First Naruto, now Gaara. Mothers sure know how to take care of their Jinchuuriki children even in death, and that means leaving some chakra within them to help control their powers later on. It’s a little weird seeing Gaara’s backstory brought up again after all this time, since it seemed to have concluded with Naruto’s big battle against him, but it does come with an added twist when the Fourth Kazekage’s flashback revealed that all the assassins sent after Gaara were to test how stable he was as the village’s Jinchuuriki.

From an emotionally devoid perspective, it was a little bit of tough love to help Gaara control his abilities; however, it was pretty hard to see it as such when Gaara was forced to kill his own uncle, Yashamaru, and was left with the belief that even his mother Karura hated him. Not once did Gaara’s father take into consideration the psychological and emotional scarring from putting his son through all that, making Gaara’s past much more traumatic than Naruto’s by a long shot. I guess someone forgot to give him the memo about how Jinchuuriki need something to keep them mentally strong, and that forcing them into a corner isn’t the way of going about it.

Interestingly enough, the former Kazekage appears to be the most problematic ninja in the revived group of Kages right now, even more so than Muu, as the others have resigned to getting sealed away. The Fourth Kazekage on the other hand was still bent on trying to measure his son’s worth, before Gaara’s Karura-shaped sand technique brought him to his senses. Given his track record, I’m still suspicious of whether or not this is another ploy to lower Gaara’s guard, but hopefully that isn’t the case and he can finally redeem himself in death. Before he gets sealed away, I wouldn’t mind hearing what Temari has to say to her deceased father (if anything).

* Is it just me or was it a really stupid idea to send all the ninjas charging in against a bunch of Kages? Luckily Gaara stopped their movements before they all became cannon fodder.


  1. * Is it just me or was it a really stupid idea to send all the ninjas charging in against a bunch of Kages? Luckily Gaara stopped their movements before they all became cannon fodder.

    lol i was thinking exactly the same XD

    1. But isn’t Gaara’s unit in specialised long range attacks? If Gaara ordered them to attack, the will fight from a distance giving them time to react to the kages techniques through intel and the time taken for the attack to reach them. The Raikage is probably the only one who could overcome the disadvantage of distance with his speed though.

      1. That’s a good point — they do specialize in long-range. However, we all know that none of those nameless ninjas are going to do anything significant in this battle, hence why the cynic in me is calling them cannon fodder.

  2. Wow those ninja people have no hearts in putting a Jinchuuriki into babies, especially premature ones. And making the person who can make gold is a good reason to make him the Kazekage (that was probably not the reason I was thinking). It was great that Gaara impressed his dad and all, but I was hoping there was more fighting than flashbacks in this chapter.

  3. Boo… I was hoping they would take a different route regarding Gaara, showcasing the strength of heart he has gained through his battle with naruto and the acceptance and loyalty his village shows him. A truly heartless encounter with his father and mother could have really made him shine all the more for being able to defeat their hatred and prove his self worth, undeniably, by thoroughly trouncing his father.

    Aww well, to bad.

    1. That would’ve made for a darker and more interesting turn of events, but a series such as Naruto is probably concerned about the message it’s sending to younger readers. Everything has to be rosy in the end.

    2. Big Boo from me as well. Gaara’s back story has always contrasted Naruto’s and Sasuke’s well, but Kishi just had to ruin everything.
      Thanks to Gaara’s latest development, I have a bad feeling that Sasuke might not die a painful death like I have hoped.
      Yikes, maybe I’m getting too old and cynical for Naruto…

      Seishu Otoko
    1. Even a whole bunch will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers at some point. That’s why you use cannon fodder, to weaken and overwhelm the opponent at the cost of many lives.

  4. this flash back was so important…no ever talked about garra’s dad after his death >_<"

    * it would have been nice to see the flash back of how he was killed *

    anyhow, does garra's dad have sage mode or something ??

    * look at how his eyes changed when he started to fight *

  5. Though I loved the love scene, I seriously hate it how they have little use with the powerful undead guys. Aside from the 4th kazekage, barely anyone showed anything decent. It is so much like Hanzo, powerful in history, yet little to show when used.

    code fanboy
  6. I’m not sure how a premature baby has so much hair O.o That aside why isn’t the Sand Village the wealthiest village when their Kage can make gold? I feel like I missed something about the former Kage gold technique here

    1. Either it’s different from gold due to it being created through chakra means.

      or maybe they didn’t want to ruin the gold trading between countries. After all, theres only so much gold you can make before demand runs out and relying on it would be a huge downfall when he dies.

  7. Naruto flashbacks irritate me a lot. I love the anime and the manga, but it’s incredibly annoying whenever the spend 10 minutes of the episode on a flashback we saw 5-10 even 20 episodes ago, which we remember vividly from the first Naruto series. That’s not entirely the case here but it’s close enough.


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