused on that types of character, too much. It is like diet based on sweet and sour sauce. In, like, IS had full tsundere female crew save Charles…
        One reason I so love Hanasaku Iroha is that it has few schoolgirls but plenty of characters from other age sections (young adults, and even elderly people).

      3. i agree with you. DX I hate it when people are more interested with lolis. I don’t really see what’s so fascinating about them compared to young adults, milfs(lol) etc. I’ll never get into pedophilia, really. DX

  6. I was expecting them at the end to go “Well that was a brilliant Firework… shall we scatter before the authorities arrive?” cause I swear I heard sirens right at the end.

  7. “Anyway, I guess the relation of the two was a “big reveal”, even including some mentions of Shouji, Meme’s brother, who is probably Niwa’s father.”

    Kiiragi, they have mentioned in the past that Shouji is Niwa’s father when the Grandma met Makoto, she said to him “oh you’re Shouji’s son” meaning it’s not ‘probably’ his father ‘it is’ his father ;D

    I must agree on your point regarding Meme being more adult and adopting the “grow old, stay young” way which does open up light towards how she reacts in the previous episodes which I’ve mentioned in my own Denpa Onna post over at Sekijitsu for those who are interested.

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