Episodic blogging is hard work. Hours go into each post, and depending on what series, some hard thinking as well. Me? I’m surprised I went from, “oh, I don’t know if I can do one series every week” to “Five series a week? No problem.” If each post takes 2.5 hours on average, that’s almost 13 hours a week doing this blog. Heavy stuff.

And somewhere along the line, I started planning my retirement. There’s an amalgam of reasons, but simply put, I realized I’m a little tired of it all. Burnt out? I don’t really think so, but burnt out people do go into denial so maybe. It’s become quite apparent over the last half year that I’m more of a “quick thoughts on a series” guy rather than an “episodic impressions in detail”. There’s also a coming change in my schooling as well, and it’s going to require a lot more time and energy to focus on it to not become a hobo on the streets. So, rather than disappearing into thin air, I thought I’d do it properly with a farewell post.

Blogging here has definitely been an experience. It’s simply baffling that I do not view anime the same way as I did before coming here, but that’s actually due to the countless dialogues I’ve shared with Divine over the year. If you don’t want to get sucked into anime even more and watch things you swore you never would watch, do not talk to this person for any long period of time. He’s a little dangerous. Still, I think I’ll slink back to my picky elitist choices of anime to watch after this season soon enough (and disappoint Divine lololol). I also gained a very specific skillset of cropping and renaming a large amount of screencaps in record time, as well as make a post structured exactly like RC! …yeah probably not too useful in the future heh.

In the end, thanks for sticking with me. Time does fly, and it only feels like yesterday when it all started. There were the good times, the bad times, and always a bit of a struggle, but it’s been a decent run. Best wishes to the rest of the writers to continue on as long as possible, and continue to pray to your Gods that Divine doesn’t close the site if and when he burns out (the man is a beast so far hands down).

Just another writer making his mark on RC’s About Page, あばよ、ダチ公 (abayo, tachiko).


  • Both shows continuing onto Summer season, S;G and AnE, will be taken care of. They won’t be dropped.
  • I will not be taking part in the final Retrospective for the spring season this month.
  • I’ll still be posting the rest of the episodes this week, which includes AnE today, S;G tomorrow, One Piece Manga Wednesday, Denpa finale Thursday, and GOSICK finale Friday. Then poof.

    1. thank you for all of your hard work and immense dedication in bringing an invaluable contribution to RC! i’m sure a ton of readers here will surely miss you, and it’s always a sad day to see a writer retire.

      best of luck in the future! =)

    2. I’ve always loved your writing, it’s been a pleasure following your thoughts on Ano Hana this past season.

      It’s sad to see a good writer go off but I guess everyone has to graduate eventually. All the best for the future and thanks for all the memories 🙂

    3. Sad to see you go. But if you must, then go with our best wishes ^_^.

      It’s been great reading so many of your reviews on shows I’ve adored. Sharing opinions and being at odds on other things. It’s been fun~ See you Again~


    4. HAHAHAHAAAAAAA! ……but seriosly, i still dont understand how ANY of you Fu#kers do it!! it’s truly comendable!!! this coming from an “anime chair quarterback” <whatever the hell dat is!? i could see that, how you could get into this type of thing and lose yourself in this nonstop sea of anime "tripe and fillet minion" and not no which way to turn but OUT hehehehe.
      I SALUTE YOU BRO!! i also SALUTE OMNI, I ALSO SALUTE EVERY MOTHER F&KER that has blessed us with their hard work on this site….in a society rampant with self entitlement issues and da mindset of no ones important but ME, you dudes went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty for us. thanks man…i watched this site "only anime site i ever check" since the early beginning …,well long story short =if yall had stock i would consider investing LOL!!! thanks alot Pimpin!!!! although short…you paid ur Dues homie. BRING ON THE FRESH MEAT!!! until this site is down!!!

      BROOKLYN otaku
    5. Kiiragi noooo!! 🙁
      It’s so sad to see you go!
      I still remember when I saw your introduction post months ago, time flies.
      Why must time go by so fast? TnT

      Nevertheless, thank you so much for all your posts, hard work and dedication. You will be missed ! Good luck in the future! 🙂

    6. Oh boy, starts the final countdown? Will you drop in sometime? You are cool guy, thanks for your hard work!

      I just have one Sadfrog under my sleeve (it was for C but I missed the timing) but now it will serve a better purpose, take it! :Sadfrog:

      Lectro Volpi
    7. Thank you for all of the hard work presented to us in the past and (near future). Though you seem to have grown increasingly cynical or maybe just more critical from the start till now so all I gota say is loose up a bit.

    8. I must thank you for all the hard work you’ve done. You know I take quick shots at you here and there, but it’s all in good fun. I’m glad you’re thinking about the future and if it isn’t here, I’m sure you’ll make it wherever you go later on in life.

      I hope you will do the occasional OVA or movie sometime in the future just so you keep your writing arm swinging. Thanks for all the great work and I hope to see you on IRC every once in a while.

      Your friend,

    9. Well, I didn’t see this coming. I’ll definitely miss your posts man. Hopefully you can comment some time or keep visiting IRC (even though I pretty much don’t use it).

    10. When i read this post, i thought i can’t be someone is quitting. After reading it, i say i’m pretty sad that you will be going. On contrary to the more popular episodic impression i actually prefer your quick thought more. In fact i remember you brought it up before, asking people preference to how you should write the blog.
      Reason i like your blog better is because i rather want to hear the blogger thought of the anime compare to episodic impression. I know the latter have more detail of the episode but i don’t really need a description of anime i just watch on letter. Just hearing your thought of what you feel about the episode let me think more deeply regarding the episode more. No offense to the episodic impression writer.
      **Kiiragi** Just because you quit as blogger, doesn’t mean you have to leave the blog, right? You can still write the comment here on you favorite anime.

    11. Thank you for your blog coverage Kiiragi! I enjoyed the Gosick posts and I will look forward to seeing the finale post. (Make it awesome!)

      Good luck to you for where you’re headed next. 🙂

    12. It was entertaining to have read your contributions to this blog, AnoHana was perhaps the perfect swansong.

      Here’s wishing you all the best on whatever you shall be doing, RC will not be the same without you.

      Kinny Riddle
    13. ah just when I really started to love your writing style, thoughts, and attitude.
      I was hoping this just meant you finished with school…

      well hope you visit and blog from time to time.

    14. Didn’t see this one coming but I understand how hard this volunteer gig is especially with school. Most of the shows I’m watching this season are covered by you and even though I’m way (WAY!) behind in my shows I still read the weekly posts, spoilers included (S;G FFFFF…). Just want to say thanks and I always find your thoughts very entertaining.

      Your witty comments will be missed and of course you too.

    15. Can’t believe it’s been a year since you started blogging on IRC. I appreciate your hard work, will miss your cynical, though entertaining posts, and wish you good luck for the future.

    16. Dude like… oh shit man, I wish you the best for the future man and it’s been fun talking a bit here and there with ya over at your Denpa posts ;D I sent an invitation to your gmail, not sure if you got it or not but I guess this is goodbye ey… I kinda started following RC more because of you Kiiragi 😀

      Selamat Malam…

    17. Aww, that’s too bad! I was always looking forward to your OP manga post each week. But I understand where you’re coming from. So good luck with your school! What will happen to the OP posts? Will someone take it over, or will it disappear?

    18. Nooooo! Not you Kiiragi :C. Don’t go. I love you! D:

      But in all seriousness, it’s going to be a shame to see you go. I found your way of writing to be very fresh and rewarding as well as having some sort of easy charm to them. You were on my favorites. Have fun in your future endeavors though. Thanks for the posts. Cya later space cowboy. :3

    19. Thank you for the work you have done, this blog site has opened up my eyes to more stories than I normal would have seen. Normally I would have stuck with shounen style but I remember reading the True Tears and Clanand posts and was blown away how much you guys cared for the stories. I then started watching them and you guys opened my eyes.

      I thank you all, especially Divine for enriching my world.

    20. Ah, you were my favorite blogger on the site, able to smoothly inject some humor(Smoothsuke still comes to mind) into most of your posts. Would it be too much to ask that you drop back down to say 1 show a week instead of breaking off entirely? 2.5 hours a week seems a good deal easier to manage than 13. Either way. thanks for staying as long as you did, you will be missed.

      Also, I know you said it wasn’t a burn out, but I wonder if things would have been different if more writers had been picked up back when Divine went on break. I recall some people saying even then that leaving the rest of the writers to take up the slack, even if they were perfectly willing to try, would likely lead to one of them burning out soon enough. Picking up additional people to split the shows would have likely lengthened that time frame, though it certainly would have meant more work in finding someone capable / training them to post.

    21. Thanks for your hard work, Kiiragi. Should have realised you were burning out when you referred to yourself as a third person (Kii?) in the Ao no Exorcist post LOL
      Your sarcasm and keen insights (fake Menma wearing a watch?) really set you apart from the rest of the writers and you will be greatly missed
      Hope we’ll still get to read your input in the comments section from time to time. Take care and all the best.

      Seishun Otoko
    22. Kiiragi, you will be missed…
      hope you will still hang around on IRC and such…
      enjoyed a lot of your posts, quite fun to read!
      Best wish to your life in general 🙂 and hope you won’t get too picky with anime :3

    23. It was fun while it lasted…Right, Simon?

      Like many said…

      Your posts were a fresh addition to the site; it’ll be sad not to have you around anymore. I liked reading your posts even if they were about animes I didn’t know a thing about….You balanced analysis with humor So. Good.
      …I’ll really miss them and, above all else, you!

      Take care, and good luck with life dude! You better kick reason to the curb, and do the impossible 😀 !

    24. Man Kiiragi…. We’ll miss you, but hey, real life trumps. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts over the past months; here’s hoping you’ll come back and visit sometime, huh?

    25. I will certainly miss you Kiiragi, thank you for your time and contribution to this awesome site. Good luck with everything in your life, I hope you drop by every once in awhile.

    26. I’m really going to miss your ultimate eye for detail. With the exception of Ao no Exorcist ep 7, you have the sharpest eye for the smallest details I’ve ever scene.

    27. ╒══╤╕╬╬╬╒╤╤╤╕╬╬╬╬╬╒╕

      T_T. i can stop crying

    28. You will be forgotten but not… hum, what is the best for this?

      Good luck in future endeavors and you’d best keep in touch over IRC otherwise Croos may/will hunt you down and nice-boat your ass!

    29. wow, kiiragi ur gone now too; whew, good luck to you man ur posts were always interesting and intuitive. I know about hard course schedules and i wish you luck too, hope those guys find someone to take your place, though it would be pretty tough, peace man

    30. Well I’m probably repeating what, like, fifty people have already said but none the less I feel like I have to say it too.
      Your posts are always entertaining and I will miss them buckets!
      Good luck with school~ I’m pretty sure we all have comparable horror stories about it…
      Drop by once in a while and tell us how’s life, it’d be great to know that, you know, you aren’t dead or anything exciting like that.
      And MOST IMPORTANTLY good luck and enjoy yourself and I hope all your future endeavors are successful etc etc etc.

      ….I like you a lot ^///^

    31. I enjoyed every single one of your posts and am glad for all your work. Enjoy the time off from doing this, and though I’m being wishful, maybe someday you’ll return.

      Thank you for your time and writing.

    32. We do not forget our own. May your travels henceforth be safe, but with enough darkness to provide caution and grant you the adversity necessary to obtain experience for later, even greater adversity. Not tyring to say you’re gonna have a hard time, but you’d best prepare for it so it doesn’t kick your ass. If it does, get back up and dish some of your own!

      And don’t be a stranger.Stay on IRC please. (And I should probably put RC back into autojoin on trillian…)

      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)
    33. Goodbye, good luck and you’ll be missed taht’s all i can think besides a big THANK YOU for all the time that you have spend for the rest of us writing about what we love most.

    34. @Kiiragi

      Bro…I always thought you’r one passionate guy when I read your blogs. Good luck in your schooling. While I always claim I’m watching anime for more than 20 years now, there is some point at that very long record where watching anime hit all time lows, particularly during my college years. I prioritize studying over anime at that time. But now that I’ve finished passed that point, I’m truly proud I’ve made that decision because today — not only I’m getting closer and closer to achieving my goals one step at a time in life, but also I’ve become an even more anime lover after that, even today.

    35. Awww. It’s been really fun man, I hate to see you go so soon. I just recently became a fan of these posts (especially yours!) and now you are leaving :(. Well I hope you had a good a time as I did reading your posts when you wrote them. Good luck in the future and the best to ya!


    36. Well… I guess it comes around to that again…

      Kiiragi… live well… we’ll miss ya…

      Though, if you do have spare time, maybe you could pop in? For old time’s sake?

    37. thanks for everything you’ve done up ’till now kiiragi, I’m guna miss your style of blogging but you got to do what you got to do yea?

      also good luck with school and all that jazz

    38. Hey, it was a pleasure reading your input for the past year. Thanks for blogging!

      & Good luck on your endeavors! I certainly shall miss your invaluable input on anime.

    39. man… i get really sad when the blogs i love lose one of their writers. i’ll miss your posts and of course, you, Kiiragi; RC won’t be the same without you T_T

      good luck with everything!

    40. wow, time sure flies…feels like you only started blogging here half a year ago. (do note that I have forgotten when exactly you started helping out Divine…and I’m not gonna check on whether the guess was correct)

      Best to your future Kiiragi.

    41. You were probably one of my favorite bloggers (even though I only just… glanced at your paragraphs hah….)

      But ye, I’m graduating too. Good luck to you man, and hope you still watch anime.

    42. I hate changes and goodbyes, but most importantly I’ll love your witty reviews!!
      But wish you all the best 😀 I hope you’ll come by and drop some reviews some times. Thank you very much!! :’D

    43. I’m really sad to see you go, Kiiragi, you’ve always been one of my favorite writers here. The Kamina-reference just makes it all worse ;w;
      But of course blogging anime should be a hobby and when your hobby starts to burn you out, something must be wrong… I wish you the best of luck in the future and hold on to the dream that one day you’ll return 🙂

    44. I always enjoyed reading your posts – you had a lot of good thoughts about shows and gave me new insight on things – so I’m sad to see you go. Best of luck with everything in the future, and take care! I hope that someday you’ll be able to come back.

    45. I don’t know why and i hardly even know you, but I strangely feel sad,like something important just been rip off of my life.

      For all it worth, I think you are 10% of Kamina to me(I can’t give more than 10%). I’ll missed your post.
      Goodbye,Kiiragi *salute*

    46. Well that’s a surprise. I admit I’ve been really busy these last months, and I didn’t had much time to visit here and read most of your posts, but I liked how you blogged Anohana and Denpa Onna. Also, I don’t know if you’re the same Kiiragi or not but I secretly hoped you would stick around until Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai starts airing to blog it. It would have been interesting to see the point of view of someone who knows a lot about the story already. (thanks for working on it btw)
      Well goodbye then.

      1. There’s not a lot of story in BTS so far, and it doesn’t seem like there will ever be that much until a while later in the light novels, which the anime obviously won’t get to. Blogging BTS would probably kill my enjoyment of the show, if the adaptation didn’t already, because it’s simply a comedy. I can’t blog comedies and still make my posts worth reading (to me at least). There’s few who can. *cough* Jaalin

    47. Gah, this was so sudden, I didn’t really took it seriously when you said you’re going to retire in IRC. Well anyway, good luck to you dude, That was indeed a fun ride.

      AH fck I still can’t believe it.

    48. Been kinda busy recently and just happened to get some free time on my hands, so I went to check out Retrospective Look..and saw that you were leaving(or have already left). Thought I’d drop by to say good luck, anyway.

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