「相生のホメオスタシス」 (Sōsei no Homeosutashisu)
“Homeostasis of Compliments”

0.337187! We’re almost there! Anyway, probably the last lab member to join, Amane Suzuha, well, joins. Okabe is a pretty nice person, because you’d have to be if you’re going to let people join to help them with their problems by changing time. Feyris’ debacle didn’t faze him after all. Then again, considering his later confession of making the lab to gain some friends, who really knows what he’s thinking behind that mad scientist cover? The sympathy for Suzuha may mean he had a bad relationship with his parents as well, and subsequently came up with the mad scientist persona as a coping mechanism while subconsciously wanting to get some friends (a little counter productive some might say). Maybe such a past somehow brought the reading steiner upon him, wishing star or not. Or, someone traveled back in time and “spiked his drink” lol. But you know, for such a social outcast, he’s pretty lax around girls. Hmm, the mad scientist persona is kind of like faking confide- my god, he’s actually a faux alpha ma- Of course not, a mad scientist has no interest in petty things such as romance.

At first I thought, Suzuha’s dad = John Titor. That badge she’s been holding was her dad’s and it finally clicked. Titor was an American soldier. And this is his military insignia. Look familiar? Could be the badge. And then when she was gone, the satellite disappeared. Suzuha probably took it, with or without her dad. Strong link here. But then, Barrel Titor? Who? Disregarding the idea that a world line may shift enough so that Suzuha isn’t even from the future anymore (if we can even assume that she was in the first place), “Barrel Titor” could be three things. Just a normal dude, still John Titor, or Okarin. While Okarin being the father is interesting, there’s hardly anything that implies such a connection within all their conversations. Plus, Okarin must be damn near unrecognizable in the future if he had met all these people he apparently met. Maybe he has a massive dwarf beard or something. I’m going to say that “Barrel Titor” is definitely THE John Titor, a soldier from the future who came to save the world in the past, but (anime-wise) left a daughter behind who came running after him, in time. Everything else, I’ll wait.

So what the hell? Eating vegetables WORKED? “She” did keep “her” flat chest… despite the glaring clue of Mayushii referring to her as -chan I missed. What a hilarious insult though. I mean, it is pretty harsh if you think about it, calling a flat chested girl who is probably insecure about it a guy? I like how he peeked down Rukako’s shirt, CONFIRMED that “he” was flat chested, and that it was only the crotch region that changed his mind. Flat chested girls should go around with their shirts off to see if they can pull off looking like a skinny guy for science (insert Okabe laugh here). What it means for the plot, I’m not too sure. The IBN 5100 disappeared with Rukako’s D-mail, but most of the reasoning implied the butterfly effect at work, rather than Rukako’s specific changes affecting the outcome. According to episode 4, a man who had knowledge of Okarin’s arrival (Titor or Okarin himself) gave Rukako’s father the IBN 5100. Feyris’ father also owned one, but it’s unknown whether or not that was the one at Rukako’s. Wait a minute, holy shit. I just realized almost all the characters have daddy issues. Makise, Feyris, Suzuha, and now, Okarin (in speculation). It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Rukako’s father had problems with his gender confusion, and Mayushii’s past isn’t so cheery either. I’ll keep it in mind, but the only thing I’m thinking now is the writer having daddy issues…

Also, OkabexMakise furthered? Yessss. Oh, and the paranoid red jelly text? I think SERN might be catching on…



  1. If Metal Gear Solid has taught us anything, it’s that the only way to really confirm anything is the crotch grab.
    I honestly love the fact that Okabe seems to just be rolling with the world line shifts with minimal freak out. I’m guessing that it is to some degree his natural weirdness filter, especially now that he seems to be thinking of more active ways to use the D-mail, what with getting himself to stop Suzuha.

  2. I thought they hinted that Part time girl’s dad is really Daru? Though the obvious question would be, who was her mother? Feyris?!? Also it seems her time travel device is the satellite since it was gone.

    Overall the story is going well with the strange sms and the jelly photo, though Moeka is still missing

    Zaku Fan
    1. While the father is unknown for the time being, even the mother is less known…

      Then again they all seem to have parents problem. As for the mother,

      So random girl?

      I highly doubt Makise seeing that she is interested in Okarin. Mayuri maybe interested in Okarin. Lucky bastard. I doubt Feyris is the mother, it just seem out of place. However, Moeka is most likely seeing that she is interested in computers like Suzuha.

  3. I thought it seemed implied that Daru was Suzuha’s dad and she didn’t get to meet him the first time because Okarin tricked him into not going to the forum and Suzuha said something about her dad going to the forum at the end. Also there is the picture of them side by side on Okarin’s phone at the end and they look remarkably alike. More over the badge could be something from anime or that card game they play.

    1. Wrong. This was one of the best episode. It made me realize that everything has a hidden meaning and the scenes are not as random as I originally thought. I kinda want to re-watch all the past episode and pick up on the little clues the creators made that I missed.

  4. Well, I don´t about everyone else but the whole deal with Suzuha is starting to sound like a Terminator movie, wich will make her the equivalent of John Connor, because I still don´t see how Okarin is going stop SERN from transforming the future into a wasteland.

    1. That’s not a trap!!! I’d totally hit her and I would not be gay at all! I mean, she’s a woman now, isn’t she?….. nothing wrong with that right?…. right guys?

      1. Okarin would think otherwise. Here is his reply:

        bbb: That’s one trap i don’t mind falling for.
        Okarin:…But he’s a guy!

        Nejore44: Trap or not, I would hit that any day…….. Now if you’ll excuse me… I need to go and re-evaluate my life.
        Okarin:…but he’s a guy!

        Richard: That’s not a trap!!! I’d totally hit her and I would not be gay at all! I mean, she’s a woman now, isn’t she?….. nothing wrong with that right?…. right guys?
        Okarin:..but he’s a guy!

        Okarin words from episode 1…

  5. I’ve been thinking for a while now that John Titor might be Okabe himself. That aside, I like the plot advance a lot so far. There’s still so many things we don’t know, for example what does the chrashed satelite have to do with this all? We cannot even guess at it, because we have no clue at all. I love how they keep it all a secret.

    Still wondering why a we haven’t seen a future okabe send a message to himself…

    1. Following the basis of the many worlds theory, we won’t see that happen because the future Okarin would change the future for himself only and shift himself into a timeline where he did a particular message. We could see that this episode when he sent a sms to himself. He experiences the adjustment without going back in time.

      This is not to say we will not see a future message from a future Okarin but that would only be if the timeline of the Okarin we are following now has such an event in its timeline. There are likely many timelines where a future Okarin sent one to himself in the past and the past Okarin received the sms (and again split the timelines with the many choices possible for handling the sms, eg ignore, follow it, etc) but those are not the Okarins we are following.

      Zaku Fan
      1. This is only assuming that in the future he still only has his phone microwave machine to send sms back in time. If you assume that he could actually go back in time physically, it could be a possibility.

      2. Agreed, if he could actually physically move, then it would impact the entire premise ad he could conceivably meet or send messages to himself. However such an event would be a major source of paradoxes and really make heads spin.

        Zaku Fan
    2. We’ve seen Okarin send D-mails to himself. Although most of them didn’t have much effect on the past – thus not changing the divergence values and not changing world lines.

      I think the anime uses some kind of modified many worlds theory where the ‘many worlds’ do not co-exist but rather exist as ‘what-if’ worlds so there is only 1 existing world. And everytime the world line changes, the current world is altered to another ‘what-if’ world. Memories are then altered to fit for the new existing world. The only person who does not have his memories altered is Okarin..thus his “Reading Steiner”…but then this concept gets really complicated later when they include time leaping and time travel…

      1. OMG! Thank You, Dyne! I am so happy to see that somebody around here has common sense and sound reasonable.

        The many worlds theory is so irrational and illogical that I can’t believe people believe that there are parallel worlds that exist along side ours. They are possible worlds, what-if worlds, worlds that don’t exist because they have not been chosen…different words, all the same meaning. One world, one time, but have many possible outcomes to be chosen.

        The only way that many-worlds can exist is by assuming there are many-times (as in multiple 4th dimension: Time). Then it is very true as it apply to the multiverse theory (not universe as we know it). By moving from one universe to another, you become a dimensional slider (like the 1990’s popular series “Sliders” where they travel to different worlds similar to their own while looking to return to their original world).

        For those who believe in the many-worlds theory, what happen to the person who was originally in the timeline before they are “changed” and replaced? Do they just disappear? Do they get kick out and go to the world that the changed person came from?!

        And how can a time traveler shift to another world? Isn’t he suppose to travel to a different time in time, not travel to different world? Sounds you you guys confused time traveler with dimensional slider… Like the British would say, “Bollocks!”

      2. The “world lines” animation shows multiple lines splitting and the other ones still continue. So multiple parallel world continue on, we are just following one of them as Okabe shifts through with his “reading steiner”

      3. @Chaos

        I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Are you trying to convince us that dimension sliding is occurring rather than time travel?

        I should probably point out that “Time Travel” is in fact just a form of “Dimension Sliding”, since you are shifting an object along the time dimension.

        And why can’t time travel lead to a diff world? You are assuming that time travel only shifts through time, whereas in the anime we are dealing with a pseudo-phone-microwave-time-machine. Chances are you’re going to have issues along the way right?

      4. There is no real time leaping or time travelling YET…What Okarin has been doing with D-mails is just changing the past and moving the world line – represented by the changing orange numbers (just as John Titor had explained in episode 7)…Let’s just wait until John Titor explains these (multiple ‘what-if’ worlds and attractor field) personally to Okarin.

        As Kiiragi and chaos pointed out earlier, Okarin is a dimensional slider.

      5. Here is video that can explain everything a lot better than I can:


        It is the 11 dimensions of String Theory. Steins;Gate deal with the 4th through 8th dimension. The video get more complicated as you go up each dimension. So I will list them in every day Joe’s terminology:

        1st Dimension: Length
        2nd Dimension: Height
        3rd Dimension: Width
        4th Dimension: Time
        5th Dimension: Possible Timelines
        6Th Dimension: Infinite Timelines including Impossible Outcomes
        7th Dimension: Other Universes
        8th Dimension: Infinite Universes

        The rest deals with higher and lower levels of universes…

        Here is Nova explanation of all 11 dimensions in easy to understand form. “The Elegant Universe”, each part explain each dimension…


      6. I wasn’t really arguing against dimension sliding. I was just trying to say time travel is another form of dimension sliding since by definition: time travel is the translocation of an article through the time dimension.

        And yes, there has been no human time travel shown yet, but you can say that the messages were sent back through time = time travel?

      7. @chaos
        The many worlds theory handles ALL possibilities as its based on the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Taking Steins’ Gate as an example (note that this is based on the real life principle), when Okarin activates a d-mail, what are the possibilities?

        i) Sending successful
        ii) Microwave fails (explodes, falls due to shaking, power failure, other reason)
        iii) Natural diaster such as an earthquake or other external influence
        iv) Others too numerous to list

        The Okarin that we see has so far always succeeded with choice i).

        This is understandable as the probability of i) may be over 95%. However, as there exists ii), iii) and iv) the timeline at that point of the d-mail splits into a single timeline for each possibility. In those possibilities, Okarin exists within the same timeline.

        What happens to Okarin when he succeeds? To visualise this, imagine one of the lines from that point where it splits due to i), ii), ii) and iv) joining another already existing timeline (this normally is impossible).

        As can be seen the number of timelines are astounding as every decision everyone makes has a single timeline to it.

        Also please do note that string theory’s accepted (for now) 11 dimensions are NOT as the video described and should be noted as such, else it would mislead people


        Of note in the video is the failure to understand that the 11 dimensions were made to combine the standard model with gravity, not to explain alternate timelines

        Zaku Fan
    3. I doubt it. I feel this episode provided even more proof that suzuha is indeed John Titor. If her father was last name Titor then that means that she herself is a Titor as well. However she seems to be posting anonymously as a man but everything else checks up. She is a Titor, she has a time machine(the satellite in which she left), she is from the future, she is a soldier, and she has told herself to Okarin to contact John Titor when he was confused.

      Who I can’t figure out at all is the woman with the glasses. She’s so mysterious and I bet she’s behind the disappearance of the IBN 5100. Why did she need it so desperately. I bet this is also involved with Sern.

      This anime is turning out so awesome!

  6. Correction: it was never explicitly said that the person who donated the IBN 5100 to the shrine was male. Some subs might’ve flopped this, but the Japanese dialogue referred to the donator in a gender-neutral way.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. I thought Suzuha was John Titor. That’s what I assumed that when she complained what was wrong with her/his own explanation to Okabe via Titor’s messages. I also got the vibe that Okabe was her dad during their conversation then that vibe switched to Daru when he brought up the forum.

  8. I think I am following this fairly well. This blog helps patch up anything I might have missed.

    One thing about this episode that confused me was that Okarin sent himself a message to change time. However, he didn’t remember the events that transpired in the new timeline from when he received the message to when he woke up. I can understand him not having memories of other people’s changes. But, this message was to himself. It is kind of odd. He is jumping around from timeline to timeline keeping the memories of only his original timeline without absorbing the new timeline’s memories. He basically has to learn each new timeline’s facts. So, what happens to the “Okarin” of the timeline he jumps into? Does he replace him? Since all of the memories are apparently lost, I find this a bit confusing.

    1. Yes he replaced him and because he came from another timeline he kept only the memories of the evening he lived. It’s like arriving at a movie theater and catching the movie at the middle. You don’t know what happened before, but people who where there from the beginning do know it.

      1. What happens to the Okarin he replaced? And, what becomes of the Okarin he left behind in the other timeline?

        Ahh time travel genre… how complex you make yourselves.

    2. The mystery can be explain because of Okarin’s sepcial ability, the Reading Steiner.

      In my opinion, the only way to scientific explain Okarin special ability without going off-the-wall in the anime usually do is that Okarin exist outside time itself. By that I mean, he doesn’t belong in this world for he is from another world, another time.

      I remember that a person once told me that the only way a person have that special ability is the occurrence of a paradox, where the person is…his own father. If Okarin is his own father, then it mean he exist in another time and this timeline does not affect him like it does everybody else because everybody else belong in this timeline. he doesn’t.

      Sounds crazy, but possible…

  9. The John Titor of our world line claimed to be on a stopover in the year 2000 for “personal reasons”; i.e., to collect pictures lost in the (future) civil war and to visit his family. In the anime (or should I say another world line) John Titor made the stop in 2011.

    Regarding Suzuha’s father: Show Spoiler ▼

    The thing I want right now is MY SPOON, because I already have MY FORK.

  10. Wow, this episode revealed a lot about the Steins;Gate world. Too many to name so I will list them:

    1) It is finally confirmed that Ruka is a girl.

    Of course, Okarin learn it the hard way, both grabbing her tits and finally her private just to realized, “Something is missing here…” My jaw dropped and I laughed my ass off. I laugh even louder when Makise knocked some sense into Okarin during his groping moment, which bring me to #2.

    2) The book Makise hit Okarin with was title, “der glicklichste Gedanke meines Lebens” by Hans Schmidt.

    The phase is German for “The happiest thought of my life” said Albert Einstein when he discover the theory of relativity. While the author doesn’t exist, there is a Hans Schmidt who was an infamous spy who sold out top secrets German intelligence to the French. Is the creators hinting that Makise is the one who will ultimately betray the group and sell hem out to SERN?

    3) Freyis’ D-mail was confirmed to be never brought moe into Akibahara.

    My original thought thinking she did something to save her father, but it was proven to be wrong. She desire to never got into moe in the beginning.

    4) Moeka’s D-mail was to obtain the IBN 5100 before Okarin and MAkise got there.

    This explain why it was missing after her experiment. Another clue was when Ruka’s D-mail change the past, it prevent the shrine to never got the INB 5100 in the first place.

    5) The “Mayuri Moment” was explained so her wishing upon a star.

    In the Mayuri and Okarin scenes Mayuri explain that she wish upon a star after Okarin was ill and thought he might die. Okarin deny that she saved his life. Of course, under the Venus “star” was a moment that may hint their romance since Venus imply love. It is true that they cared deeply for each other, maybe romance or maybe like a family love. At the same time, it bring out #6.

    6) Okarin question whether or not that fever gave him the “reading Steiner”.

    I highly doubt a fever gave him special ability, but he does mean he possessed the power even as a child. It was mention by Okarin that he got the fever during Y2K, the same time John Titor supposedly travel back in time to save the world from SERN’s dystopia.

    7) Suzuha is confirmed as a time traveler from the future and the satellite was indeed her time machine.

    When Suzuha send a message to Okarin saying goodbye and leaves, the satellite was gone afterward. This bring us to #8.

    8) The reason why Suzuha was here was to look for her father, Barrel Titor who was suppose to be at the meeting.

    So not John Titor, but Barrel Titor. Who many Titor are there?!

    9) Is it possible Daru is her father?

    Daru was suppose to be at the meeting, but Okarin interfer and call him back saying Feyris is coming. Thus, she was unable to meet him and went home. We do know that Okarin is not the father now because he would have realized the badge and realized it belong to him. In addition, she said Barrel was her father, not John. So John Titor is not the father. So only Daru is left in the possible list. Ironically, Okarin took a picture of her and Daru together.

    10) Okarin persuade Suzuha to stay after running into her after the meeting.

    She did state that she didn’t meet her father, but will stay a little longer to find him after Okarin invited her to the party. If Okarin got Daru to the party, he never went to the meeeting. But he did meet him at the party, but since he doesn’t know what he look like, she didn’t realize him as her father.

    11) It is realize that all the characters are of the same age (18) or similar.

    We do know Makise and Suzuha are 18. Mayuri and Okarin are of similar age due to their childhood together. Suzuha stated that Okarin must be drunk, which he shouldn’t drink because he is underage implying he is under 21. With all else, Mayuri maybe younger since she was wearing a school uniform. So they must be around 18.

    12) Okarin’s got his wish, the organization is finally on to him…

    Somebody email Okarin with the message, “I’m watching you…” and send a picture of a red jello. Jello implying the jellied effect of time travel and red implying it is a warning. One thing is sure, things are getting very serious.

    13) The item Suzuha was holding was a badge.

    To be specific, a military badge that belong to her father. The only clue to her father’s identity and the fact that he was going to be at the meeting.

    14) It is 0.33 now…

    Despiet the butterfly effect, Okarin continue changing the past because he is a mad scientist and he must continue to do so until the end…

    1. 3) I don’t agree with your point. Indeed her mail has the effect to never bring moe to akiba, but we can’t be sure that it was the main goal. She may have just wished to saved her father, and the result was that she never though about finding a replacement thus moe.
      And still it looks like she still like games as she played the Rai-Net tournament.

      9) you said that okarin should have realized the badge belonged to him, but he still would have had 26 years to buy/obtain it

      11) Makise and Suzuha are 17, remember “celeb 17” and Mr.Braun interview’s. For the other we know they are university graduates(not sure though) so they may probably be a bit older.

      1. It was cut in the anime but in the game it goes like this…

        Okabe: “Shut up Celeb-17”
        Kurisu: “Sere…Serendipity?”
        Okabe: “No, Celeb-17”
        Kurisu: “Celeb- Hey! I’m 18”

      2. @Kratos: Episode 2, 9:34 during the interview of Suzuha by Mr. Braun

        Mr. Braun: Your name?
        Suzuha: Amane Suzuha
        Mr. Braun: Age?
        Suzuha: Eighteen
        Mr, Braun: Reasons for working here?
        Suzuha: I love CTR TVs!
        Mr. Braun: Your hired.

  11. I have a crazy theory, but hear me out first…

    In the timeline #1 where the anime started out, Makise was murdered and Okarin discover her dead body. Then he send a text message to other people, one of which is Daru, when Daru at the exact same time testing the microwave phone. The result was Okarin shift into timeline #2, where Makise is alive and the satellite fell into the building with the appearance of Suzuha.

    I will put spoiler for the rest, in case it turn out to be true in the end. (This is my speculation):

    Show Spoiler ▼


    1. Answer to chaos speculations
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. It crashes on the building after the first shift. But before that, it is nicely landed on the roof at 2:11. You can clearly see the body with 2 solar panels on each side and 4 legs, it the same engine that we see later, crashed.
        Come to think of it, why should a satellite have legs? they aren’t suppose to land.

      2. Oh, my. Kratos, you are right.

        I totally forgot about it in the first episode. There was a satellite that appear on the roof and a girly figure in rebel uniform running out of it. So it was Suzuha. Okarin thought it was an earthquake so he went up to check it out.

        Speaking of the first episode, there was a manly yell before Makise’s murder. I listen to it like 10 times, it sounds like Okarin’s voice. Then as Okarin went up to check it out, you heard footsteps of somebody running out the door. There lies Makis’s bloody body, still fresh as blood pouring out of her.

        There are two Okarins?!

  12. It’s me. The Organization has started to speculate about the identities of John Titor, Barrel Titor, and Suzuha’s real father. Initiate Operation (insert Norse mythology here). Send me more Rukas to feel in the nether regions. El Psy Congroo.

    1. Actually, I’m not the Dyne from this time. I’m the Dyne from the time the anime has ended 14 weeks in the future. I have travelled back in time to prevent the massive speculation on the indentities of John Titor, Barrel Titor, Suzuha’s Father and Mother, and other characters such as F.B., Makise Kurisu, Dr. Nakabachi, Gel Banana, Future Gadget #1, etc…

      …Now if I can get my hands on that Ruka…uuuuuwaahahahahahaha!

      1. Was there a timeline where gel banana was titor? lol
        I have also the feeling that our dear Rukako will end up with a Stallone body and as the résistance leader on kyouma’s side against the evil Makise world dictator who is aiming to collect all the upa cushions for her self pleasure.

    2. After re-watching episode 1, I find Mr. Braun very suspicious. So you may be right, Kratos. Mr. Braun can be John Titor. The other possibility is Suzuha. However, John appeared in 2000 while Suzuha appear in 2010. Given the fact that Okarin openly ask if Suzuha is John Titor, usually means she isn’t. The possibility of Okarin as John Titor is questionable because John lack the special ability of Okarin.

      Mr. Braun is exceptionally muscular for a guy his age. He does look like a freedom fighter from the future. Yet he has a daughter, which imply a wife. Could John Titor “personal reasons” for staying in 2000 is because he accidentally fell in love and had a family?

  13. Roger, Operation VERDANDI will start at 0745 in two days. Time is needed to make more Rukas so must wait until that time. Do your best to prevent identity speculations. Also do best to bring back MOE! El Psy Congroo

  14. Um I kinda sorta just rewatched episodes 1-4 and… the person voicing John Titor seems to be the same person voicing Daru. Also, the scream in episode one is definitely Okabe. Watch those episodes and then tell me whether you agree. I think we’re starting to figure this thing out now: the satellite is a time machine, the part-timer is Daru’s daughter from the future, and Daru is John Titor. I think that’s the consensus we’re starting to build here. Agree? Disagree?

  15. Something that I could not explain even after watching it several times was the arrival of the man in the baseball cap on the roof almost immediately after Okabe reaches it to see the crahed object. Whoever he is, he rushes to the object, seems to turn toward Okabe, and makes an X with his arms. Is the guy just someone doing his job by declaring it a hazardous area, or what?
    Also, now that we are ten episodes into the series, the first two episodes make so much more sense. I, like probably most everyone else, watched those two and could only guess at what was happening. I enjoyed watching those two episodes even more today than I did the first time. Except… there were two things that sort of make sense, but did not happen as we would have expected: 1) when Okabe receives a phone call while in the building, it’s only static; 2) the screen effects that typically characterize the shifting of time lines throughout the series so far were different the first time, when every human being vanished and then began reappearing when Mayuri offered Okabe a Dr. Pepper. If that was supposed to be the same phenomenon we’ve witnessed numerous times now, why was animated so uniquely?
    Oh! I just remembered that there was something else of which I became aware only after rewatching the first few episodes: the mysterious cellphone girl seems to have the same ability as Okabe, and her cell phone seems to have the ability to survive unaltered during the time shifts. That’s why she’s constantly taking photos as “proof” that she experienced the things she remembers experiencing, even if all evidence of those experiences is eliminated with every time line switch.

    1. The person in the baseball cap is most probably Suzuha. if you check the shot just as it zooms in on the hat, you’ll see tufts of hair that is identical to Suzuha’s. This then explains why Suzuha does not like Makise – she was probably sent to kill her and with timelines changing, she failed to do so since the conference never took place and Makise probably never showed up. But what’s with Okarin screaming?

      1. She probably failed because the satellite crashed, but why did it crashed? could have Kyouma’s Dmail have caused it?

        Also I have the filling that Makise was there for her own lecture, so it doesn’t matter if Nakabashi ran away or not.

    2. so still unexplained is:
      02:12 – Landing satellite (Suzuha?)
      04:50 – Makise being warned by a previous Kyouma
      06:35 – Mail with failed video (from the future)
      07:25 – Scream (kyouma voice)
      08:05 – Makise’s corps on 8th/last floor (who? sound of closing door)
      08:13 – Kyouma’s phone ringing (Mayuri?)
      09:15 – First shift (lasts at least 36s, why so long?)
      15:22 – Nakabachi professor ran away in the morning (Why?)

      To many things inexplicable, and even being at 10th episode we still can’t be sure of anything. I seems like those kind of series you only understand the first scene at the last episode.

      Your idea of only the cellphone is quite interesting. Didn’t about just the cellphone being able to keep it’s informations. The rule seems to be “only data and no matter” so why not.

      1. Speaking of episode 1, I like to add a few more interesting facts as I re-watch that episode.

        1) The case of the missing metal oopa.

        I don’t think it was an accident Mayuri lost the oopa. I suspected somebody stole it. With the second Okarin’s screaming in question, it could means the second Okarin took it. Why? We will later find out. If I was the second Okarin, I would take it, too.

        2) Mayuri’s parents are dead?

        It was hinted in Okarin’s flashback where Mayuri was standing in front of a large tombstone in a cemetery. While it doesn’t mean both parents are dead, it does mean somebody dear to her died. The question is: who?

        3)Daru and Okarin are of the same age and knew each other in high school.

        Okarin point out they knew each other for 3.5 years now back during second year. So, if sophomore is typically 16 years old. Okarin and Daru must be 19.5 years old.

        4)Invention #1 is the Remote control that resemble a laser gun.

        5) Invention #8 is the microwave time machine.

        6) Hund’s Rule of Maximum Multiplicity

        According to Okarin, the faster the microwave turn, the more stable it becomes.

        7) Microwave was indeed a time machine because when they first test the gel banana, it was neither warmer or colder and had no taste to it.

    3. As for the Moeka’s phone being time shift proof, it sounds very true. It explain why she is so attach to it. In the same note, what if the IBN 5100 was time shift proof, too? It further explain why Moeka is so interested in it.

      As for FB, could FB be the name of her phone?

      I have to watch the episode where Moeka first appearance to confirm that theory.

      1. It seems FB is telling her hints, so i don’t think her phone has an IA.
        Maybe someone is giving her order from the future through her phone, someone who couldn’t get his hands on a time machine to do the job himself.
        Could she answer him? by sending messages to the future? whit that special phone.
        She looks alway depressed, so maybe that someone promised her something in exchange of her cooperation, something he could do knowing her future.


    4. @Wolf, after re-watching a few episodes and thinking about your theory that Moeka’s phone is time shift proof, I realize that maybe her phone is not shift proof.

      Consider the facts: she take pictures of her surrounding and daily activities, most likely because there are inconsistency between what she remember versus what the world around is.

      Opinion: thus, you concluded that her phone must be time shift proof. However, Okarin suffer from the same ordeal. So what I am trying to say is that her phone is not time shift proof, she is time shift proof. She merely used her phone to compared it to her memories. From the look of it, she is shocked and disturbed expression as Okarin’s was when he try to understand what is happening after each time shift.

      This change my earlier theory that she text herself to obtain the IBN 5100 before Okarin got it. If she has the Reading Steiner, she was able to recall where it was and how it work. Thus, she went over to the shrine and took it.

      BTW, Moeka nickname is the famous “Lightning-Speed Night Heart” as describe by Daru. In her text to Okarin, she refer to herself as the Lightning Shiatsu-ist. Okarin later dubbed her a “Shining Finger”. In Japanese, Lightning is interchangeable to shining and shiatsu is the art of message using fingers thus, resulting in shining finger.

  16. ep 10, in true mad scientist style, Okarin empirically checks Ruka-CHAN’s gebder!
    … also further yuri field generation by Kurisu(tina) who comments she is not going to swimming with perverts, but ists okay if there are only girls…
    … and some deredere moments between Kurisu and Okarin happen…
    there is also strong hint that Okarin might be father of baito-senshi Suzuha!

  17. Haven’t thought of it but its time for me to rewatch the earlier episodes and think up some theories~

    1 theory is Okarin can’t be John Titor cause Titor does not have the ‘Reading Steiner’ ability.
    I think in the first time shift where Okarin lost his John Titor Books, he asked Titor if he has been to a certain time and Titor says no but it could have been another version of him.

  18. Daru = Barrel Titor
    Someone has already pointed out the hints for this one.
    Suzuha = John Titor
    Um, I thought we already figured out this one. I mean, we know she’s a time traveler from a dystoptian future. The original John appeared in America, but after a timeline change (in the first episode, I think) he appeared in Japan. Etc, etc.

    1. Oops, further speculah I forgot to include:
      If I remember the first episode correctly, the timelines shifted (that satellite appeared) right after Okarin sent a text to Daru. Perhaps beforehand Daru had some plans to move to America (where he would have a kid, who grew up American and logically remained in that country when she traveled back in time to become the original John Titor). After the text, Daru remained in Japan, and suddenly the satellite (somehow used in connection to Suzuha’s traveling) is in Tokyo, and John became Japanese.

  19. Pardon for going a bit off-topic, but yet not quite that off-topic.


    Anyway, here’s a MAD of a Steins;Gate’s OP perfectly grafted with Madoka Magica animation. Not sure if this has been posted before. Especially impressive considering the focus of this MAD is mostly on Homura the time-travelling girl.

    It’s pretty much up there with the Working! x K-ON OP.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I don’t mind an overdose of Steins;Gate look-alike. I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing… 😀

      Do you have a similar one for Death Note or Deadman Wonderland? Okarin as Light is just awesome, but Okarin in prison with all the other crazy people is even better. Hell, I even consider Okarin in some zombies situation in Highschool of the Dead.

  20. Daru’s voice actor is the same one as the one who did John Titor. Or at least that’s what I think. Anyways, my whole world would be flipped if that were the case. But then again, thinking on that more, it isn’t so fantastical as it might appear at first.

    Daru is smart, without a doubt, plus, he was at the same Time Machine meeting that Suzuha’s father, Barrel Titor, was supposedly at. This gives them a connection and if current trends are anything to go by, you shouldn’t leave out unlikely links like that one.

  21. “Wait a minute, holy shit. I just realized almost all the characters have daddy issues. Makise, Feyris, Suzuha, and now, Okarin (in speculation). It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Rukako’s father had problems with his gender confusion, and Mayushii’s past isn’t so cheery either. I’ll keep it in mind, but the only thing I’m thinking now is the writer having daddy issues…”

    How do we know that you, Kiiragi, don’t have daddy issues as well?


  22. After re-wathing episode 2, I only found a few things I missed:

    A) Mr. Braun open a shop despite the fact that he never had any customers.

    Now that is highly suspicious. Why would a person open a shop without ever having any customers?! Unless he is spying over Okarin for some reasons…

    B) Moeka is 20 years old.

    C) The broken hour glass at the ending is an item on the bookshelf in Okarin’s apartment.

    D) When Okarin try the one banana experiment, it teleported back to the other bananas.

    What is the significance of this? We always assume the microwave could only send data to the past. But here, a banana was sent to the past. In the earlier experiment, Okarin use a whole branch of bananas resulting in it remaining there. So the microwave can sent small matter the size of a banana to the past as well as data…

    1. Actually, the series confirms that material objects can, in fact, be transported through time. However, those objects invariably become jell-like in substance. Hence, the banana really had been transported back in time. If Okarin were much smaller, he could send himself back in time, but would become a jelly-man in the process.
      The only mystery is why the banana was transported back to the banana bunch from which it was taken. I don’t understand why that happened.

      1. Oh, we all know SERN can send people and object to the past by generating a mini-black hole. But, the microwave can do it too only in smaller size. However, it doesn’t generate a black hole, but rather something to do with the powerful EM wave it give off. Another limitation is the time in which it has to be executed. I wonder why that is?

        I wonder if SERN can send objects into the past, have they try sending data to the past?

        It seem like SERN is one step ahead of Okarin. By being able to to create a black hole, they can send huge amount of data to the past. If Okarin change the past several time already given his 5 days with the microwave, imagine what SERN have done given the time SERN had with the device.

    2. You pointed a good one here.
      Remember the Z program. All human subjects also appeared everywhere in the world, like teleported. One solution I can think of is that they travel back in time but not in space, so if you take in consideration that earth continue to round and to orbit around the sun, they will stay in the same position from a point of view of the universe, but earth would have reached that position yet.

      example:if you go back one hour to the past, you will appear in the middle of space, and you will have to wait for one hour that the earth reaches your position. So if you want to be sure to stay in the same place you have to go back exactly 365,25 days in the past.

      Well it’s only something I thought about and myself don’t realy believe it, what do you guys think?

      1. You’ve stumbled onto a well-known problem in time travel. The Earth is constantly rotating. The rotating Earth is constantly orbiting the Sun. The rotating Earth is constantly orbiting the Sun, which is constantly moving through the Milky Way, which itself is constantly moving through the Universe. Consequently, the speed at which you and I are currently moving through space should be unimaginable, and we will never be in the same place in space twice. So, if a time travel machine operated exactly as the one in, for instance, the Back to the Future trilogy, the time machine would begin on Earth, but reappear most likely in blackest space, conceivably millions, billions, or even light-years away from Earth, depending on how forward or backward through time it traveled. Any practical time machine would necessarily need to also be a teleportation device, and that itself would be dependent upon a map of the desired end location through both space and time. Because no known object in the Universe is stationary, that would be impossible to produce, as spatial maps depend entirely upon fixed points and ones spatial relation to them.
        Nevertheless, I happen to know a secret about the Earth: it is stationary in space. That is why phenomenon known as “time slips” occur on this planet without those experiencing them being transported into deep, cold outer space. Note that it is not the center of the Universe; it is merely its fixed point, enabling the production of maps that enable practical time travel.

      2. Another good point. Actually, I think you discover the reason why the satellite/time machine crash into the building.

        If what you are saying is true, consider the evident. In timeline #1, the satellite landing safely on the roof and a little later Maikise was murder. The text Okarin text was dated July 28, 2010 at 12:56 PM. On the timeline #2 where Makise is alive, the satellite crash into the building at 12:00 PM implying that Suzuha came an hour earlier than expected resulting her teleporting into the building instead of on it.

        Of course, you also discover something else unexpected. Suzuha’s time machine is shape like a satellite. A satellite is basically a spaceship, a craft able to moving around in the air or in space. While time travel can send you any where in space, a spaceship is exactly what you need to make sure you don’t land in space or into building. Even if you do, you can move around afterward.

  23. I’m on episode 6 now. It’s as though I’m watching it all through new eyes. Two more things I’ve noticed: 1) that alpaca is watching them; 2) “FB” might be Facebook. That would explain why she receives so many of them 😛


    I have now rewatched episodes 1 through the beginning of 9. As indicated by my earlier posts, many things have become clearer. HOWEVER, I can now report that the story does contain at least one flaw:

    Beginning at 06:28 of the ninth episode, Kris makes a statement that implies that she is aware of the Jelly-Man Reports. That awareness could come only from exposure to those reports, which was dependent upon Daru’s use of the IBN 5100 to decode those files. However, a moment later, it is revealed that the IBN 5100 was never discovered in the current time line. Thus, we do actually have at least one major flaw in the plot.

    1. No, her statement came from their experiments of the gel-banana. Remember Kurisu-tina saying that its like squeezing a sponge into a litte hole (Kerr black hole). From those experiments, and the ones The Zombie performed afterwards regaring the D-mail the’ve established that if your D-mail is too big, it will be deconstructed and you will receive it by parts.

    2. I feel like divulging sweet sweet spoilers, I played it for Windows last year, but I enjoy everyone’s theories. I’m actually surprised by how few game players are running their mouths with spoilers. Compare that with all the annoying To Aru no Index novel readers who couldn’t keep their trap shut.

      Also Steins;Gate for PSP comes out later this month!

      1. I also played it on Windows last year, although I only remember the jokes and important events. I considered playing it again but…I think the anime is doing a very faithful adaptation that I don’t need to play the game again…I also enjoy reading everyone’s theories.

  25. More regarding episode 9:
    When Okabe confronts Maoka, the subtitles become inacurrate. It translates, “Omae mo shiranai no ka?” as “I don’t…” when it should actually be rendered, “You don’t know, either?” Then, her response, which is, “Shiranai no,” is mistakenly translated, “But you’re right. My dad did have a lot of old PCs.” It really means, “I don’t know.”

  26. Recap on episode 3,

    1) Suzuha knows of Makise’s death…

    When Okarin got a text message, she said, “Did someone died?” When Okarin ask her about it she deny not knowing anything. So, I am pretty sure she was the one who killed Makise without a doubt.

    2) The orange number is the Divergence Number…

    Titor explain that it is called the “Divergence Number” because it represents the amount of change from the original world due to somebody changing the past resulting a shift in time.

    3) IBN 5100 has a hidden ability that Titor stated he needs to stop SERN plans…

    I thought that the IBN was used to decode messages from SERN. Is it possible that the IBN has a hidden ability we are yet to be aware of?

    4) It is highly possible that Suzuha is John Titor…

    Mainly because Suzuha appear the same time Titor was known. There was a pervious Titor in 2000, but due to a time shift he appear in 2010 instead, the same time Suzuha appeared.

    The problem is that she came here to look for her father, not save the world. She left shortly after failing to meet him at the meeting. So she can’t be John Titor.

    Maybe we are thinking too hard about this and overlook the fact that Titor could be another character instead of an older version of one of the lab members. We never knew Titor’s age. We do know he was from 2036. If Suzuha is 18, then she was born in 2018. SEN create a time machine in 2034. WW3 was in 2015. For her to be in 2010, her father would have yet to met her mother given the 8 years difference.

    That only raise more questions. Why would she travel to a time where her father was not marry to her mother and she is yet to be conceive? Now I highly suspected the fact that her father story was even real. What if she made it up and hide her real reason why she is here? And why does Makise killed if she was just looking for her father. Bogus…

    1. I first though that Suzuha came to kill Makise as main goal as she land in the same building Makise was in. But IF she came to see her father, then it could just have been a coincidence that she met Makise.
      Having a grudge against Makise for future reason, she killed her out of the blue, without any premeditation. Remember her fighting pose when they carry the IBN to the lab. If kyouma and Mr.Braun weren’t there she would have probably killed her.

      And for her being Titor I agree that there are as much proofs for her to be Titor as for her to not be Titor

  27. Maybe the light novel covers TOPICs like this, but I find it a little Unsatisfying to Not get a chance to hear about some of the characters Motivations for wanting to change time…..YEAH the TRAP girl/boy’s motivations seem a little obvious, BUT what a bout the NYAN NYAN rich girl??????? I’d love to know why her wish erased all that is otaku-ish….but on another note, I lOVE the growing Despair that every time time changes he gets closer and CLOSER to losing everything he knows and loves MUUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! this can ONLY end BADLY.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  28. I don’t know about you guys, but have you ever consider this…

    While trying to solve some mysteries in Steins;Gate especially those involving time machine and John Titor, I remember that there is a REAL John Titor here. So my thought, where can I get this email so I can contact about more information on time machine and his so-called future predictions?

    Honestly, I could care less about his identity, if he is indeed who he claim to be then he must have gotten here with his time machine, I am more concerned with, “Do your time machine works?” and “Can I use it?”


    1. John Titor is no longer an expert on the future of our own time line, but merely on the future of his own. The fool probably hadn’t initially expected for his little Web forum shpeel to become the worldwide phenomenon it became. His medling in our time line resulted in, among many other things, books being written that would not have otherwise been written, which distracted thousands of readers from pursuing the activities in daily life that they would have otherwise pursued. The Butterfly Effect has seen to it that we now live in an alternate time line. So, don’t bother seeking him out, save for stories about a world that never came to be. That’s to say nothing about whether he was or was not legit.

      1. LOL, couldn’t care if he was legit or not, I just want to know his time machine still and work so I can use it.

        As Moeka would say, “Even if you say no, I am gonna stealing it anway. I am stealing right now…”

    2. In our time line, Titor arrived in Novemer 2000 and went back to his future on march 2001.
      So there no way to contact him, moreover he is in a different timeline.
      Sorry to disapoint you 🙁

      I wonder what he would have think of Steins;Gates though. Copyright?

      1. Dang, I lucked out again…

        Not the first time it happen, I went to KFC today to order some grilled chicken, but all it was left was fried chicken. I was heart-broken. 11 herbs and spices… 🙁

  29. In episode 1, The yells before Kris-chan’s body is found are Okabe’s. Could it be the in that building there were two Okabes at once? The Okabe that yelled had to kill his love – kris-chan – because of a reason we still not know. He has to do it in order to save the world or something, but he doesn’t like it one bit and feels a lot of sorrow – hence the anguished yell.

    On another though, there could have been three Okabes in that building. The third one is the one that wanted to talk to kris-chan. Maybe he wanted to warn her about her being killed, because he came from an even more far future than the Okabe who came to kill her, and he found out it wasn’t necessary at all for her to be killed.

    lol speculating is the new SHIT.

    1. Seems like a plausible explanation for the 1 episode to make sens.
      Also we must keep in mind that Makise recognized him immediately, same cloth same face. It means that he is coming from a very near future, about days, and not 2036.

    2. I didn’t want to spoil anything so I put spoiler in my speculation above. You should read it. It is only an assumption, but since you stated it. I purposed that there is an Okarin from the future in the building. The same one who killed Makise, stole Mayuri’s metal Oopa, and told Makise he has something important to tell her.

  30. Information of the manga warning do not read the manga if you don’t want to see major spoilers Show Spoiler ▼

  31. About the speculations regarding the first episode lookback..
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Those “spoiler” are like “please click me” signs. I am so attempted, but rather not. I prefer to solve the mystery one episode at a time. Thanks, but no thanks.

    1. @Kratos, LOL sounds like a party. The house…the house…the house is on fire!

      All I have is for now looking for a new apartment in Miami, watch Steins;Gate and Deadman Wonderland, and play L4D2 and Call of Duty.

  32. BTW, episode 11 is out, but there probably won’t be a discussion page until the end of the week seeing that my Deadman Wonderland 9 hasn’t been posted yet and it was out last Saturday. It’s like waiting for death at this point. I bet when I give up on it, then it is posted. The irony of life. Like the devil once said, “Life is a bitch…”

  33. If you watch episode 1 again u might see the SERN agent at the top ,after the little earthquake,seem familiar ? I also thought about the satelite being a alternative time machine for suzuha but seems kinda unlikely.While i dont want to spoil episode 11.I might say i saw the twist coming 😀 you willl see it.

    Mistery solver jr

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